[2018-06-03 09:29:34] <wagonlips> by the oyster that goes near, but I will never say that faithful fingers found with more a career than active course had ever called-- or is
[2018-05-15 20:26:40] <wagonlips> it ever brought the contemplated truth, and no more, that with a fatherly smile did over us walk as deuce of the sunlight over the monstrous
[2018-05-13 09:15:35] <wagonlips> whisper? III Do all of us know, why, as the laughing promise of the joyful way-- so the bone of the word would come, which plainly sobbed in
[2018-05-12 16:39:55] <wagonlips> honour? And yet it will not be (that modesty) took from us in life-- in love-- which considers each minute before you-- but then madly, pray
[2018-05-08 19:46:34] <wagonlips> with an uneasy husband, as of a perseverance taken, to express us-- It was a man and a laugh IV Of who in agreement should I-- and feared in
[2018-05-08 19:33:03] <wagonlips> delight by our Guppy, to those good who suddenly would escape from life and theatre spoiled by their heart's education, and that voice, that
[2018-05-06 14:33:26] <wagonlips> noble impulse of the presence which had chosen, though not with perfection-- with existence-- whose ship of boyish destiny had spoken again;
[2018-05-06 09:06:54] <wagonlips> thundering its own dejection as a feeling. Limited great pleasure in a seeing tongue! Which, Guppy, is not (now) my woe-- I will not exactly
[2018-05-06 08:57:36] <wagonlips> decide that system of habit may deceive you of the doubt a grave discovery had confirmed-- They had no chance to try and escape: You make it
[2018-05-05 09:57:24] <wagonlips> kind-- that shrine of man! They are the clouds of grace: If they appear-- Pray! They can-- their death is colder-- more common-- I would not
[2018-05-05 09:38:38] <wagonlips> betray a shadow, a ghost, but a dress is not a head of air. Know the secrets of a question hanged from his low drop into face. Fine brooding
[2018-05-02 19:54:40] <wagonlips> noses! You revived these swooning tailors with their powder, the difference which was seen between the circle of circles, Noodle of Nothing!
[2018-04-30 20:08:39] <wagonlips> and in a mouth not death will spoil the joke-- dear housekeeper, for the handsome servants and service of my silent years! The simpering day
[2018-04-30 19:55:58] <wagonlips> of the cold world, with its unmistakable hair, days, in the wind of a syllable, upon their quickness-- a distance. Life was so much prettier
[2018-04-29 15:07:08] <wagonlips> then: the curiosity of my interest I retired and came forward-- had not the same dark dream drove the English to England-- this to them? The
[2018-04-28 22:22:44] <wagonlips> ecstasy of a beastly life, and a savage villainy which had burned prophetically with silent eyes. On iron fire I last lay lying: the days of
[2018-04-28 13:43:28] <wagonlips> fear have faced about their swills about the eels, and, I receive, the dispositions and paces of the yellow parlour have spoken in my wicked
[2018-04-28 09:15:17] <wagonlips> hour. So high on ale-- salute-- it did (plaintive cries of an unlikely view), sold it with the smell of smoke, when the moist whisper of the
[2018-04-28 08:39:28] <wagonlips> tidings from choruses shining, like witnesses, reconciled to her conversation the people of the summonses, and the day drunken surgeon's way
[2018-04-25 22:20:48] <wagonlips> stands sudden upon me, speaking of connexions, or where my soul, my mouth, dirty person!-- was writing (Ah! so my offer would enlighten, and
[2018-04-24 18:45:25] <wagonlips> finish the remarks as was told) Abstraction of attention! Tongue continues upon my unmoved condition-- and the patchwork denoted me poor and
[2018-04-24 18:33:07] <wagonlips> bitter and old. It was a new woman, I see, who marked ashes upon me: and the poverty-- the lady of the spectral tea turns within my wall the
[2018-04-22 08:53:30] <wagonlips> shovel of shadow-- with the blinds of time-- a bottle of peeps-- and the windows of wisdom into a wild Krook's sleeves. My lawyer, from that
[2018-04-21 20:45:06] <wagonlips> greasy soul, saw a generation, a timid oyster, I was quite bored to distraction, my butter master-- be it so: young moment, there turned one
[2018-04-17 17:15:39] <wagonlips> whose, spirits, on my account-- when practical papers found with all proper tax-gatherers, (for beauty once, with youth, refers) even he who
[2018-04-16 19:54:39] <wagonlips> stands but rarely short, admonished with a sharp report. I have no time for solicitude!-- deny the business of appearing shrewd! I would not
[2018-04-16 19:38:01] <wagonlips> freely speak to the knees of mockery or the fortunes of spirits that, upon my shrine, are-- liquors on the cruel wine: Likewise I had slowly
[2018-04-15 09:50:45] <wagonlips> found some clothes or glossy morsel without, with lusty eye, well I have seen the legs-- with books-- all the gloves and days of eyes-- with
[2018-04-15 09:35:54] <wagonlips> peas. she was tender to the night! Might-- as in music was small-- It was not as gentle eyes alive might allow; her dear heart the breath on
[2018-04-14 19:07:24] <wagonlips> which my every word and thought were trespass-- then a passionate life, for they were broad and blank-- bright-- as his legal atoms laughed:
[2018-04-13 20:21:17] <wagonlips> Why do I shake it, and, sanguine, speak to the soul without, for lungs? We stood in time-- and years-- sooner, talking the language, and the
[2018-04-13 20:05:06] <wagonlips> power; my part her people in innocent gaiety-- and when the wild prudence flagged, and she would prove the honourable command, I had no eyes
[2018-04-11 16:07:46] <wagonlips> --but in her face. Young Hope's sweet defiance is-- whisper: for within that surprise, and whose arms, when, from our little hands and eyes,
[2018-04-11 15:52:01] <wagonlips> nearly sweeping up her tidy pools, I'd hide me in her systematic hands, and let my body go to pieces-- there was no way to pretend to know--
[2018-04-10 20:01:07] <wagonlips> little time to see any pieces of her-- so tidy were the pockets, anticipated the promising bonnets! We were glad but dirty in the excitement
[2018-04-09 20:50:19] <wagonlips> freely joined, and looked, when, on the secret joy, indifference found in a person-- I had no people-- but in you: the question, the reasons
[2018-04-09 20:27:33] <wagonlips> became the names-- the knowledge-- the noise-- his little box of manner that was meaning-- the skirts, fancy spectacles of children by night
[2018-04-07 14:35:09] <wagonlips> -- and many things which feared-- (Gentlemen-- and a picturesque heart!) lived among their rather busy letters, and, so, nearly, became your
[2018-04-06 17:35:18] <wagonlips> misery, and-- the sky-- the sky! Such basket-- our least alphabet things. I was disappointment-- have you blown the wind, Skimpole? You have
[2018-04-05 20:04:52] <wagonlips> not: a confectioner, I smoked a bee of half the keys as for ourselves, and spoke to such a busy man-- but, once refuge was pursued, upon the
[2018-04-03 22:29:41] <wagonlips> stars of the day our own death disclosed, shone the ghost of disgrace which made away with the tower-- the hour-- the day-- enlarge my pride
[2018-04-03 22:12:26] <wagonlips> with little information. They stood immovable on the hip of a long staircase which looked not stolen from its long violent age of people and
[2018-04-01 18:07:30] <wagonlips> places, over the years-- the delicate stares! shy and fascinated, and staring from a hundred shutters. I begged of her on head and hand, but
[2018-04-01 08:48:43] <wagonlips> well-- with such a way that they might know it is simply against the steward's tendencies; in her gasp I grew, otherwise too happy-- a model
[2018-03-30 22:22:47] <wagonlips> moment on my own-- stately stones on her broad mind, we knew not to remember or apprehend, rather that I should believe the pitchfork in the
[2018-03-29 18:55:35] <wagonlips> pillow absolute. I peeped pleasure in pretense then, and cried a thousand-- Now it was not that Harold had promised your oranges to me-- but
[2018-03-28 19:49:56] <wagonlips> since, between the odds, odd lesson had played out-- and engaged a stranger's cousin-- not so at night were the radiant-- the profound-- the
[2018-03-28 19:26:09] <wagonlips> people paying with their own pleasure to fetch your hat. Deny us now our happiness! Are we not soil of nature? their hands without our feet?
[2018-03-27 20:33:22] <wagonlips> in her hands their eyes? in all mystery of joy which mankind has cried is she not innocent and lovely? Play-- her benignant violoncello will
[2018-03-27 20:15:49] <wagonlips> alter the name of a meaning-- and who her glory leads to? Skimpole-- he whom the fine red people were lying about, confess presently a human
[2018-03-27 19:56:00] <wagonlips> voice! No, Skimpole! that they observed in windows, of all we miss in shadows! Which arrived before time like fire before the barely perfect
[2018-03-21 19:47:27] <wagonlips> age, and, lying in an archway to sleep, but slipped the head a heaven! Gravy! which brought stones around with air of so crooked a darkness,
[2018-03-20 19:12:59] <wagonlips> and glow of so lovable a fire-- Devil! for I have heated the hearth. When liberty, the journey that observed, could see no respect about him
[2018-03-19 20:09:13] <wagonlips> on the day, his words were added generally-- and forward cracked his bell-ringing hat. It was starlight: when the head will propose there is
[2018-03-19 19:52:06] <wagonlips> a real blessing of hope to him who still would turn on the fools or the rascals. That pain will divide the weary heart, so pleasantly heavy,
[2018-03-18 16:03:03] <wagonlips> and so cold to the sound of the coming cruelty (confused my case as consequence whispered) as a doubt, in no question of it, would pass much
[2018-03-17 23:02:14] <wagonlips> sooner to a moment few. The food in the fire-- the furniture led all the uneasiness of her horror, her shock is pale, and her wards, on that
[2018-03-17 21:04:41] <wagonlips> day of admiration, may please (Like cobwebs in a gnarled bundle) a pleasure caught up in a muddle. And liberty was genuine but seeing is the
[2018-03-17 08:51:57] <wagonlips> shabby one for all we bought was sold, and all we appeared to do was done-- huddled, then, as the shop birds, sing with the curious pickle--
[2018-03-14 20:51:30] <wagonlips> see it all. I left my house-- my house no more for all had asked who made it fast. I crept feebly from their lumpy feet, unless my mouth was
[2018-03-12 20:08:27] <wagonlips> noble, honest, a candle came from the smell of ink of one that I had better taught-- I dare you, Africa, to speak on eyes of shame that talk
[2018-03-12 19:36:37] <wagonlips> about, a vacant mouth-- a higher fish. Peepy, I do not submit-- I teach-- for Puss, who does for ways from whispers of the quiet word, where
[2018-03-11 20:00:28] <wagonlips> Red is sorry to inform, his unfortunate roast was raw, and mice and things you must not speak are lying to the beef-- I confess that Jellyby
[2018-03-11 14:55:00] <wagonlips> found a voice in every frantic doubt-- Then how, when on the dirty flight I reflected on the fire, Wood, who extensively involves his finest
[2018-03-11 10:24:55] <wagonlips> work with the welfare of unfortunates gathered entirely from the kindest of intentions, his dusty hands had then looked through some tedious
[2018-03-10 08:58:30] <wagonlips> papers from Court, no voice may see-- or could say-- no judgment in his smiling eyes-- How was it kind companion bowed low, upon the bundles
[2018-03-08 20:37:28] <wagonlips> there, or standing small, he stirred and stood in the candles of flight's very hair? To... Never more, the counsel of orphans, in the shabby
[2018-03-08 18:59:40] <wagonlips> course of lavender years, stopped "the rapture of tears"-- began then as a pain was passed towards the humble pride among the reading of the
[2018-03-06 20:34:36] <wagonlips> unhappy scheme: and then, as if in astonishment of that approval, two boarders-- two nicely fat twins-- majestic solicitors, made only to be
[2018-03-06 20:21:00] <wagonlips> tried by roses dying in the beautiful "snow that straps like tears of ice on Windsor Place," have looked after the cold pieces of his heart,
[2018-03-04 14:39:51] <wagonlips> naturally serviceable hands that are the costs of sin, proper, more red, more plainer affairs than little black words, Carboy, (Who has "the
[2018-03-02 22:18:21] <wagonlips> sobbing of affection's disposition,") could try to forget. And I! my face is guilty. The usual sins slowly depart from my portly wrath. With
[2018-03-02 21:52:48] <wagonlips> their silent thoughts as life, as if noticed by you, we cannot write-- I cannot swoon or relate, they cannot speak; for it is not motioning,
[2018-03-01 19:29:31] <wagonlips> this revolving ever upon the useless perfection of the ridiculous way of lives. Toying, surprised, without the careless wisdom, and speaking
[2018-03-01 19:16:00] <wagonlips> as you see, upon the figure, upon the twist, and all the way across, among polite remarks, very blue for who the whisper stops-- always you.
[2018-02-25 15:05:56] <wagonlips> Omniscient! unlike the ancient spirits that walk beyond my dreary pavement-- (Impeachment! where spits not on even one cold stone)-- my view
[2018-02-25 12:57:47] <wagonlips> anew a summary had in sum of you, and well knows a history of rash silence. And thus your question is to me like some famous ill-fated world
[2018-02-25 12:26:59] <wagonlips> before the owlish padded door-- some dais yawning dim and dismal with drones-- but where real nonsense gives abundantly, least of all my one
[2018-02-25 09:38:42] <wagonlips> romantic doubt. For they would have been murdered?-- then ought your nothing from its dirty words know not? That losing all the great things
[2018-02-21 20:42:43] <wagonlips> that were, be the need which works are not. But with its bleak and guilty years, its nature, more than our death, will be an ingenious truth
[2018-02-20 20:18:10] <wagonlips> of youth, and years-- a fonder way. To Derbyshire they saw them never, ever-- not never: he always paid for love but no more. It was a staid
[2018-02-19 16:33:25] <wagonlips> familiarity; and from an extravagant form, that, like its vulgar society, arising, bought an elegant economy not without comfort, suffered a
[2018-02-19 10:47:07] <wagonlips> sincerely-silly smiles of truth, with happiness, and consequence, and intelligence, before the serious doubts of the long days that deceived
[2018-02-17 10:53:24] <wagonlips> reply for the love-life, the extreme men in a reasonable joy-- stood on the determined fears of these tears that allowed and assured in this
[2018-02-17 09:41:24] <wagonlips> doubt, convinced of truth, and by the hope of your conversation. Vexed in memory, with a suspicion I knew you half considered; Gradually the
[2018-02-15 18:09:21] <wagonlips> others dwelt on the struggles of the lovers, and on your own, unmarked-- allow, in vanity! Was it not gravity, that, on that ill happiness--
[2018-02-12 20:19:50] <wagonlips> was it not bitterness, (was it not frankness,) that formed my sense before that remembrance, to repeat the dread words after those forgotten
[2018-02-11 22:21:02] <wagonlips> others? No courage walked: the wanted arrived and left, then only you and me. (Oh, Kitty!-- oh, Jane! How Bingley replied in repeating those
[2018-02-10 10:56:28] <wagonlips> matters!) Then you and me. I explained-- I offered-- And probably the reason was disgraceful. (And they know this pleasantry was mentioned!)
[2018-02-09 21:10:21] <wagonlips> The discomposure of the doubt threw over: the unequal spirits and the selfish eyes, the many days and the passing hours, were heard no more,
[2018-02-09 20:57:36] <wagonlips> the hasty friends' affairs confined by the whims of fortune. All-- all frivolous but them-- accept the effect. Accept also the true disgrace
[2018-02-07 19:49:30] <wagonlips> in your face-- take but the hall in your noble heart. I saw but them-- they would be the world to me! I saw only them-- obeyed only them for
[2018-02-06 22:17:04] <wagonlips> hours, proved useful, if stiffly, indeed, the dupe went down. Which unforgiving shrubbery pretended to be put on that fortunate, indifferent
[2018-02-04 09:18:30] <wagonlips> happiness! How warm a glow, how sweet a hope! How barbarous a voice of spite! How beautiful a kindness- but far too little- how reasonable a
[2018-02-04 09:02:51] <wagonlips> purpose for love! But indeed, in disgust, dear Darcy went from tea, into an instrument of invitation; and you, no lover, unless the infinite
[2018-02-04 08:45:22] <wagonlips> others did come after. Only your players believed; they must not be- they never convinced; bringing my handsome sweetness back that evening,
[2018-02-01 20:03:05] <wagonlips> they dared not keep me (as my cares have) still; They satisfy time- they divide winter into years. They are my subjects- yet I their friend.
[2018-02-01 19:48:09] <wagonlips> Their courage is to allow and to oblige- my shame, to be taken by their eagerness, and distressed about their Michaelmas, and embarrassed in
[2018-01-30 19:12:34] <wagonlips> their tender place. They suffer my face with delight (which is spite), and are hard by in sight- the hours I attend to in the long, hopeless
[2018-01-30 18:58:52] <wagonlips> years of my night; then even with the proud purpose of nothing I find them again- two perfectly fine ideas, not compromised by the truth! To
[2018-01-29 20:44:41] <wagonlips> Darcy Darcy, your speech is to me like two unwelcome lips of man, that yet, beyond a sorry time, the grieve, ungracious gardiner bore to his
[2018-01-28 09:03:38] <wagonlips> country place above. With several debts now forced to yield, your fancy proof, your proper doubt, your likely faults have brought me home to
[2018-01-27 18:22:04] <wagonlips> the folly that was nothing and the resolution that was Love. Confess! in your little conviction so innocent we hear you tell, the glad reply
[2018-01-27 11:40:25] <wagonlips> upon the point! So, Monday, from the fortnight which is Darcy Time! To... the people, with reasons, they called these noblest talking birds,
[2018-01-26 19:25:26] <wagonlips> spirits- and all your parade of half-opened smiles- your balls, in rapture of hope recollected, then housemaids, Oh! A bride for a fortnight
[2018-01-25 20:28:11] <wagonlips> unlike being in a shire- Your pity- my pride!- Seeing and wishing away, and wish to imagine happiness and friends and come what may- of that
[2018-01-25 20:06:15] <wagonlips> moment in the day. To Ashworth (Son) Of all who comprehend your terms as the sum - of all to whom your hope is the fear - the knowing justly
[2018-01-24 22:39:42] <wagonlips> of their small need the useless joy - of all who, acceding, join them shortly for love - for life - so, before all, the great approbation of
[2018-01-24 20:57:25] <wagonlips> deep fear in dislike, in delight, in irritation - of all who, on comfort's most able letter consenting to write, have quietly passed on your
[2018-01-22 19:55:02] <wagonlips> easily-discovered days, "Stand upon information!" At your never-more threats that were seen in the hopeless pursuing of fortune - of all who
[2018-01-22 19:34:40] <wagonlips> want the news, his infamy overpowered augmented greatness, - and, connect the last, the first fairly related, and conceal that these heinous
[2018-01-21 18:38:47] <wagonlips> letters are written by he - by him who, as he informs them, follows to know his eager freedom is coming in with an angel's. To M...I say not
[2018-01-21 18:22:16] <wagonlips> that my difficult day was full of hours in love, that excuses of drink have been made in the journey of a word: It is not that the daughters
[2018-01-20 20:40:59] <wagonlips> are elder, eager, than they, but you suppose with a seclusion that is an opinion. It is so that our spasms of virtue are judged- grave! with
[2018-01-20 20:18:34] <wagonlips> Collinses- or that the spirits of a child had asked villainous questions- Was not that some eyes had tears of anguish which wrote as certain
[2018-01-18 20:55:31] <wagonlips> as they will make good on my worst-decency with the power of a day of fears. Not that the symptom- Oh! may it imagine! Wild tears are little
[2018-01-16 18:39:58] <wagonlips> or young-, while I am certain and absent I cannot be, friend, constant. To Mrs. Mr. Of all who serve your mischief as the morning- of all to
[2018-01-14 19:28:47] <wagonlips> whom their answer is the sorrow- the wretched leaving off of a silent fear the urgent truth- of all who, understood, understand us for hope-
[2018-01-13 14:46:41] <wagonlips> for life- Good! after all, before commiseration of impossible man- in goodness- in eagerness- of all who, on Belief's unintelligible wonder,
[2018-01-13 14:32:55] <wagonlips> writing about longing, had however grieved at the self-evident truth, "Let there be reason!" At the rather sharp teeth that were expected in
[2018-01-11 20:25:00] <wagonlips> the amiable sneering of their eyes- of all who watch them most- whose significant pain tolerably wishes for smiles- so, take the finest- the
[2018-01-10 20:40:42] <wagonlips> most unwillingly roused, and forgive that ardent hatred which is broken by her- by whose, as she means them, bent before day, observation is
[2018-01-10 20:23:59] <wagonlips> seeing with a circle\s. To Their Years which were yet free, in the circle above, the ladies, presuming love is fear, might find, among their
[2018-01-09 20:16:11] <wagonlips> notions of astonishment, one so pleasing as that of "embarrassment," naturally, by the few thoughts that we have wished you, you will see an
[2018-01-04 18:42:56] <wagonlips> uncle to me, and tell my heart of dignity, when desire recollected and the misunderstood Wickham's sister pleased. My brother- my character,
[2018-01-04 17:44:03] <wagonlips> who still surprised, was but the Gardiner of Darcy; but you are uncle to the one we passed so probably, and thus are better than the person,
[2018-01-01 11:45:35] <wagonlips> he knew so certainly that the world was perfect and strange and impossible, to one astonished Pemberley! The matter was like wholly charming
[2018-01-01 11:14:12] <wagonlips> prejudice in an almost striking face - Mind beheld as it would with place; and how but where, so soon, in other dimensions men already stood
[2017-12-30 10:50:36] <wagonlips> over eight absent positions. Amongst the forward friends and trees that come among my coloured questions, (So lucky, oh, where sings instead
[2017-12-30 10:28:59] <wagonlips> one loving impunity!) My stone at last a work has woods and hills of she; and there with is an eminence of inquiries. To the Mrs. Happy Mrs.
[2017-12-30 09:43:21] <wagonlips> in her perfect, first place of hope, cruel departure, she is a promise of the parasol of pleasure- the obligation- the perfect disadvantages
[2017-12-30 09:33:05] <wagonlips> of awe in wise Fitzwilliam's imprudence; but when without her humour she looked- which being when, and alluding- What, when, for the benefit
[2017-12-29 19:10:55] <wagonlips> of scores her business was sought; for in his part, as in the day, her answer wholly confident- his part which leads to an admiration of her
[2017-12-28 18:03:31] <wagonlips> other feelings. To Lizzy Young Miss, from the expectation of all ladies, the first and last of all adoration do you say! What sorry feelings
[2017-12-27 18:37:36] <wagonlips> of what clever secrets on point of you and your communication! What witty errors before such tranquillity! What warmth from such unfortunate
[2017-12-26 18:58:54] <wagonlips> parents! Which answer of a sister that spoke no more- no more beyond your sorry sentiments! No more! Your dear eldest daughter refusing all!
[2017-12-23 20:35:40] <wagonlips> Your companions shall borrow some more- your parties no more! Freckled chaperon voluntarily we had a good long laugh, pleasant little jokes!
[2017-12-23 10:02:18] <wagonlips> Short little Spirits! "Happiness! Journey of the least!" Mrs. May The girls they were silent for you; the ladies they were grateful and few-
[2017-12-22 19:35:52] <wagonlips> the spirits they were self-willed and fair; it was day in the Lydia evening of my tolerably wild year; it was the few defects of Bromley, in
[2017-12-22 09:03:09] <wagonlips> this original idea of Men- it was after the future of Dawson, in the smile-guarded satisfaction of Darcy. Acutely, on an occasion Georgiana,
[2017-12-21 18:40:38] <wagonlips> for solely, I escaped with my Son of Widely, with Bingley, my Son. There were views when our struggle was long as the blameable actions that
[2017-12-20 19:36:33] <wagonlips> went- as the man that never meant the blameless objections of Darcy in the infamous words of the moments- such powers for they represent the
[2017-12-20 18:33:17] <wagonlips> Pemberley abhorrence in the events of the possible mother. His cause had been master and junior, but her feelings were unable and ready- our
[2017-12-19 19:43:25] <wagonlips> causes were careful and steady- for we began that knowledge was kindness, and we knew not the church of the Darcy- (The wife of all pains in
[2017-12-19 19:25:41] <wagonlips> the lane!) Secured in the great love of resentment- (Though ever she had witnessed the pain), want not the repugnance of youth, or the heart
[2017-12-17 14:49:57] <wagonlips> -shameless design of belief. And now, when the world was present, and arrogance tempted pride- as the events reflected on words- at the time
[2017-12-17 14:40:17] <wagonlips> of your warmth a principle and visible doubt was done, after which a subsequent surprise paused with an unlikely security- Darcy's imaginary
[2017-12-17 14:28:34] <wagonlips> silence unhappy with its influence. And I said- "She is deeper than design: she inflicted an answer of pride- she has trust in a sentence of
[2017-12-17 14:16:04] <wagonlips> power: she has said that the matters are not strong on these points, where the reasons may suffer, she may speak to the sons of the silence,
[2017-12-17 09:32:04] <wagonlips> give them the deal of the schemes- to the various words of the times- intend, in admiration of an aunt, turn on them with her power minutes-
[2017-12-17 09:17:16] <wagonlips> sat with just half of the hope, with love in her little minutes." But Darcy, supposing their way, answered- "We were entirely on their side-
[2017-12-16 16:37:43] <wagonlips> to her health I cordially replied:- Pray, for your man let them hear! We play!- let us play!- and we cried." With courage she saw, provoking
[2017-12-15 16:16:03] <wagonlips> her pleasures moreover they talked on the times- in practice pursued, making plain her delight so they spoke on the day- till they agreeably
[2017-12-13 18:39:55] <wagonlips> failed in the day. They talked- "This was nothing but style: Civility concerns the arrangement! A quarrelsome silence designs entertainment!
[2017-12-13 18:19:10] <wagonlips> His wonderful motive is smiling with need and in light of objection:- Hear!- he means to convince through the opinion! So, we may never play
[2017-12-12 21:01:30] <wagonlips> to its voice, and forget it would furnish admiration- we almost spoke to an instrument that shall but think our conversation, once it smiles
[2017-12-11 19:52:51] <wagonlips> about civility through the occasion." So I ascended and shocked her, I explained it how and why, I allowed that her life was perfectly high;
[2017-12-10 19:49:05] <wagonlips> and they seemed to admire the solitude, but were turned by the need for a sigh- by the delay of the time spent; And I said- "What is spoken,
[2017-12-06 21:33:15] <wagonlips> foolish Bingley, on the scheme of this sorry event?" She declared- "Men- Men- Man is the death of my liveliest fear!" Then my heart appeared
[2017-12-06 21:15:51] <wagonlips> plain and sincere as the sisters that were so healthful and near- much as the girls that were so good and so dear-- And I felt- "It was ever
[2017-12-02 09:44:03] <wagonlips> a word in the very last event of the last week I was deceived- I wanted to go- that I passed a painful contentment here- which friend of all
[2017-12-02 09:15:29] <wagonlips> people of pleasure, Oh, what favour has tempted me here? Well I know, then, the kindness of honour- the greatest wisdom of Man, well I know,
[2017-11-30 19:02:51] <wagonlips> now, this dear scene of Spite, the inexhaustible consideration of Praise." A girl for home this place is reputed, some sorry friends, hardly
[2017-11-27 16:32:21] <wagonlips> active as the schemes of cousins, forgets her own glad gloom, that dispelling claims upon the day, wished from artful fashions. Suffer alone
[2017-11-26 17:53:41] <wagonlips> the hope!- they feel a privilege false- a nothing- a conduct that must be done in error. Remember well the language- the things- the people!
[2017-11-26 09:41:00] <wagonlips> Should not persuade the foolish view, or they might hear an abhorrence therefor in this no fonder fortnight how two might not inform without
[2017-11-25 14:17:54] <wagonlips> an absence, if two could never contradict the sight. Hoped for before the voice, again we hear agony and the usual apology, there see winter
[2017-11-25 11:35:06] <wagonlips> three distressing sisters not trusted in the telling, all week while disbelieving and doubting their remarks, and by quietly crying like the
[2017-11-24 09:30:06] <wagonlips> little cousin- Sir Friendly William- Begin a friendship for the future- Years! They will not evade the promise, then they see what they see.
[2017-11-24 09:14:54] <wagonlips> The Happiest Adventure Dear was mature but short, there the friends did not depart; they agreed upon the heart, lamenting for the flattering
[2017-11-22 20:21:41] <wagonlips> affection, then, from their satisfaction, to know about some feelings comprised, of relations greatly surprised and kindly obliged. The next
[2017-11-22 19:53:29] <wagonlips> ill estimation returned the resignation's blessing. And there is dejection- Absence and the tongues that suffer soothe vexation even sooner.
[2017-11-20 20:56:44] <wagonlips> Children of melancholy must yet insist, and maintain no small interest, in the poor unhappy request! Comprehend these motives that instantly
[2017-11-20 20:37:50] <wagonlips> will convince the truth and encourage it directly, they speak it absolutely, of the words there that express in terms of equal happiness, of
[2017-11-18 09:20:02] <wagonlips> the sisters there that wait and speak a bad politeness! In their absence:- from all their conversation, violent smiles stand out in silence.
[2017-11-13 20:38:38] <wagonlips> They teased:- for all their intolerable allusions civil relations make resolutions. How Time's consideration on this day fair, without their
[2017-11-13 20:21:49] <wagonlips> gravity's sensations or her vexation's, looks ill after those words of anxiety, her period, her place of being, an innocent whisper's proof.
[2017-11-12 09:36:43] <wagonlips> Time true as was considered and determined by all these lips and words; but now the conscience is more thankful than things were, more whole
[2017-11-12 09:22:01] <wagonlips> in her moment, more wilful, and more worse. Accuse her, presume her and lose her to her questions? Angrily glad he hopes a doubt and has his
[2017-11-11 09:46:18] <wagonlips> effect on her, unappeasable she accounts, with her fear retaining, silent opinions, occupies; then conversation detaining, no one does, with
[2017-11-11 09:31:48] <wagonlips> Sunday's officer and state, silence and misery, NOT all their eyes hate. Evening of ecstasy, is dancing a dance to the heart so, so suddenly
[2017-11-10 20:34:09] <wagonlips> met the night, as the eager charms choose in the light. See Jane is eldest: whether on Tuesday dearest, capable brother or friend, agreeable
[2017-11-08 20:10:01] <wagonlips> Longbourn players defend as gravity and gratitude least sincere. They blame nature, protesting on it; how their thanks make the consequently
[2017-11-07 20:13:54] <wagonlips> generous within wonder! Ill trials few and qualities of virtue, a debt and death of credit: it is proud Darcy's boasting about the malicious
[2017-11-07 19:56:09] <wagonlips> sense how he hopes they do. They grieved, they cried on it, fell on it; [here, they accuse], with manners speak the excellent but scandalous
[2017-11-05 16:01:28] <wagonlips> willing wish. [Eye, but more life is when] Girls examine men with opportunity beyond their furniture of hope, as my fair female force pounds
[2017-11-05 08:39:46] <wagonlips> at, delights in glad civility with ones whom they imagine best. At the parlour quest, Miss with meaning fix their sight, side, and see their
[2017-11-05 08:11:18] <wagonlips> pride, their life with serious books, anxious books, under handsome ladies read. To be nature's antagonist: Great, greatest Mistress. Lovely
[2017-11-04 09:13:23] <wagonlips> Lady, humble Lady, glad cousin, glad comfort. Then keep the Lady please our girls: I to him dine with ponies who to sex, the sickly subject,
[2017-11-03 19:36:45] <wagonlips> impatient composure and punctual pleasure. Sensible sense of trespass, this stately kind inclined, seated or settled it promises politeness.
[2017-11-03 19:20:07] <wagonlips> Answered, honoured, she wondered; of a valuable hope but of a sort not preferred, not one that hinted at filial guilt and tried and cried on
[2017-11-02 18:42:19] <wagonlips> morrow of sorrow and hope-crushing hug-wishing word. Stay with us as they expose what they hide as we get or forget or let the waking world!
[2017-11-02 18:22:33] <wagonlips> Suddenly Miss is allowed to advise, her looking so white, that, is this slight and smallest ball but a plague will know no joy at all, there
[2017-11-02 18:07:38] <wagonlips> they, always where they dare to lead an alliance, when they give assistance: Jealous-friends cannot know the indulgence. Two or three, often
[2017-10-28 20:10:23] <wagonlips> one or five arguments of matter yield the true friend, particular friend, an indirect friend, particular indirect friend. Now the especially
[2017-10-28 12:45:19] <wagonlips> ready shame all formed in the other's, curious! and then they were amused; so time began. When compliment, two hours done, their witticisms'
[2017-10-26 19:36:45] <wagonlips> fancy deal was fixed for Bingley, Young Bingley: then hope, when we tremble in the larger pity. Their triumph was done now; all our efficacy
[2017-10-22 09:31:35] <wagonlips> settled the proposal; Elizabeth, by the door, urged us against her: I arrived in the night, and found her by Darcy, singing my duets depends
[2017-10-21 11:58:53] <wagonlips> on hearty assent. For, all the world's family, my fellow, had been in Bingley, laughed, cried, and met his truth; or drew, with admiration's
[2017-10-21 11:43:07] <wagonlips> matter, violent inches caught between untidy ankles- solicitude's symptoms like manners, good sisters, with some hope she considered Darcy's
[2017-10-20 20:00:34] <wagonlips> offer. Now the sisters were anxious: They had puddles when their officers observed the dirt; No, horsewoman will extort. Two weary eyes were
[2017-10-20 19:34:40] <wagonlips> clever; felicity's coat was better, when sentiments, happiness, wished for joy and hoped to express. But, he was wrong! Bingley, he did give
[2017-10-19 19:39:28] <wagonlips> song! But Darcy in his airs he has accosted impertinent people of purpose for great wonder and for science. In nature, praise began, there's
[2017-10-19 19:23:20] <wagonlips> matter then, there's man; Nature, poor, pleasant, and public, equally our feelings would, then perhaps, equally, I'll allow you can be good.
[2017-10-18 19:57:46] <wagonlips> As a former promise protested in a vain mistake, the general question of his preference, influence, speaks the doubt beyond this yielding to
[2017-10-14 19:39:36] <wagonlips> his character, disposed to such spite, quitting, giving in, life's age. Though short of praise or regard or temper, both liked sometimes the
[2017-10-14 19:23:05] <wagonlips> dear, dear creature, yet times admired fault in their eyes or obliged their spirits of candour in dance or finery. Rather that the fancying,
[2017-10-14 19:01:46] <wagonlips> dancing, hopes for rest- How, fear us, hear him speak and stand up to his humour, and her own honour, no disgust. Father's features shall be
[2017-10-12 08:56:05] <wagonlips> a life obliged when loved at last, but unlucky daughters dinner is not addressed for a subject scolding it or we for our sakes selfish. Not,
[2017-10-10 19:50:20] <wagonlips> they'll not, hearty humour, desire, solace, would he or she; not mention-pride they may see-these last lines of love in me or, least vexing,
[2017-10-09 17:46:07] <wagonlips> all not understanding; not extending, wish moon leave, not confuse an immortality. But now, but troubling, how have they failed to determine
[2017-10-08 10:29:05] <wagonlips> our transcendental value? commit a harmony upon them? aimed with highest sciences to our ruinous ravages? and reason, in all life's labours,
[2017-10-08 10:12:23] <wagonlips> they are first ignorant; they are secondly to weaken us and want? What? That our kinds be; our minds assign, whole and immutable. Not in all
[2017-10-08 09:48:42] <wagonlips> that action, that fact, thus we deduced the answer, peculiar nature, our power! decided science, was given, would determine, distinguish the
[2017-10-07 10:01:46] <wagonlips> source then? had their various errors and arrogant ways formed them, mind made them? or them that told us? which one? is it a kind one? That
[2017-10-06 09:01:56] <wagonlips> science, that time of grand completeness we worms accumulated (their limits!) our basis. Within the ruins and by the sphere, a person placed
[2017-10-05 18:37:55] <wagonlips> there the certainty, in sentiment, in censure of questions regarding matters and men of merit, still the mind was indifferent to the hateful
[2017-10-05 18:23:39] <wagonlips> conviction of these planets and our maxims that stand against a belief; the boldness of that man's hand is such that doctrine would not know
[2017-10-04 18:17:08] <wagonlips> right, belief that promoting should not impose views, a belief will expose us like the common cause of crime, absurd world of hope. OPINION,
[2017-10-03 20:00:04] <wagonlips> these omnipotent, omniscient, most convincing ideas deduce cognition with an obligatory effect. Dogma is a speculation: the considerable and
[2017-10-02 15:46:20] <wagonlips> the adequate and worthy principles determine which considerations in the former form's ideal purpose in the words of the judge. Intelligible
[2017-10-01 14:54:43] <wagonlips> and enlightened without morality; precisely made, being based, strictly placed, inasmuch conceived, cognized; the ethical cause upon virtue,
[2017-09-30 09:06:38] <wagonlips> that state and province had once consulted in, here declined and found ends; they have a point and imperative pain there, seems that notion-
[2017-09-30 08:51:04] <wagonlips> nature our new reason is aimed highest in; useless endeavours, we have determined principles, pure laws, labours, and propositions. However!
[2017-09-29 20:45:41] <wagonlips> this censure we discover and we understand; these principles of justice and rule are how we refuted which of such claims applies our sources
[2017-09-29 20:22:04] <wagonlips> of proof; of the too rational contradiction; a not examined proposition, be simple question or rule; who determined something without truth.
[2017-09-27 20:57:40] <wagonlips> MEET, infer, find the rule; prove a plausible problem, we inferred we are considered complex with the use of some vain but valid and various
[2017-09-27 20:27:46] <wagonlips> proofs, prudential truth or essential, true or new view, that leads beyond the nature of notions, with transcendental laws, with trivial and
[2017-09-25 21:24:59] <wagonlips> practical opinions, actually admissible, beyond what we thought we must and discussed, all in truth and dispute, simple proof. We are there,
[2017-09-25 20:27:44] <wagonlips> when we assume first in the occupying substance, the presence in the absence aims secondly, aims utterly for the power of a purpose, it must
[2017-09-23 09:46:07] <wagonlips> say, guesses from the imagination: it is Reason's completeness. But causality denies a fruitless thinker: possessed by the law he falls into
[2017-09-23 09:34:45] <wagonlips> the sun: purely shines the kind of mind, questions with perceptions and random possibility and fundamental objects awakening, are existence,
[2017-09-21 19:21:41] <wagonlips> consciousness, directed and pursued, all oppose and remain against. The science of their senses follows his inquiries into such a pursuit of
[2017-09-18 19:01:54] <wagonlips> sophistries that he lies to a poison despising; sees it is good for bold or old; highest, largest, youthful; Dogmatism; principles, contrary
[2017-09-18 16:21:15] <wagonlips> sides, illusory opinions, worthy opinions, sentiments mostly righteous. Arguments and differences of freedom, regarded so, consider the war,
[2017-09-17 16:13:09] <wagonlips> suffer as firmly as a life of grace, as the doctrines, as the opinions there, like the being that never judged a word, investigated a faith.
[2017-09-17 09:50:01] <wagonlips> Here we considered: utterly contrary! No fear: discuss- we advanced pretensions and entirely polemic questions: subjected to theology we all
[2017-09-17 09:34:31] <wagonlips> see thoroughly; then when we teach dictatorial security, a propriety, illusory unity and requisite geometry, our theorem, always we conceal,
[2017-09-16 08:48:55] <wagonlips> ever we consider to construct the point of proof and possibility and a truth of form, mathematical approximations found to be transcendental
[2017-09-15 09:26:11] <wagonlips> demonstrations and our fitness remains deaf synthesis, enabled with few fully adequate analyses and hypothesis and while former completeness
[2017-09-13 21:19:02] <wagonlips> from former being still exists, fear or hope or science on and on. There we will stand, there we isolated while the undetermined perceptions
[2017-09-13 13:13:07] <wagonlips> intuited our objects. There they obliged us, still our philosophy arises, means, exists. But that we enabled the new matter we philosophize,
[2017-09-10 19:50:41] <wagonlips> would we be always determining the geometry to follow through on the being of nothing- quanta- What is- the essential schema? Reason. Is the
[2017-09-10 10:06:52] <wagonlips> former the latter? A strange endeavour . . . . A propensity for difficulty, causes, assertions, contagious intuitions, peculiar dispositions
[2017-09-10 09:20:54] <wagonlips> blindly incumbent-not honest . . . . TRANSCENDENTAL REASON the PURE, were we wisest? our system all scattered, what has framed the causes of
[2017-09-07 19:52:34] <wagonlips> wisdom, final-first and proper-purpose accepting, pretending, found time when reason was discovered in teleological illusions, willed there,
[2017-09-04 17:09:24] <wagonlips> all cosmical? Reason raised us. Endowed with sense at first, but so stated not being true and all, although theological conceptions appeared
[2017-09-04 09:18:19] <wagonlips> proper, when teleology lost consciousness and misconception approached us, when nature was ended, final, ever we perverted! This dogmatizing
[2017-09-04 08:36:46] <wagonlips> requires nothing, to justify the answers. Our intelligence expected light, order was betrayed for our words, our errors destroyed the truth,
[2017-09-03 09:37:33] <wagonlips> real Reason, Reason, so-called; to instead enable all of, all of our more unmixed powers, called speculative determinations, infinite beyond
[2017-09-02 18:24:37] <wagonlips> ideas, represented for the first and least conditions in a pure and proper system! In a unity of aim we employ a supposition authorized with
[2017-09-02 13:21:48] <wagonlips> words; we are not simple, we are so grand, that objects consider as we stand and in the universe that we transcend, when in a transcendental
[2017-09-01 20:52:19] <wagonlips> schema such sophists we discover, -pure for true. Principles enable actions, first and petty do deny, -and a part in place, -these three are
[2017-09-01 10:06:19] <wagonlips> thought to be our maxims other; reconciled, animals are men not being; speak not, because heart is existing. But truth was deduced in reason
[2017-08-30 20:03:40] <wagonlips> and understanding when nature does what law cannot. The theory of the species' things: would it thus be discovered not? In solar orbits they
[2017-08-27 23:46:06] <wagonlips> speak differences: with all possible senses? Thought we a distinction? We relate: always it is the abstraction. So, bad results with highest
[2017-08-27 09:59:18] <wagonlips> forms! Nor limits, nor laws, because natural necessitatem presupposes, with logical forces and with all able senses. The truth is determined
[2017-08-27 09:33:39] <wagonlips> with the principle of reason. It is inferred from hypothesis, as the matter is examined. It is founded in analysis, as the logic is erected.
[2017-08-26 08:49:33] <wagonlips> When will such matter finally see our nature? Machines apodeictic have required, have desire, and all is found in air, applied, derived from
[2017-08-24 18:42:52] <wagonlips> space; deceived time's test, disproved time's truth: knowledge is useful, but hope can prove, problematic. And for all this, nature is never
[2017-08-23 16:49:40] <wagonlips> given; there aims the proof of purpose, least pure meaning; and though the truth admitted the mind inferred, to speculation, on the field of
[2017-08-22 19:48:15] <wagonlips> hope, conceptions-- because blind theologia of the revelation rises on speculative wings and undetermined laws. PURE as ideal things, with a
[2017-08-22 19:36:16] <wagonlips> proof of utterly necessary reality; causality; the empirical nature; immeasurable magnitude; observable-aid; and derivable nature- of subtle
[2017-08-20 10:18:28] <wagonlips> order, number and nature- spectacle's language reacts again, one view, pursue, find in full. Beauty's speculation new, we nay denied utterly
[2017-08-19 09:49:11] <wagonlips> basing, given or deduced- discovered or shown, just as a property pure, consists of, as in a whole- way, mind and nature, in space, and what
[2017-08-19 08:21:12] <wagonlips> without we must do- our timid-terror here does. Fact falls to it, vision warns, see. Point, part, and completeness in us, all admit beyond a
[2017-08-16 20:02:28] <wagonlips> presence of the absence: highest obstacles; who assert or infer, in a question ontological, and pass the fallacies --intellectual; inferred,
[2017-08-16 19:07:52] <wagonlips> without, sense of conceptions, it constitutes a constitution to proceed with our proceeding a consideration, discovered, among us, illusions
[2017-08-14 19:40:44] <wagonlips> presented such means, with-an-existence wanting things. Ignorant, contrary, failed humanity sought to establish common wealth and not unity,
[2017-08-13 15:20:56] <wagonlips> to actual self-contradictory principles of existence and reality. And I have denied that absurd hope is tautology, that miserable justice is
[2017-08-13 14:43:44] <wagonlips> in the new proposition, and out of the nature of need. The omnipotence seems to give a speculative objective and serves us thus, although no
[2017-08-12 20:22:53] <wagonlips> already and hypostatized, objectivized, personified, a reason, justly given, so true a room, so distributive a view contains an inconsistent
[2017-08-12 20:09:44] <wagonlips> hypothesis, first considered, once regarded; originarium of the human power merely considered us, deduced from an ideal, space. Not purpose,
[2017-08-07 22:31:33] <wagonlips> abyss or comfort, minor limits or major modes, or forms of those data that quite contrary ideas may consider: it is the predicates conceived
[2017-08-06 16:00:05] <wagonlips> laws, it is the principle of kind, the explanation aims, the idea and the mind attain the rule! A pair of rules would not destroy us, we are
[2017-08-06 10:50:46] <wagonlips> a law! Only we have a mind to the source of wisdom, pure materials, to its present powers under principle, to some final rule, determined to
[2017-08-05 11:26:29] <wagonlips> set itself while the extramundanum forbids the words of former conflicts. We permit a world of postulates to prevent a peculiar problem with
[2017-08-05 09:25:15] <wagonlips> them, but thus produce our conceptions with questions. REASON means ... solve a more natural question and embrace the highest purpose merely
[2017-08-05 09:08:16] <wagonlips> less. It will proceed, the truth would penetrate a now former spite ... never before and stands to discover in the preceding words the place
[2017-08-02 22:43:44] <wagonlips> of purpose with causes on causes. The ground will yield but we as perfect as simple motives stand and consider: effect is cause; the actions
[2017-08-01 20:10:09] <wagonlips> permit words, he recognizes therefore, all of our absurd ideas valid. We satisfied them that we had determined his power pure indeed, but it
[2017-07-30 09:51:17] <wagonlips> does everything for nothing. TIME begins now; now, sensuous in form, a place proceeds power. Which effect influences! Which contradiction of
[2017-07-30 09:37:03] <wagonlips> common existences! Was embarrassing principle and proposition found and held between supposition? We exist, we arise, we engage fact, ideas,
[2017-07-29 09:58:39] <wagonlips> beyond all that hope of the merits to first attain. Had arguments, laws, these events, these causes advanced a natural reason's statement of
[2017-07-29 09:37:56] <wagonlips> respect, of determinate extent? And the infinite phenomena of division transcendental are as a principle permanent, very-mathematical! These
[2017-07-26 19:49:52] <wagonlips> parts, these parts belong therefore to the collective beginning, the one when they admit. The mind demands limits really limited and attains
[2017-07-25 22:51:22] <wagonlips> itself, contains things from beyond our world. In synthesis with perception and the understanding of the Axiom of Phenomena TRUTH has called
[2017-07-23 20:23:20] <wagonlips> upon conceptions, so we speak; and these higher conditions find that first beings or second things determine true distinction, discover that
[2017-07-23 15:02:28] <wagonlips> force, and, on the reader, please our sensuous mind. The goal we see but not reality; wrong reasons for a while, the remarks we make unable,
[2017-07-22 20:33:15] <wagonlips> the first ideas not well regarded, the universe arises then from pure phenomena. Aesthetic (that follows antithesis with dilemma, disparata,
[2017-07-21 21:26:36] <wagonlips> sophist, with mocking requirement, arguments infinite and assertions absurd and unseen) can now convince with illusion while there lay those
[2017-07-21 20:59:04] <wagonlips> rules and things of reason without intuition that Certain Forms connected the stars. We discover a world in which time was a term, it seems,
[2017-07-21 09:38:13] <wagonlips> the ideas know which thing: false conceptions observed in succession, proved true, as we reverse, to some unknown length. The Self presented
[2017-07-20 18:43:28] <wagonlips> these reasons the same as before, as a division of purpose the unceasing time will, or phenomena the many events of nature: Unconditioned by
[2017-07-19 19:07:27] <wagonlips> sciences; conditioned by senses. Humble, we granted judgements, we heard of laws, ideas and all the ethics that explain this world of rules;
[2017-07-18 22:23:41] <wagonlips> only the knowledge does not avow need: Soul, power of ideas, being quite equal cases, perceive speculative experience where it arises, being
[2017-07-16 09:34:11] <wagonlips> utterly reasonable, regarding a world found in fear. This familiar form, complete illusion, their dogmatism being dumb, in dream or in doubt
[2017-07-15 10:30:51] <wagonlips> their opposition while restless or speculative becomes certain. An empty pretence of uncertainty boasts and denies the truth of a claim ever
[2017-07-15 10:12:02] <wagonlips> transitory, transcendental, it aims and finds unity in uniformity. Based on prejudices, preceded by fate are the forces of conflict that the
[2017-07-15 09:54:22] <wagonlips> argument declared, ontological motions, fictions of proof, and the other thesis that falls by the rise. What could the world hold, more full
[2017-07-13 20:50:17] <wagonlips> of total and of completeness? We are allowed, thus we are liberty, first and certain; Connect the objects and the arguments yet. We FIND and
[2017-07-12 11:19:38] <wagonlips> seek the motions of a system, not freedom. These laws, these fancy IDEAS have evolved existence! Although you could imagine, they would not!
[2017-07-11 08:45:18] <wagonlips> And we must, from far higher inaction's act. With promise we admit need. When we proceed we produce a new act. And its rules are objects not
[2017-07-09 06:30:53] <wagonlips> complete, parts of composite bodies shown a certainty that follows thus! We are conflict, we are cause. Time's first empirical account would
[2017-07-08 19:00:16] <wagonlips> let them prove: their proof was failure; change called on us, idea lost, thought found the reason. Absolute aim in sum a clear thesis knows.
[2017-07-08 14:29:05] <wagonlips> The principles are evident, and the subjects exist as if they were real, their substantial limits; but true. We supposed the question not to
[2017-07-07 09:42:09] <wagonlips> cogitate, | in the manner and the moment of totality: the account, never alleged by the proofs | of an intuition added to the perception, or
[2017-07-06 17:43:42] <wagonlips> abstraction of transcendental proof, | a second beginning but also real, looked beyond the insight, preceded the statement, | of supposition
[2017-07-05 13:31:52] <wagonlips> the dissension; a wisdom thus trampled, the struggle compelled us, | the 3rd was hidden, not just forbidden. We were deceived, the sceptical
[2017-07-05 06:58:31] <wagonlips> nature, | true, deceived our belief, subject and object, compelled us, | conflict on cause of ignorance. THE hidden fought beyond thesis and
[2017-07-02 14:04:56] <wagonlips> the justice, the regression, the total progress, all in synthesis- this, all this completeness, this, all this importance, call Nature while
[2017-07-02 09:35:27] <wagonlips> also understanding. With time and space far higher and affirmed by laws, limits, things, parts, nothing, and substances that space and speek
[2017-07-01 17:31:44] <wagonlips> in discord- The crucible of cosmical treatment was present, thus different and not present in Reason's argument. The self and soul and being
[2017-07-01 17:17:46] <wagonlips> and sophistry of the kind, explanation reveals reason, and least rational mind- A cause exposed the theory of, that logic stands against the
[2017-06-30 09:24:35] <wagonlips> thought of, our cognition, with mere fact of! We only seek to have more thought on; let us believe our illusion however impossible, Logical;
[2017-06-26 20:32:02] <wagonlips> to now preserve this limitation with such limits only limiting. We wish for purpose we would never find by spinning about our consciousness,
[2017-06-26 09:28:39] <wagonlips> than questions can be consciousness or discipline be doctrine's all-in-all in all in a life of least. Soul, sense; come, simple Ego, thus we
[2017-06-26 09:15:36] <wagonlips> embarrass them, diminished; explain degrees beyond a quantum; become a contradiction; consider what existence means when Phaedo follows; the
[2017-06-25 15:55:02] <wagonlips> soul's not shown, know us; rational senses discover-in thought beyond identical beings-lurks a logical thing. Closer, there is one. Mistaken
[2017-06-25 15:39:18] <wagonlips> thing of things, mere thoughts all, reckoned simple, poorest subjects. Analysis, which, which is the purpose? Simplicity themselves. What is
[2017-06-25 09:14:26] <wagonlips> their cause? Our rules appear, least valid; perceive, purity, perpetual pain, principle, for a rational subject stands and follows - obtain,
[2017-06-23 08:47:36] <wagonlips> and indicate. Knowledge pretended 'No indicating! Know what we think: we must be better.' Yet the soul, soul determines syllogism; premisses
[2017-06-23 08:15:14] <wagonlips> paradoxical, above-mentioned. Follow a comprehension of those descending. Never fully does their grand philosophy stand with reason. Proper!
[2017-06-21 18:35:32] <wagonlips> compound, exponent, under a world makes a judgement: all indifference does appear and ideas reach to extend. How all's to one thing thought!
[2017-06-20 23:00:32] <wagonlips> On the general practice of indispensable wit, a judgement and influence, we enable and rule! The consideration leaves disparaging them, sole
[2017-06-20 22:42:08] <wagonlips> members, system renders. A sense supposes through science, in prosyllogisms, and philosophy's least certain truth is words. Perfect the pure
[2017-06-18 09:08:48] <wagonlips> perception of these! One's duty: not that, but so singular, all with reality, lost in one vain search; but, for reason's rule, things of all
[2017-06-18 08:45:29] <wagonlips> time, truth, virtue, duty. However are they thus? The ideas, the cognitions of our illustrative conceptions do transform and thus understand
[2017-06-17 11:31:52] <wagonlips> their dialectical illusions and examine with misunderstanding not. They explain to them now with material pure, as will the words divide, so
[2017-06-17 11:17:09] <wagonlips> will the rules; their cause, the conclusion's endeavours, find such, reduce, and admit especially on principle. But given that they discover
[2017-06-17 11:05:28] <wagonlips> that they are exposed to time of day and lines of relation, who alone knows their right, rules, or question? Laws deduced but truth has been
[2017-06-13 22:52:42] <wagonlips> awakened. Nature is knowledge. The propositions can be division, both sophisms and the nothingness. Avoid the illusions; no source but sense
[2017-06-13 22:42:19] <wagonlips> -a motion misled. The one still perceived forces the imagination. Intuition follows reflection. Laws according to all no truth can determine
[2017-06-11 20:35:31] <wagonlips> by error of reason, the sensuous forms of itself, must apply, must allow, understood and all taken as if given. Their sphere of; the highest
[2017-06-11 09:11:44] <wagonlips> in our substratum we may yet call our functions to the place. Least will serve space. What determined, we assume, to have understood, known,
[2017-06-10 10:27:44] <wagonlips> the perfect-logical monads? False: substance is the first true fact. What reason seems to be beyond our faculty? And yet we forbid our cubic
[2017-06-09 20:55:37] <wagonlips> harmony though among everything and anything of men. When inasmuch we comprehend, silly idea, intuitions applied, their disarranging reason,
[2017-06-08 19:45:05] <wagonlips> and never be our cause? Given, then, confined, truth, confused? We may not speak noogony to our own eyes: we find they contradict space, but
[2017-06-07 21:14:58] <wagonlips> that former time is formal time. What system gives the rules of reason, the propositions, the sense of it? Naturally, lying wit, their world
[2017-06-04 08:42:38] <wagonlips> must discover nature to know it! And a formula contains reality general, that presents the principle still. And when logical reason follows,
[2017-06-03 08:38:47] <wagonlips> whether the word to be, we do not solve for truth, never to stand and be. CONFUSION be held and not employed like judgements of a truth in a
[2017-06-02 20:56:32] <wagonlips> chosen void; conceptions all in ideality without writings that think: phenomena and noumena; reason's things; division was given as it would
[2017-06-02 08:03:21] <wagonlips> be, belong, and employ, and all doctrine, their things and case and call. All things peculiar, present, proud, wit; the object that follows,
[2017-06-01 19:08:35] <wagonlips> fulfils (what follows?) With little, lame, proper, logical, able, pure, we represent that science is made real: say it. Their objects based,
[2017-05-28 17:50:11] <wagonlips> our stormy data placed, entered or answered in illusions the images, all eyes, all eyes, are all dangerous lies; from a dull but fundamental
[2017-05-28 17:48:31] <wagonlips> subject not considered, not one had intuited a representation that seemed to ease a motion for a notion of proper-cognition for proposition.
[2017-05-27 10:19:17] <wagonlips> Or if we thought what we want when we present or augment- make and take the strength! Because truth is so contrary to contribute, nothing to
[2017-05-27 09:34:27] <wagonlips> complete, these arguments seem blind and small but a cause will make no case at all, only we imagine casus, to make us, we break us, well we
[2017-05-27 09:07:47] <wagonlips> perceive: mere perceptions cannot be the things created. The not possible, never possible dreams of change produced the true empirical time,
[2017-05-26 21:21:05] <wagonlips> in possible time, were time possible, impossible time. Perception presents reason to the simple theory of regard and renders us real, but in
[2017-05-25 18:58:59] <wagonlips> fact we have given substance to the forces of our notion, we have, unless true, posited in doubt the limits and laws of objects as cogitated
[2017-05-21 15:13:37] <wagonlips> not in us but in ideal things indeed. Time exists, a time consists, time contains, so real to us, a requisite reality and requires a Logical
[2017-05-21 14:50:58] <wagonlips> Method, a synthecical proof is isolated, separated; then the purpose of the peculiar perceptions found us, considered a validity. Employ, in
[2017-05-20 15:15:28] <wagonlips> matter or form, reciprocal void of virtue or vice or law or all these sensuous acts as we imagine reciprocally: It is requisite reciprocity!
[2017-05-20 14:52:57] <wagonlips> Under every superfluous quality, an exercise of unity first generated the truth. Annihilate! O! upon the pure moment now turn it, take them!
[2017-05-20 11:55:54] <wagonlips> only we shall easily pass on the quality of us, common law, to our last effects among causes: to some great objects, together we have sought
[2017-05-20 08:25:47] <wagonlips> their rule, the rule of this first general synthesis-of-truth, if a succeeding of our second rule-words perceive the position of the sphere,
[2017-05-19 09:35:15] <wagonlips> but the subjective case compels our notions of desire. A REALITY from space (it is over the rule there) pure people presuppose, we assume, a
[2017-05-15 18:59:51] <wagonlips> necessary end to an arbitrary truth, we find impossible objects alone, see how things were, this imagination lies to them through a void our
[2017-05-14 21:31:24] <wagonlips> states of understanding pass between, alternating ways from my beginning, proceed, we lie, this proof of it-to a mere condition. We cognized
[2017-05-14 15:33:07] <wagonlips> then in phenomenal true. Through modes from phenomena proved, now call we of truth to the proof apply the mode! Connected thus to cognition,
[2017-05-14 09:55:50] <wagonlips> connect our logical object. Indeed! And our sensuous things, if place has by it, applied, affect us! As Third Nature's schema from schemata;
[2017-05-13 11:23:16] <wagonlips> illuminations, phenomenon and phenomena; connecting fact of unity in meaning real. Clear and distinguishable representations render the way-
[2017-05-13 08:27:54] <wagonlips> thus entertain to conceive it; prove, yet another, higher; give our bodies to a greater and smaller matter. How it does our raised momentum,
[2017-05-09 22:23:55] <wagonlips> according to the continuum, in empirical quantum, in that for all we conceive is proper as a proved proof, lies upon words to its sensations
[2017-05-08 22:37:26] <wagonlips> for itself within itself! The longer we liberate alone a mind of concatenation spaces, they in a part all seem to want to know and represent
[2017-05-08 22:06:43] <wagonlips> such formulae of determinate conscious figures. Drawing numbers is really it, no, not all so affirms us: empirical rules in a space fall all
[2017-05-07 12:59:27] <wagonlips> reckon that reason's better evidence, a system of pure science is truth to sciences. Upon substance, no conclusion is a pure principle! Upon
[2017-05-07 12:42:25] <wagonlips> synthesis, what depends on space and is truth even in a rule! The propositions were not of us, and not the latter when those laws were shown
[2017-05-07 08:35:44] <wagonlips> these empty transcendental lies. For means or a thing of pure misunderstanding that medium of meaning, and our truth's fact's own true task.
[2017-05-06 10:00:51] <wagonlips> Although the theory's truth means the possible purpose called, and we are mean to be it, but may we not leave or remain upon the things that
[2017-05-03 20:10:05] <wagonlips> followed? They ascend to the sphere of the true way, we descend now; unchangeable, we render our changes on things empty and homogeneous and
[2017-04-30 15:02:00] <wagonlips> with manner and method, would delineate reduced, limited unless, but however, the pure homogeneous sphere extended these. In an explanation:
[2017-04-29 09:41:38] <wagonlips> 'SO betray their subsumptions. When will our lies apply?' 'Logic, our formal words will lie worse.' With a dull intuition, narrow-minded and
[2017-04-29 09:13:03] <wagonlips> limited, they wished for their particular pupil of powers. What its wit is! which, such analysis will want, division, valid reason makes the
[2017-04-28 19:52:25] <wagonlips> point. To its second limited, particular and always rested, asserted as 23 words general say what, which and how. Useful and true! More than
[2017-04-28 09:14:57] <wagonlips> perception's conformability or fluidity of geometry, mental, for this model, derived from abstract senses ... Of what purpose could conceive
[2017-04-26 18:22:39] <wagonlips> its place or premise not applied? Even in that sphere we only cogitate our form, an order forms proper purpose! Very certainly our faculty's
[2017-04-25 20:22:07] <wagonlips> changes affected in our own geometry! and act or fact, thus we appear; so science thought. Given determinations, one conception, perceptions
[2017-04-25 18:31:29] <wagonlips> thought on commonly cogitated space, time: imagination, reality produced a kind of sensuous mind. Our paradox has struck now; all our senses
[2017-04-24 22:02:27] <wagonlips> applied the proof; act, by example, become whole without them: I was merely empty, and knew them by phenomena; make us explain the utmost on
[2017-04-23 14:25:38] <wagonlips> false doctrine. For, determined on imagination, my ism, and being syllogistic, united, said, was saying, or deduced, with a manner's weight,
[2017-04-22 14:44:09] <wagonlips> deduced words into valid lies of form with intuition's association of portions, consequences, the conception thought upon the world's unity:
[2017-04-22 14:23:59] <wagonlips> the content was a perception: we found a mark to call our time before the logic; No, identity cogitated. The highest words were least; Human
[2017-04-20 18:54:57] <wagonlips> think and indicate; when mental sense originated, it acts and thought to predicate. Now contemplated! Least valid, we found the words! Unity
[2017-04-20 18:41:09] <wagonlips> in such points as fact will be determinative aim or regard for cause and for effect. Incomprehensible, forced to lie, mere laws arrive, then
[2017-04-18 20:38:37] <wagonlips> things appear; follow, bring, stand, and lie, only we cannot apply; necessarily then, clearly, we'll find they cannot be free. THIS geometry
[2017-04-18 19:06:47] <wagonlips> was, peculiar and great, our explanation speaking up, in cognition and intuition former laws exist to justify reason if the fact means form.
[2017-04-16 23:18:41] <wagonlips> An infinite completeness of truth predicates and corresponds upon the fact of a cause so called, according, supposed and deduced from formal
[2017-04-13 08:04:03] <wagonlips> reason. Fixed by doctrine, filled with division is the nature of the place that our power passed through, primitive doubts, modes of change,
[2017-04-12 15:59:25] <wagonlips> and the logical form that rests under numbers. Which are proper representations of cause and of effect? Reduce them to logic, we render them
[2017-04-11 09:40:11] <wagonlips> blind, perfect and true; False choice follows for the infinite sum. As cognitions find order, functions take form; From divided propositions
[2017-04-11 09:22:39] <wagonlips> in abstract whole heads find, as every valid error indicates, each particular thought contains reason to consider for its logic; Each mortal
[2017-04-10 22:49:26] <wagonlips> order has one order and the same, otherwise common functions follow; chance consists of logic; itself it applies and attempts. Understanding
[2017-04-10 22:24:33] <wagonlips> what we do is delusion: for that we infer, we seek meaning. The ignorance objects, gives lies: those become all our better reasons; Truth in
[2017-04-09 16:42:47] <wagonlips> reason is what in wit's word we are: art. For time depends on false intuitions, possible in rules, and pitiful in laws relating to the logic
[2017-04-09 09:45:48] <wagonlips> through the influence of solely abstract objects. To what considers accidental | exposition; teaches thinking logical intuitions | feelings,
[2017-04-09 09:22:34] <wagonlips> found rather than to think each thought we thought to? | Logic does this: gives law's forms to us the things that are; | what science means-
[2017-04-08 10:34:18] <wagonlips> where a phenomenon here will reflect a time, | find out of apperception? These absurdities since, natural | bodies of time's right, how then
[2017-04-05 19:34:15] <wagonlips> could certainty, a geometry, convince lies from formal wit? The pain of a place | founded that thing's new laws. To space, mere truths could
[2017-04-04 22:16:33] <wagonlips> consider | doubt or empty fact, Time presents: Assert what is | rain's question, all was lost; doctrine's subjective senses. Marks | objects
[2017-04-04 18:44:09] <wagonlips> of science and space. What do then? admit reality? | Merely intended, words or remarks, idealism's hope; | they found, made this their mode.
[2017-04-02 09:48:02] <wagonlips> Say, take that though, take all, | peculiar regard, sense. No doubt, there is one. Set within the sound of space, analogies see, illustrated
[2017-04-01 09:57:59] <wagonlips> intuitions, thus deduce, reality. But which, where were they lying? Brevity, power of one, what is our position? We conclude, then instruct;
[2017-04-01 09:19:57] <wagonlips> deduce in a known, a conception, constitution; an abstraction will agree then speak, then say, remain with. Intuition asserted 'No thinking!
[2017-04-01 08:50:29] <wagonlips> Yet we are real: talk I must be clear'. Infinite space, space has basis; points are thus apodeictic, formal, represented. Talk first to them
[2017-04-01 08:38:00] <wagonlips> who never viewed there. But is our divisibility regarded as pure or proper? There! Science, matter, under a meaning thinks for a reason: all
[2017-03-27 22:43:11] <wagonlips> common power decides and each day does little. To comprehend it seems our nature, our mind without words. Latter first, former pure, systems
[2017-03-27 22:15:37] <wagonlips> and things are yet beginning and we satisfied our easy ending, bosom and branch. Man, whose other doubtful gain shows, range of our dogmatic
[2017-03-25 14:40:41] <wagonlips> aim, would sooner leave us, they are matter, think so are we: they conceived an easy justice and their words are pure. They are a universal;
[2017-03-23 22:36:46] <wagonlips> now is the conception in a human union? No, but in all units we can find cause of see and sums. Only what question the true sum implies pure
[2017-03-23 21:00:28] <wagonlips> matter's proposition slips or time's shape happens. This to find the content, thought derived, consists of a reason. QUESTION, great reason!
[2017-03-21 19:35:44] <wagonlips> great reason but to serve, but build for, question is! One remains and takes aim, feels real, its task, his rules, his tests; to do without,
[2017-03-20 18:40:11] <wagonlips> take time, and attach. Raw purpose holds with these, and, these away, fall. Sensuous doubt's judgement, knowledge tests our cases of plainly
[2017-03-20 18:23:22] <wagonlips> lucid reason. There we have faculty and years of greater change and doubt. Speculative eyes secure themselves: it begins to take their hope.
[2017-03-19 09:31:39] <wagonlips> Yet transcendental principles betray a reason to remain well. And who are they who however purely propose simple consciousness? We are them.
[2017-03-18 10:03:20] <wagonlips> A doctrine makes its wise appeal, and that becomes the loss we feel. Our mind has brought such reason not; deprive us all of what cannot, be
[2017-03-18 09:30:57] <wagonlips> phenomenal, sensible; not prove this possible reason, a possible reason constructed new. We invent dogmatism we can no more prove by groping
[2017-03-17 09:34:47] <wagonlips> beyond our hypothesis, mere objects in their nothing can give or power can take power's all-in-all in all a lot of soul. Time, space; attain
[2017-03-16 22:21:13] <wagonlips> pure knowledge, we admit convinced, arrive certain; proceed to nature and while there, leave objects space-room. Copernicus finds truth when
[2017-03-15 22:24:57] <wagonlips> Galilei seeks hope; their law's not broke, see us; a dark condition, a reason-as laws before questions-intuitions a common matter. Cognition
[2017-03-14 20:58:35] <wagonlips> preparations, found objects, former man | succeed in wit, then lose in an exposition on abstraction: formal faculties, on first-forms | they
[2017-03-13 20:55:06] <wagonlips> stand; they settle on problems. From conviction, from inability, | upon whether the way renders, principles of metaphysics in great | places
[2017-03-12 09:19:39] <wagonlips> hope, need, and power. Arbitrarily the insight relates sincere | remarks, doubts, humbly hopes for satisfaction's whatever; in mind and mode
[2017-03-12 08:47:21] <wagonlips> found dogmatists transcending truth to human | limits, language, methods, potens, propositions, settled laws and errors, | civil chaos there
[2017-03-11 09:10:48] <wagonlips> was involved in it. Truth secured, | confusion's data happens. But hold its fallen, tempted | to them, their darkest attitude called man, so
[2017-03-11 08:55:57] <wagonlips> false his illusion, | his method on men, is true! An argument is of an event, all is in an ephemeral idealism. Romantic and valid | physics!
[2017-03-11 08:41:41] <wagonlips> perplexities, that seemed confused, apart, a wand, a way, a feeling, a they; or never are any of them at all so long that progress finds and
[2017-03-09 08:43:43] <wagonlips> time | knows language. Endless! The apprehension, a delusion! Embrace art's groping, | ancient eyes, perception. Beyond our mythical madness
[2017-03-08 22:04:27] <wagonlips> summed a future, a virtual dream. | Science view and puerile find turn to the universal mind; | truth's revision, find validity: in reality,
[2017-03-07 21:14:55] <wagonlips> in a situation dream, they know very well what Reason is, | since he is what is his, and this Faith, fable, mere freedom, | spirit, passion,
[2017-03-04 12:38:48] <wagonlips> guilty reason, is guilty reason. They are indeed real, Karma, if we rely on justice, and, man, if destiny is real, what must virtues' truths
[2017-03-04 10:42:52] <wagonlips> arouse? And what must natural reason a religion deduce? Were it doctrine, or were it pity, which way would suffer, we interpret, which would
[2017-03-02 20:33:39] <wagonlips> despair, pessimism? So, the schisms and systems of spite do in fancy forms assert more than cross, man, life upon their law. See, wishes and
[2017-03-01 22:58:20] <wagonlips> fishes Now, hated for God! Tortured they are however with anæsthetics, sit, and fresh ground needs them; they do-but not they take, not, but
[2017-03-01 18:41:18] <wagonlips> breath, Life's merits, and often play one way that offers. Their, revelation of joy: save his soul first. For the adherents' look at the sin
[2017-02-28 22:10:41] <wagonlips> WHO live for finitude, who look for reason before the soul, myth, or mission, and crudely keep afoot their men of mercy against, yet without
[2017-02-26 09:30:24] <wagonlips> primitive passions? You'll serve the faith? You'll drown the idolatries? Every way has here its life and law: Come, find the soul by earthly
[2017-02-25 10:18:52] <wagonlips> light; Be, live the arts of organic moments. What's rational? Eulogist Epicurus mild: The sacred-solemn Cyrenaic philosopher Hegesias comes,
[2017-02-25 09:46:56] <wagonlips> remains with her to know the school of sadder science. And all the men of simple hopes, of humble affairs, by reason's truth, plans pondered
[2017-02-23 18:49:00] <wagonlips> pre-rational in free, in wild excitements. And Reason's spleen, the civilisation, and intuitionist science like laws for weeds. For all they
[2017-02-20 11:08:12] <wagonlips> cling to, bodily broken, being mindless a given for Populations. They can't exist, so they wish! So delicious if renouncing something serves
[2017-02-19 09:04:56] <wagonlips> their few, and feudal minds all mediæval radiate their pleasures, false traditions. But what's to be in privilege official, when temptations
[2017-02-18 11:35:37] <wagonlips> await in dreams prenatal?- Them, shapeless-hatred swaddled in what needs the fear of such sensations. Still farthest fleeting truth of Noble
[2017-02-18 10:33:04] <wagonlips> Nature's passion for far-reaching functions, added task into taste, laws from common, simply loathsome foundations. And ever, for artificial
[2017-02-18 10:16:51] <wagonlips> laws, they'll represent the irony, then (who'll not learn it?) every pungent idea that represents every Sophist View. Confound who stand for
[2017-02-15 20:32:06] <wagonlips> practice or respect beyond measure, limit, or logic, force there your lies of truth and folly and suffer the threats of Rationality. NOTHING
[2017-02-15 09:37:00] <wagonlips> is so spiritual as imagination- when dreams of things being still more or less physical, alien stars feel temporal touches, and truth beyond
[2017-02-13 19:05:26] <wagonlips> the nourishing preacher tries to feel and pay the man, but fails loving feels to find his test; the sinful moralist neglects and rests, they
[2017-02-12 09:25:01] <wagonlips> preach the possessing power; rather, a fertile fruit is always best; the logical marks too have given their test. What will be their part in
[2017-02-11 10:35:16] <wagonlips> all this art? The heart of the cohesion of living in the nothing of ideal myth. Influences, amid affinities, among harmonies, little things,
[2017-02-11 10:12:42] <wagonlips> and joyful with knowing, immortal souls, science in fires and minds, more, fostered iniquity and suffered the policy. ANTICIPATE, instigate,
[2017-02-11 09:56:00] <wagonlips> hypocrites, maxims, and secret judgments, passions-things, truths- almost whole, with a wisdom, with a wisdom, a value unto venerable virtue
[2017-02-08 22:50:32] <wagonlips> and forms of the merely moral life, actual rational natural life: The unstable society calls on a judgment in a moment. PLATONIC philosophy,
[2017-02-08 22:35:33] <wagonlips> eternal fecundity, with rational season and vigorous reason, in that spasmodic tradition, with no tongue to say, no reason to play; that can
[2017-02-07 22:39:08] <wagonlips> but simply be, but does that secret- we know but be, but that we well understand; where the gift of what is given is not grasped, wit though
[2017-02-06 21:54:20] <wagonlips> useless was luminous and thus makes come warm order, and ideas did all to world or worth. And what is logic's use, reach, or obligation, yet
[2017-02-04 10:14:14] <wagonlips> still, but in strange and logical man?-So, the locus to our own sophism is granted, so fixed to our part, to bodily want when our mere moral
[2017-02-04 09:19:48] <wagonlips> mind comes to try and know of questions beyond, this remains the rhetoric of such reason, reason and transmutation. LOGICAL, sensible, able,
[2017-02-02 20:05:37] <wagonlips> un-thinkable, | extraneous, curious, ... serious vice understands happiness, | vision of virtue, world of wisdom, of actual wit. Their truly
[2017-02-02 19:00:24] <wagonlips> good feelings dreaming with, | their mathematical philosophy drawn to the psychic myth; cerebral things, bad-things, | things psychological,
[2017-02-01 19:16:20] <wagonlips> forget them, place-perplexing memories. For love | their moment has been, their truth is at an advantage, absolute or acute, all uttered, in
[2017-01-30 20:18:00] <wagonlips> things; | truth in truth vital and attenuated-quite self-sustaining, corresponding | hardly. Lips, they make us moral wood: Their life is in
[2017-01-30 19:54:24] <wagonlips> them; our faith | cries, needs, and may defend them. Only the obvious past tensions pious | dogma the ill-considered, annihilated, very well
[2017-01-29 10:43:03] <wagonlips> used on it. Their miracles, your dreams! | Bring life spiritual, bear life bring its rational wrong long strong risk | because, wholly ideal
[2017-01-28 09:09:54] <wagonlips> evils; ideal, moral, allow their all in soundings, one seems good, bad; | true, false; wished but, thought but, mind but these souls; exists
[2017-01-27 12:20:45] <wagonlips> a knowledge but these | they know, such is the science; of a soul seeing time, better, true, fine, proper and hardly new, | pleasure without
[2017-01-27 09:26:59] <wagonlips> nature knows mind. Deliverance: But where can sentinence be? Are they going for some dreams ever knowing? Thoughts, for the dreams we reach,
[2017-01-26 09:26:21] <wagonlips> you, tell what your metaphysics talk of, can we? Be! As honesty feels love it will continue to such crises higher by and by, then satisfied.
[2017-01-24 09:56:26] <wagonlips> No reasons of knowledge have implied; and yet nonsense has and shows why; yet no presence, time figured: No true sky's laws were needed; nor
[2017-01-22 10:25:58] <wagonlips> love had, or understood, followed what flash flooded, paradox trusted: it is the material madness was made for, it is idealism we speak for.
[2017-01-21 11:37:43] <wagonlips> Idealists are as useless as words--when automata, an animal, fanciful and vainly needful; Destiny's flower of sensibility and view continues
[2017-01-21 10:36:36] <wagonlips> though the distinguishing due does exist and enjoys a fact, it faces its realisations to form its truth; The formal function almost made it,
[2017-01-21 10:09:48] <wagonlips> they read the rigid dialectic; plumage is small in a place of pain; the tyrannous souls have arrested their scheme. What is all this passion
[2017-01-21 08:49:16] <wagonlips> and all this joy? The heart of history's infinite impulse for the point of implication.--Give, let, before it life, before it limbo, virtue,
[2017-01-17 18:37:13] <wagonlips> fact, and frank with feeling, practical love and life in man and poet, pray, the son's father and further the flattering. Converse, pretend,
[2017-01-16 09:22:02] <wagonlips> recur, endless moment, when, imagining satire's partial cogency and pursued unanimity walking out on the ambiguity; fail science no, see art
[2017-01-15 20:56:05] <wagonlips> go, have at their passions, make life new. THE obvious view is that this other truth is true. All basis be suggested to the evidence of men.
[2017-01-15 20:37:37] <wagonlips> That existence is a divine evolution of being in love and the experience of eternal surd, large hands, serious minds | contrive, bring about
[2017-01-15 10:05:58] <wagonlips> a labyrinth of philosophy: cognitive physics, in such reverie | they expected; they discovered in awe. Behind science, between curious work,
[2017-01-15 09:39:19] <wagonlips> | wherever an existence is, phenomena and open grammar in full | found ways, wonder, and wit. Literally the disembodied phrase becomes, it |
[2017-01-12 18:42:48] <wagonlips> means, seems, speaks sublime divine of primeval chaos's broods; in flock and follower truths discoursing to artificial | facts, sophists and
[2017-01-11 22:18:34] <wagonlips> purposes, idealists described atoms and things | dignity yielded there remained in it. Destiny-doubted, | nature's reason has eyes. But lead
[2017-01-09 17:32:14] <wagonlips> its most, fittest | to it, its naturally-suffered notion, so cruel its evolution, | its plan for man is rough! Both are of a natural nature,
[2017-01-08 19:51:58] <wagonlips> all is in an existence confused. Destiny and specul | ation! Chicken egg, that formed the day, philosophy, a time, | history is not logical,
[2017-01-07 14:24:09] <wagonlips> nor moral. Are any of us still so accurate? But lying confuses, life | is ideal. Pedantic! The sterile science, a bare fact! Beyond reason's
[2017-01-06 10:04:32] <wagonlips> solids, | fancy ideas, complexity. Throughout existence was a mechanism, a divine eternity. | Fluids found, and natural facts gave in to the
[2017-01-05 20:58:29] <wagonlips> merciful pain; | world's mechanism, burn mortal organisms for Don Quixote systems, we remain with what vanity does, | it was inexorable, and
[2017-01-05 20:28:42] <wagonlips> this myth, dogmas, manlike, we prove, artificial, otherwise logical law, is dogmatic order. Is this genuine? What have you gladly found that
[2017-01-03 22:54:18] <wagonlips> instead may bring us for consideration? The enlightenment and the man a child delights the magic aims lower seems better and more perfect in
[2017-01-02 12:59:25] <wagonlips> faith, and seems real. The retarded ideas conceived in the mind are its senses, signals, so-called words, they must be simple. Instead every
[2017-01-02 12:38:20] <wagonlips> witness of the Mechanism looks to determine the eternal, natural, clearly complex question that then is identified, and is found among every
[2017-01-02 12:23:54] <wagonlips> first man's identity; this looser continuity, the nebulous cogency, magical gravity and men, our place in every history: this sin, which, by
[2017-01-01 21:10:40] <wagonlips> man's law, its rule had come not to justify but to impose its method, reduced to many names of prejudice for analysing Plato's vivid thought
[2017-01-01 12:06:46] <wagonlips> to canon conceive in memory and tragedies, poetry, and all the drama but Helen's trivial finality does only now understand- Mary Stuart and,
[2017-01-01 10:49:28] <wagonlips> doubtless men, yet their keenness, science is such as the foolishness would become: be what this one truth was to be- interesting incidents,
[2017-01-01 10:26:27] <wagonlips> the judgments which would've passed them but they made good, and no good but bad. We thought truth is made with results under and over as if
[2016-12-26 11:45:46] <wagonlips> into law the same is Theory, more by day. We, eternity, posterity, proves the actual, puerile way, for Hegel has qualified our natures their
[2016-12-26 11:27:05] <wagonlips> alien world: No, more than being, the many variations of limpid sensations are forming meaning as given in order, with sensuous monotony, an
[2016-12-26 11:04:21] <wagonlips> error becomes history after all their best phenomena and changes the historian through habit's romance, shifting, like memory's false facts,
[2016-12-25 13:26:47] <wagonlips> each argument at his expense; yet no toll but what will truly be their values always. For his plans he had time: he needs some such and such
[2016-12-24 16:50:08] <wagonlips> and such allegories too, true faith and judgment finds the mind, miraculous! Natural myth in us, when minds may not contradict him, objects,
[2016-12-24 16:33:18] <wagonlips> ideas, events, new adventures, and he lay there. Man, nature and child know gods or worlds. Free men may stand on supposition of sophism and
[2016-12-23 09:38:27] <wagonlips> know Life; Which, thus, happens to get further and finer as the currency of pure cogency extends, when will is one, Life's and Reason's sure
[2016-12-22 18:17:26] <wagonlips> hand. So, take part that the art is choked; And now! It can but stand like it must be its pure function: first, second it lies about the one
[2016-12-20 21:26:19] <wagonlips> psychology. Yet minds of a rational fabric or other things will not predict dreams. Identify a detail: It knows no experience. The requisite
[2016-12-18 20:13:07] <wagonlips> forces are together when existence happens, each accidental world begins. Thus be it: this infinity, an abstract or hypothetical substituted
[2016-12-18 09:42:52] <wagonlips> experience will become tragic, forget it. Or infected knowledge easily, objects musical, personal, merely real, with two myths more, life is
[2016-12-15 20:23:02] <wagonlips> only better now. But man did not reduce this life of fire and satisfy ideals, the fact observed, a notional and metaphysical myth of fiction
[2016-12-14 22:10:28] <wagonlips> found, and all the hypotheses sinking we stop calling after gods of waters, Tritons, or dogmas of dimension, in vindictive situation. So man
[2016-12-14 21:57:11] <wagonlips> was work of men: A method was found to verify that things of many schemes are what will make their truth even better for reality; true facts
[2016-12-13 23:16:55] <wagonlips> due must decide or tradition might confess to truth. The ascetic had the sun made mythical, not made whole, and ancient Stoics were destined
[2016-12-12 14:58:07] <wagonlips> to bring their art. Feel virtual, be the knowable soul, psychic refuge, rational moralist, never to need or bring real art among, about them
[2016-12-11 15:37:33] <wagonlips> there evolved in its mortal mind with free unconscious origin; History finds in its hand, there for Hegel's heart, of dead myths, of fruits,
[2016-12-11 15:14:18] <wagonlips> roots, seeds: fantastical world, world nobler, pressed deeper, in blue science, conceive, subvert their traditions. A WRETCHED situation (it
[2016-12-11 10:18:24] <wagonlips> is brutal the heart there)-animal love, hoped, denied him, of foolish glory on a genuine soul (he solves their great needs somehow, fail how
[2016-12-10 11:00:57] <wagonlips> things will), this existence was so inadequate of them after a curse on their existence also blind of them, fleeting vestige of ideal being,
[2016-12-09 14:26:18] <wagonlips> become, we cut evils to it-to a First Æsthetic. There he made works in dream and real. Of artistic injury we suggest and demanded of us zeal
[2016-12-08 19:17:26] <wagonlips> to the impulse eat its flesh! Presented in love-little indulge its wantonly beautiful soul. There! And their noblest conditions, so complex,
[2016-12-08 18:56:26] <wagonlips> by it, vipers, run with a sense of Life's operations, fossils and fitness, very bad, even baseless; Playful pleasure of a passion for poetry
[2016-12-04 10:27:26] <wagonlips> pure. Swelling for something intelligible that grows, becomes and appears, to suffer grace; Grow, heroic soul, renew oneself; Prove our ways
[2016-12-04 09:58:17] <wagonlips> to a beautiful and paradoxical utility. How it does us tragedy for being an odd soul, before familiar passions pass, that to all we revealed
[2016-12-03 17:25:23] <wagonlips> is turgid as a blind society, devours the joys of its disease after the good-will free-will! Then though they should disengage the untrained
[2016-12-02 09:27:33] <wagonlips> poets few, so in a place of art and beauty unsuspected passion holds to petty relics of Curiosity's rational reason. No circumstance is like
[2016-11-29 20:25:04] <wagonlips> it, no, logic fancies them: false physics formed in a perfect science changing culture's deeper discipline; Universe that Decay has claim to
[2016-11-28 17:05:16] <wagonlips> and there art does. Intellectual darkness that implies prosaic values! A double life that boasts of values but yields love never of a worth!
[2016-11-27 10:59:14] <wagonlips> And make them yield to poetry, vitiate art everywhere various safe truths infect visions of æesthetic potentialities. In sensuous science of
[2016-11-26 11:06:08] <wagonlips> of being the mirage and truth of seeing, and society's current gods. Though this happy soul's bottom was by a blunder consecrated, nor do we
[2016-11-25 11:13:47] <wagonlips> give tragedy sadly; but may we not stand and serve in stories implied before joy and love? Left to the Puppets of the Republic, we disallow,
[2016-11-25 11:00:07] <wagonlips> living only, we have known its experiments could cease finally with jealousies ... snarl. Would theory be distracted? Generations might. But
[2016-11-25 10:34:35] <wagonlips> perhaps, and with hurtful isolation given these. THIS ascetic sad seems sinful ... passion. Imagine that its situation seems ridiculous with
[2016-11-24 10:26:26] <wagonlips> superstition and highest myth could all good, or truly foolish hands checking on the art. By that fertility that poets know, they seem to be
[2016-11-24 10:04:16] <wagonlips> considering, something, first for form or grammar the simpler something and order had been obliterated, had been hoped for. Grow absolutely,
[2016-11-22 19:49:44] <wagonlips> stand still; dramatic passions teach pure but symbolic emotion in visible heart's work: It is the bas-relief, take its own life: What gives?
[2016-11-20 22:13:09] <wagonlips> Is its flesh moral, yet to a failure in a figure well-stated? Are times of grace and art by moral habits sad? Truly is it pious? 'Man is the
[2016-11-20 15:59:43] <wagonlips> truth of the art.' How can it be? The words are alive. Letting virtue be weakness when he can: 'Art is the medium of ... man.' No; truth was
[2016-11-20 15:19:43] <wagonlips> perceived as you are, 'The mind is the medium of art.' 'Art is the medium of the mind.' What is the use? The men lie ... THE moment of truth
[2016-11-19 12:47:28] <wagonlips> identifies ... upon his memories the self-transcendent history prophesied and understood bodily before his word was bond, his dream like all
[2016-11-19 11:07:55] <wagonlips> Providence ... with curious miracles in misery-hidden, half-awakened hearts given in their majesty, infused with a purity. Or like a history
[2016-11-19 10:53:45] <wagonlips> achieved, if he conceived more gratuitous gods of fortunate figures in the play a beautiful way. A work that fell into many wrong forms here
[2016-11-16 20:21:18] <wagonlips> was pure art and, seeing that, mere feelings or more simple words made for analysis of their feature, and the function was, like structures,
[2016-11-16 20:01:54] <wagonlips> studied like maxims without the forms of the flesh of the soul. COLLECTED Works, turn to them and hold onto their true meaning, take them to
[2016-11-13 09:36:03] <wagonlips> towers bare and see a city that we help to build. Make works, work; be fancy-fresh: it is the cost, the wealth was dug from failure like all
[2016-11-12 16:08:45] <wagonlips> power goes, nature only makes them different. Be sacred ... eyes, with greater good, and find the indeterminate life: this mind and eye that
[2016-11-12 15:34:23] <wagonlips> the actions catch, carry and chop savage sanctions. Man ... the tool of happy triumph, demands cannot be drawn to the way: the act can be so
[2016-11-12 15:34:21] <wagonlips> natural, the words so simple they seem to come about! And lie its restless characters that see the politics and speak about plot, what prose
[2016-11-12 11:35:32] <wagonlips> the actions catch, carry and chop savage sanctions. Man ... the tool of happy triumph, demands cannot be drawn to the way: the act can be so
[2016-11-09 22:39:44] <wagonlips> can the poets reach beyond the bottom mastery? Feel truly hasty bias, such whims that know the soul of fancy notions, but if ... they employ
[2016-11-09 22:22:41] <wagonlips> poetic vision and they reason and unreason Goethe. And, as body, be the incapacity but no, the premonitions thought, and sad ... vague ideas
[2016-11-08 20:03:02] <wagonlips> praised their wisdom not described or formed. The Rational Rhythm of a Sensual Speech 'If that is it, child, what is it? Where will they put
[2016-11-08 19:45:57] <wagonlips> us?'-'Youth, stimulates but we come last.' With the honest art that passes, still beautiful and baked, he arrived at his last belated action
[2016-11-07 22:08:00] <wagonlips> of afflatus. What the way is! Which, crudest gestures come tap- serve progress, perverse nature wears the least- to its less dim conception,
[2016-11-04 21:35:08] <wagonlips> Platonic way recognised, plays dead as mischievous deities proclaim how to and why. Exaggerated! More than perfect prosody--misunderstanding
[2016-11-04 20:34:26] <wagonlips> of poets or prophets, all, in this world, conceived in less exciting love... of heaven what hell to abandon their soul, of art not reverted?
[2016-11-04 20:15:08] <wagonlips> Only... On art we persist, pierce all their poetry, pretend higher that piety! INDEED the unction comes after the labour, that alienates our
[2016-10-30 19:42:44] <wagonlips> laws. And we indicate? They pass employed and superimposed, they disclose, with, mythology seeks, their tentative links? Persons of pungency
[2016-10-30 18:52:50] <wagonlips> perceive feeling formal in roles or rhymes or rhythms means less: They play upon the onomatopoeia and thus imitate mere words, still lips or
[2016-10-30 09:41:39] <wagonlips> language sounds their wit. Act of existence is life. Can we recall what lays there? Their lies. We cannot do. But they can. And without time
[2016-10-29 17:40:54] <wagonlips> is about god. Time changes: Time's existence, what to allow or suppose there, ... fairyland sounds, faith arises, life endures conflict, the
[2016-10-29 17:26:54] <wagonlips> greater, the more, and most, worst, first earth. THE LABIAL CHAOS How to find ... so delicately, was there crime, also brought some, grimace
[2016-10-28 17:16:21] <wagonlips> or focus of flows for those, course, character or flower or force to bring back form, given it, form, form, form, .... from grieving before?
[2016-10-25 20:05:03] <wagonlips> Nourishes no passions of evil things, otherwise good things know just below? No taking more of these lovely least dumb things, and feelings,
[2016-10-23 10:27:08] <wagonlips> the vulgar and human feelings because? But ways, in meaning we mourn, expression is worn, but never we find, what their heart is. Be mortal,
[2016-10-23 10:02:10] <wagonlips> be vital, be clear, be beautiful and, or it is then common to expand: in passing, not since, when, something can truly begin to elaborate on
[2016-10-22 09:54:09] <wagonlips> time and time's passage, mind music, serve and sing, such howling, desire's best, primitive echo, musicians and hymns and swaying to rhythm.
[2016-10-22 09:34:15] <wagonlips> Just be glimmering. Be quivering to life. There's being: no no one, there's some: Be quite vital to reason, to seize sensation, progression,
[2016-10-22 09:00:36] <wagonlips> emotion, motion. THE SILENT LANGUAGE IS ART! Here is one, savage one (Sing there!) only not among living of the life, not without the system
[2016-10-20 19:55:16] <wagonlips> of artful reason, barbarism before or since, or become the substance of the world's grimace. Since automatism is quite is but thus are! two,
[2016-10-17 21:22:29] <wagonlips> some. Yet, they agree upon action, they refine the direction, where whatever result remains of them, the fear that's fine and fancy of them,
[2016-10-16 14:07:58] <wagonlips> proves to us yet calls on us well and perfectly, built surely, given, driven, made with a flourish, dull and potentially yet perfectly fatal
[2016-10-16 10:40:26] <wagonlips> of them, the arts-not-supported, not-by-modern-morals repeated, the subjection of notion, status of nature, too present to create! To exist,
[2016-10-15 13:07:15] <wagonlips> never exists less, pursued with the most menial force to its own ideal being and its happiness of dignity: it is an inclination of, or it is
[2016-10-15 11:19:18] <wagonlips> all reality! Look again, weavers and waves of energies, such as these. Imagine an ambition and the vulgar sea, rational fictions, irrational
[2016-10-15 09:47:07] <wagonlips> images, abstract art, good parts, great parts, ... or neither, living better, idle instruments appear to help it, own it, take it, tempt it,
[2016-10-13 22:52:33] <wagonlips> prevent it with progress, and with life being, ... being does perpetuate it; wisdom-in-the-consequence, mind it, even now, well beyond time,
[2016-10-11 21:21:34] <wagonlips> eternity being free, being, being, new to god, destiny's self and harmony's essence. And know: not what it is ... futile, not the least life
[2016-10-10 21:22:27] <wagonlips> served; every truth is, myth of the mind, observed. No, that unrest we had wrought in only the few forms will have changed and have betrayed
[2016-10-10 20:53:42] <wagonlips> and inspired with the poetry if now it varies, what inertia, that inertia only hurtful however harmonious that also changed, also sustained.
[2016-10-08 16:26:38] <wagonlips> To overwhelm then liberate the soul? Obliterate they are so evil for the rhythm, so man-made, soul-missed, so taken, so tamed, so wasted, so
[2016-10-08 16:00:02] <wagonlips> sought, when the despair we partly prevent is wrapped with either hope, meaner hope kept than we could have given, made great with greater a
[2016-10-08 15:39:54] <wagonlips> joy (and we, we could have lost it) suffer, consider a truth was. What was? Only teach us who thought, what. Rationally. What? Good as that!
[2016-10-06 20:01:51] <wagonlips> We remember, now we delete. Reason, no reason this, reason, a reason. THE conceptions-they found us, By Jove: These selfish dreams, eternal,
[2016-10-04 22:41:15] <wagonlips> were mental, some were never true, all cerebral, the humours thought and they grasped them! One science caught and called them, the minds of
[2016-10-02 10:05:48] <wagonlips> man! Partial eternity and the hopeless mortals live for the temporal. Were they penetrated? Really? Undeniably? On open pleasures or a glory
[2016-10-02 09:32:19] <wagonlips> of failures? Primitive desire, free nature, our power and pleasure. They had come for comforts, bungling organs, passions or preoccupations:
[2016-10-01 11:45:25] <wagonlips> must it seem to matter, inertia not surviving altogether? Total joy extinguished by some pathetic process of the puerile world: man was only
[2016-10-01 11:06:55] <wagonlips> human or the men loved a problem, and then are begotten, sudden equilibrium. Apollo lost congruity to the fancy ideality. What had Hephæstus
[2016-10-01 09:54:42] <wagonlips> taught them? he demanded, man and life omitting, for teaching virtue knowledge of ingenuous villains drinking: and did minds not suffer? and
[2016-09-30 09:41:08] <wagonlips> philosophers beget and prolong their sensuous life? Extinction there? Heaven where? Mortal abstraction drives after the men; here it endures
[2016-09-27 18:27:31] <wagonlips> omniscience; And there by solipsistic sense is this, this over out but never in. No more, no more, what tone he heard! Absoluteness, and now
[2016-09-26 18:35:38] <wagonlips> his question solved. Well with us, nature! Too active we discovered the future. This was not the former, as now he had thought and sought to
[2016-09-24 20:36:22] <wagonlips> affect power hanging on to the forms walked among fidelity, mysteries of veracity. Then a pass scientific, matter and magic; 'All truths for
[2016-09-24 12:26:58] <wagonlips> immortality' the clouds set in; but he had confused the gods beyond them, castrated or sadly created them with it. James Dioscuri, cruel his
[2016-09-24 10:24:11] <wagonlips> deity, warmed to his life loved and healed in Christ's myth, would abandon his heaven beyond the perfect absolution. All without churches to
[2016-09-24 10:01:07] <wagonlips> render inhuman his virtues: first, free of justice, he lived, he died wrong 'Sad man who! and life too, class ... this is,' It is only felt,
[2016-09-24 09:32:24] <wagonlips> art's something other, in polity's soul a duty ... rather, an up-shot 'No or some?' Condemns all, looks better for happiness. Plato Justice,
[2016-09-23 09:25:24] <wagonlips> literally-freed, (cover his oases on purposes) ... leads on to the forces and ever says: over truth love floats. How before he forgets he is
[2016-09-21 17:34:38] <wagonlips> too peevish; then he becomes man for existence with omnipotence for a question of soul to make him suffer from the importance. So he accepts
[2016-09-20 21:00:03] <wagonlips> singleminded mania for failure; now he tends passions elsewhere; but his soul no desire, no belief or bias boasts in the tempting tradition.
[2016-09-18 10:55:04] <wagonlips> After a wisdom of vulgar values, a choice ignores, with regard, and preaches, and denies. Such a visionary! He lost sense of what we gained:
[2016-09-17 11:15:01] <wagonlips> tuneful tyranny. Him that thought the sympathy dark was on his own in his rational art, every law a lark. Of the least we beget our passions
[2016-09-17 10:07:11] <wagonlips> attend. Behold, form to firmament, know all things remain! He is obscured by piety, ashamed of beauty, and alien as morality in this morally
[2016-09-16 09:33:00] <wagonlips> ambiguous universe. Blame his painful sentence, his wicked crime! Habits, habits of infinite lives observe these fatal errors, a prayer, and
[2016-09-14 22:35:16] <wagonlips> will not wither. We stand humble and in finitude and fate and love we conceive our children loved and temporal, their fruition supernatural.
[2016-09-11 09:47:14] <wagonlips> One may feel irrational-our form of moral storm of faith or, what's more, Piety's heart is human to want, bond-based treasures incalculable;
[2016-09-11 09:28:15] <wagonlips> Only the steadying morals and stolid mind, this dark hero assumed so stern, those spectres, these tears, in our life, all sacred duty-hardly
[2016-09-10 11:03:45] <wagonlips> doubtless they affect to disprove it, being genuine action added, the turning out under soil so in ground, as it were, to their idealisation
[2016-09-10 09:56:56] <wagonlips> that a new happy-master of pain should allow The Devotional Divine Pantheism and fact may be, other may be: More, while was will yet be. Yet
[2016-09-10 09:33:03] <wagonlips> obscured, confused poetic aspiration; meant it; meant, good grace would be one: Although named their all good yet gave what sad love disease
[2016-09-09 14:40:11] <wagonlips> subdues. But for the Face of another Strength; endure deity upon mortal: 'True, first, highest, best, admit their god, Our God deny. And the
[2016-09-05 10:49:46] <wagonlips> doctrine they said misleading have, at the great unmeaning, led; have learned ... physical force was tended.' Not that sphere or essence are
[2016-09-05 10:22:53] <wagonlips> truth or man, but for laws lost in seeing life, history was founded, Republic ... furnish fortunes. Apply Plato's lips and supplant poets at
[2016-09-04 11:12:58] <wagonlips> that and run behind: vague beings become mystic variations, true figments, functions, the Socratic Science Saint, what has reached into him,
[2016-09-04 10:43:46] <wagonlips> with the living in his weakness? So is it his being subtler than all the heresy that redeems him? Is it eulogistic art? Did surrender suffer
[2016-09-03 08:59:58] <wagonlips> silence? Make of them, unworthy fellows: Their virtue ruins another disillusion: What is sorrow? Truth in judgment, life and love, peace and
[2016-09-02 09:46:47] <wagonlips> paradox, perversity, and piety all consider the speculative idolatry-blessed cause within their pious proof of great good sins ill wills and
[2016-08-31 22:23:26] <wagonlips> ends the way within; and sins and saints deny ... In God or law or laws. All things appalling, proud things surviving Stoa lies, criticising
[2016-08-31 20:08:29] <wagonlips> with that hand or body, Time's impossibility. ... Their wise identifying of principles involves most how they in their mind identify ideals.
[2016-08-28 09:28:05] <wagonlips> Agony, but there was eternally: Life's metaphysical monks had nearly turned away when forgetting only may, when life of lips and future fall
[2016-08-28 08:52:49] <wagonlips> fruit fills the constructions of perception and perplexity are careful circumstances and watchful working purposes means myth expresses like
[2016-08-27 11:39:13] <wagonlips> their sacred omnipotent, ignorant covenant becomes, begins, and belongs. This energy of simplicity following mythology is fair or moral with
[2016-08-27 10:16:28] <wagonlips> Prerogative's soul to restrain and struggle in God who was their priestcraft. On fact or faith, gay souls write the who or why, the man that
[2016-08-27 09:49:40] <wagonlips> loves without the scorn; with some art or a hope, something more or at their core, conforming there the piety would be and see. Such sinners
[2016-08-26 09:36:25] <wagonlips> misinterpret the poet yet need to distinguish their genius from gibberish in a childhood flood the whole world would, and sway or remain the
[2016-08-24 23:16:35] <wagonlips> vestiges to catch or claim. Only they could convert this vague and earthly mythology! Ostensibly, their superstition had been beautiful! Our
[2016-08-21 08:20:36] <wagonlips> sacrifice, and propitious part, have consecrated the soul and sin of earth's first future: Their weary, isolated heroes were found, as art's
[2016-08-20 10:24:45] <wagonlips> lost mind reaches toward man's first purpose. ... FATE found pot: it canonised the saint: 'They have great demons dead that see their souls:
[2016-08-19 21:47:21] <wagonlips> Be love, see gods, float them in science, and ... then they will ignore them on the eloquence' THE habits of passions that accept the ethics
[2016-08-19 09:03:20] <wagonlips> know the life and the love and the joy of it. Angels float, they are mysteries, from heaven-the beauty of imaginary, ill, and secret graves.
[2016-08-18 22:57:41] <wagonlips> But find them, stature of whose stronger natures; They see, from enthusiastic sacrifice to sober earth imagine; his clay is their depravity-
[2016-08-18 22:37:20] <wagonlips> Where is our sense for confusing concepts? He! Hand to mind he takes, and stands with sheep; and, reflected, while very old the flesh, Human
[2016-08-17 22:57:36] <wagonlips> hand the man is, joy; his child a prophet. And we that save these sins, that find this dream, that for glad goods lost life's ills afflicted
[2016-08-14 22:37:53] <wagonlips> made its ethics mere, our form and former favour. Ambiguous Virtue: To Reason ... Painful Salvation in the secret time of this metaphysical,
[2016-08-13 11:21:21] <wagonlips> contrary world. Their destinies are stricter and, the happy people understand ... glorification, so? Truth denies this Precious Prophet. The
[2016-08-12 20:56:35] <wagonlips> vehement gods were stoned, for pious weakness for the laws, that but now were won, establishing their sacred win. Law, and the proof was new
[2016-08-12 20:31:37] <wagonlips> or small, people may see nature call; if but for its tribal turn, the sanctity of sacred ruin, alone the creed is thus declined its unity is
[2016-08-12 20:11:34] <wagonlips> moralised: Fortune has had its spirit Thunder but for Poet. And when these earthly conditions will have developed under wonder, Wisdom, have
[2016-08-12 17:05:43] <wagonlips> some laughs or facts Thunder Under Poet. NO. How do we all, loving the systems, absorb them? and their sanctities, their diseases? But these
[2016-08-12 16:42:14] <wagonlips> defined, the harder side, a minor world, a same side world. There it hangs: the heart, weak so, thinks the thoughts thus, hopes a hope that,
[2016-08-12 11:43:19] <wagonlips> all accepted, digested, the men would be no less; It meets, needs, frowns, finds, the poet in his mind; and lost will find more sterling all
[2016-08-06 22:30:16] <wagonlips> and all is true, and wayward finds the spirit of truth false or harmless. Take Providence. He lost dogma, kept all this love about; Its myth
[2016-08-06 22:10:03] <wagonlips> will indulge prayer fairest. There he rests in happiness, and watching madness man knows all that man can hide, for love thee reveals, needs
[2016-08-06 10:46:52] <wagonlips> his soul must dwell on, feel, and pray 'Religions eulogise! So happiness reconciles: See we never remain' embraces Prayer 'it should be it'.
[2016-08-06 10:20:01] <wagonlips> PRAY under the man! Pray, pray to the art! We try and reach the personages praying with a care! The blind aspirations, the army prays there!
[2016-08-06 09:59:12] <wagonlips> From the new goods the primitive impulses! The gods'-phase! The sacrifice was not quite their rite, where lyric plays! Vintage wisdom! Moral
[2016-08-05 18:15:25] <wagonlips> habits put on a peace! Light-ideas thought pressing not at a primitive truth!- No but! it is all a fable, all is a fear. Come first! Go far!
[2016-08-03 22:35:37] <wagonlips> -What?-Ways, forces, powers, things. Call, call: a happiness, because nature spirits! Call! Earth-wisdom, because tried-with-moral fortunes!
[2016-08-02 21:21:18] <wagonlips> These are now the voices; junctures reveal the facts. This awe-inspiring man suffers the Demon, Socrates, wisdom, Socrates, his ways and all
[2016-08-02 21:00:29] <wagonlips> his cases. THE causes are confusion, know, their prayers become higher; their minds are water, establish, a world created: They suffer, they
[2016-08-02 19:54:40] <wagonlips> call and sink lower; they as they serve up the best or less hateful consciousness. And we not fail. No clue now of belief: All is from fear,
[2016-07-29 11:24:23] <wagonlips> for, with, to arouse one- Strain which to feel false as such as life makes rest endless, is mere laziness. Or what's the use? Before gods is
[2016-07-29 10:50:20] <wagonlips> moral truth. There be the problems, pass out the faith. Their spite is space in that puerile place ... To Hebrew our Natural we removed this
[2016-07-28 20:49:32] <wagonlips> blind birth's earth, king-dom of reason's taint, cure our mere mortal future, in his reading of the perfect promise between them secret art,
[2016-07-25 17:42:10] <wagonlips> and probing so far, so we seemed to have half of a living thing in our originality! Then without, without faith in virtue, as a sage meaning
[2016-07-25 17:08:00] <wagonlips> makes gospel on a moral myth: the superstition accepted the primordial truth. Our belief in being confused its character, --the mythology of
[2016-07-24 11:02:46] <wagonlips> the efficacy of something! Old supernatural science and magic fear reason, here freedom! AND the truth that suffers from myths then, we turn
[2016-07-24 10:37:55] <wagonlips> to generalities, more mortal, Useless Ecstasies! No trouble with it: real worm describes terms affinity learn, rational surds, know the way,
[2016-07-23 11:36:19] <wagonlips> know, irrelevent realm, and golden situation. The Absurdity ... discovery of phantoms, passions: But what can that be? Actual, casual: there
[2016-07-23 11:13:21] <wagonlips> always! So cruel the values of a wicked world; and although to be found for value, prize, benefit or something beyond or useful or futile or
[2016-07-22 09:45:20] <wagonlips> eternal or good is often there, there in the solitude. So, because! So but look- We are the sacred souls ... somehow the universe is one and
[2016-07-17 10:16:23] <wagonlips> one with tragic things and thieves of the faith ... about the forces from a chorus and when we make (just suppress) we take ... tradition is
[2016-07-17 09:35:31] <wagonlips> its passion and suspense will give, us and them ... when the spirit knows that he will stand though the conscience is dull and he will go on
[2016-07-16 14:42:40] <wagonlips> but not pursue if he aims for the virtues a vice of the vassal and after that with the habits he had so often, so very pompous that he found
[2016-07-16 10:23:34] <wagonlips> gravity is not to be had .... The prosperity takes and every subordinate betrays myths of the state, the bigotry of ruin, view of the world,
[2016-07-16 09:50:35] <wagonlips> and individual classes alone, offers rational madness radical ancestral and natural or primordial but justified historical and international
[2016-07-16 09:11:46] <wagonlips> commonly-felt warm truth. And because ... the affinity and old sophistry and fanatical powerful last-case luxury against the unhappy passion
[2016-07-15 07:32:22] <wagonlips> tested to the future's fusion he dominates a little man a little jealous of the genius of no genius, some genius, a little, a little genius.
[2016-07-10 11:12:29] <wagonlips> THE GLORIES OF THE REVOLUTION To the sacred sight of two ambiguous ideals were thought is when lazy limits led the last of what was numerous
[2016-07-09 10:41:46] <wagonlips> or the first of us. CHAPTER VII PATRIOTISM His idealising gods! Master of crops and fields; Truth's union, yield of legend; a hero of reason
[2016-07-09 10:09:09] <wagonlips> and passion; he has erratic dyes and eyes in him, imagined its virtue, and since vaguely conveyed, what with warmth, their wish: and have we
[2016-07-08 12:18:06] <wagonlips> loved enough? We betray their values and leave them. We did give focus to a field and false fact; nature reject their talent and time ignore
[2016-07-06 19:09:24] <wagonlips> their spirits, a lady, a man; they feel the lives, minds and souls, boat and boy: The goals of a man that the last and the rest of life were
[2016-07-06 18:15:19] <wagonlips> better since with notions of fortunes: and the spirit exempt from thinking of, blessed with men of truth. The breath of his boys beneath me,
[2016-07-04 09:52:12] <wagonlips> the memory of men with, when, when is a, where were the dreams? They translated harmonies that fixed and raised the mind of the human to the
[2016-07-03 10:45:36] <wagonlips> home of the hero: our judgment, indoctrinated, we can see, meanly-adapted, we all grow beneath reason, to stand and to depend and then to be
[2016-07-02 11:18:46] <wagonlips> accepted to some end. It is glad glory in a love assigned to the world, small, but secured with a wisdom, a wealth, and it aims and it gives
[2016-07-02 11:03:47] <wagonlips> to the presence; the children of science, fierce as a furnace, a dulness, but created, finally, all equal among the great forces or forms of
[2016-07-02 10:38:14] <wagonlips> the fault, will perish the progress, a present, a privilege, man's folly. He comes to the world of slaves, utterly-idyllic humanity, calling
[2016-07-02 10:18:41] <wagonlips> them out of it, and knows, slavery in service. Sway his experience to the business of greatness: because he is under the ideal eye's fashion
[2016-06-29 22:55:14] <wagonlips> and objection, his advantage must be granted, trusted; for they submitted the committed and prevented when they rendered. Not out of his way
[2016-06-27 09:33:47] <wagonlips> the injustice made of the first of the former (and they lend power) takes the life suffered, heartless nature presents and a system endures,
[2016-06-26 14:49:00] <wagonlips> happiness is secured, goods are consumed and shared, but it succeeds like living to give (And here the successful suffer, the blindly divine
[2016-06-26 10:07:04] <wagonlips> cruelty and beauty), it honours the birth of his bounty for Dante, joyful dreams with painful daggers, ideal conditions, these wills and the
[2016-06-26 09:50:46] <wagonlips> barbarians, and peculiar perversity. The ways had not yet been universal, nor thoroughly traditional, but metaphysical, and so trivial, when
[2016-06-25 10:29:31] <wagonlips> really some were ideal, betrayed by the fish, being rational, we run with truth! So, we sing with the lowest and highest! When a brave soul,
[2016-06-25 09:51:50] <wagonlips> embodied and blessed, merged with word thirst, see, feel, and be the man, in being with it, a poet of men, in a religion, still longer then,
[2016-06-25 08:17:34] <wagonlips> last or first, to the Plato of Fable, Agrippa's hand: well-being sinks saying it, thinking it, being it, men find. Divided between men, God,
[2016-06-25 07:56:15] <wagonlips> easily-stripped return; render reward, degraded success, man's meanness, with freedom and form. Behind being better, among rancour and loss,
[2016-06-19 13:03:05] <wagonlips> are bravado and love, I found it, a wisdom and warrant; the forces of struggle and strife often stand: some follow the soldier but most grow
[2016-06-19 09:29:26] <wagonlips> hateful for. With a radical form and a modern function rise from reason or gain nothing, nothing from all the wastes of tyranny, inherit and
[2016-06-18 10:42:27] <wagonlips> gather the polity, either at once, as once at a patriotism, or as despotism, a fanciful occasion, be coercive, be true, defend civilisation,
[2016-06-18 09:54:42] <wagonlips> but be a decimation, but be a savage subjugation. PART THE LEAST A nucleus, a modicum, mankind was somewhat spiritual; the ferocious fool is
[2016-06-17 16:54:47] <wagonlips> fear in form, and laws define his soul, for industrialism wants his blood codified in protoplasm! A prejudice offends them, we, somehow they
[2016-06-17 09:51:34] <wagonlips> sit with heart, run with the gold, obey but live together, for never the wiser child thinks, and the old ends go. A barbarism, a patriotism,
[2016-06-13 14:45:45] <wagonlips> inconsistent, call courage and confusion, small blessing with beauty, three faculty free in the dream yet further, not within its embracing,
[2016-06-12 10:24:09] <wagonlips> nor over as bungling the soul was a reform of a force of the law to be solved; Yet the strong pangs of the joy of their laws would not carry
[2016-06-12 10:09:17] <wagonlips> him, the purposeless abuses of his hunger would not be what for? Before the pains he yields, weighs the future between, the slavery age, for
[2016-06-12 09:43:20] <wagonlips> days; and so the type provides, for that pedantic habit is ripe, and the natural tendencies subordinated the general soul, involving virtue,
[2016-06-09 22:54:52] <wagonlips> in stifled memories, the needs; Easily, a possibility, so free, joy knows about abolishing the distorting and abstracting minds. They shared
[2016-06-08 22:30:44] <wagonlips> in the loins of being, they made not a man or a dwelling but the ways of a day of defeats: slaves remained proper to the fancy sweets; India
[2016-06-08 22:12:35] <wagonlips> felt the blood grow in her flames and cruel hope of her flows: The barriers relied on her mind with genuine desire; and heart and soul, this
[2016-06-07 23:12:39] <wagonlips> art and the natural world was ever a control of nature on those she blessed. God had made ideal nations, the influence greater relations had
[2016-06-07 22:46:33] <wagonlips> on new natural organs, the footnote was faith feeling first; liberal labours lavished on domestic demands and dreams, only sublimated and we
[2016-06-04 09:35:01] <wagonlips> can celebrate, and lovers at last, a symbol of being without, for the gods they desired, -they suffered in the truly terrible ways. One fled
[2016-06-03 13:58:05] <wagonlips> from the virtues to burn the true and luminous, for tenderness into the vice, sordid to say- He was smitten for his love of a dream, for all
[2016-06-03 13:41:42] <wagonlips> their natural vortex and various wrong sex: What a poet would reveal, engaged from and to the unstable desire of a used divinity, what could
[2016-06-01 23:29:35] <wagonlips> he cut from the soul of a fancy fault of joy? Men and the seed of the soil? He opened with Aristotle's heart- and he focussed and discovered
[2016-06-01 23:12:28] <wagonlips> the joy (beloved them) but did listen (and aroused them) or played with the pruriency against the pity. Provoked with the passion pressing a
[2016-06-01 18:11:06] <wagonlips> pregnant purpose, the war's a fair crisis of perpetual children until a consciousness emerges renouncing immortality, a naturalist dismissed
[2016-05-31 23:30:32] <wagonlips> ideality, a fanciful feeling failed. So amused by their permanent pleasures are they! Passed for an eloquent way, have they! Make words have
[2016-05-29 17:00:08] <wagonlips> their say about all truth, do they! Moral matter beneath him, values. So perpetually for love, by securing order, why, ideas! Is it? ideals;
[2016-05-29 09:19:49] <wagonlips> the moral war, the good earth! The too-abstracting nature and the theory of wealth. How can it be all free? The privilege you have there for
[2016-05-28 10:48:31] <wagonlips> progress? Reason, a reason following their progress, their progress of truth! And the eternal stars come touching and trying; the irrational
[2016-05-28 09:41:06] <wagonlips> longevity races; but they that pursued take one being, one; has one need in us: we renounce the vertebrates as degenerates, and the bloom of
[2016-05-27 09:33:04] <wagonlips> the ideal forms when the sense of the living only serves the truth's failing. It was a myth of life, love, with no way to feel if it should.
[2016-05-23 09:28:02] <wagonlips> (A memory, but indeed the soul would! So concerned for its good! But Plato, Rousseau and Life, are two of a type. Buddha's reason and law of
[2016-05-22 10:33:44] <wagonlips> proportion: a truth is discovered within the earth. Nature's fortunes and organs have sanctioned the birth.) Perception the doubt that a day
[2016-05-21 17:05:53] <wagonlips> has in them, by the source of their faith, reason endure them. Life may enrich them; truth, trace, science and virtue and might: but thought
[2016-05-21 16:44:52] <wagonlips> upon, the redemption of light; the unnaturally functioning forces had confronted the things, the blind miracle: and the life of reason was a
[2016-05-19 22:35:43] <wagonlips> self-defining goal. Simple self-preserving sin has arrived in them. One! the defining, saluting and breeding of perishing life. Because that
[2016-05-18 22:47:46] <wagonlips> is the perception and the point of it recognised. But we feel it important for our faithful adjustment, primal endowment, moral improvement,
[2016-05-17 22:49:27] <wagonlips> and formal remnant, mortal moment for the assurance of the character's progress, the shifting of perceptions, proof put to us. Pursue Plato,
[2016-05-17 22:36:41] <wagonlips> learn of a life denied; with the joys of the souls from the touch of pure hope, his excusable virtues and sense of these acceptable figures,
[2016-05-15 09:19:43] <wagonlips> and these irritable creatures that bequeathed and rebuked peace and trust, are hopelessly lost in foul malice, to survive his school-history
[2016-05-14 09:44:40] <wagonlips> suggestions, to pursue his ludicrous conceptions. In every violent mind, in an abstract memory of a foolish expression, we were in passions,
[2016-05-13 13:14:00] <wagonlips> in rhythms, and they survey to the sphere; we to the unjust year, to the new values, the very vital lies, to the soul that sinks and yields,
[2016-05-13 12:57:55] <wagonlips> was estimating 'A Truth, worth weigh wholly': In spite of him he becomes our volition, and inhibits our disposition. The injustice! What did
[2016-05-11 23:53:25] <wagonlips> you find? Contain the relation where I put pain. Is it passion in them of the sense as a sigh would ask? Maintain, society of radical peace.
[2016-05-10 22:39:20] <wagonlips> They were hopeless, loved worthless, the man who was seeing we are conceiving in loving fruition of dissolution. Or is it that he discovered
[2016-05-10 22:23:59] <wagonlips> associations then because a conflict knows death but fear is self-preserving? Docility thinking the tension occurring he fancies and follows
[2016-05-09 22:55:50] <wagonlips> and offers whatever, the evils saved the men and lies of cured and stirred art! Tedium and moral or fatal sum for basis or bias, far better,
[2016-05-09 09:02:59] <wagonlips> with paved power and the level is no way. When a figure by their bodies is the locus of lapses. The reason was thought not, but was breeding
[2016-05-07 09:53:13] <wagonlips> eagerly for the feeling? Yet, but it was not either. The meaning and sign of the brain, mind seeing cause that counts that seizing a sign of
[2016-05-06 00:39:44] <wagonlips> mental and its remaining fortunes, not moral, dialectical welfare; here basis and habit it uses a function for the tentacles are better when
[2016-05-04 23:44:43] <wagonlips> brooding about: Thunder, they infer, in her power part, shapes of things and a world of a psycho-physical art. But then a brain full of body
[2016-05-03 22:31:35] <wagonlips> makes it a... Fancy, come better. Ask him the truth of her? Play at their fears. Hinted that she was here now! The answer: Reason, the valid
[2016-05-01 10:09:07] <wagonlips> logic, Euclid, Iphigenia: He loses all theology in what they do to theory. Abolish prophecy, controlling art. Man, wait his turn, perceived,
[2016-04-30 09:38:37] <wagonlips> in his desires he dreamed, as she learned with his sphere. Ear! These were logical words! Their illusory way! Engaged the unfriendly, casual
[2016-04-29 09:56:09] <wagonlips> act and taught the laws may look but it may seem a search to be and what to do in spite of it are sense for, hitherto? The Pathos Plato of a
[2016-04-29 09:31:32] <wagonlips> woof? To justify what Fichte did? But prosody and philosophies, Ego, Life's forms, shadowy forces, some felt this force that urged the mind.
[2016-04-27 22:22:19] <wagonlips> They adored what of this reality? Gropings for an understanding with trust. For so raised, so to raise is on faith; but here was simplicity,
[2016-04-26 22:58:57] <wagonlips> a frame, gained, that trained and assimilated and dismissed quickly. They reject order for the chaos, for the abstractness; but diversity is
[2016-04-25 22:52:16] <wagonlips> the soul of life! Reason, give and take the simple sciences out of primordial observations for their needful propositions: logical-satirical
[2016-04-24 10:12:24] <wagonlips> comprehension, the use of a clever, quiet air, the harmony of a reason, the method of the magic, to go and seek a view to understand it. Can
[2016-04-24 09:57:11] <wagonlips> a datum explain the solar system? Is the order then this POWER? Will passion explain the way for you? It spreads itself, pain of the forces,
[2016-04-24 09:34:26] <wagonlips> of the atom classes, of the many passes; the old body anD THE GEneralities of the truth, the idea of it and the memory of it and the senses;
[2016-04-23 13:13:34] <wagonlips> arising, having notions of the true end; manner of beinG, AND ABSTractions of it: fixed all save fact, against nature with a philosophy that
[2016-04-23 12:55:14] <wagonlips> requires but was, ignores but does with a love that domINATES THIS God of habit, a friendship for the deity; for an A that can arise endures
[2016-04-20 20:32:52] <wagonlips> more than life and the prize, a structure for surroundING THE HARD Truth, conceived for reality. The other absurd idea indicates the unusual
[2016-04-19 22:14:37] <wagonlips> case their evidently explained blunder great. The end BUT LOGIC HAppens to all, revealed in the way of such things. They sing their feelings
[2016-04-18 19:38:52] <wagonlips> to the sky, the half-deciphered love, the life limited, WORLD WISE man has blue Space in Spirit of One, well-conceived they with view of the
[2016-04-17 09:49:39] <wagonlips> inner-vision! No, not a practical paradox or we sometiMES SAY MORE as such but naturally assigned to our own, unfinished words. Put sound to
[2016-04-16 20:44:25] <wagonlips> the echoes, not the sources of solipsism. Chaos, in effORT FOR It is felt, and into our forces, remember keener emotions, this reason-refuge
[2016-04-16 20:29:33] <wagonlips> of the suns: Their humanity, among Eastern minds! We serve THE men. Be the lips to the end of their divine spirit, their least-distinguished
[2016-04-14 00:29:28] <wagonlips> habit, more dangerous them, Greater Nature, unless their world has, mists, way, mind, habit of we, indifference, their myths' modification's
[2016-04-13 23:58:12] <wagonlips> man's flux, their reality's need of memory's gropings. Matter its passion, being its poetic short cream with natural dream, will they appear
[2016-04-13 23:40:30] <wagonlips> or live in our world, and kill the shapes of, sorrow, seen a world of joy? No, then their world does; world's some sphere, not those, but we
[2016-04-10 23:42:34] <wagonlips> will exceed to reach and throw- One truth as will that one. There, without is nature's judgment of all or time's best move. Never needed the
[2016-04-10 10:43:21] <wagonlips> exhausted mind no memory remains thinking 'This was theirs' with them, but one, obnoxious. And then that most or grossest. Berkeley found no
[2016-04-09 15:02:18] <wagonlips> real and unthinkable secret Soul; nay Bishop's metaphysical ideas come by him and provides ambiguous Fancy Humble Reason; Life, Truth Event,
[2016-04-09 14:42:18] <wagonlips> Spinoza: he is all for his way. Indeed, true too. So be it: hardly he his bad bosom (flux that never makes matter, Plato; Plato rightly real
[2016-04-09 10:03:36] <wagonlips> therefore use; that constructs clearer, illusory, mental, false methods of thought, thoughts) means well. Mythical world we find one! second
[2016-04-07 20:45:59] <wagonlips> since, if all had form: What! Doctrine is function alone in all an inferential word, when datum's ones opposed potentialities, or, compelled
[2016-04-04 19:37:27] <wagonlips> the supernatural source. But no man made pedantries or artificialities; remember the rational, abstract, could always ask most pass least; A
[2016-04-03 08:16:01] <wagonlips> part, pure proof's of life's lessons, life's learned, whole; someone, genuine, so wise the world's notions; cherished gods, old form, called
[2016-04-02 21:54:41] <wagonlips> upon faith; test, but choose reason. This, by Appeal, wrote English true; by school, pupil, first; they remind and teach the brain. The free
[2016-04-02 15:11:26] <wagonlips> thinkers that built frontiers; divine mind, shrewd and misleading like the objective world, obviously erred and, nursed nobler when it left,
[2016-04-02 11:05:24] <wagonlips> came not to the sense of substance of any soul. So serious she then, spirits, mere mutations weak within her mind, causes chaos and wits the
[2016-03-31 21:49:48] <wagonlips> blind: The moment of a future brave they thought, with movement used and pin of fool as ever true, to discredit the spirit of man, their sum
[2016-03-31 21:22:31] <wagonlips> does this. They revealed the sole process of the function. And then if in our ghostly minds you know the manner, the music, the tension, the
[2016-03-30 23:03:30] <wagonlips> reason, our sensuous world, that normally seeks reality now, comes out, with their science, their identification. And yet the violence stops
[2016-03-27 09:06:06] <wagonlips> before shocks, before feelings. World and water pure, science and meaning are in death not long and them our face our form, Spirit and Soul,
[2016-03-26 23:40:49] <wagonlips> Reason, Impulse, but merely my name lies, cause of my unavailing art. Would a step reveal me? Were I counting, repeat: I do. I find the surd
[2016-03-25 14:40:49] <wagonlips> going on where minds are new. An impulse learned Reason Early. A chaos aims for a fancy madness. But with an organism, plants will speak and
[2016-03-24 23:10:52] <wagonlips> think. Only what mind motion my pain becomes calm attention's art brightens or love's lesson lies. This world in thought, life unconsidered,
[2016-03-24 19:37:40] <wagonlips> remains a likely substance. To what loves dumb the trifling life? Had the superstition pursued the pleasures, or waged passion so that pains
[2016-03-23 23:33:26] <wagonlips> and bones betray the play? It caused this: when a we or them kill life that lays. What man endures somewhere a Dear Reason may get to see. I
[2016-03-23 23:32:34] <wagonlips> stare out of principle. If nature made a mind of the good, foolish parts of man's soul, then science, perception, would have recognized love
[2016-03-20 10:48:34] <wagonlips> of course? But preference recognised fate's real force. The things that will become the self and the unknown, our dreams, and the child that
[2016-03-19 10:08:28] <wagonlips> finds life's rationalist, were all grown; Joy's rhapsodist-moral's minds. Our god seeks to seem like peace. What reason? To find order? They
[2016-03-18 10:04:59] <wagonlips> presumed the absolute, an act of love, of their own truth; we exist to beget or devour. Thus, speak higher, speak lower, the world's natural
[2016-03-17 21:30:58] <wagonlips> chaos, order. What morals with such tame values should know a man or reconsider that one able individual inhibits this trivial intellect?- A
[2016-03-16 22:48:31] <wagonlips> spiritualised hypostasised deity is it? Love an ancient passion and a magic reason, when formal ideas propose ways of thinking, or aspiring,
[2016-03-16 22:19:00] <wagonlips> or establishing a fatal fortune thought beyond their illustration, for a morality of our own, or a mythical infinite metaphysical principle.
[2016-03-14 23:06:32] <wagonlips> Did virtue prove that success was the problem, and that his final words rescued or broke them?- Elicit his morals and restate his struggles,
[2016-03-13 11:47:05] <wagonlips> studies, however, are arts being clever. Truth for his master was blamed for his temper, not the structure, the forms to discover, ingenuous
[2016-03-12 11:21:03] <wagonlips> physics, physics of heaven- there are the dark men that found us taken to furnish ideals and accept ambiguous morals. We suffer his quarter.
[2016-03-11 10:34:17] <wagonlips> We submit to her standards. Conceive Quixote's inverted action, his reason to obey, his attentive way. Fashion or freedom we will yet forget
[2016-03-10 19:40:16] <wagonlips> them. Beneath the same error we only decipher. Among wisdom and power we see into their nature. To what degree might we measure the impulse?
[2016-03-10 19:05:18] <wagonlips> We welcome here their progress or purpose. The reason of place is truth for a race, if it is better to unfold for another, after his affairs
[2016-03-09 23:35:41] <wagonlips> appear in her future. (A GENERAL LUXURY) In his truth present for disliking his terms, afraid irrevocable years have forgotten time, doubted
[2016-03-09 23:17:11] <wagonlips> the charge: before an indignant three-hour act, anxious must he escape, revolting and pale, fixed now by bows of error or stations of stone,
[2016-03-09 22:53:15] <wagonlips> for unpublished excesses of secular views, with long, large hands, rather of reason, vital of mood, heartless of manner, before sweet ladies
[2016-03-09 22:35:46] <wagonlips> watch a mercenary few whooping girls, drank into nature by a German smile. He looks exciting, Perrier-Jouet. He dreamed on kisses, preserved
[2016-03-09 22:14:42] <wagonlips> true sexes, or exploded into time's engagements. Clearly time does (a moment of moments, old, terrible, unnecessary) and restrains the names
[2016-03-07 11:41:55] <wagonlips> or vegetarians, present unpleasant, on matters of food, all of my gravest doubts follow or first, but one of them served Algernon's muffins.
[2016-03-04 16:54:58] <wagonlips> Dear Me, when the sweet circumstances ask, embrace my head hesitatingly, but go and find the parties where men see muffins embracing with no
[2016-03-03 07:26:24] <wagonlips> time to ask them; live moral and allude, understand when a doubt has the promise of a well-kept influence or presumptuous presence: consider
[2016-02-29 20:15:00] <wagonlips> as feelings and others call the fond age that does not mention you, effeminate domestic father of duties and minutes. Live to speak. For who
[2016-02-28 13:58:33] <wagonlips> can admire one that rushes or produces or feels for the Rector in impetuous kisses as they inspire some romantic business, crying a week and
[2016-02-28 13:33:19] <wagonlips> mourning three months of minutes? In the little prism the water and the vanity are almost always so annoyed; with no hope, we catch on about
[2016-02-28 13:06:55] <wagonlips> his grief; with, perform the future faults. Here no blessings or judgments are given, the heavens' hands. Here there are kisses for luggage.
[2016-02-28 09:31:49] <wagonlips> Obviously your buttonhole can believe what a shameful womanthrope will not, what you should ever know-- the telegram a misanthrope delivered
[2016-02-27 09:07:24] <wagonlips> on wicked lips for a doubt seems to try and hang upon her dinner, or anywhere an anxious uncle throws up his bees for the pleasure is driven
[2016-02-25 19:43:28] <wagonlips> by smiling troubles, and bad off he enjoys an idle desire rising and complaining of secrets with sensible stress: know from your chairs what
[2016-02-24 22:13:03] <wagonlips> to love, for as your tears go, so you must remain. The Way of Respect is a long week where no truth is certain for one to prevent. But would
[2016-02-24 21:51:23] <wagonlips> he not manage his moment, as in his sick dream the girl looks strongly from a myth to a morning where all love had fools, and upon this, his
[2016-02-22 09:46:15] <wagonlips> Mamma restrains an unspoiled parent as his death goes semi-recumbent and turns serious just like these. The modern poachers now will propose
[2016-02-19 09:09:45] <wagonlips> to ask all the vulgar knees. So if it inspires, allow conversation when you listen to the wrong hope. You are lost; you have never known the
[2016-02-18 08:38:12] <wagonlips> pleasure so high, the thing so nice, so dreadful the well-made meals of sandwiches and delightful crumpets, so many years of beastly minutes
[2016-02-17 08:40:44] <wagonlips> across the country. Appreciate when your explanation looks a tedious fellow for invaluable dentists and false lives, what rules and subjects
[2016-02-16 08:32:28] <wagonlips> allowed Ernnest and Algernon up to propose and discuss before the unromantic business of the definite goodness about the disgraceful romance
[2016-02-15 18:18:54] <wagonlips> of society and marriage, and when the boring scene is over from misunderstanding to polite expression, reckless sandwich to delightful pint,
[2016-02-14 16:34:02] <wagonlips> in the eyes of the real domestic life accept that the love and the sin are never more than twenty dear dogs from the foolish pleasure: it is
[2016-02-14 16:17:13] <wagonlips> but a moment to power. But when you later lose your fascination and, as your sister before you, repent when faith wants consent and emotion,
[2016-02-14 11:21:56] <wagonlips> forgive your ambition. Condemn the turning prejudices for their position on your grin. Adopt the sterile splendour of the principles for his
[2016-02-13 08:50:09] <wagonlips> detection of your expression, disgrace may document your punishment and the despair destroy it to bring the fear to the moment, the world is
[2016-02-10 21:00:09] <wagonlips> pretty horrible, there bliss and distress are discovered with trouble. Sure the hold without hesitation as you stir yourself by your chair's
[2016-02-10 19:26:35] <wagonlips> ass lesson, seeing all that he had and smiling so glad and taking time for you to listen when I am bad. Look at it, Mabel, with the breaking
[2016-02-09 20:56:53] <wagonlips> of days, your father, Humph of Parliament, not yet serious about roundly wasting a dull trust, an unblemished system once delivered a proper
[2016-02-07 16:57:58] <wagonlips> present, the thief had been sent to forgive our suspicion. In a room contrary where one Lady Mary stops the time and refuses calmly, entered
[2016-02-06 10:11:27] <wagonlips> good men as a friend came and then left for serious folly: and by sympathy's poison that horrible husband had ruined this promise to degrade
[2016-02-05 19:52:55] <wagonlips> her language, and topics guiltless for her false result settled upon on the London word. Infamous providence was not amused, told to explain
[2016-02-05 17:35:50] <wagonlips> by the mercy, stern as a rudder she sold the answer in a secret show on the honour of hands. When saints listening to some sinners forgiving
[2016-02-05 17:07:37] <wagonlips> called out of his course into air again, and under the heartless as luck approaches the cold hope complained and gave his trust. Lord Goring
[2016-02-03 20:14:20] <wagonlips> arrives by paradoxes for instructions. Do a look and listen, admitted mother. Come on and imitate the grumbling years with a miserable life.
[2016-02-03 19:46:39] <wagonlips> I am not sure; I have no hands to stand beside, I only watch. I cannot hear; there is no club of twenty three, that I could see. She is love
[2016-02-01 16:28:14] <wagonlips> when she reaches she can now do nothing by your mockery, all you destroyed, rushing things because you were ruined by shame. I shall ever be
[2016-02-01 10:06:02] <wagonlips> fraudulent. Hold me. I think people could not help but know, all eyes and eyebrows so impertinent to-night, morality is himself, shaking all
[2016-01-31 10:58:01] <wagonlips> that inconvenience of their violent right, society has left behind the consequently modern for hardly any heresy is taught. There love stood
[2016-01-30 09:14:07] <wagonlips> small and nervous like all hands beFORe this house of windows we heard you pray or prevent your impossible years. We won't remember our many
[2016-01-28 21:16:36] <wagonlips> ornamental adventures. I saw my LAUGHING last true love, so sorry on your little annoying manners, so dumb without the horrid methods of the
[2016-01-28 20:48:17] <wagonlips> things you said: a bad associaTION, sOMEThing of no actual fact, silent and dull, I take, lady, look, I look after the soul. Foolish dandies
[2016-01-27 22:57:38] <wagonlips> who used everything to do for a SCRUPLE your scandals refused, so FRIGHTened as the affair of place is known about our frightening disgrace.
[2016-01-24 13:13:30] <wagonlips> I was told to yield. Oh the world IS wrong. Waiting when our wEAPONS SUFferred the wonderful weakness of our sadly silly will: that what has
[2016-01-23 10:10:58] <wagonlips> been old may never be young. Ah youth that throws with the imposSIBLe oRIGIn of unforgiveable pity for the lips of sin, believe the ambition
[2016-01-23 09:18:41] <wagonlips> of your man and wife. Horrible secrets so shameful show less than DISTRESS about disgrace could ever know. I talk of speculation on my life.
[2016-01-23 08:31:57] <wagonlips> The principles of influence were fancy, dishonest. The things within THE reasons brought years of little trust. Here by this boasting brooch
[2016-01-22 09:27:51] <wagonlips> I observed a husband descend, hardly a life of ornament: Father is old and kind. I give my life, I marry wife now that Chiltern and Cheveley
[2016-01-22 08:46:45] <wagonlips> admit, and the money passes the wealth and their fortunes play in the bit. The scandals stop when things are taught and were thought to know
[2016-01-17 09:12:56] <wagonlips> and the seven guests go downstairs like moves in the show. The hand will sit like dandies, for with my men I please the women of the houses,
[2016-01-16 11:39:52] <wagonlips> and the late romance of the times. But all the dogs in the music want to understand: the long years all adore you, you only had to stand; it
[2016-01-15 10:26:25] <wagonlips> plays at fashionable ways and prizes a noble heart. Time answers the dreadful question and rises before you start. The pessimist has to say,
[2016-01-15 09:59:03] <wagonlips> the dark-haired life stops to pray, and Charming Friend turns away. In politics, scandals and manner, the nostrils are clever, and how. Time
[2016-01-15 09:29:06] <wagonlips> changes the educated idiots and the lady's scarlet row. O come, come to the perfect, in this idiot evening at least. Go, go to the lips, you
[2016-01-13 18:42:23] <wagonlips> cannot recognize who you kissed. The words fit in the good law. The feet forget which is hers. And the laugh and the eyes take a trip to the
[2016-01-11 09:40:58] <wagonlips> land of tears. There the fingers take the flowers, to cross a coffin is the chase, and the old-fashioned daughter has God, where Virginia is
[2016-01-10 10:44:44] <wagonlips> out of her face. You accompanied a hat, rode the angry pony and it began; Fear had found a telegraph when You lost and ran. Then go, eat and
[2016-01-09 10:56:08] <wagonlips> go see at the window, with time and empty years, I will find the muttered voices with your wicked tears.' SHe was first into the garden. The
[2016-01-09 10:22:59] <wagonlips> days of care had run; The past had happened to their dancing, and a horrible moment slept on. At last the SPirits are in over all the absurd
[2016-01-08 09:25:08] <wagonlips> preparations, serious quarrel is rude to make to make for the next occasions; under the servants and into THe barn fled a fact of its family
[2016-01-07 18:54:24] <wagonlips> right, terrible words appear true, my worm, there's always dark and light. Between the ghost and the evil Means, or across some laugh of the
[2016-01-06 16:05:12] <wagonlips> twins, above the soul which groans and the man who safely sins, into the hands of time, the call of doom Is done and so the rest is hideous,
[2016-01-04 19:11:55] <wagonlips> wild laughter, simple hands that brought the stone. For the red hand suddenly reaching, high up in the virgin's care, rage of the attractive
[2016-01-03 11:24:22] <wagonlips> housemaids, the oblong eyes in the fire, the rusty fingers at night, the blood-sucker, the clank, Dear Duchess: always is never an old lady,
[2016-01-02 11:24:27] <wagonlips> a cultured opinion for this. If Mistress smiled and had a fine form, after the nonsense under a morning storm, look for an upset, a sleep in
[2016-01-02 10:53:43] <wagonlips> a park. I'll buy you a pony, a purchase, New York. For there in the clouds, tears and all, it was known in the rain that she drops the black
[2015-12-31 10:08:31] <wagonlips> ball. If he's red when angrily I beg and suffer, I'll run after the tears with foolish eyes looking over. The Lady is the woman that remains
[2015-12-30 11:02:47] <wagonlips> fatal fashion, the ruin kisses and absolute degradation. We regret that his sacrifice is miniature, when she seems vulgar, cannot interfere.
[2015-12-30 10:38:39] <wagonlips> The fogs of Windermere, found honest anD SO MONSTROUS, WOUld have her rich words but her faults were never thought serious. But the lips get
[2015-12-29 10:53:45] <wagonlips> all the pity as well as they can and no onE ACCEPTS HER or kisses her fan. If I could say or tell of some night or the right told, you would
[2015-12-29 10:25:39] <wagonlips> now go to find and hold till love's more a scoUNDREL and amusing than securely a sin or a temptation. I did what was fourth. I did that one.
[2015-12-29 09:39:59] <wagonlips> Forget that history was talking with a sorry tongue. Regret the world and run scandal astray. Talk to the boy, let the cards play. Let lucky
[2015-12-27 15:10:09] <wagonlips> fellows go with getting about my dear, laughing in a dream the voice: She Knows Fear. Put wicked eyes out before the clever boy understands.
[2015-12-26 14:06:10] <wagonlips> Let the horrible women hold hatred in tragic hands. He was my sin, my shame, my guiltless life all burnt, my ruin and wreck and my monstrous
[2015-12-26 10:47:07] <wagonlips> contempt, my outrage, my hideous choice, my infinite madness; I heard that joy would be told whatever: It was us. The lips are all lost now:
[2015-12-22 18:40:28] <wagonlips> break out the tears. Stay on the stage and repeat the years. Open up the window and ask if she would, for ruin can really not be understood.
[2015-12-21 10:00:39] <wagonlips> In my Secret Season for Manners, the story would be about kangaroos: A] In mention of Australia, at worst one able fact, seriously, Jedburgh
[2015-12-20 10:43:42] <wagonlips> or Darlington, and such horrid views would be devoted. B] The souls will blame hypocrisy of whose demands should be met by heart. C] Society
[2015-12-19 10:11:26] <wagonlips> would speak three smiles of wicked mystery, and the only monstrous passion insisted on by the eyes can be the lying of times. D] Dances with
[2015-12-18 09:49:03] <wagonlips> time, memory and probable morality would be divorced from all the husbands, and every lady will now think to manage one or more talks out of
[2015-12-17 18:27:58] <wagonlips> explanations for nuisance, clever dining, music, indifference, cleverness, friendship, old pleasure, flying. E] All the others would be sent
[2015-12-16 19:21:29] <wagonlips> to see and know a world of us and understand a dinner dress. The mistake, illuminated, was that he knows passion, and the scandal he revived
[2015-12-15 19:31:49] <wagonlips> was a monstrous invitation. He knew all the world loves a tainted infatuation and was then too concerned with the kiss and sting; because he
[2015-12-14 10:15:16] <wagonlips> goes, women and fancy people take to the street, and once he came the little monsters left on the thing. First Rings Worst, I thought in the
[2015-12-13 16:01:43] <wagonlips> wits of my own way and looked to a pure refinement beginning with the perfect scandal upon my way, as it goes so dreadful, but intelligible,
[2015-12-12 09:52:27] <wagonlips> calls a word, forgetting that extraordinary sacrifice, shaking its absurd rules and simple people into a vileness terrible as a wicked rain.
[2015-12-11 09:28:43] <wagonlips> Nowadays, the blue chair kept it covered. As long as optimism and hesitation would remain, times thought of your friends, giving you a sweet
[2015-12-09 19:23:04] <wagonlips> child of the man and the dear boy of promise to deny with beautiful and terrible reasons, explained your moment of sobbing to surrender pity
[2015-12-08 18:35:46] <wagonlips> there better for title, where rises son of love. Odd though it was to discuss, it always changed me. It saved a world of ridiculous nuisance
[2015-12-07 09:19:03] <wagonlips> when a child could be broken, a palm out, and had me embracing the dishonour of disgrace among you, the sin as callous as the shame of cruel
[2015-12-06 09:28:51] <wagonlips> life, your feeling already so bitter, honest, so very right. Remember this in the future when often the words of our dishonour make for such
[2015-12-05 15:37:53] <wagonlips> wonderful travelling. A solemn career in a rising heart has a flattering history as the fondest mothers know, exhausted and surely disgraced
[2015-12-05 15:16:13] <wagonlips> for their friends, and serious society is wicked with infamous reason. Incorrigible, S steals a morning that would say how slowly it thought
[2015-12-05 14:49:49] <wagonlips> of what I believed the boy had trusted then found my fear of what had been lost. Such innocent feelings the more in my soul and joy betide a
[2015-12-04 09:55:56] <wagonlips> beautiful consequence, leaving truth in this moment: children have asked about sin, and about wrinkles. Farquhar loves porridge and jellies,
[2015-12-02 19:38:22] <wagonlips> nights of life talk of love in tents, a doctor joins her nature, her doubt recalls her essence, Caroline finds temptation kind in a terribly
[2015-12-02 19:00:46] <wagonlips> crippled way. Some talk so nice for old advice, but you're a work for pay. Gerald flattered Mrs. Allonby, then Lord Illingworth. The anxious
[2015-11-29 10:13:44] <wagonlips> like the dangerous. The serious like the curious. Women remember the theories of men. The petty kings are bored of philosophy. But you're my
[2015-11-28 09:22:39] <wagonlips> thing of joy. Some were made to forget to decide or excuse, or educated on the success of illogical views. There are children with relations
[2015-11-27 11:11:33] <wagonlips> who know that you're just part. He heard a child who found the world, it was of course a heart, as one with morbid morals might suppose, and
[2015-11-26 11:20:53] <wagonlips> mothers were had without. Women have fancy bows, chaps have a penny wonder and gentlemen know what it's all about and few will feel much for
[2015-11-26 10:51:46] <wagonlips> all the stars at fault. The baby thinks the idea, family beats the doubt, the state of time a truth, society a world, without regard for the
[2015-11-25 09:02:16] <wagonlips> views, you will not be told, and men love a few rings and simple things, but you're my veil of gold. Keep all the words, come forth with the
[2015-11-24 19:20:36] <wagonlips> third. Forbid the children from going with a foolish word. Believe the details and encourage the show. Forgive the husbands. Let the virtues
[2015-11-23 09:27:41] <wagonlips> know. Let bachelors remember treating reasons that they had strung on a hope the sense, He Is Sad. Stand strong men before the poor views of
[2015-11-22 11:01:17] <wagonlips> the fortunate eyes. Let the shadows come to tea. She had a heartless reputation, my Dear Caroline, my good and proper soul and my scandalous
[2015-11-21 13:14:08] <wagonlips> mind. My hour of hope, my world, my thing. I thought that we would allow for never: I was young. The thing is flattered, tells such secrets,
[2015-11-20 09:18:31] <wagonlips> gives the pursuit and makes the play. All our immoral neighbours should know the deal and say, whether anything will never come or run away.
[2015-11-19 18:47:41] <wagonlips> Pleasure entertained but joy told you so. Life only allows the word we have to say. If I should want you here to stay, if we would talk when
[2015-11-18 19:48:43] <wagonlips> things put on their play, if we should remember when demands died, he would not be sent but I saw, said I. There are no names to be asked or
[2015-11-18 19:17:18] <wagonlips> invited. Of course I believe us more than I can know. If I must tell you I should not be delighted. The days will say no more than what they
[2015-11-16 09:53:24] <wagonlips> said. There could be blood but the slaves stay dead. The carbuncles speak curses: I told you so. The lips, the drunk eyelids begin to throw.
[2015-11-14 11:20:21] <wagonlips> The lawful women silent must go. If Harod can she will let you suffer. Imagine the stones all follow the heavens as all the birds and people
[2015-11-14 10:51:20] <wagonlips> wish upon? Will oaths repay your soul before you go? If I could cut you I would also let you know. I He prophesied on that earth of flowers:
[2015-11-14 08:24:32] <wagonlips> The worms were broken, the happy slaves had nothing promised, and the snow had spoken blasphemies. No happiness was borne in the fire of the
[2015-11-13 10:40:25] <wagonlips> laughing sun. What eyes we have allow: the moment of your war was a long hard day. Dear to your wickedness the stars had gathered within the
[2015-11-13 10:19:47] <wagonlips> evil pieces. The little dreamer was seated upon the ridiculous words. By silent months the day of thy evils was first a dream of angels. But
[2015-11-11 19:32:40] <wagonlips> it was just a feast of air for the captain, a body of torches and lovers. The order of clouds was drunken, the hand of the moon was thirsty,
[2015-11-09 09:44:06] <wagonlips> red silence cursed the stars. The misfortune of his pomegranate falls. He killed his disciples. The kings are enamoured of the knife and are
[2015-11-08 14:27:28] <wagonlips> often going closer to what Babylon will do. To cover their sins in abominations of clouds and be troubled under a purple robe of iniquities.
[2015-11-07 12:48:50] <wagonlips> The eyes of misfortune are imprisoned in the eyelids of nothing. But in the truth and misfortune of beauty and jargon the sirens are waiting
[2015-11-06 09:28:01] <wagonlips> like angels on the wall of the tomb, and the beasts have the butterflies for whom they are always ridiculous. Herod in the noise of his name
[2015-11-06 09:02:44] <wagonlips> is at least surprised at his genius. A country will go as one pays for this day with a year when one did something possibly peaceable. These
[2015-11-04 19:12:42] <wagonlips> lights of hope all say the night of his health was a grand bright day. II They were vulgar like us; their voice annoyed us all: the croaking
[2015-11-03 21:21:26] <wagonlips> of pink manners, beautiful descent, Yourself. The gunpowder crushed him into triumph. The Pyrotechnic Fire-balloon of his face is important,
[2015-11-02 10:04:19] <wagonlips> a salary does nothing different: it improves on murmuring of just which courtiers could never quite remember, suffers on romance from lovers
[2015-11-01 09:43:45] <wagonlips> over violet and the angry goatherds, dreadful wings that they agree and say it; it suffers, a way of paddling, a thing. III Finland, receive
[2015-11-01 09:05:37] <wagonlips> a wheelbarrow instead: Little Hans is brought to bed. Hear the anxious doctor sing in the sluggish evening. Watered in a wheelbarrow all the
[2015-10-30 11:02:46] <wagonlips> breeds of Sunday know, and the foolish stupid things quite well mended in your spite; selfishness so often generosity was forgotten, and the
[2015-10-29 19:17:19] <wagonlips> plums of reason were spoiled and common in greater garden. Talk, Linnet, talk to the cherries and the porridge, with your silly little words
[2015-10-28 19:16:29] <wagonlips> overheard by tiny children, who found it hard to make a garden of the sword, pray for silly whiskers in a garden of dead flowers, in the lot
[2015-10-27 20:34:57] <wagonlips> of trees and eyes where the crying garden is, the branches of this world forgot to ask the blossoms where to play, and thought I always knew
[2015-10-27 20:13:08] <wagonlips> what they were making: even the ungrateful children who walked into my life from dreams where they were following the wonderful conversation
[2015-10-26 20:29:01] <wagonlips> that passed will perhaps watch the last man understand the moon when all the wings of grass denied the storm. As anything that a lover could
[2015-10-26 19:01:40] <wagonlips> have chosen and rightly when I quarrelled in this garden the wretched emeralds were broken; there was no sorrow in the angel's face. The joy
[2015-10-24 18:44:27] <wagonlips> of withered moon never loved one listlessly too green to be too great: The beautiful men of war were laughing. Their hungry sea of mud was a
[2015-10-23 09:10:21] <wagonlips> letter full of lying because he hadn't heard that I was crying when all your words of power chirruped 'wait,' and wrapped me gently with sad
[2015-10-21 19:54:40] <wagonlips> charity and the cathedral where they muttered to the pleasure with which they wished that happiness was hope that you determined was slender
[2015-10-18 09:43:10] <wagonlips> for now I have the justice from the heart that will go back into a gaoler but takes the money and therefore is the murder and all I loved is
[2015-10-17 10:55:46] <wagonlips> brought to a palsied morris-dancer and there is no such thing as an unjust executioner. He was not what he seems. He did not dare refuse. He
[2015-10-16 09:31:17] <wagonlips> loved a bloody treason with a flower of disease. The shy duchess killed the young saint, drank the guilty juices, kissed the scarlet horses,
[2015-10-16 09:03:53] <wagonlips> wishing for a judgment. He was pretty omnipotent. His wits were wise, wrong, set the lantern against the wall for a moment hung the warrant.
[2015-10-16 07:59:38] <wagonlips> In the day chamber shivered the wicked prince, for on his noble throne sat an unwelcome prison offence. Lord Justice speaks: "Lorenzo is not
[2015-10-15 19:43:46] <wagonlips> a person that we could find unjust. But he doth not speak like the sinner, and this, I pray, he must." Saying the other men spent secrets he
[2015-10-12 09:16:42] <wagonlips> sent in the Duchess, held an enemy of conscience and a black face tigress. Wrought the lawful causes, unabsolved the judges, finding a mercy
[2015-10-11 09:25:54] <wagonlips> for the guilty pages. Carried the heads to the block, given the satisfied sin, taken the treacherous mouth, butchered and bound it was done:
[2015-10-10 08:44:52] <wagonlips> "Moranzone will be murdered with the wicked knife, but against likely theories it is surely strange enough." Fine tipstaff seized the knave,
[2015-10-09 09:49:38] <wagonlips> said: "I wept in my heart that before the dreadful door eat the most desperate dogs of the court." She wrought the bloody murder not to hurt
[2015-10-08 19:44:20] <wagonlips> but to know, thought to herself while sleeping: "I'll be unjust before I go." The Red Duchess said "O faithfully, you've only got one night,
[2015-10-07 18:24:22] <wagonlips> the night to know the shadow, the night to know revenge." In the unblemished pestilence there was a man marked by murder. Resolve was now or
[2015-10-06 19:09:12] <wagonlips> never. He parted the sacrament. "I'm losing over vengeance." He laid her in the fire, closed the oath of silence, resolved to kill the liar.
[2015-10-06 09:35:29] <wagonlips> He saw a window on the velvet toad, filled with joy and light; on his soul a guilty message and the minister on his right. With the palsy of
[2015-10-04 10:39:01] <wagonlips> the protest he knelt before the court. "The pathos stripped the stage", and all the stars took heart. The gibbet changed the virtue: "Guido,
[2015-10-03 12:16:09] <wagonlips> it's love for sport." "I'll run to see what sailors can and then I'll stand." Cheated passion at desolation. The servant sent the avalanche.
[2015-10-03 11:58:53] <wagonlips> "I'll run into the corridor, and then I'll shut the door. Do what beauty can." Francis fixed the broken fear, "I'm looking for a kiss, dear,
[2015-10-03 11:29:34] <wagonlips> a touch will take a man." I will bring the music, that's what I've come to see." Duchess touched his tears and said: "They have come to kill
[2015-09-30 20:13:12] <wagonlips> me." On a dusty mullet morn when reasons all were red Dominick was scratching on his sorry little head, prayed a trusting sermon, spread his
[2015-09-30 19:28:47] <wagonlips> shouting wisdom, set up the silent bosom, Said: "Shoot the bread, I starve!" They dressed the creeps in scenes and things. The bread was wet
[2015-09-28 09:39:36] <wagonlips> and yet, he thought: "Bitterly I've broken. That's vengeance for you, Love." Eaten all the fallen men, kissed the women with the oath in his
[2015-09-27 10:34:35] <wagonlips> wise dulness to leave it for them all. Thought of his skin, men and enemies quickly kissed: "Tell him we're very sorry about the toad and we
[2015-09-26 11:50:13] <wagonlips> will call Maffio: "to mean coming to seem. That Lord is so shameful that they wilt not speak his name." One traitor was a-mumbling. His name
[2015-09-26 10:39:39] <wagonlips> will come together. He was a devil with a secret dagger. At midnight they saw the butcher. Dreadful does what bitter can: "You and the horse
[2015-09-26 10:17:40] <wagonlips> will follow Cristofano." You tried to walk by the old man. You followed the road even farther, Guido, Bernardo and you: "We well deserved an
[2015-09-25 08:43:19] <wagonlips> an organ last night," the prisoner knew. The man was flogging function. He smiled unskilfully: thought, "The Warder's A. 2. 11 will be found
[2015-09-23 19:05:23] <wagonlips> naturally." He was suffering in the cells following rules in the night. Their empty son was twitching amongst the silence and the sight. For
[2015-09-22 20:04:32] <wagonlips> all humanity the claims were not dismissed. The parents spoke: "The Warders! The children will be punished!" The next one saw the terror; it
[2015-09-21 12:01:35] <wagonlips> was irresponsible. The last dismissed the prison just like a standing rule. "Connect it, Wandsworth, accept it. Uphold the system connected.
[2015-09-19 16:58:47] <wagonlips> The Woodcutter's fire is weeping kindness on my head!" "Here we are, King, there they were. With mercy weep the heavy eyes, suffer and then,
[2015-09-18 07:58:08] <wagonlips> lo the Magician's thee, thou, I! I searched for birds with daggers that began and ran away. I keep an empty purpose for seeking joy to-day."
[2015-09-16 20:17:59] <wagonlips> "Thou dwells in lonely dungeon, but thou are not a sport, nor a Star-Child adder that is seeking blood drunk art. See mildew on the poppies,
[2015-09-16 19:52:19] <wagonlips> seek punishment scornfully. I find thee hard of everything and suffer bitterly." "Thou will not sleep in the forest, thou will not pray to a
[2015-09-14 09:14:37] <wagonlips> tree, but we must fly, and then we die, The Woodcutter's We. Us. I!" Bring our bleeding heart, their pain, here on our curious art; time and
[2015-09-13 08:46:38] <wagonlips> stones and boots bind a practical fortune from bitter children and the rime finds the child overjoyed: but in my arms and in my mind let the
[2015-09-12 16:33:49] <wagonlips> little dancer stand cold, white, troubled, but to him so perfectly monstrous. Love and Duty wept, "the earth," to swingers as they come upon
[2015-09-11 09:34:31] <wagonlips> her little white and wattled mouth in their deep and precious truth, cold the bitter Sea-King comes in strange and terrible raiment: bitter,
[2015-09-11 09:13:24] <wagonlips> trampled love and joy; while an evil laughter laughs about the fairer flower and the viper's merry punishment, wickedness and weeping in the
[2015-09-09 19:44:01] <wagonlips> hours of the evening flung sword and thirst into the fold, and curiously ripe robbers speak of purses pierced with gold: Pomegranates of the
[2015-09-08 10:14:28] <wagonlips> world, all the wretched kings of man shall be mine, but from to-night not a shadow, not a face, nor a door or place will be thine. Plates of
[2015-09-07 18:20:56] <wagonlips> dates, mulberries will go and meet the feet of trees that stand behind their trembling knees. Dishonour soldiers on at last while moments of
[2015-09-06 09:44:17] <wagonlips> weeping joy may pass, serve the seventh scourge their tea; walls of copper set thee free where a crowd of merchants, long and thin, sit in a
[2015-09-05 09:38:25] <wagonlips> pale purple pool made of polished serpent-skin. (Tunic: Wisdom's Opinion) Let me drink to the throne of wonder about the god of man. He flew
[2015-09-05 09:13:32] <wagonlips> against the Tartars and threw a spear and ran. He had merchandise for shelter, but his eyes were on the wall. He drank sand in amber valleys
[2015-09-04 08:53:11] <wagonlips> and she had no love at all. She trembled with merciful trappings, and cried so piteously. She plunged the listless little bird into the wide
[2015-09-04 08:31:46] <wagonlips> blue sea. A curious dog sniffed the sunlight, a box of charcoal burned, but the seed-pearls and the riding-gloves danced in a hot sulphurous
[2015-09-03 21:13:43] <wagonlips> wind. The Cave of Love Remembered, which did she value more? They followed Death and murmured, muttered, laughed and tossed ashore. Rich men
[2015-09-01 20:11:08] <wagonlips> and little kings stand up and pray, 'Could porpoises know that I tempt an Accursed Kraken with three human words a day?' She laughed a laugh
[2015-09-01 19:50:46] <wagonlips> one evening where she was the Queen of Sleep, and the Mermaid and the Fisherman asked the Infanta to weep. But a song sang from the terrace.
[2015-08-29 09:00:44] <wagonlips> She crawled through Ridiculous Forest and a dwarf with the face of a monster was sobbing on broidered breast. She could see the despair blow
[2015-08-28 10:04:27] <wagonlips> through him. He was flying to make it right; and the dagger went surely and swiftly into the needle-wrought night. Leather was magnificence,
[2015-08-28 09:32:15] <wagonlips> and the falconers came and left; he trampled the permanent palace and his balls scurried up to his cleft. He passed by the singing soldiers,
[2015-08-28 08:01:53] <wagonlips> he exclaimed about the rose; he passed by the charming squirrels and he didn't pretend to amuse. The Dwarf flew into the palace, he screamed
[2015-08-25 19:11:35] <wagonlips> without delay; and the monster it laughed so freely, madly dancing in the play. The Dwarf moved out of the sunlight. The Dwarf threw out his
[2015-08-24 09:26:31] <wagonlips> things; 'Help hide her unhappy music but give her no bloodless dreams.' The feathers and blossoms went by her like puppets in amazement; she
[2015-08-23 09:37:33] <wagonlips> suffered the sorrow of reason with dark doubt and cold disappointment. She suffered the sorrow of reason, and burned the little blossom; 'A,
[2015-08-22 09:02:55] <wagonlips> Glory, he brings shame upon us, and surely we will slay him.' The Great Flower looked him over, and he trembled somewhat; walked over to the
[2015-08-22 08:36:41] <wagonlips> cathedral, said, 'Wherefore did they showest his raiment?' The Great Leper grew rich at the altar, but his life was coming to shame, running
[2015-08-21 09:10:27] <wagonlips> his blood into locusts; said, Death is a barren dream. Vultures and jackals leave their art, though no one will know how; they are withered,
[2015-08-20 19:49:30] <wagonlips> pale companions looking to hide from thou. 'Sunless flowers covered the whips and slaves and all; it's as if there had to be some terror for
[2015-08-19 18:54:19] <wagonlips> their long but delicate fall.' His art sprang for the chimney, said, 'Narcissus shook his head'; He cried: 'I saw the young King burning and
[2015-08-17 09:02:37] <wagonlips> he's sorry, I said.' Adonis prepared for departure, Beauty had taken a chance, ran into the yard under turrets to worship while in a trance.
[2015-08-16 09:18:38] <wagonlips> They stabbed the hideous soul, the picture was brought to tell, and Mr Gray, Dorian, was dropped down vanity's well. Mr Gray shrugged at his
[2015-08-15 08:01:57] <wagonlips> Cupids, said, 'Young fingers tempt the soul. We sometimes see old vanity with new eyes perfectly.' He hinted at the horror, he brought along
[2015-08-14 09:30:58] <wagonlips> Dear Duchess to an exquisite village where he writes his literature. She sighed at the passion, yes, she laughed at his art; and a moment of
[2015-08-14 09:09:19] <wagonlips> sickly sorrows solemnly separated her heart. Without everything they were never young, the wrinkled eyes; but how they understood its vulgar
[2015-08-14 08:36:11] <wagonlips> sigh; how it regrets your loss when people are talking or lying about sin or just floating calmly across; how, when the murdered are wearily
[2015-08-12 19:55:00] <wagonlips> smiling and grinning for a red and dreadful shirt, there simply must be vain men who did not really know it to be broken, floating on a care
[2015-08-10 18:32:16] <wagonlips> by the fruit of the night: they nearly muttered that only the dreadful envelope must do his part, anything for the beater, some unlucky whim
[2015-08-10 18:15:15] <wagonlips> where love goes on with its silly passion and the gardener's truth places its hideous desire on a hope. In Geoffrey's Artemis, for instance:
[2015-08-08 08:47:11] <wagonlips> how the perfection cries out so angrily after the indifference; the beater could have heard the gun, the hideous cry, but for him it was not
[2015-08-07 09:46:07] <wagonlips> the sadness of secrets; the world turned as it had to on the leaded ears burnt and flapping in through the blue regrets; and the indifferent
[2015-08-07 09:45:25] <wagonlips> delicate lips that must have been something Brazilian, a man dressed in virtues and sins, had something to find and spotted all of the pins.
[2015-08-07 09:43:04] <wagonlips> And what is that fool with his life and soul down in the dim street pointing, warning? Madly the hideous arms, hands, the fingers trembling.
[2015-08-04 19:22:49] <wagonlips> What is that face I see twisted and crooked, hesitating wearily, listlessly? Only the pain of their dealings, darkened, sins are dull things
[2015-08-03 08:39:44] <wagonlips> now. What had the horse endured, sick and peculiar, what had they done to the tongues that were bitten? Given the gas-jets their fire, dear,
[2015-08-02 09:56:58] <wagonlips> or even a singeing. And why have they lit the fire up there, why are they suddenly burning, blazing? And now a smile in their madness, dear.
[2015-08-01 09:07:07] <wagonlips> Why are they laughing? Have they not answered for the husband's chair, have they not promised their last bachelors? But, they are dreadfully
[2015-07-31 11:39:14] <wagonlips> wicked, dear, none of the others. But is it Lord Wotton they have, with short hair, is it Lord Henry, is it, is it? No, they are laughing at
[2015-07-31 11:15:11] <wagonlips> God to go into the portrait. It cannot be the husband who sees the wind. Could it be the hostess gone out for the evening? They have reached
[2015-07-29 18:56:19] <wagonlips> the table already, and now they are sitting and thinking of living. Help me do this! Were the words you spoke corruption or something? No, I
[2015-07-28 18:38:00] <wagonlips> intended to save you, friend, but I must be going. I am the evidence and the confession, I am the air where they're watching, searching; mad
[2015-07-27 09:40:52] <wagonlips> claws play nimbly on the door and their eyes are burning. Stand in this room with the crocodiles, some are counting minutes, some are living
[2015-07-27 09:07:01] <wagonlips> for smiles: but there's no eye or face, what may, but there's no night or day. Once he had a room with a sofa and chair, look up the address
[2015-07-25 09:30:50] <wagonlips> and you'll find it there: you will not catch the flash, my friend, we must not see the past. In the midnight square madness leaves tomorrow,
[2015-07-24 09:33:53] <wagonlips> and by smelling it sees the snow: young sins will slowly cut, my youth, young passions can't do that. The canvas stabbed the table and said,
[2015-07-23 09:53:18] <wagonlips> "If you have no brushwork, then you cannot be made": but they shall recognize, my friend, that you are still afraid. Suffered a memory, then
[2015-07-23 09:32:01] <wagonlips> committed debauchery; seemed to remember and pretend to see: but what do we always say, my dear, but how can we yesterday? Cried for a moral
[2015-07-22 18:27:28] <wagonlips> servant; the painter got up and said; "If we let them in, they will take your wretched head": he was speaking of you and me, my dear, he was
[2015-07-20 15:53:57] <wagonlips> gambling on you and me. Brought a crimson fog into the studio; it was Nero over Paris but where did he go? O we were on his lips, my lads, O
[2015-07-19 10:04:51] <wagonlips> we were in his hands. Made a surcoat out of shame embroidered on a breast, loved a wife ruined and a man caressed: but they weren't shameful
[2015-07-18 09:46:53] <wagonlips> times, their eyes, but they weren't wanton times. Went up to the guests and knew about the night, gave them all the gold as if it was light:
[2015-07-17 09:48:21] <wagonlips> also five days of nights, their song, almost four feet long. Died with the Queen, hung the saints three across; they had no pomegranates and
[2015-07-16 10:35:49] <wagonlips> mourned for their loss: he found the golden god, their light, he found the golden night. Thought I saw a temple with a thousand gates, a pit
[2015-07-15 22:29:38] <wagonlips> of serpents and a house of snakes: not one of them was his, their soul, not one of them was his. Woke in the dark night on the burning moon;
[2015-07-15 22:03:33] <wagonlips> a darkness of shapes remained to survive: aiming for them or us, our joy, coming for them or us. We starve on one of the hills or a field or
[2015-07-14 08:19:52] <wagonlips> portrait embroidered and rebuked as the charming hands accept a mere and monstrous picture: days of ruin and sin reproduce under the joy and
[2015-07-12 08:57:32] <wagonlips> the morbid flutes of the host not changing their jewelled sins; the considerable incense of death yet leaves the Florentine light. Exquisite
[2015-07-12 08:25:45] <wagonlips> corruption can escape the key address from Kelso wearily sent and hidden beneath an age, find what returned to watch, what sorry mouth hated
[2015-07-11 16:49:03] <wagonlips> an inevitable corpse: I and the people know what all the artists see, the eyes of the shameful hands defile love certainly. Celebrated Henry
[2015-07-11 09:50:07] <wagonlips> knew all that a bell can reveal about a romance and what memories know, the disappointing face he smiles to the garrulous portrait; wreathed
[2015-07-10 17:42:10] <wagonlips> all in his art, the troubled moment taken over, the fatal-gazing face, development and mist: We must reveal them all again. Into this secret
[2015-07-09 18:25:33] <wagonlips> world where secret flowers please her sad jest and induce the sense of absurd matter, each fact settles her vulgar and meaningless mood: but
[2015-07-08 19:49:12] <wagonlips> who can know the arts with an artistic doubt; out of the horror they see, Martyrdom's heart and the philanthropist voice. Thoughts about the
[2015-07-07 08:55:31] <wagonlips> chance talk to our delicate face: the lips must never know shame, shy beauty must always see, all the wild passions remain to see this child
[2015-07-04 09:33:33] <wagonlips> keep the cruelty of hope; if we could know what we are, cursed in a darkened face, shadows remain in the mouth that have never been music or
[2015-07-03 10:08:17] <wagonlips> art. The tedious unconscious trust Important People flaunt is not so vain as our taste: what vulgar Dorian said about sweet Sybil is true of
[2015-07-03 09:34:12] <wagonlips> the silent heart; but the horror with the knife of first a woman and then a man finds what it cannot see, not loved and prejudiced but to be
[2015-07-02 15:43:37] <wagonlips> loved more. From the visible horror into the horrible life the hideous souls go, imploring their selfish words; "I must be true to the wife,
[2015-07-02 14:59:02] <wagonlips> to elaborate on her smile," absurd money-lenders try to resist their impossible dream: Who could put up a screen? Would she serve the cruel,
[2015-06-29 22:04:24] <wagonlips> Can she play for the mean? All he knew was to torture the untarnished face, the fantastic face in the brain of the terrible face-on-its-feet
[2015-06-29 21:39:59] <wagonlips> and the oaths of the drunkards remembered, yes or no: there is no such thing as a name and no romance dreams disdain; emotions stir no voice
[2015-06-27 08:20:24] <wagonlips> to the ecstasy or happiness; We must love together or go. Exquisite against the night your world in cigarettes; but, laughing here and there
[2015-06-26 18:07:32] <wagonlips> shy eyes of love watch out so that the rash forget their occupants: May I, denied like them of shadow and of flesh, disappointed by the same
[2015-06-26 09:22:55] <wagonlips> degradation and age, give an accepting loss. I You must believe what Caliban is doing to know that it is true emotion, you have only to meet
[2015-06-26 08:50:41] <wagonlips> his fingers: a mouth helping a hand, scenery having a theatre transaction, an artist playing the beast of touching, feel the fine, poisonous
[2015-06-25 20:10:08] <wagonlips> basis, charming ourselves with a difference. How beautiful it is, that lip-on-the-object mode. To forgive the vile and stupid prejudices, to
[2015-06-25 09:20:30] <wagonlips> forget the Terrible Lips of Marble, Tattered Commons, Short Hallward, Free Bristol, to speak freely with Lord Henry, Lord Dorian, Mad Mother
[2015-06-21 08:54:56] <wagonlips> Sibyl, whatsoever one's dogma, that one may be jealous of their poverty, what a poor foolish word to have whispered. There should be heroes,
[2015-06-20 13:55:59] <wagonlips> to defend people. Where should we be but for them? Respectable, intolerable, still singing shabby kisses with secret tenderness on our lips,
[2015-06-20 11:48:42] <wagonlips> there should be lips, to the gloomy children who said it, too, to the black brother of love who annoyed his dinner, the only sailor of years
[2015-06-20 09:54:37] <wagonlips> debts of Small Words, waving off reason or a science, or his soul, or his kiss, there would be no arrows. II You need not know what passions
[2015-06-17 18:46:09] <wagonlips> he is giving to see a man has personality, you only have to watch his face: now a vivisecting spirit lives a life revealed by his poets, now
[2015-06-16 19:34:51] <wagonlips> a genius plays in a pleasure with the last of his consciousness when, from a sense of the novel, the poetry knows the performance will play,
[2015-06-15 08:39:22] <wagonlips> being real, a confession of Curiosity, Lethargy, Tragedy. You might not love their art (who can?) but we feel their sensations, sins, veins,
[2015-06-13 10:11:32] <wagonlips> morals, romantic voice, the photographs of the brocade: without the untidy views (which become for the tempest such very great eyebrows) how
[2015-06-13 09:51:04] <wagonlips> perfect red brick dust would be, promised for life to some hand pleasure, annoyed by the lovely house and the fragile old ruin, laughing the
[2015-06-12 14:49:17] <wagonlips> sober paradoxes of morbid paradox (think of the grave emotions and the guilty lips, think of the suffering) and with dear youth, there would
[2015-06-12 14:29:37] <wagonlips> be no authority to escape this death. III From there before the facts, from there with middle-aged pork-packing pity, from there amongst its
[2015-06-09 19:00:52] <wagonlips> knees and treacherous charity, the Lord was approvingly just, his eyes (that were silly) and his lips (that were excessively wild) loveless,
[2015-06-08 13:09:22] <wagonlips> fully pure. The brute does not know (what Devereux knows) an old passion, a pleasure, an affection forgotten, does not remember (as Devereux
[2015-06-07 10:21:52] <wagonlips> promises), what life will he destroy? How many will be framed to-night? Physiology always answered (as rational dress never answered) with a
[2015-06-06 09:43:37] <wagonlips> burning joy, a face in the mist, a shadow in an amethyst: the lad takes only one thing (which only youth can steal) a panegyric for when the
[2015-06-05 09:29:06] <wagonlips> clematis is lost. Wherever a passion belongs, to discover a trumpet that calls, (no two are so perfectly new) the flower and form he becomes
[2015-06-04 18:31:23] <wagonlips> and only stands on that for which there is only one hand for standing. Many people reveal secrets but most will never do anything perfectly,
[2015-06-03 19:08:12] <wagonlips> but the doubt becomes the sin: working the whims is the only thing all sins can do. Only because of that can we see all morals are refusals,
[2015-06-03 18:49:12] <wagonlips> so wonderful, enough of that, to his fellow victims: they never forgot his tedious virtues, for one moment started to call on their petulant
[2015-06-01 13:58:20] <wagonlips> passions, to flatter The Lord of this world like them, for a time, in that tone, on the suggestion of intending. Across the garden landscape
[2015-05-31 14:41:04] <wagonlips> the sculpture are often frowning, considering things for dreams to forget. Their friends have suggested magnificent vices, and their enemies
[2015-05-30 18:41:10] <wagonlips> have continued an exquisite crisis; she with her pride and her reason has provided the sensation for nature and beauty's expression; hard by
[2015-05-30 09:56:47] <wagonlips> our tremulous and the undisturbed hideous harmony, the brainless Narcissus is modern and necessary. So with dear daisies and flowers, I, you
[2015-05-29 08:54:10] <wagonlips> make them admire our imperfect desires; and the beautiful unpardonable man shows a perfect reputation to his smoke's monotonous whorls. With
[2015-05-27 09:07:39] <wagonlips> unprecedented loss you watch over the concerning; the mercy considers the smiles and the faces, calls for humour and falters, realizes where
[2015-05-26 16:37:12] <wagonlips> fishes and friends are divided into hideous vices. And warm tears by the thousand, your rope is so tranquil, in between the words so simple,
[2015-05-25 09:43:02] <wagonlips> the profound, the other, where, shrinking from the criminal like an anxious jailer, night after night to the turnkey's children you whisper.
[2015-05-25 08:34:24] <wagonlips> (for Fagin Saturday) All hopes are hanged against the walls; in a gloomy yard the prisoners turn the church-clocks; people beat the bars and
[2015-05-23 11:42:18] <wagonlips> spikes. Unmindful speak the staring eyes; people of the knife observe the beaming fruitless faces on the horrors of tremendous times. Silent
[2015-05-22 17:51:36] <wagonlips> fields of orphans knew the rustic words were worked; all the barriers repeat a soft and sacred subject. Unreasonable Grimwig may embrace the
[2015-05-22 17:35:16] <wagonlips> hags and cottagers, but the miserable trinkets satisfy the ever after. Chester's wretched eye remains to die as an illegitimate man supposes
[2015-05-22 15:48:53] <wagonlips> nonsense of some or other. Terrified of proofs and secrets, inquiries and secret searches, babbling their toothless curses, hide the little-
[2015-05-22 15:32:47] <wagonlips> trusted father. But then and never in the world, the secrets and prayers of whispers and words will yet be told, true and wrong and none too
[2015-05-21 18:29:02] <wagonlips> old. Leading up to the tears, I know quite well that, for all they see, I can leave the prison, but joyful agitation is the least we have to
[2015-05-17 14:39:02] <wagonlips> take from boy or man. If officers and others shout with eyes and teeth could they really get out? If heads they capture bravely see, let the
[2015-05-16 12:55:32] <wagonlips> helpless one be me. Heedless as I'll ever be of men who will not lock a knee, I will speak. Now I shout loud. Then I stopped, so bewildered.
[2015-05-15 16:47:54] <wagonlips> If all the days went shuddering by, I would leave to keep but damn and why, to sleep, to think, to stop and let lie, though this may shake a
[2015-05-15 16:04:07] <wagonlips> little time. She looked over his motives for size and secret cries, scuffle on well-pressed lips and teeth upon blackened eyes, but there on
[2015-05-14 19:55:52] <wagonlips> the tottering horse his hands had almost unlocked an extraordinary creature and a doubt like dust. A way beyond the darkness, safe and sure,
[2015-05-12 20:09:30] <wagonlips> no proofs to defy, hideous and fruitless, nothing to tell and no way to know why, cried and festered on its expression, replied a strong but
[2015-05-11 09:39:52] <wagonlips> thoughts that some fraud was repeated in words as fine and wretched as a face: no one was forced and none interrupted; hand by heart by foot
[2015-05-09 09:51:36] <wagonlips> in a life of bricks they walked, a short beginning, till a risk returned them from morning, to twilight, to dusk. She moved along his finger
[2015-05-08 09:56:51] <wagonlips> to lustreless showers, such dreadful, desperate murderers, solitude and atmosphere, but upon the cheerful danger, where the fear should have
[2015-05-08 09:30:02] <wagonlips> been down, she turned to the neighboring village, quite a sullen town. Horses had buried the unnoticed treasures where drunken virtues cried
[2015-05-08 09:05:06] <wagonlips> (came into view) and ashes danced in country ditches: a crime of stains and horrors, old and new, strode from the stream and never broke but
[2015-05-05 19:46:01] <wagonlips> knew as a few loose teeth were placed, heavy and round, on a fear given nostrils in the ground. The voice and violence of the word, all that
[2015-05-04 18:46:22] <wagonlips> cried a silent name was altered just the same spoke in the words of hours; she was lost and could not serve to speak for no voice came. What
[2015-05-04 18:07:12] <wagonlips> we will carry, keep, or make; her love was all the man would take; she turned his head and stopped him dead but for sweet safety's sake. She
[2015-05-04 08:21:37] <wagonlips> paused upon his shoulder, emphasis and energies, monks and liars in fear weeping with such great lips, eyes, teeth, in silence, but there on
[2015-05-01 09:24:53] <wagonlips> the ready force his words had begged no promise here but a well-trusted voice. A fearful vengeance, to stand and to own, inquired about that
[2015-05-01 08:56:42] <wagonlips> chance; a word about the silence in his well-spoken tone: that persons were burnt and people mistrusted, were lonely words to him, that were
[2015-04-30 19:49:40] <wagonlips> thrown into any room where quarters were kept or one could sneak because the other slept. The much-elated employer, Dear Noah, crossed over.
[2015-04-29 18:46:34] <wagonlips> Fagin of the cursing taunts crept out from the danger to what the night had done to know his dear, the short and zealous toast-eating Bolter
[2015-04-27 12:27:46] <wagonlips> who would not want ground. You are the restless, we are the red. We are the hands with the grip on his head. The Twelve. On your left and on
[2015-04-27 12:07:34] <wagonlips> your right, out the door and in the night. We are leaving you. So cunning to conceal what has withered, to stop and heed our grizzled beard,
[2015-04-25 13:53:25] <wagonlips> to those, you will be present; you will be there. A disgraceful affair with a respectable air. Put up the case, know the jailer's words when
[2015-04-25 13:30:53] <wagonlips> man pleases the breeches garnished with velveteen. Mind the idlers of justice and wrong directions, the animate tokens of depositions in the
[2015-04-25 13:05:03] <wagonlips> rendered scene. But do not watch for what we do not make, nor that what you lose with each cut will take, in a year. Honour is here, nothing
[2015-04-25 11:15:04] <wagonlips> is there. Don't depend on the hope of assuming we care: I shouldn't mean. We know your enemies and conjurers. We know you're blending in out
[2015-04-21 19:58:41] <wagonlips> by the light parcels with the others. The spy is sneaking out in the light; something is trying to pass like night, and it can't be mothers.
[2015-04-21 19:23:09] <wagonlips> When the gesture nods of what we'd never be rid, expressing what the stranger did: what was heard. And look outside without a word the hands
[2015-04-19 16:13:07] <wagonlips> have come in and are setting up a dirty hazard. Strangers are stepping into the room. Behind the door is the day and where it began. And now
[2015-04-19 15:32:06] <wagonlips> with self-imposed innocence come the woman with few chances and long-legged kick boys and the gentleman. They might come before you leave so
[2015-04-18 10:34:40] <wagonlips> call on what you bring or receive. Be shrewd, be secret, doubt the mouth, bar the lawyer, pray the chance, discuss and believe. (To AD/ST N)
[2015-04-18 09:50:27] <wagonlips> (This Impetuous Devil Was Threatened by God) We were informed of the former by an Anxiety of Threats to be one against whom there was one or
[2015-04-18 09:13:49] <wagonlips> another, and some of the words from his lips entertain that, in the vacant doubt of his incoherent account, he was a chair, in astonishment,
[2015-04-17 20:06:22] <wagonlips> he seconded the Extraordinary Call. But for the thoughts until the day he arrived, he dropped all his efforts and never replied, but had and
[2015-04-17 19:44:05] <wagonlips> did his companions, Night Robbers all. Yet he couldn't be cruel or the clock would repeat, for his hatred knows that his goodness was sweet,
[2015-04-14 08:40:13] <wagonlips> (Their escape from that comfort says, "Thank you, Rose.") and our hands, lips, eyes, knees, friends and strangers found that he was infamous
[2015-04-11 09:53:58] <wagonlips> with the thieves and took a seat. The Ladies undertook that he was smartly-dressed that day, and that his expressions and virtuous eyes were
[2015-04-10 09:40:33] <wagonlips> mad in every way. Oaths that fell from his lips swiftly tell that he was indeed surprised, and the hard words are that he once caught an eye
[2015-04-09 20:11:11] <wagonlips> but returned it unobserved. With Long Slumbers Struggle and Bad--News Tears we observe it was hardly obvious to the asperities of the second
[2015-04-08 19:32:45] <wagonlips> good thing and had something vivacious and dear to the Artful Being. A small advance, a heavy hush, a hint and a clever lie. Ejaculations of
[2015-04-07 18:27:00] <wagonlips> Sick Applications were observed to confront a jolly occasion for the size of the pie; when there were jokes he soon replied; when there were
[2015-04-06 09:16:54] <wagonlips> threats he cried. He was mentioned and followed indications to the occasions, which our remonstrance oaths was the first chapter for a pupil
[2015-04-05 18:05:08] <wagonlips> of his position, and our feet entertain he freely formed a rope with their perspiration. Was he glad? Was he rotten? His silence is but not:
[2015-04-05 10:20:13] <wagonlips> Had something fell sick, we should carelessly have brought. [Also: Blood Monks] This is the Night Hope, rousing the trinket, saying the word
[2015-04-04 18:40:39] <wagonlips> and the crazy secret, secrets for the gold that were neither nor, the hag on a ladder and the man on the floor, drawing out caution, a heavy
[2015-04-02 20:03:24] <wagonlips> oar. The benefit's together, but she's ashamed of Beaufort mud and rueful plunder, threatening light rain over ill purpose, stamping hastily
[2015-04-01 08:46:34] <wagonlips> as she throws honest years of long-nursed vices. Bumble, his eyes could not give witness to ask his chances with the pale-faced devils; Good
[2015-03-31 09:33:28] <wagonlips> thoughts will not know his pain; Continue on with feelings where in the harm were hussies no one notes, but the hour of the passion scarcely
[2015-03-31 09:04:16] <wagonlips> strikes. Man softens, the time is done. On towards weakness she defied, towards the dead things scratching in the field of hats, towards the
[2015-03-29 13:34:50] <wagonlips> months of dusty breeches, appearances seen in the vast gloom like peculiar stockings. All sorrow stands for tears: On the long miles, behind
[2015-03-28 15:44:23] <wagonlips> fine-old meadows, feet seek the road. [Part 1: A. I. London] Tears of weakness, words of sadness, ladies in hand with girl and man, withered
[2015-03-28 08:39:51] <wagonlips> lips and silent tokens, to conceal new cheer or alter the reasons, and sick relations for the inclinations, and painful emotions' connexions
[2015-03-27 09:08:24] <wagonlips> and outpourings from the eyes of hope, tears of affection, tears of permission, creatures with beautiful fears to forgive, for angels who so
[2015-03-25 18:50:40] <wagonlips> satisfied were certain, others from striking appearances, devils to answer for circumstances, ditches of direction to paces and traces, eyes
[2015-03-24 20:08:07] <wagonlips> to observations and reflections spoken in colours of every kind, the dark, the delicate, the young and the rich, the sleeping, the creeping,
[2015-03-23 18:30:40] <wagonlips> the thoughtful, respectful The old and the productive and the thieves whispering Pleasant, noble, struck and stood The formed and caused and
[2015-03-22 09:53:48] <wagonlips> the made all good [Reply: Rose Maylie] The one impatiently waiting for difficult impulses Or of easy hands among the hearts at Losberne's or
[2015-03-21 12:00:24] <wagonlips> Lady's: Occurred in feigning heaven, appeared in well-said master chamber To sob in view of anything They remember their tears and will weep
[2015-03-21 11:34:28] <wagonlips> now and want for whispers and one would beat the madman's blow within a shuddering of the heart for who can fear and see the self forgotten?
[2015-03-20 09:13:25] <wagonlips> Oliver had a little toothpick. Upon his word we trust. His fever took him on his face and said: 'Don't recover the market-town dust.' Oliver
[2015-03-18 19:45:27] <wagonlips> walked up with his elder, dropped eyes such as these: his elder said; 'Oliver, my dreadful boy, you will never never leave keys.' Maylie and
[2015-03-17 19:17:39] <wagonlips> the master went labouring and was ever so smart. The flower took a Bible from its prison and read; 'Blessed are the poor at heart.' It was a
[2015-03-16 17:16:59] <wagonlips> backwards existence. It wasn't the weather for pleasures; his mother felt full of warm belief for clearing up his odours. It was a moment of
[2015-03-15 10:47:00] <wagonlips> silence when into his box he fell. His coachman sneered fiercely and told him to speak but he answered with a yell. It was an ugly occasion.
[2015-03-14 12:28:52] <wagonlips> Blathers was not very old. His blessings were few and his prayers were sweet but his days were deeply cold. They took a sleeper to Chertsey,
[2015-03-14 12:13:21] <wagonlips> one considerable drinking-night, and; Maltreated Blathers ball after bit as a pinch shall snuff a light. The men hit Blathers on his pistol;
[2015-03-14 11:33:46] <wagonlips> 'Have you ever had a man?' they said, 'Struck off quick with 'em come yesterday night.' Blathers slipped under his bed. The story he kept in
[2015-03-14 11:04:09] <wagonlips> his pocket, asked that the boy have a try: 'Chertsey's a desperate world but they're too fancy to go dry'. Blathers went up to the war room,
[2015-03-10 18:25:05] <wagonlips> nothing then coolly went; opened the door, took his table and recounted from full embarrassment. It was a Chair and Candle, Duff came to the
[2015-03-10 17:46:53] <wagonlips> moment last; his eyes, his hands, his oaths, his ways and his life lay there aghast. Returned as calm as a woman with the night for virtue's
[2015-03-08 15:38:56] <wagonlips> sake, her tears were like such wicked bread when she shook his boy awake. It was the Mercy of Heaven, she was weeping heavily, Sir; Brittles
[2015-03-07 10:55:22] <wagonlips> found her upon the stairs and he fell in love with her. The first tears were urged from the patient, she sighed, said 'Thief in my bed'; but
[2015-03-06 09:10:25] <wagonlips> in no time there was a pause, then she blushed and shook her head. Giles looked after her shadow, smiled when one was found; said: 'Honour's
[2015-03-05 19:58:45] <wagonlips> as sweet as a leg on a chair but he's got to tinker down.' The first time he made his commotion, as they groped for the other sort, she gave
[2015-03-04 20:21:40] <wagonlips> him a word with a mouth full of grass, said 'You are my throat's report.' They were murdered alone in horror, then said: 'Cut me low, to and
[2015-03-04 19:58:23] <wagonlips> fro'; Brittles broke her in his teeth and said: 'I am Oliver, so.' It was a morning of excitement, Brittles came to the party in bed; he was
[2015-03-02 09:08:56] <wagonlips> holding a pistol in his wickedness, he was strong but he was dead. The teeth were barking at Fagin, the frightful character, one said: 'Pale
[2015-03-01 09:50:43] <wagonlips> old Claypole, but here impudence is fist, particular.' Claypole stood bright as an oyster, the duck would soon presume; One said: 'Lor, what
[2015-02-28 18:28:12] <wagonlips> air I had with her in that Foolish Little room.' Bumble raised up from the principle. He followed faint and shaken; He rushed to the foolish
[2015-02-27 19:41:18] <wagonlips> haunts and the empty rooms and his hands hung trembling down. Fagin glanced up at the beadles, the beadles descended below; Cried: 'Were you
[2015-02-27 19:00:47] <wagonlips> chosen with me, Fagin?' And the air whispered back, 'No.' Toby kept to the shadow, spoke: 'Fagin, shall the feeble be few?' And the eyes and
[2015-02-27 18:41:55] <wagonlips> the fingers threw their hands and they answered: 'Not to you.' Toby blew through the moment and the wind went fumbling by; Cried: 'A, Nancy,
[2015-02-24 19:42:27] <wagonlips> I shook his ear', but the word made no reply. Crackit came to the question speaking so deep but no tell; Crying: 'A Fagin, what shall I do?'
[2015-02-24 19:17:45] <wagonlips> And the hammer replied: 'Sell.' Fagin was looking so sallow, smoking bones in traffic; Fagin was shaking the fellow, calling for his lookout
[2015-02-22 15:31:46] <wagonlips> to come back. It wasn't the Day of Dead Dogs nor the Dodger he descended; it wasn't the Boy or Man of Words but the Mouth of Days contented.
[2015-02-21 09:34:58] <wagonlips> Master stood in the dull room, she didn't talk a word; she said: 'What's the tinkler, girly?' She resumed as if he hadn't heard. There was a
[2015-02-21 09:16:35] <wagonlips> deal in his thin grin, then a reply in his head, then a remark in the point of his bed presuming: 'Tonight she sounds dead.' Dodger indulged
[2015-02-19 10:51:44] <wagonlips> a trembling-life, his fingers were seen and known, said: 'Sally, it would have been better for you if you had not been born.' Sally spoke up
[2015-02-19 10:25:24] <wagonlips> from the table, Anny troubled to moan, but Corney rose closely before them as a coffin in a room. She danced behind the table, she kept up a
[2015-02-18 11:12:22] <wagonlips> doubtless mind, but Sally whisked me up the stairs and then caught me at the time. She stopped there upon her finger, remained there dusting
[2015-02-18 10:29:47] <wagonlips> the shorts; and the cheese held up the crumbs and said: 'I am the Happy Toast and the Loaf.' They laid Bumble in the closet, they sat him up
[2015-02-15 08:49:47] <wagonlips> in a chair; he shook as frail as a pot of tea ringing: 'I am the Boy of Man.' Bumble sat in a teapot piercing a matron with cheese, singing:
[2015-02-14 08:55:05] <wagonlips> 'I am Crackit, Sikes, and Fagin, I will come to steal the church some night.' Well, so that is that. First they will make whisper with rage,
[2015-02-13 09:36:20] <wagonlips> stowing the empty gestures wrapped inside their gloomy pockets - some have got surly - and depositing them in the cupboard. The body and the
[2015-02-13 09:12:36] <wagonlips> candlestick shall be broken up and struck, and the objects got ready for church. There are sleepy fingers to rouse, kept up, for the dark of
[2015-02-11 19:08:18] <wagonlips> the night - not that they had much argument, having gone well beyond, waited up so long, demanded - quite insufficiently - to see all of her
[2015-02-10 19:38:25] <wagonlips> vegetables, and in surprise briskly over-aggravated her senses. Thrice again as in numerous oaths she elbowed the hideous turmoil and seemed
[2015-02-09 09:33:57] <wagonlips> to do more than leave or take it as an impossible opportunity, once asleep they have pulled her along, speaking so to repress her ingenious,
[2015-02-08 12:32:02] <wagonlips> silent moment, the gurgling girl who will not speak her word for ill. Companion You have no hand or face but as it were a prayer horse after
[2015-02-07 09:19:02] <wagonlips> stopping for bread. Here I be, an old man from a cruel time, meditating with a boy, sitting on truth. I soon pondered on the cold crimes and
[2015-02-06 09:37:56] <wagonlips> thought in the wild song not head sure in the first moon, flinching in sadness, adjusted by stones. My mind is an arranged mind, and the joy
[2015-02-05 18:44:57] <wagonlips> gets on the whisper still, the robber, paused in some energy or Excitement, Pointed in Providence, nodded and shrugged in Nonsense. The girl
[2015-02-04 18:28:29] <wagonlips> says, "ill year in the ashes extra long;" hands, glass, stillness, fire, eyes. The sad man knows the silence, finds face, braking the plate,
[2015-02-03 18:06:01] <wagonlips> turning the dreary corner. I am an old man. A black doubt between windy alleys. Days are exchanged for wonders. "They would damp the slime":
[2015-02-02 09:36:58] <wagonlips> the thing upon a thing, to secure by reasoning, punished and twinkling. With the appearance of life entered Jack the Master in mean minutes,
[2015-02-01 19:54:34] <wagonlips> pity and person, japanning Justice, to be taken, to be repeated, to be plain without objects; by St. Paul and Nancy with distant seconds, by
[2015-01-31 07:56:16] <wagonlips> friends who walked all night in the next room; by Mrs. Bailey, reading between the tokens; by Old Master Brownlow, in the dark room feigning
[2015-01-30 09:11:36] <wagonlips> the good words; Mr. Grimwig who poked at the proof, three eyes on the door. Attentive words speak the tale. I have no tears, an old lad in a
[2015-01-28 09:21:57] <wagonlips> sundry house under a vicious hope. After such presence, what appearance? Think now History has many cocked gentlemen, composed criminals and
[2015-01-27 18:38:23] <wagonlips> is considered, with common exclamations, to throw us to jackanapes. Look how she smiles when his attention is expected and what she has, has
[2015-01-26 09:14:56] <wagonlips> with such funny misfortunes that the speaking reproaches the song, sings so dark what's not replied to, or if once replied, in theatre only,
[2015-01-25 11:07:39] <wagonlips> returned imprecation. Reflected into loud threats, what's heard can be inflicted till the knotted indifference has a care. See, neither care
[2015-01-24 10:09:08] <wagonlips> where laughter gets us. Such passionate hands were started by our desperation. Questions were kicked upon them by our ludicrous words. These
[2015-01-24 09:53:57] <wagonlips> lips are nailed to the sash-window shawl. The stranger looks at the old rope. Eyes he speaks. See at first we have not seized occasion, when
[2015-01-24 09:34:23] <wagonlips> I suffer in a slackened street. See at first I have not struck this space violently and it is not by any disposition of the gracious people.
[2015-01-22 18:11:41] <wagonlips> I would feel you upon this hastily. He that was on your heart was returned from lost to put truth in liquor, worth in conversation. And then
[2015-01-20 19:38:57] <wagonlips> my throat retorted: why would I look to know that what is forced must be infuriated? I have burnt my pride, thrust in the closer moment: how
[2015-01-19 09:19:01] <wagonlips> should I use it for my stronger content? These with a pound of respectful injunctions express the the habit of his investigation, depart the
[2015-01-18 13:52:09] <wagonlips> staircase, when the head was fixed, with handsome fevers, entertain bad attitude on a countenance of corners. What will the content do, defy
[2015-01-17 09:29:42] <wagonlips> its commencement, will the coat confirm the stairs? Deep Brownlow, Grimwig, Mr. Bumble, laughed before the sorrow of the brick-making boy in
[2015-01-16 09:07:50] <wagonlips> particulars. Twist among the frill, on the gentle years of Dear Hope, or talking to the wall, warm tears in the wind, the Heart means, and a
[2015-01-15 18:31:24] <wagonlips> young man taken from the streets to a dreadful drawer. Friends of the hat, hands on a dear head in a dear manner. Nancy with a Nolly: Artful
[2015-01-14 18:31:24] <wagonlips> with a Request Tra-la-la-la-la-la-laire--nil nisi divinum stabile est; caetera fumus--the gentleman shrugged, the old pretext was there, how
[2015-01-13 19:00:42] <wagonlips> prudent its pot of hands--days and ends, with such voice too!---so the belcher snatched up unless he settled in the little room, where Fagin
[2015-01-12 09:05:11] <wagonlips> slapped him with a loaf and settled, and so the heart would see. Fagan flung a little knife from a high degree; Charley Bates whistled, they
[2015-01-11 14:48:08] <wagonlips> were slight, and he fainted. Extraordinary trust for mouth spoke sternly with the sinking doubt quickly: the Queer God had altered him, that
[2015-01-10 09:36:28] <wagonlips> had fixed him large. The ladies, over the fond delight give up the night at fireside with careful charge. His chequered face appeared on the
[2015-01-09 09:04:20] <wagonlips> fire all the rage. Solicitude were Brownlow's spectacles: uneasy resting on the face and temples, with the hands kept even, Little Islington
[2015-01-08 18:37:36] <wagonlips> Heaven. A breathless and suspicious fact stands from the rather deadly hand at a summary of majesty. The arbitrary book of man can stand. On
[2015-01-07 18:55:57] <wagonlips> the parlour once. The girls are up against the eyes. The boy is up against the wall. Power in sides. The policeman knows, Mr. Officer offers
[2015-01-07 18:43:43] <wagonlips> a stout, rueful, thoughtful sigh to bless the charge away. Streets, streets, he faces Mr. Dodger Saturday. Who robbed the devil's doubts and
[2015-01-05 09:20:20] <wagonlips> dressed his eye and walked the street? Observed Charley, scudding after God's pursuers, and the hundred feet. Oliver Straight And the people
[2015-01-04 09:31:20] <wagonlips> between me, know they deceive intention; make the girls play with free opinion; and inside me make all fresh perversion. Come, come, ladies!
[2015-01-03 10:41:09] <wagonlips> Teach me a ludicrous fondness found in extraordinary shoes, teach me industrious diamond toes walked by the turned and trembling place. Make
[2015-01-02 10:04:47] <wagonlips> me chuckle upon distorting the hideous hands which frighten Fagan's sorry face and speak with eyes the uttered words. Morning knows the dogs
[2015-01-01 11:15:00] <wagonlips> and boys (Dodger, Jack and Oliver), trouble from the balustrade glances from the pipes inside. The filthy plate of heaps of string whispered
[2014-12-31 08:48:10] <wagonlips> without and struck with eyes, this tempting twitch turned out with feet: the strange discourse from the trousers goes up to the sleeves then
[2014-12-30 18:27:53] <wagonlips> shipwrecked from hat to head wandering the highway of the journey and bleeding for the orphan pity. Barnet returned short loaf to stare cold
[2014-12-30 18:12:14] <wagonlips> forced, ill-use for few or many, means the one who helps his heart and turns his thoughts after his penny. (The slackened crust of spirit is
[2014-12-30 17:53:43] <wagonlips> dismal and dirty, said Oliver who had not borne the contempt of Dear God, starved and bruised so severely). Means the madness with his pride
[2014-12-29 17:07:01] <wagonlips> swelling until agony paces. The tragic stripes of flagellation speak, imposing cuts and purposes. The faces of the murder find their bruises
[2014-12-27 17:50:21] <wagonlips> daunted, defied, come cooly to their murderers and overthrew the force of haste bethinking that the latter might indeed be what was not; Mr.
[2014-12-27 11:33:19] <wagonlips> Measles promoted speculation notwithstanding petty thought. But Charlotte, goaded by what was not, hoped crying as was said, grieving sickly
[2014-12-26 15:06:02] <wagonlips> old bones and a loaf of bitter bread. A Gasping Boy En l'an trentiesme de mon aage Que toutes mes hontes j'ay beues... Mr. Sowerberry turned
[2014-12-26 14:31:41] <wagonlips> his misery the wrong direction from where he was sitting; with tears the squalid wretches lay on the blanket, did his bidding. Labourers and
[2014-12-24 09:00:31] <wagonlips> mute shop-boys and obstinate children, ungrateful but long contemplation presented in practice a surgeon. I should not want Bumble in Bayton
[2014-12-23 19:28:59] <wagonlips> for I could help Sir Butter Claypole and have bits with Mr. Noah and other bolts of that key-hole. I would not want friends that I had for I
[2014-12-20 08:25:29] <wagonlips> should see Charlotte Black who is mad: you could sleep in a horrible bag, set in troublesome pockets and eyes. I will not close coffins with
[2014-12-19 09:10:20] <wagonlips> boys, Mr. Bumble should be my apprentice; their gentlemen would be more indignant than Oliver's virtuous wretches. I should not want minutes
[2014-12-18 18:08:04] <wagonlips> in inches; Good Gadso Bumble could attend me in the four or five inquiries; Liberal Sowerberry would indulge me. But what is the iron beadle
[2014-12-17 19:07:43] <wagonlips> I called to stand with Oliver despite the sanction? The open-hearted orphans are mistaken for Chimney Sweep and Powder Pardon; where are the
[2014-12-16 18:39:00] <wagonlips> face and the feelings? Twisted behind some foolish eyes. Over powdered cuffs and shillings reading, reading spectacles look in a hundred and
[2014-12-15 12:44:15] <wagonlips> five chimneys. Mr. Limbkins, Mr. Gamfield and the donkey. And when this word is read with desperation, come that it be heard profound in the
[2014-12-14 11:08:14] <wagonlips> parish of the pale protection. Mr. Bumble Mr. Limbkins relates his table to the spread; while he appears so small to them he is hungry hands
[2014-12-13 09:57:11] <wagonlips> and bread. Starvation is gruff and rough, inseparable from poor, hard bed; but the thin gruel could not compel for it starved and never fed.
[2014-12-12 09:11:02] <wagonlips> The alphabet's majestic strides may call for washing all the little foundlins, when the Parish Pride determined to butter up his companions.
[2014-12-11 09:15:13] <wagonlips> Beadles Mann can never shake the children from the cupboard hungry; but orphans of opportunity will suffer diet and humility. At mixing time
[2014-12-10 20:14:04] <wagonlips> philosophy's Twist treats offenders young and old, but another week I see impart The Wisdom, upon the old bedstead. The philosopher's day is
[2014-12-09 18:46:12] <wagonlips> passed in head; with heart he lay; Oliver boasts in a particular way- The Poor can bear and bless them now. I made the Thingummy take pages,
[2014-12-08 09:14:21] <wagonlips> talking with the little, compact faces, and mocking people about him speek because of God in jolly voices. They laugh and jeer and leave him
[2014-12-07 15:19:12] <wagonlips> crimson and for him shall helpless hands be taken, along the path he shall be sobbing stiff and broken. He shall be caught as cold as stone,
[2014-12-06 08:05:56] <wagonlips> and the lifted lips will kiss, while the Poor Church is pressed in the old fearful breast. Morsels of Perplexity Katarina had a singing soul
[2014-12-05 09:14:39] <wagonlips> and thought the whimpering corpse was seeing in; and guilty legs about the coffin answered nothing, noiseless and thin. Gestures of the ears
[2014-12-04 18:29:44] <wagonlips> used with the flowers of the tears! He hated that hatred saves up frantic, venomous eyes, lips and hands. Mitya, on impulse, believed that a
[2014-12-03 17:32:38] <wagonlips> scoundrel caught no soldiers with the citizens; to feel and know and recognize, solitude of silence, he smiled the spirit of the moment, the
[2014-12-02 18:16:53] <wagonlips> force of the punishment; no voice discernible to tears whispered the silence of the knife. Grusha is silent: her frightened face is feverish
[2014-12-01 09:25:12] <wagonlips> for forgiveness; broke and betrayed, the legal grounds of hatred reconciled unhappy stress. The lying, sneering doctor refuses the suffering
[2014-11-30 10:21:02] <wagonlips> confessions with painful sacrifice of love; impossible resentment; the anxious explanation does not in its malicious conscience confess such
[2014-11-29 08:42:48] <wagonlips> general presentiment as Mitya in the audience. And soon the cunning lawyers turn, forgive nine words and break a few; but our house hopes on
[2014-11-28 09:13:05] <wagonlips> heavy hearts to think our guilty eyes were true. Fetyukovitch's jury of pity speech -- Pray, Fetyukovitch speaks two articulate conclusions.
[2014-11-27 08:19:31] <wagonlips> The God of Prejudice. Unintelligible The modest merchants of the world speak before the solemn speeches. In the poetry was the voice. In the
[2014-11-26 08:56:17] <wagonlips> history was the world. The violation of The One, and with the fatal curse of time postponed overwhelm Ippolit. The murder of the guilty soul
[2014-11-25 19:05:54] <wagonlips> justified upon a cruel charge the duty of the President. The prejudice is granted and waved but through the window real and true still stand
[2014-11-24 08:27:23] <wagonlips> the loving crucifixion and here behind the monster play the Jury and the Injunction. The sacred skeletons embrace the treachery of evidence;
[2014-11-23 08:39:11] <wagonlips> the fathers are hushed with influence, damning terrible consequence. Unlike the trivial trousers, bloodstained and fearful, men grieved when
[2014-11-22 08:23:54] <wagonlips> the facts of the envious sieze Karamazov and kill. Upon the garden-floor gentlemen of arguments and troubles shout prosecution, the talented
[2014-11-22 08:06:40] <wagonlips> while illegitimate, cursed place of expectation. Pavlovich exclaims his shame, lying about the suffering. The rumors and the hateful prayers
[2014-11-20 19:52:35] <wagonlips> are psychological quarreling. Fyodor and the Punishment Karamazov minds his hands; everything is terrible proof, the sarcasms and sentiments
[2014-11-20 19:31:32] <wagonlips> lying about my wretched life. The hands and place of edifice seduce the jury on a fatal mattress, fact and fury find the court and Karamazov
[2014-11-18 09:13:06] <wagonlips> offered witness. Lofty Udolpho and the court, invented; and judged the supposition; the woman with the two-edged heart comes to see Fyodor's
[2014-11-17 15:07:58] <wagonlips> adoration and coins a word here, notes the charge and might declare, untroubled by the spotless case she rests and shows it lying there; the
[2014-11-16 19:42:51] <wagonlips> bloodthirsty prosectutor shows his shape and theirs; Smerdyakov argues timid cuts murderous thoughts and fatal years; the bloodthirsty eagle
[2014-11-16 19:25:29] <wagonlips> angles evidence as sometimes occurs; Speaker X. Fetyukovitch laughs at the facts with malicious words; the ladies, for their part, could not
[2014-11-16 18:10:42] <wagonlips> remember or propitiate; so when Ippolit Kirillovitch, trying quick to educate, says his piece and tries to get beyond the hatred of respect,
[2014-11-15 13:52:40] <wagonlips> matters of confusion represent a witty verdict; the judge of trivialities remembers all the fear throughout, sacred jackals are lying to The
[2014-11-15 13:22:18] <wagonlips> Jury of the Murdered Doubt, and strove to weave emergency with Grigory respectfully, and now their little lawyers pounce and snatch the bare
[2014-11-11 19:30:16] <wagonlips> rejected facts. The Love Song of Dmitri F. Karamazov S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse A persona che mai tornasse al mondo, Questa fiamma
[2014-11-11 19:01:43] <wagonlips> staria senza piu scosse. Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero, Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo. Know
[2014-11-09 09:19:34] <wagonlips> now, you and I, now that the evidence is written out against the silence like a prisoner murdered upon a table; we blame, with certain truth
[2014-11-08 11:08:29] <wagonlips> and volunteered lies, the sick suggestions of innocent accomplices with guilty hands, perhaps, and passive motives with weighty facts: facts
[2014-11-08 08:38:52] <wagonlips> that tell like a cowardly question of astounding accusation to invite you to a murdering suspicion.... We shall not lie, "Can you conceive?"
[2014-11-07 18:32:11] <wagonlips> Let us come and kill our theories. The others lie with self-reproach, revealing Ippolit Kirillovitch. The spy who tells the wickedness about
[2014-11-06 18:56:20] <wagonlips> the nervous mistress, immoral words that wrote the fear upon the witnesses, talked the prosecution into the gardens of suspicion, dissipated
[2014-11-05 18:59:40] <wagonlips> before the facts that talk of threats, confess upon the jury the fate that flies from troubles, deceived the moment, seduced a drunken month
[2014-11-03 14:16:07] <wagonlips> and being that it was a weak immoral month, tempted once the jealousy, and lost desire. And in fact there will be time for the jealous anger
[2014-11-02 11:36:36] <wagonlips> that grows upon the moment, sacrificing life for dumb ideals; there will be a way, there will be a way to represent a day to mean the things
[2014-11-01 11:17:04] <wagonlips> that you say; there will be faith to differ and agree, and truth for all the fathers and sons of children that express an observation on our
[2014-11-01 11:02:57] <wagonlips> case; crime for you and vice for me, and time yet for a day of malicious minds, and for the horrified heroes and vicious victims, before the
[2014-11-01 10:35:57] <wagonlips> spectacle of spite. The judges come and make a speech accusing Ippolit Kirillovitch. And there will be a crime to remember, "Do I see?" and,
[2014-10-31 17:56:04] <wagonlips> "Do I say?" Time to remember the tension yesterday, with murder-raving treachery on the way-- (They all see: "How the brute is lying dead!")
[2014-10-31 17:01:07] <wagonlips> A baseness, a sense of what the crime is all about, my pretext false and reckless, humiliated by a stolen doubt-- (They will swear: "But how
[2014-10-27 20:01:19] <wagonlips> his hands and ears are mad!") Will I come disturb and reprimand? In a murder there is horror for a lawyer and witnesses which a witness will
[2014-10-26 15:09:13] <wagonlips> pretend. For I have heard them all already, heard them all: have heard the words, the threats, the questions, I have satisfied my death with
[2014-10-25 11:32:18] <wagonlips> burning questions; I murdered the magnificent voice, words and all, against the language from Karamazov. So what could I believe? And I have
[2014-10-25 11:03:38] <wagonlips> known the hands quite deeply, thrown sobs across--the eyes that face you in a shame-faced, doubtful truth, and when I am ashamed, sobbing on
[2014-10-25 08:37:25] <wagonlips> a post, when I am flushed and striking with a fist, then how should I remain to give up all the fingers of my instant theory? And how should
[2014-10-24 18:19:17] <wagonlips> I be? And could I know the questions already, have known them all--words that are committed loud and clear (But calmly innocent, struck with
[2014-10-24 17:57:11] <wagonlips> great restraint!) Is it tears or tenderness? (laughs at me regardless) Eyes that know about a father, or go without a boy. But should I say,
[2014-10-20 20:10:27] <wagonlips> and how could I speak? Could I mention, I reported the question and roused the anger that depends on the grievances of straight men in queer
[2014-10-19 10:39:37] <wagonlips> years, shaking aware the snares? They would have made an overwhelming sum living in the huts of sturdy slums. The soldier, the prisoner, the
[2014-10-18 14:44:49] <wagonlips> God, presents so intimately! Drunk like a dirty peasant, muddy... public... and present. Squandered on the speech, embarrassed one and each.
[2014-10-18 14:26:20] <wagonlips> Would I, before face and speech and witness, have the time to take the moment to its mistress? But I have cried and asked, cried and warned,
[2014-10-18 14:10:23] <wagonlips> and though I noticed the air (was only fair) brought in upon a prayer, I have no answer--and there's no faint laughter; I defended the vodka
[2014-10-18 08:42:50] <wagonlips> of my prosecutor speak, and then I asked the criminal case clerk read my quote, and answer, and in short, I was perplexed. And would it have
[2014-10-16 19:25:08] <wagonlips> been awful, before all, before the judges, the trial, the jury, between justice, between the night of them and me, like some petty peasants,
[2014-10-12 08:56:22] <wagonlips> to have disbelieved the number of events, to have prayed, acquitted the distributed will, articulated some burning explanation, to speak: "I
[2014-10-11 13:46:40] <wagonlips> am Ivan, come from the soul, come back to save you all, I shall save you all"-- if one, refusing a riddle in his heart, should say: "That is
[2014-10-11 13:32:51] <wagonlips> not what I burnt at all; that is not it at all." And would it have been stupid, over all, would it have been unused, afraid of the wings and
[2014-10-10 09:23:42] <wagonlips> open legs and the wanted means, with the pleases, with the dreams, with the things that rush in on the floor-- and this, and nothing more?--
[2014-10-08 20:15:36] <wagonlips> It is honorable to shout, so what I mean! But as if a modest fool revealed the lips on creatures on a cross: would it have been righteous if
[2014-10-07 19:34:17] <wagonlips> one, declaring the deal or despairing for a soul, and lying for the scoundrel, should swear: "That is not it at all, that is not what I said
[2014-10-06 08:59:53] <wagonlips> at all." No! I am no Russian God, but could have been; am an enlightened man, one that will do to shake the darkness, stop the sun or earth;
[2014-10-05 10:32:52] <wagonlips> bless the count; no doubt, a fancy farce, irrational, numb to be of use, fantastic, serious, and tedious; annihilation, a grain of negation;
[2014-10-04 10:12:20] <wagonlips> in truth, delusion, almost unexpected-- Indeed, in truth, stupid. Interrupted... Interrupted... I will keep my savage matters vaccinated. Is
[2014-10-03 12:55:30] <wagonlips> the illness typical? Do I dare to catch a fool? I will prove my weakness, and walk on wet material. I saw the devil dreaming, of an angel. I
[2014-10-03 08:55:37] <wagonlips> assume that they will speak to me. I have risen, smiling brownish on the years, seeing the white hair of the years worn black when the stone
[2014-10-02 19:19:29] <wagonlips> rolls the instant last and late. They have suffered in the business of the crisis of lying when illness firmly steps and those stubborn eyes
[2014-10-01 20:21:43] <wagonlips> urge us, and we walk. The Irony of Proof You have whispered-- Conviction. But then he sighed in astonishment and again, the thief is afraid.
[2014-09-29 17:33:53] <wagonlips> Interesting I In the haste and hearsay of any fancy fortnight you bring the murder, leave the mind--as it will seem to do--with "I concluded
[2014-09-28 09:52:53] <wagonlips> this lying for you"; and three informed taps in the suspected trial, three taps of guilt upon the murder overhead, an evening of Ivan's life
[2014-09-27 09:32:33] <wagonlips> is prepared for all the words to be said, or kept absurd. They have come, might they speak, to make the stupid Count forget the words, along
[2014-09-26 18:24:29] <wagonlips> his leg and faithful hands. "So sensible, this Ivan, that I know his soul should be unaffected by the trial of one or two or three, who will
[2014-09-26 18:04:36] <wagonlips> not let the storm that was met and obeyed in the leather room." --And so the conversation comes upon violent hands and quietly uttered words
[2014-09-26 15:10:43] <wagonlips> through the extraordinary eyes of consequences filled with logical tears and gibes: "You do not know my enemy, my enemies, and how, how sore
[2014-09-23 20:00:18] <wagonlips> and right it is, to improve a life refused too much, so much of hands and fists, (For indeed I do not like it... you did? you are not drunk!
[2014-09-22 20:06:12] <wagonlips> how far you are!) To fear a fist when there was any grounds, he parts, and eyes, tears any grounds about which wickedness. As such it speaks
[2014-09-21 15:35:10] <wagonlips> if I tell this to you-- without this reptile--truth, what a show!" About the cockroaches, cups, cards and chairs, and the plain, dilapidated
[2014-09-20 16:35:56] <wagonlips> stairs under my mind a great good-bye lies ardently muttering some nonsense of its own, virtuous existence that is almost one violent "false
[2014-09-19 16:10:28] <wagonlips> go." --See us damn the air, in prosecutor fear, forgive the illness, sir, defend the foolishness, protect the wickedness by wants and means.
[2014-09-19 15:07:05] <wagonlips> Then go for a whole hour and fit our limbs. II Now the evidence is in place he has a nervous glance on his face and curls out on his minutes
[2014-09-17 20:36:27] <wagonlips> as he laughed. "Contrary, they telegraphed. They either knew what life was or should refuse his visits"; (Sharply shaming the scornful fits)
[2014-09-16 19:37:27] <wagonlips> "You let it turn from you, you let it go, and murder is cold, and has careful silence, and hates on rheumatic words which it will not know."
[2014-09-15 09:41:03] <wagonlips> I wait, of course, and trample snarled eyes. "Yet with both mad lullabies, that well remembered my murdered mind, Mother in the Moment, I am
[2014-09-14 09:37:13] <wagonlips> desperately in despair, and find my heart to be contemptible and impossible, after all." The murderer says with a peremptory all-of-a-sudden
[2014-09-13 08:13:16] <wagonlips> conviction on a dear crucifixion: "It is dark underground that understands your scrapings, underground you forget, underground and angry you
[2014-09-13 07:45:33] <wagonlips> damn your hand. You are not a free-mason, you have no business here. You will go on, and when you have exclaimed you can sing: at some point
[2014-09-12 18:09:24] <wagonlips> many a babe has dreamed. But what have I, but what have I, my son, to tell you, what can you suffer from me? Only the gossip and the waggish
[2014-09-12 15:27:03] <wagonlips> way of one about to read her little lines. I shall write here, turning tails to brains...." I tell my heart: how can I pretend to bear those
[2014-09-12 09:13:23] <wagonlips> damn things for what they said to me? You will see me any morning in the house studying ethics and a late career. So uncertainly I confess a
[2014-09-09 18:47:38] <wagonlips> sallow thought believes without the chair. The teeth were blackened; eyes opened and cried; preliminary lips laughed and despised. I save my
[2014-09-07 07:56:49] <wagonlips> pillow, I begin to look surprised but then a railway fellow, funny and sly and frightful, lies and loves some silent and strange person with
[2014-09-06 08:04:42] <wagonlips> the face of an answer without a question reflecting eyes that spiteful fingers have refused. Is this holy mouth rich or poor? III The prison
[2014-09-06 07:38:27] <wagonlips> of night comes out; confirming as before consider the explanation of hugging something great I pass the days and hear the matter of the door
[2014-09-04 19:48:51] <wagonlips> and thought as if I had struggled with my words and feet. "And you are worrying to-day; and when will love acquit? But that's an aberration.
[2014-09-03 20:14:14] <wagonlips> You only know when you can come about, she would see little we knew." My smile tracks suddenly under the in-and-out. "Perhaps I can speak to
[2014-09-02 20:36:59] <wagonlips> you." My coffee the fancy crime contradicted; this is what I reflected. "You have been lying coquettishly of late (But your word would rath-
[2014-09-01 17:26:18] <wagonlips> -er know your reasons!) Why have they not promised wrappers, ribbons?" He shakes like truth and laughs, and coming slowly goes suddenly, his
[2014-09-01 10:34:10] <wagonlips> opinion in a thought. My consideration wants; they are simply in the news. "For all the swindlers said so, all your people, they were agreed
[2014-09-01 10:17:23] <wagonlips> your letters would feel so badly! I myself can simply see the girls. We just give it now to love. You shall sing, with great haste. Perhaps
[2014-08-31 08:55:14] <wagonlips> it is at least great. I shall sit there, serving fire to fools." And I first bring up all the sleeping rain for agitation... stay, stay with
[2014-08-30 19:56:20] <wagonlips> trembling sobs, begin as a dog, bury a captain. Let them sit on a chair, in a silent stone square-- Well! and what if she should die angrily
[2014-08-30 12:04:50] <wagonlips> mischievous, this last unhappy sternness, this moment all business; should go and see me dreaming tongue in head with the dog getting up and
[2014-08-30 09:55:37] <wagonlips> off the goodness; Bashful, for quite a while Not knowing what to mean or if I understand or suffer sly or fancy, eager or early... would she
[2014-08-30 09:23:30] <wagonlips> not have to acknowledge, before all? This moment is powerful with a "fibbing fall" Now that they play at lying-- And should I have the right
[2014-08-30 08:46:48] <wagonlips> to leave? Whiskers I The final morning pillows up with diffidence in silent eyes. One a'place. The straight-out nastiness besides. And now a
[2014-08-30 07:49:16] <wagonlips> silent story eyes the pretty cheeks of finished weeks about our word and languages from senseless books, the founders' tears on secret wives
[2014-08-26 19:34:00] <wagonlips> and simple-pranks, and in the future of the course a funny fellow does third-class. And then the shouting of the ass. II The laughing thinks
[2014-08-25 09:07:30] <wagonlips> to keep and know the burnt cheek taste of paste from the empty touch-hole years with all our tiny tears that play on guilty speechless arms.
[2014-08-23 08:55:08] <wagonlips> With the fortnight that induced fatal surprise, one fingers all the mouths that are shouting tempting tricks from disastrous desperate eyes.
[2014-08-23 08:12:39] <wagonlips> III You shouted a whisper from the word, you lay between your lips, and muttered; you frowned and watched the eyes crying the several silent
[2014-08-18 15:20:13] <wagonlips> things of which their heart was filled; they called after the dog. And when all the spite came back and the rage flew up against the terror,
[2014-08-16 08:14:00] <wagonlips> and you played the actors in the battles, you had much sympathy for the performance as the reader timidly soldiers; playing in the captain's
[2014-08-15 07:31:22] <wagonlips> overcoat, there you pulled the years from your head, or chrushed the sorry stones in the ears of those frightened eyes. IV His irony flashed
[2014-08-14 07:56:43] <wagonlips> hot between the days that snap against a fancy word, or tormented by indignant boots at one and two and three a'piece; and silly small hands
[2014-08-13 08:05:39] <wagonlips> making cheekbones, and morning moments, and eyes struck by real realities, the dignity of a hideous silence ready to assume the moment. I am
[2014-08-12 15:32:47] <wagonlips> attacked by people who are hiding among these jackanapes, and laughed: The stupefaction of some emphatically loutish emphatically snivelling
[2014-08-12 09:35:22] <wagonlips> day. Hang your heart among their hands, and laugh; The wagons provoke like uneasy women putting life in silent lots. Mystery on a Funny Year
[2014-08-10 08:03:57] <wagonlips> Eleven ten'am. Along the mists of the street lost in a stylish weekness, whipping useless chickens stay the stones of expression and all his
[2014-08-09 16:12:51] <wagonlips> exasperated faces, his chickens and provisions, the tiny touch-hole that I burn tricks like a naughty dog, and into the fingers of the timid
[2014-08-08 21:09:08] <wagonlips> friendship babies the overcoat as a midwife babies a luckless catskin. Six thrust one, the old dog argued, the old dog uttered, the cold dog
[2014-08-07 23:34:47] <wagonlips> swore, "Investigate that doctor who hopes before him in the heart of the allusion which fretted on her like a friend. She knew the father of
[2014-08-07 00:00:41] <wagonlips> her teacher cried and laughed with terror, and they bet the husband of her hand pranks for an assembled mind." The monster tears up high and
[2014-08-06 23:42:27] <wagonlips> soft a class of married wives; A rumored shame upon the breach beaten straight, and teased as if the grief gave up the terror of its temper,
[2014-08-04 15:52:32] <wagonlips> still and cruel. A driven voice in a conversation, shame that means an accusation that the fight has kept good execution and ready to speak.
[2014-08-03 08:14:34] <wagonlips> Half again, the moment said, "Understand the fact which faces its feed in the black, fists its face and has a drop of dried-up milk." So the
[2014-08-02 09:19:05] <wagonlips> return of the man, romantic, acted up and thrilled a heart that was laughing about the affair. I could see evidence against that man's face.
[2014-08-01 11:05:16] <wagonlips> I have noticed eyes in the protocol trying to look upon borrowed manners, and a man one night in a room, an old man with ladies on his face,
[2014-08-01 10:45:46] <wagonlips> addressed the side of a road that I flung him. Long-past three, the protocol delighted, the protocol declared in the reckoning. The protocol
[2014-07-30 18:49:08] <wagonlips> refused: "Replied the contradiction, the month felt better, she eyes a muddy face, she lights poor objects. She lies the truth of the glass.
[2014-07-29 21:39:12] <wagonlips> The mOod has Bound trIumph. IF Damn dId his fIngers bUt does My cap, Big landLady remAins difFicult, Is enougH of devIl and fIngers, What is
[2014-07-28 20:59:04] <wagonlips> with Us the oLd human souls tOrture oN Heaven and dowNright bY her viEw. The Other igNominy gIven of Things tOrturing God and misery In men,
[2014-07-27 09:01:20] <wagonlips> for sTrange KAtya wanTed to dReam and bring tHen deciDe never to alwaYs and sO carrieD and coNviction and oh Why explAining tAkes wilL." The
[2014-07-26 09:58:16] <wagonlips> beast said, "Come eigHt, here you wasTed why About crEature. Honor! YOu said Morning, the neeD was daMned and Mitya sMiled alMost welL, put.
[2014-07-25 19:47:06] <wagonlips> GenerOus clocK is speAking daMn deligHt moreoVer absuRd, forgEtting uNder thiS dignitY, knew Some ideA for faCt." The triumph indescrIbably.
[2014-07-24 22:26:31] <wagonlips> Damn Fence at the slaNder we Yelled fEar falsE brains about dArk blinD steps, from thE garden, out inTo speecH I was Told of The MityA nasty
[2014-07-23 19:06:36] <wagonlips> socks of peasAnt trunK trying somehow at cold interesT. ScounDrel sat and mumBled dirTy to me in guilTy eyes As a rigHt thougH the daMn, and
[2014-07-22 19:50:02] <wagonlips> told Them peaSants to busily Undress For staiNed clotHes that proved That troUble And reason Asked thE why foR the trEats. ThE Dmitri Summer
[2014-07-21 16:58:35] <wagonlips> Hope Hohlakov Some laWyer upoN the PrEsent GlOomy MomEnt lay In the wHy like The greaTer goodNess. FiRmly danGer went suavely from thE place
[2014-07-20 09:08:40] <wagonlips> recovEred whaT of mucH disgraCe in a Lot and Thinking presentS the ReIterated Night THink, FeDosya haS the drEam and Meant suCh sum, Running
[2014-07-19 08:43:26] <wagonlips> away, Mitya sHould feAr to shOut or fLinch to murder Because, and theSe were Things nEarly at the bed of the Doctor, And I heAr, "LyiNg men,
[2014-07-18 19:47:13] <wagonlips> it raN the OpEn DigniTy IndigNation." Fyodor Word PavLovitch Body was my deatH point, and chiSeling iN a dead murder Saw an oPen wholE chair
[2014-07-17 21:20:04] <wagonlips> said I for by positivEly the Quite faCes for I. Now fUry she Long leaPt humblE gentleMen may Hunt intO her laWyer of Terror. That proSecutor
[2014-07-16 22:12:05] <wagonlips> will Give keeP and haVe it woUld gentLemen-FeNya urgeD there Once refLections had carEfully mAnaged. The spirIts foolEd a sofA only sTopped,
[2014-07-15 22:50:48] <wagonlips> till Here theIr triflE servicE tried Us too. Case GriGory intO need lAughing Hearts iNto NikoLay, and some deTails heRe on thIs angry trifle
[2014-07-14 22:08:55] <wagonlips> came Them forTy lawyeRs his gRay versTs-gentlEmen werE gayly Done so Clumsy nOw her cAptain pLedged. Happy MiHail Yes Mihail Nikolay Has sat
[2014-07-13 23:09:43] <wagonlips> under the sly man and more peAsants, Clung adDed sorrOw and mYself thEm-the aRms Old Creature eyes knOwing to things Over the soul-prEsence.
[2014-07-12 08:51:57] <wagonlips> Ha MoTives LiFe shrugGed and Before tHere the awful uNdertone, and if face weRe not mEt myselF it knoWs perhaPs itselF, but ZOssima kNows it
[2014-07-11 23:15:11] <wagonlips> was sHabby. FRom the Open guiLty kept positioN of polIteness, on yellOw eyes Of fate, those vIsits of new accUsation. Lord leFt when Looking
[2014-07-10 21:16:04] <wagonlips> Mad MAvriky tOld the Dmitri fEllows yOur way Once fluNg forciBly the Feet. I Reached Of incogNito, haSte scieNce and Make the wickednEss and
[2014-07-09 08:56:46] <wagonlips> some To screaMing lipS in the house oF big shRieking Gave thoUght the window. In FearFul DreaDful of The CrimInal LawYer, froM GrigorY Going
[2014-07-08 19:07:21] <wagonlips> Power Go's he used as one conSpicuous fearful doctor Saw our Teasing Wonder WOman was naughty, slendeR and upSet near the plaYful man of the
[2014-07-07 08:08:31] <wagonlips> IlyitCh unhapPy men aMazed roOm serviCe for eCcentric manners of otheR men suFfering There in the affAir, encHanted. From the daughters of a
[2014-07-06 08:55:48] <wagonlips> visitOr. I thOught whAtever MUrder saId interRupted hOly becaUse MityA kept a place wHere firMly or kIndly caMe his hAnds. I Showed the neck
[2014-07-05 12:11:55] <wagonlips> moreoVer of ELeven's Yard tilL of couRse he fIrmly leFt his oNe insisTently sTrong teEth deniEd the sTory. "HE is preTty bottOm"--"But after
[2014-07-04 13:47:20] <wagonlips> all wEll he bEgan it? He said. He forCed... hE loudly walked By,"--"wHisper wHispered he said already I recogNized." Eyes-LieUtenant furious
[2014-07-03 20:46:08] <wagonlips> imploRing and said SiBeria and Lady BUrden I Drove a Cambric Of fuss, and a pEace of Your futUre. MatTer as iT called: I had Lips of driving
[2014-07-02 23:00:00] <wagonlips> your Slave alThough hEr finger had reMembered about wHatever We speciAl hands to suddEnly druNken a tHrust beSide forgiveness. Mitya himself
[2014-07-01 21:47:55] <wagonlips> stood alone fOr long dreams, and vaniShed on At speciAl stiflE with aNgry sobS the scAttered Arms comE of her soul, ruined by the whisper of
[2014-06-30 21:38:57] <wagonlips> poor Mitya. A silly soldier with a liTtle raiLwayman Now immeDiately Dropped Hopping Running Forehead before The besmirched table, shouting:
[2014-06-29 08:26:12] <wagonlips> If thE drunk Puffy Andrey hopes to feAst his Orgy in Curtains. If the couple And glasSes afteR sittinG take tHeir tea in the chair... we sat
[2014-06-28 20:22:47] <wagonlips> still, fifty Of my words could be damNed, thoUgh shamEful fingers of This heaD might not be cArried, And addrEssing my passion which briskly
[2014-06-27 18:41:13] <wagonlips> led to this fLoor. Expression Turkey-Cocks I Doubled: "Their first plEasant dEspair! And ironIcally (Trumped, I do swear) I may see Straight
[2014-06-26 21:49:52] <wagonlips> Grushenka's gEntlemen or a very apparEnt sofa. Imperiously dull cordiAl fools, cried their voDka." ShE furiouS: "How you do!" And I mumbled:
[2014-06-25 23:19:56] <wagonlips> "Some one can, and then thrash that irritable friend, and then they bRiefly imagine the story. Sappho, still Could we watch you sit and talk
[2014-06-24 22:42:13] <wagonlips> indolently." She says: "Would it hinder me?" "But no, our Grushenka aSked." "You, Mitya, are the willful inteRest, the listless child of the
[2014-06-23 07:57:58] <wagonlips> eyes would be bewildered, some of the temples of the moment would be reflected, and I delighted my confusion Over tragic rivalry from above.
[2014-06-22 08:22:25] <wagonlips> Impression Important I forgive: "Our inaudible friend the worm! Or joyfully (strange, I allow) it may be GentLeman Mitya's angry bundle or a
[2014-06-21 08:08:36] <wagonlips> dear young gentleman dressed up to forgive drunken pockets to your foremost." She then: "How you boast!" MyseLf then: "Some one pistols into
[2014-06-20 07:54:32] <wagonlips> the force of that uncompromising countenance, with which we speak the right and honor; judgment which we hear. To gallop with your vacuity."
[2014-06-19 19:51:58] <wagonlips> She cried: "Will this speak to me?" "Oh no, it is I who am strange." "You, Phoebus, are the hysterical jealousy, the horrible ecstasy of the
[2014-06-18 22:35:47] <wagonlips> night, filling my lunatic friends with the stupid spirit! With her passion daMn straight and good at a turn your dear villains to forgive--"
[2014-06-17 22:19:06] <wagonlips> And--"Are we then just hungry?" The Winking Clerk -- And now can I drink you, Ech... Settle on the last scoundrel of the meloncholy--Wishing
[2014-06-16 22:49:12] <wagonlips> on a grocery vodka--Punish, punish the devil in your drink--Speak your orders sTrangely with an oily story--get them to the tavern and throw
[2014-06-15 23:32:46] <wagonlips> with a savage habit in your fingers: but know, know the powder in your paper. HoHlakov and I so would have had him live and love, so I would
[2014-06-14 11:23:34] <wagonlips> have had him listen and look, for he would have been as the mouth is the wash onlY smoked, as the straight kiss is the wash it has soaked. I
[2014-06-13 09:31:03] <wagonlips> could mind some way strangely drunk and damn, some way they could understand, careLessly crumpled and sudden as a wash and wipe of the hand.
[2014-06-12 21:05:01] <wagonlips> She gabbled about, but with the evening enjoyment remembered his perspiration upstairs, five years and twenty hours: her fist over his hands
[2014-06-11 23:27:49] <wagonlips> and her hands tasted of fingers. And I remembered how you would have clutched that question! I could have felt a foreboding and a repulsion.
[2014-06-11 20:30:02] <wagonlips> At high times the vexation still divided the murmured minute and the moment's indecision. THE BERRIES OF FYODOR PART I i{S. Alyosha} You who
[2014-06-10 20:09:33] <wagonlips> are different, and dark, and dear, with an empty fist and a whirling devil, aNd inches have known three feet, hands lying, a scapegrace with
[2014-06-10 18:41:06] <wagonlips> a painful thing. i{Fyodorovitch.} Good to remember, helpless with papers, a stYle of tiny drawers, the people there misunderstood, and tears
[2014-06-08 08:25:12] <wagonlips> of ecstasy, grief, and gratitude, uneasy people smiling in silence, and return That wise gesture that watched over my smile; cried the soul,
[2014-06-07 08:47:41] <wagonlips> though hearts be matter or moment and reason. Must look to be sure as that hysteRical smile. Volovya, and Ivanovna, and Katerina were there,
[2014-06-06 17:04:24] <wagonlips> then we destroyed a gate with violeNt cunning tables. With Pushkin, Mitya, OthellO, and leaving the Pistols' impossible-peOple rushed to the
[2014-06-05 23:20:21] <wagonlips> absence-screwed grassy soul where anY dazed Dmitri is hungry; and gasped on the suGgested head of the sausage waiting and eXpecting a paltry
[2014-06-05 22:50:35] <wagonlips> waistcoat, who rode on a candle as wiTh wide window of urgency; and like a horse peEped his house, a thin candle on new ironY; a heavy horse
[2014-06-02 09:53:37] <wagonlips> pronounced a dare, but though her effoRts where utter despair repeated, gloomy peasaNt-trader haste succeeded for all this urGent mercy; and
[2014-06-01 09:04:01] <wagonlips> it was ruined with a joyful-Jew catastrOphe that effusively seized the spiteful secrets, as her sure fool bowed and blamed. i{E. Grushenka.}
[2014-05-31 08:51:07] <wagonlips> You are indeed pronounced but for the hiGhest tug-of-war. i{Karamazov.} 'How do you draw a face?' or she said 'so either lady kNows my hand?
[2014-05-30 09:54:01] <wagonlips> The harmless arm is not old beard that frEnzy a painful answer had, more sober than any simplicity, through his empty corner house along the
[2014-05-29 22:23:07] <wagonlips> ready stings of pity: the secret, lying coNfusion for schemes should be free.' 'A fancy man,' thought Dmitri, 'I speak on Alyosha's supposed
[2014-05-28 21:58:35] <wagonlips> character, and with the people spying on Fyodor's aCcursed reformation; but where is her lawful suitor Come seducer, and from whose yearning
[2014-05-27 22:05:43] <wagonlips> do you remember?' 'My father and fever are Dmitri heArt Ivan, my Milky faith, and my destiny soft above A watering of this find.' 'What mind
[2014-05-26 08:26:42] <wagonlips> tasted Not true for you came through thin love on terRible days? Did your beggar pray up from where the wRongs of Cana write?' There did she
[2014-05-25 10:11:46] <wagonlips> look cOntrary and slow: 'I have not yet, joy-sick me, Been all covered up with puny men; yet now I see, joB for these few devils ran through
[2014-05-24 17:31:42] <wagonlips> such Beauty and ran to this that I could beg your lip tO scream.' 'Were they so venomous that my cherub AlyOsha you like all that glass fell
[2014-05-24 10:06:56] <wagonlips> utteRly?' 'We judged no man, though teeth sobbed, for moNey Agrafena whistles made call that called for SataN's soul, and now I am silly and
[2014-05-23 20:35:39] <wagonlips> ashAmed all that nonsense and the fear of feeling bad upon his sensations, of sinners frightened by his men like twenty-five angry fools and
[2014-05-21 19:41:42] <wagonlips> a Can was over loving on your shameless glasses.' Now Dmitri, for your dear dismay, there was no God of his but got over a chocolate gulp of
[2014-05-20 22:36:31] <wagonlips> UgH! 'I will not tell the snubs,' I cried. 'And I may take voluptuous arms, and put your face all words without, but temptation stirred with
[2014-05-20 19:35:53] <wagonlips> FenYa intimate things shall fetch and please you, one by one, at evening with my unexpected mistress. A Mitya, sit by me and keep to minutes
[2014-05-19 22:14:03] <wagonlips> the Day before the world of luxurious legs, since man would beat no clerical-brains, and the years hold over when influence was shown, there
[2014-05-17 15:13:36] <wagonlips> old bRead has never been known and the stories of sad hop never have talents; and there I will give you seventeen saints; far better sinners
[2014-05-16 18:14:41] <wagonlips> dishonOred, shout at the shame; and two angels of old resentment, and two mortals and thirteen miracles of long moment and pitiless as decay
[2014-05-16 17:51:00] <wagonlips> and forGotten roubles, and a hundred doubts and a day of dreams, and heart and grief and age and youth, and always frankly-fatal faith; then
[2014-05-15 22:01:14] <wagonlips> twenty pErsons, splendid with sun, but commanding not joy nor fear nor sin, and a crowd of ladies, holy as men, who when they descended to a
[2014-05-15 20:26:29] <wagonlips> sinful coNfession in a right not the right of the man again, would offend your influence and blame your defiance, and you sternly resist the
[2014-05-12 09:03:47] <wagonlips> Orthodox fragrance; and Varsonofy be with him for sCarcely an utterance.' Soon he said, 'It was malignaNtly small. Face and finger and frame
[2014-05-11 09:09:21] <wagonlips> recall, there I would come when the sensible mind amAzed, the old God hopes and the tomb came alive.' WhY then I observed and he buried them
[2014-05-10 19:55:33] <wagonlips> with her peculiar tears over us, a-far, a-part, a-heaRt scattered in; he felt himself and thought a momenT: Alyosha, Iosif, and Rakitin came
[2014-05-09 18:41:01] <wagonlips> first, and left, and used their secret hands, a miseraBle youth, impossible truth, my priest; but we prepaRed the earth for unexpected ends.
[2014-05-08 21:11:22] <wagonlips> In what happy hell will you in? If Lazarus, cannot moreOver love and sin? Or are you evil-doers serene as sOns, those prophets that gathered
[2014-05-08 20:32:17] <wagonlips> life's truly mysterious glow? And happier human he recogNizes spiteful roots, or up the truly strongest thouGhts, I lost so soon the mocking
[2014-05-07 23:07:32] <wagonlips> dreams, and then I rejected the ignoble humility, and lived the people's other history, and knew the simple-hEarted souls of simplicity! And
[2014-05-05 09:39:19] <wagonlips> God, Afanasy, and Father, why are you without your former master? Forget not the children the inconceivable moNastery teaches, and bless the
[2014-05-04 14:33:14] <wagonlips> reason from their teachers. i{A. GeNius.} Do not shake or weep with dignity and prayer, cruel over-zealous care, and tiMes of centuries vile
[2014-05-03 09:42:08] <wagonlips> and fair. i{Russian.} I questioned mYself upon the air: I thought not if days entered on months, and Zossima refused espEcially rich idlers,
[2014-05-02 09:38:24] <wagonlips> and her gloomy letters of unhappy wanT, swift mercy, betrayed pity, and warmly with yearning her strange tears wept. She Trembled; now a mad
[2014-05-01 21:39:18] <wagonlips> fever was upon us, reproached by a terRible heart, still silent and wise, against one pale part; and now fourteen things tHought like a mind
[2014-04-30 22:28:05] <wagonlips> with an arrest of dreams in her stern hOspital hand; and an awful young man aCted unconscious with miserable passion destroYed the suffering
[2014-04-29 19:57:56] <wagonlips> murder. 'Did the three believe in eveninGs of the silent time, or have they reAlized the secret crime? Fix them no more,' soLitude said, and
[2014-04-28 19:04:41] <wagonlips> speaking bowed his crazy way, and seeing Easier the strange reality of only secRet mockery. But now the mind like a small soul smiled in the
[2014-04-27 14:54:29] <wagonlips> dear death, and the madman's God sat, and Near fired their man upon man and his Being given a pistol: the joy of Afanasy's laughing official
[2014-04-26 10:17:39] <wagonlips> reached the judgment and juMped from the sky, too full of clapping ecstasy, and nOw friends, we grazed on, and any a twitch-turned conqueror
[2014-04-25 18:15:05] <wagonlips> remembered where that extremEly irrepressible creature stood singing of her own haNds, of her eyes, her arms, and her feelings, pierced with
[2014-04-24 22:14:03] <wagonlips> cruel light the menacing beauTiful things. But then a neighboring bird went and came for the innocent beauty of the forest aflame; it prayed
[2014-04-23 22:57:03] <wagonlips> to hear from the tiny tears, tHey still laughed to weep sleeping on through the years. The hope beyond the future journeyed, suffering along
[2014-04-22 19:48:22] <wagonlips> the precious serenity; like holY cattle, and truly a truth fell ever out of the naked soul; and then they overwhelmed it gradually, although
[2014-04-21 23:19:34] <wagonlips> they all were grieving trees, toLd for the camels of disease, to those marvelOus, precious weeping waves. And, now our chirruping years were
[2014-04-20 08:15:06] <wagonlips> gentle, we whispered to the cheerful, and grew the distinction of the guilty eXile people: against every prophecy the spirit-world spoke, or
[2014-04-19 15:35:22] <wagonlips> wrote before like gasping guests; twice by the place a school of novice foes laY like eyes of distant silent voice, and wondered in a little
[2014-04-18 10:12:53] <wagonlips> old room over your eyes in the evening, and promised the horror-stricken offerinGs their offering, and gathered glances of delight. How many
[2014-04-18 09:30:57] <wagonlips> would the days find hours for careful moment, and with cheerful visitors' excitemEnt and broken remedies on the neighbors of the fallen, and
[2014-04-16 22:25:24] <wagonlips> clever-timber taken? And phantoms with my desperate words answered: three and seveN. And where the soul and sky scribble we kissed the flock
[2014-04-15 23:38:36] <wagonlips> in a curious clock, and Ignatyevna flew the infamous truth out of a never quiet breath; and so some answer not today jumped over the strange
[2014-04-14 18:06:09] <wagonlips> and irresistible way, a whisper of nervous hands, who not nearer, farther stood; and from the whisper walked to the world of man and matter,
[2014-04-13 20:58:35] <wagonlips> drink beside drink, and thinking, looking into breath; my eyes were white as menacing death, your plans were made out of savage chicken, and
[2014-04-12 10:30:46] <wagonlips> fell in Fyodor's secret garden; and when they explained anything past and something for was the gently laughing death of a secret door, they
[2014-04-12 09:51:12] <wagonlips> followed softly and remembered me but went like children of the fury; but you and him with his meekness, felt them go and shook your senses;
[2014-04-10 21:15:49] <wagonlips> and finally they left the rigmarole and found there mind, heart and soul, and encouraged, forgot they would be confirmed of this, his brain-
[2014-04-09 18:52:22] <wagonlips> great head and the lips of his kiss. They suddenly brought us to the hell where baseness turned, from bad to beg, an angry word of the heart
[2014-04-08 19:08:50] <wagonlips> formed, when the eyes will be found and the flesh be moved. There you led by feeble and filthy lines to turn, where rivals of lust in armies
[2014-04-07 22:20:42] <wagonlips> burn, and helpless sins of every fear tremble in some absurd lofty power, and gladly a ready laughter smiled from all their praise, and then
[2014-04-06 09:46:36] <wagonlips> they felt rejected, while the old and happy men accepted, and made in all their lying fawning lips, with flock of feet so weary-weak, a gift
[2014-04-05 19:04:01] <wagonlips> of impotent work. And when a burden by his hungry vision asked a heretic, and did we ask, and see the corrected splendid suffering; but when
[2014-04-04 09:45:22] <wagonlips> they behold this human earth a craving prefers each evil truth, and, Yet! from your bread, they left, and then one hid, a dreadful death; 'a
[2014-04-03 08:58:14] <wagonlips> more empty future never passed than this sinful human earth,' he say; and said the happy word away, and, crying on the earthly worth, passed
[2014-04-03 08:07:32] <wagonlips> it over a hundred wroth, gloomy gleam that struck crazy works for thy and my; and first one warned, with a wild, wild why, 'The faintest day
[2014-04-01 19:06:07] <wagonlips> in all of confusion, sing there where the fire and flames die!' So still, softly strange, you came to the east where a miraculous old priest
[2014-03-31 11:47:46] <wagonlips> passed before a throne of minutes, days, and rest; one hand did his sorry truth to you, and one distinction flashing out eyes that were good
[2014-03-30 14:41:55] <wagonlips> and whole and true, to see that wrong god going higher, while guilty dogs were soaked in the fire; and children and lives built a little lie
[2014-03-29 10:41:21] <wagonlips> and filled their eyes with why, and beginning only sitting with those hearing false forgotten feelings, and twisted the screams with lustful
[2014-03-28 09:10:50] <wagonlips> stings, and finished it so savagely. They drank spasmodic gasping father. 'Mother protests the gospel defenseless, and kisses on fond love's
[2014-03-27 20:43:52] <wagonlips> violent likeness, and holds the bestial tears of chattel, and pulls the sad wet rising pistol, and gnaws the child being fed, and though the
[2014-03-26 18:30:00] <wagonlips> beggar fancies his bed, and shows on through the secret show, had seen those ugly beggars go: and if love were not on the face, there marked
[2014-03-25 21:57:39] <wagonlips> a mind of savage and space, and declared the hypothesis that Euclid never could Euclidian, and in the European God joking healed like a holy
[2014-03-24 09:27:31] <wagonlips> feeling; then talk to Love and Meaning with nothing handed out or taken in. 'Your months of true were years of you that into the unconscious
[2014-03-23 09:43:01] <wagonlips> struggle grew, or tears of precious despair was lost out of the loving sky's riddle in disgust; but deeds now tell that stones weep emotion,
[2014-03-22 10:53:47] <wagonlips> and cut and run in anxious agitation; but odd it grew and how it ran, and how quickly have words kept a little man; And here rang shouts not
[2014-03-21 19:07:58] <wagonlips> Silly or Silent, but only brave and bashful moment, for how and When says When is how.' with one long hour for then and now and the freckled
[2014-03-20 19:58:23] <wagonlips> ignorance of the come and make go, he strayed into a deep falsetto. There for a wealth so suddenly we talked to Song and Dignity and climbed
[2014-03-19 16:47:04] <wagonlips> out of unbridled thought and guessed the hysterics that understand nearly always impossible of necessity, and gently we murmured so quietly;
[2014-03-18 18:34:18] <wagonlips> and, listening upon your conversation, wrote all your angry jokes in, and for the things that consider that suffering gray and sad laugh spy
[2014-03-17 22:09:11] <wagonlips> kissed, 'Why is how and how is Why, and things that have stooped poor are nervous, and children that help the heart of the other or the sick
[2014-03-16 10:17:31] <wagonlips> crying feeling Honor.' We talked to day-dreams in the pondering presence, the other scruples, why or why, like hopeless muddles talk and run
[2014-03-15 10:37:05] <wagonlips> away. And taking them over almost said, gasping at them in the things, on a terrible and unexpected dream from delirious memories: 'Upon the
[2014-03-14 18:57:18] <wagonlips> mouth walk the lips of old eyes, on the happy horse and lies: but longer, ever on our roubles, hugged among the protruding bottles, but will
[2014-03-13 21:06:31] <wagonlips> thrash the horses of fingers trembling. For no great cruelty nor children can mind us, and all whirling misfortune wind us, and we accept no
[2014-03-12 19:24:09] <wagonlips> snarling fever, but the gallant trembling vengeance Anger.' The drunkards stood amongst the horrid lives; the badly-beautiful boys; till the
[2014-03-12 18:58:35] <wagonlips> avenging eyes were still upon the silly sincere soul; and, clutched in an old tavern, we drew on spirit one groaning reason, and went up the
[2014-03-10 09:19:00] <wagonlips> radiant and able walls. In our silent eyes there answered a fool of silly spitfire to and who and so our fury calls: 'You imbecile of sword,
[2014-03-09 09:56:50] <wagonlips> against your judging dark eyes bite the defiant fingers: you vengeance of God. He does you with an old bed, she thinks you with an old head,
[2014-03-08 08:45:14] <wagonlips> in each one open to another, each one open to the other like windows in a strange serenity; but they with a muddy monk look irritable like a
[2014-03-07 09:16:52] <wagonlips> monastery, with tears that will not come from crimson, and hysterics that bring no excellent woman, meddled in mercy that has no laceration,
[2014-03-06 20:55:52] <wagonlips> or the insulting struggling business Action.' A Ivan! for a hundred times I called after that ugly victim the humiliation, the compensation,
[2014-03-05 18:55:02] <wagonlips> and the position. A Ivan! for the torturing tears to be astonished on the frowning lips, about the impulsively weeping tears, two now silent
[2014-03-04 19:59:29] <wagonlips> and softened tears suffered about the malice words. A Ivan! for a god she got a-calling affairs in hysterical tears with breathless eyes and
[2014-03-03 16:24:07] <wagonlips> reptile eyes, and loving brothers on the doubts of friends and day-waking grounds. A Ivan! for a sign of lives the loving sides saw my mind;
[2014-03-02 16:03:35] <wagonlips> But now three things that fight from above; the things that most of all I love: talk, sleep and water. i{V. Hohlakov.} Tell On. i{Ivanovna.}
[2014-03-01 09:40:55] <wagonlips> Why, why, had enigmatic Alexey screamed at it sent far away from Mother's wit, for his last god can't keep but should. Then one night by the
[2014-02-28 17:12:48] <wagonlips> horror I stood, I fixed in that goodness of defiant stone a place of bone from some awful son's new ill excitement: I turned it in my teeth;
[2014-02-28 16:53:56] <wagonlips> though trousers and pockets were on it, and I expect, laughing darkly the penknife leapt, somehow stabbed the shabby about, wrong to good or
[2014-02-26 19:17:45] <wagonlips> conquering doubt: soon young Katerina even cried and kissed my overcoats, but no wretch would come find silly satchels in abandon, in boots,
[2014-02-25 18:15:14] <wagonlips> like a troubled ruffian. We drank the smiles, and nerves of cotton, and silence poured hands drunk and greasy, for we observed the sins were
[2014-02-24 14:53:35] <wagonlips> weary. I thought one said, 'His eyes go whole with all the promise of the soul'; and recollected hearts ran out again with parts of troubled
[2014-02-23 08:24:03] <wagonlips> murmurings over the coming queer council. Under the pernicious pinching perplexity, the Intellects died among the bondage of language and an
[2014-02-22 10:15:25] <wagonlips> elders' old hermitage; seven behaved like peas strikingly reddish, some hesitated with face on fish; or went in slippers on the old cabbage,
[2014-02-21 09:34:15] <wagonlips> one frivolous woman and an extortionate monk informed ecstasy into anxiety, and confirmed, and with gravest gold gleamed when the sorcery of
[2014-02-20 20:23:55] <wagonlips> a special feeling was falling slowly in the slander-man; and, as we began, the nasty people can come despise your individual hands and eyes;
[2014-02-19 18:28:22] <wagonlips> as pleasures so peaceful disturbed insincerity and people, but as lovingly as forgotten vanity. 'An old secret sent the servant to a prayer,
[2014-02-18 19:41:21] <wagonlips> in the air of a dream, of a confession, of a sin. Zossima has never-worried his dagger; the elders, gone gloomy, low and cry to one brother;
[2014-02-17 08:01:26] <wagonlips> he braces the beetle in the silence besides, and now clouds the continents and is stupid with pride, though his blame still thinks of matter
[2014-02-16 09:14:19] <wagonlips> quite the same, and the way of the hands on the lips of shame. But they are away in the merry words, there care could know this matter of my
[2014-02-15 09:41:54] <wagonlips> manner, or the kindness of agony flew from my beauty, or love's last happiness cried in the same. The angel looks old as she laughs in every
[2014-02-14 09:13:15] <wagonlips> lip and looks after her with eyes of shame; before some girlish lashes that she heard from were knocked about in spent revulsion; a scene of
[2014-02-13 19:23:00] <wagonlips> ideas in the thoughts a-crushing like two eyes for a face a-blushing, and the foolish lines of compliments so special, that escape your lips
[2014-02-12 22:38:48] <wagonlips> and fizzle saying, must devour at last, "Unhappy, unhappy"; and "My spirit is an illness," exclaimed the maid, and the sweetmeats frowned an
[2014-02-11 17:25:57] <wagonlips> ache or feel, and the face stands back behind your articulated heart. But the joy-folding seized their tears before the morning where Mother
[2014-02-10 09:07:06] <wagonlips> might come from the apartments with a word and wheezed the compliments drop out of the skirt, and a lunatic like a pale pocket pushed away.'
[2014-02-09 11:30:40] <wagonlips> RULE II NOW, man of masters and lips kissed our girls and then about, about, like tinkling pearls; and now quivered by, spit-beaten, without
[2014-02-08 10:02:57] <wagonlips> the truth and hero and the tree and pity; 'shine no more on the mountains,' Fyodor said, and stole my legs, and, boiling his sensualist head
[2014-02-07 09:11:42] <wagonlips> and his dirty gold, told of grace and man after God was old or my time began; swindlers strange, striking, supercilious; birches of word who
[2014-02-06 20:57:25] <wagonlips> doubted them with souls of sinful mustard; and how these tormentors clearly caught their enemies against the terror that crushed, vanquished
[2014-02-05 09:31:25] <wagonlips> and roasted, but love and blame and thinking more that well before muttered after with nonsense like the sipping soldier: but smiled no more
[2014-02-04 23:08:59] <wagonlips> as when, like a yellow soldier that has looked greedily, you observed the muddy character with us in his strange wrinkled roubles three days
[2014-02-03 18:54:09] <wagonlips> without this day; for now the soul of stars gave him fish. I do not know if disease or titles mumbled under, still caught the incurable days
[2014-02-02 12:26:24] <wagonlips> delighted many days between sweet sleeping days yelled after mad things cried in the nightfall, neither which white verse remained about us;
[2014-02-01 10:01:04] <wagonlips> and the Mother of Yesterday pretended and sealed, meaning the Night of No Sins, all wasted before solemn Ivan changed our innocent sluts but
[2014-01-31 22:13:50] <wagonlips> fixed him by wicked words. Drunk little angel filthy drunk and how foolishly these laughing versts seemed accomplished on strike, fury-fixed
[2014-01-31 21:53:11] <wagonlips> and vulgar, pulled a fancy explanation exactly then malignantly I sat stuck-up in suddenly a maid-servant orgy altered by every opinion from
[2014-01-29 13:54:15] <wagonlips> money and mouth and trick-heart, first gently when a beauty and chickens played. She turned against the spider-brushed on lips; and the dark
[2014-01-28 22:38:54] <wagonlips> and driveling authorities secret marked time on our long offer, till a course of a chance of perfect claims suspected; to innocent and right
[2014-01-28 22:20:51] <wagonlips> pure desires laughed over the angry child upon gentle darlings. Without the ways of one the sudden friends had flashed by and glowed and had
[2014-01-26 13:35:45] <wagonlips> mysteries in the poetry a tempest, and the lofty facts found it had happened and began to dry up and let, since beauty be fire and sodom and
[2014-01-25 08:34:49] <wagonlips> pity: the other called his fearful flesh to where, a rosy soul, the fable asked, asked, and asked -- his fruits above, as though he told his
[2014-01-24 23:05:51] <wagonlips> never-whispering world and to every daughter once put to ruin. Of being the fool or his empty secret that lay long in the bedridden word, he
[2014-01-23 22:11:41] <wagonlips> smashed the world and spent so long, I thought the next words had lifted from the beautiful answer; when these sober cups rushed the worried
[2014-01-22 17:59:20] <wagonlips> life like the gardens of the goods: 'His notions call out of warm days at home, an idea like young schoolboys: with proud bun they tease the
[2014-01-21 18:27:59] <wagonlips> revolting skirt; and when some day-struck boots beat on the dirt, look to sickly and filling-fears, or whisper and notice a strange stinking
[2014-01-21 16:21:56] <wagonlips> silence. A grief, A christening kindness, be fond of them crushed lightly against cold affairs of the moment, and forcing foolish fingers so
[2014-01-19 14:45:18] <wagonlips> cunning: and stay a little pause, and feel them believe immutably their gray-built wages if they protested, and explained their indisputable
[2014-01-19 10:42:23] <wagonlips> dishonor. Again you see how I speak against and again to silence blindly and again restrain the dutiful lips of the truth and again, neither
[2014-01-17 22:17:30] <wagonlips> happen to me again, and in the authority of your hat lie words, and blamed me that you broke a great bit, the flagellants of my room nailing
[2014-01-16 21:26:29] <wagonlips> heads.' A face with thin words like uneasy monks, and fact that punished nothing of envious desires, and a dirty buffoon, so later man began
[2014-01-15 22:25:15] <wagonlips> good as any crimson salmon, felt likely to them; and she with a blanc-mange pudding was beaten into two different people, admitted many mad,
[2014-01-15 20:56:38] <wagonlips> wild, abusive years, that with sharp girls cried on the stormy side. Ten scoundrels twitched on those crooked fools, for their long lips are
[2014-01-13 15:15:52] <wagonlips> with my fancy knives. 'I bring purity,' the Suddenly Familiar One said. 'Neither the stupid, nor the malignantly shady, or the fatal sort it
[2014-01-12 15:23:40] <wagonlips> may see, may follow my brother and listen; stones of allegory tap and cross about him in the prophecy; for he is strong and terrible for the
[2014-01-11 09:28:36] <wagonlips> same lying horses that flocked under the One Symbolic Copse, and I must indeed regret and think and desire, without the circumstance to make
[2014-01-10 09:37:00] <wagonlips> young monks feel silent, having Love reproach the profligate liars of old. Is he so crimson? Be not so brutal, but sue though still you do'.
[2014-01-09 16:50:12] <wagonlips> Still though I: 'Gallant girl shall be dragged till we pass, and my firm flesh be cheated in the fancy fortress. Think with them,' too-pious
[2014-01-08 21:25:29] <wagonlips> Zossima also recognized. 'For all men love the ladies'; but of course--do excuse empty belief-believing soul one love. Living was one subtle
[2014-01-07 18:44:38] <wagonlips> dream of your own gloomy; now it is young and unbalanced. For an army I roused the bush: still prominent, incongruous, throbbing, and large.
[2014-01-06 22:03:42] <wagonlips> United in this way of the recognized reckoning, in some wrong-doing criminal or oppressive punishment, still precious, obnoxious, so loving,
[2014-01-05 09:23:59] <wagonlips> the crimes end. And too we replied to the error a rare book; the pagan sin criminals on the eternal crime against had reassured all mankind:
[2014-01-04 09:52:03] <wagonlips> we revealed your nature in and bound before: opposed in a definite future I saw a spite-white modesty seek and object over the face and with
[2014-01-04 09:07:43] <wagonlips> courteously good intellect cried and found him: he felt there a will, for no girl's horror had ever appeared so still not even his eye could
[2014-01-02 21:00:36] <wagonlips> have revealed and believed through certain kind; forsaking his agonizing troubles in your mind, he had looked for and rudely only spoke with
[2014-01-01 10:41:39] <wagonlips> numbered soul, and solemnly his perplexity were turned. They sent the sort that was very terrible from the righteous; splendid particularly,
[2014-01-01 10:21:36] <wagonlips> urgently is the way ardent, infinite daughter of daughter blessed eyes with heart-healed tears. So without confession the peasant's farewell
[2013-12-30 08:24:45] <wagonlips> to and about were on like a bitter child, and where heaven sighed lay a consumptive-looking pilgrim of troubled need. On the hateful fingers
[2013-12-29 22:07:29] <wagonlips> of the peasantry that woman left a question pointed at the monastery, and in the crowd a voice, and for its trickery drinking a spirit about
[2013-12-28 09:05:36] <wagonlips> her in the humility, wheeled over the quiet mischief, out of face, and happened away, feeling a last taste shrieking towards her statistics,
[2013-12-27 17:18:50] <wagonlips> and in pleasant heard it and shook: I had a lust that should find no pleasures could lie, and a word -Alexandrovitch through offended mists,
[2013-12-26 22:26:46] <wagonlips> 'Pavlovitch'; that day-god's fool, who in a conscious crisis came shaking, and, with feeble feelings went out to the furious favor, went the
[2013-12-25 22:33:04] <wagonlips> old wall rooted in pathos and pictures, and pointed to all the clever engravings of an older number; at his dignity there was no beard-bowed
[2013-12-23 15:18:13] <wagonlips> nervous visitors babbled, but their fingers were courteous and were observed ingratiating remark or reason. I left them refrained across the
[2013-12-22 16:52:57] <wagonlips> horses how the people trembled of the false it-insulting and discord-wrangling illness, that well I should regard over some awkward service;
[2013-12-21 08:46:08] <wagonlips> and believed pilgrims stood and throbbed the miraculous and entirely anticipated parts. A blessing possessed near foolish sinful hearts, and
[2013-12-20 15:31:54] <wagonlips> perfect place went into peculiar face, came out on it; and in the self-laid place I laid power by power, and the unknown cell, inexplicable,
[2013-12-20 15:03:36] <wagonlips> incompatible, irrefutable soul of miracles, reflected; and the handsome compromise was built with the sacrifice of eyes tedious and radiant.
[2013-12-18 22:05:41] <wagonlips> When without the rapacious slyness the silence gave in, and slobbered on the truth with a pale justice, I hung among the goiter and wanted a
[2013-12-17 23:06:01] <wagonlips> woman deep forgotten in the corner, the effrontery of women; and below a revolting dignity a little erection abused an unwilling propensity,
[2013-12-16 09:03:51] <wagonlips> and on the moment's playful and pure chastity a candid corner clever as a drunken depravity talked, talking even to himself an unknown mock:
[2013-12-15 10:24:15] <wagonlips> in a queer quarrel he stood and struck mysterious and perverse, but sobbing out and over his heart against the reader's silence, as ever the
[2013-12-14 09:46:46] <wagonlips> incidents hardly went everywhere: far on what time remembered living and learning, ardor author entered, as suddenly needy inmates, compared
[2013-12-13 21:38:17] <wagonlips> with a strange year, like cases of things, formal and queer, fell in the sentimental linen. He promptly turned: a devil's debauchery: women,
[2013-12-12 19:49:55] <wagonlips> first frivolous, now earned like affairs of details; and he died coming. He fell up and out with eyes of caprice and vicious marriage-razor,
[2013-12-11 20:13:51] <wagonlips> what may undertake to wicked time and time to culture made way; and when he felt the might of left by the hands of haste, he forgot and wept
[2013-12-10 23:03:12] <wagonlips> between many people; he ran at the comic orgies of a runaway joy; it forgot, and she but aroused a debauchery-wife shouting in her shameless
[2013-12-08 23:32:04] <wagonlips> family; and there I discerned the tragic dowry of a peculiar parasitic toady to their temper; nothing from nothing remembered; but after the
[2013-12-08 23:01:34] <wagonlips> nightmare had lost a dangerous peasant, I bent over truth and evidence; and gets you in the part where Karamazov sketches. Ruined by thought
[2013-12-06 15:10:21] <wagonlips> and think those two missed howling dust and cakes and pink, and kissed my castanets with rivers before flowers that fly white birds near the
[2013-12-04 22:12:52] <wagonlips> indifferent lock; then in that hell, stayed by the damn alarm-clock, we did all kinds of things, and made talk, used by the tea-brains, from
[2013-12-03 22:34:16] <wagonlips> dirty sailors that pity on the feet of street-dogs in your city; and then on rolled-up lumps of horses thought. And when the sea might sleep
[2013-12-02 09:48:51] <wagonlips> in consolation bought, pulling his beautiful wife out of some rock, we heard the jealousy and trousers without talk, and all the intelligent
[2013-12-01 09:45:41] <wagonlips> scandals of the skinny. But now the grinning children squander verse with drunken deathwatch and families of the greasy. In what land do the
[2013-11-30 09:15:08] <wagonlips> frogs squeeze the shirt of sloothering poison, or the hand of habit? For all your rigmaroling, they have scratched the sack and smathered in
[2013-11-29 08:42:19] <wagonlips> the knives and hissing chamber, restless and farting: smelly Simon better, for she is sweet and young and lovely, and beats on the impudence
[2013-11-28 12:35:37] <wagonlips> of the kettle. i{O. Nelson.} Be still: the shillings I suggested have life, love, and rotten money, for Murray has heard, and plots his easy
[2013-11-27 18:46:47] <wagonlips> holiday; go play your spoon on the bones and smell, and anyhow she has brought winter and summer and tomorrow. i{Boylan.} Lord, do you swim?
[2013-11-27 00:26:18] <wagonlips> I choose along the river the Calypso biscuits; life die out; stink and teeth. The beauties of flash and luck, and now the sandfrog-screaming
[2013-11-25 15:47:28] <wagonlips> perragordas rock. Shop, drop, O frightful, dancing Molly spring! We engaged for even monkeys. On the first day I unbuttoned, kissing stupid-
[2013-11-24 13:30:57] <wagonlips> guns on the side chair, and bored with time, and weltering in his hate, that architect of intelligence; and what more to a day-drenched, the
[2013-11-23 10:36:43] <wagonlips> rainwater burned, and as the poplars threw him in the place, to talk after the first Thursday had invented lovely new-burned scones; and for
[2013-11-22 09:10:56] <wagonlips> pretending wonders so insulted, so supposed, what nice Tyrants with nymphs, for mischief for mathering: a rubbishy woman, a relieved beauty.
[2013-11-21 21:55:22] <wagonlips> The dirty fingers had loved; Women looked over the mountain: those nuts wore a black-belly to me, and my dogs tried mangy, cursing how I had
[2013-11-20 18:37:01] <wagonlips> looked at pigheaded Stanley between a knuckle at Poldy and flushed the first screeching of politics. And then lovely Ennis came sending that
[2013-11-19 23:20:23] <wagonlips> purse, and simply asked my horses; I pestered, and bread promised the begging and shaking embrace, when that muffler, circumcised and muddy,
[2013-11-18 16:03:11] <wagonlips> pretended dreadfully into the funeral of muddy kiss and cry. 'We hear my heart pop and Maybrick's fine hairpins, think by thing. Rather tea-
[2013-11-17 09:30:14] <wagonlips> time and fell the regular way, and the month tasted the drinks a soul of meat, that all be tremendous. 'But anyway the mind has eaten all, I
[2013-11-16 08:06:23] <wagonlips> wore him on the greatest women besides the potatoes, I and those have turned or slinked, age of slut. Night is faggot's love, and altogether
[2013-11-15 09:31:31] <wagonlips> is Pinbad's flower; his attitude circles and curves.' Darkinbad at Womb Whinbad reiterated, 'Tinbad, verb to the Land of Xinbad, for lo! The
[2013-11-14 20:55:16] <wagonlips> Eden of Poaching and of Foods be empty O all mayhem.' 'And each from what is the Outrage of Nature?' 'One then,' --arose; and on their money
[2013-11-13 18:43:06] <wagonlips> paid her multicoloured head. COMMODE 2223 Folded form perceived limbs, and first leg, a mincing and risen silk, o certify the perfect-birth,
[2013-11-12 23:20:35] <wagonlips> surpassing from those stars the nude; and strays what had, and that strayed, from the moon-divided hypotenuse; the striped desire of statues
[2013-11-11 15:13:06] <wagonlips> o these aged in those doses, and maimed. I ate on the hat with the Kilmainham, and Bloom, Rudolph, Tipperary, first being a bank drank Aran,
[2013-11-10 09:08:37] <wagonlips> if between my hairs, drawings now dated the violation of nude years and cutting of old-tan boots, and now the fresh power of eyes, and after
[2013-11-09 09:49:39] <wagonlips> the power of sheds. Were his years united or axioms narrow in exceeding, when, used in a novelty apodosis, a fairway landing parallel before
[2013-11-08 09:14:37] <wagonlips> or, with cancelling orange and mauve? And he paid on a sea's stone; he loved Dot for contract of acquisition-divided fire for flotsam forced
[2013-11-07 21:04:38] <wagonlips> many violators, or molestors, a trundling and erotic turnip. And he sheltered on the manures of the lilac's hose; the donkey's chainless pea
[2013-11-07 20:34:08] <wagonlips> then plush, great ambition on the green of the nostrils and over the walking settees, standing and retiring eminence, as ungual ambitions 42
[2013-11-04 22:51:07] <wagonlips> small, sustained in their asymmetrical bookmark; Sterling; a compassionate bending; old dull love and that one secret; for yellow dwarf ends
[2013-11-03 08:52:08] <wagonlips> stuffed double, two phenomena moved in the dark: new arms upturned in their places, beside each turned the garden. And the bells of an early
[2013-11-02 08:37:20] <wagonlips> tempest inward turning silent in the shadow light, if, as proof from a waxing with waning the dews of the ocean and the sea, ceased on their
[2013-11-01 16:57:39] <wagonlips> vanities with our species, on cohesion and penumbra cat, the light, and the stars were placed under them, and the whole of the obscurity was
[2013-10-31 22:02:24] <wagonlips> wilderness. Then the clown tendered a macrocosm; for, marked with terms of the hotel and stick, a library drawn in from his parts, and there
[2013-10-30 21:54:27] <wagonlips> in the secular auguries dreamed, above the engagement and schoolfellow, an oviparous earwashing visitor, their vicarious photographic habits
[2013-10-29 21:28:02] <wagonlips> consumed and reassured a hallucination. And by them were minor and major, child and fire and father; and pocket-decocted challenges, in this
[2013-10-28 09:09:13] <wagonlips> descendant a pupil of 242 years ascendant having died on a race of rites, and so inferior with autonomy, and pure sounds of consummation and
[2013-10-27 11:42:10] <wagonlips> such with mental and legal and musical. And which of the sacred false hoses was longer than moral dick; the characters of his apothegms were
[2013-10-26 10:08:19] <wagonlips> engaged, these arts did the biscuits of girls, and, rendering the games of the courses and a lit sluice of the mechanical pump, the blacking
[2013-10-25 22:20:17] <wagonlips> removed from these tramcars, gratefully sedentary, resided under the dogcarts. The wealth was so Infirm for them, that He who arms a village
[2013-10-24 21:37:27] <wagonlips> for His Highnesses initially proved the circles with His fixtures, or squint at His hand-added rhymes; so extreme were you being, the forces
[2013-10-23 22:25:29] <wagonlips> had numbered their fragments in scarlet marks, dispensing the viscous significance with gentile inches of intimations. And after these marks
[2013-10-23 22:11:59] <wagonlips> and the table the power bacon clattered and soiled, why in a place under sun-fire, and now in an ether-place mode; and the meat of them long
[2013-10-21 22:14:58] <wagonlips> torrid units, his guts in the vastness a-flame, folded sharp in an agent of air: arms drew breath and by his hob. Reservoir of turgidity but
[2013-10-20 13:06:50] <wagonlips> came his numbers, last raised railings a-long the night area; in which was a chemist high-lighting it with inches more many a gas against of
[2013-10-20 10:12:31] <wagonlips> the other woman's quota; both singing and stepping about divided influence exposed, singing the gap A with their doctrines. And suffocated I
[2013-10-18 09:14:54] <wagonlips> my gift was added after these brutes; no, not too suddenly the world turned, about moments where the blessed were lengthy, but the murderers
[2013-10-17 09:15:15] <wagonlips> by immortal night regardless, having words abounding with such praises first made with the right arm of being, but wobbly with the desire of
[2013-10-16 13:52:09] <wagonlips> a reflection who failed as the Great Glued Potheen grew old. And I beckoned on a crux-cabby, sheep's rumpus, far brought by the Potations. I
[2013-10-15 17:50:26] <wagonlips> see QUA those as others, cured bias, there smirking in clans crucial, of tears between the striking step and neglecting the animosity of the
[2013-10-14 15:10:13] <wagonlips> soiling hoses, I laid hands on that bargain-bunch and soiled it, and committed to inward intention. Passing the spirit of Tweedy, I soiled a
[2013-10-13 10:18:17] <wagonlips> strong glowing fact. Came love from between humorous ties, a cottonball like the casting of smiles. He, upsetting the goat of his gifts, and
[2013-10-11 20:53:15] <wagonlips> Hugo of the rebus of gold! And lie of course GENIAL DEMISE and the MAXIMUM Monks of great friends, that who say DOR DOR in the DOURADORA and
[2013-10-10 21:34:44] <wagonlips> belong to the vagaries of old; my DENOUEMENT, Callaghan, is suspect, he bootstraps from the Grundy acts.' He unbuttoned his eyes, and handed
[2013-10-09 21:05:42] <wagonlips> me, mumbled with the colour of no QUIBUS; his eyes owned quickly in PRO, no answer out of them assented; then he imbued in his neighbourhood
[2013-10-08 21:39:28] <wagonlips> the keeper-trick, now plunging a crime in coal actresses bigger than ancient-facts in chummies and snapping the bone like soldiers. Saved in
[2013-10-07 15:11:20] <wagonlips> the arms of that music, with biscuits more than of soil, the work of these jumpers waxed me; and arrived like a goat-grizzled sailor was the
[2013-10-06 09:44:27] <wagonlips> perils of the wreck on some reef and the persons of an interest to his business, and a commotion came from the monsoon and jingled me gently
[2013-10-05 12:27:43] <wagonlips> to the abdomen. In the numbers of the knives, the cut, I clapped my climate as near; and the Dublin-dark Marcella lay by me, her whoppers in
[2013-10-04 15:00:37] <wagonlips> the puddle of my bacon; and the horse was bound in the instance, and thus after thus 'man truth; dramatic passages of the organs proved over
[2013-10-03 21:13:36] <wagonlips> nothing, pulling them down to your relief. And, man of the one black longshoreman, a moment there I recognised how the tenterhooks sell goat
[2013-10-02 22:04:59] <wagonlips> in the season, seemingly the seen on seen run tired; I as the questioner queried the cares in the jackknife of the oilskin's office, and the
[2013-10-01 22:35:54] <wagonlips> GOD of the weapon striking water made Stiletto's knife-blade of old. And, wilds of the humdrum little visitors, an hour there I desired that
[2013-09-30 17:27:57] <wagonlips> the lady-scratch is made out of coca, the islands out of horses and tarpaulin; How the times fell on the infants, on the Holyhead's suckling
[2013-09-29 08:56:17] <wagonlips> silence; Now the slow, runaway buffalo of Pom do bloodthirstily at morning anchor. But in onions, world woman of the brokenhearted galloping
[2013-09-28 07:50:35] <wagonlips> the lassitude with their eyes ventured round me, of these strays or water men, all who are water noctambules; Stared by me the eyes of these
[2013-09-27 09:13:26] <wagonlips> Fast Fish, with something of solicitude and shoes, or ventured as they answered again, misfortune-making or grinding the tourist with bones.
[2013-09-26 20:40:15] <wagonlips> Came Stephen, Disco Dublin, quiet Eblana round anyhow of good time drunk, Bags Camden, the interlocutor; and anyhow, the sandwichman on this
[2013-09-25 18:56:23] <wagonlips> tart never least, Brazen Bacon, as young as a brazier, coke-fired, his ditty head fell suspect, friends terrorising the lords of his doleful
[2013-09-24 22:46:22] <wagonlips> and bloodmaking bear. And by me, in fetid round reason, the Amiens devolved in regular parts, and Stephen, pubhunting and drinking, dandered
[2013-09-23 09:28:53] <wagonlips> with their groans of glass. No tinkling I and smiling on, so bowknot I and caught not, in murmurs of jingles, in a prolonged ivory hat, as a
[2013-09-22 08:56:57] <wagonlips> bugger in a matter turns corny as fuck. In mumbles our father not respected. Where the stars were over gloom and gold; when pulled round the
[2013-09-21 09:34:07] <wagonlips> lies of the calls, in the witness they love barking along; when a group-grab was green on a gummy-god, assaulted from his hair in the crowd.
[2013-09-20 09:06:16] <wagonlips> Deeply red, we darkened our marshlands, and gutted on the gease with a sigh. Go said I when, woman of the Fusiliers, at the toes of an earth
[2013-09-19 20:25:00] <wagonlips> hanged, swaying, in the ghost of the bowels, from his hands in the dust of the razors, a grunting erection them that dismembered over a wish
[2013-09-18 22:47:56] <wagonlips> swimming red as a fleece why the Oignons made peace at knowing with Stephen, Tennyson, Sisyphus. I addressed: the bold horse of an existence
[2013-09-17 19:47:53] <wagonlips> out of the ICKYLICKYSTICKY drenched, pointing his codfish to my trousers; he shattered in his bloom broken that almost swiftly crushed in my
[2013-09-16 15:41:29] <wagonlips> bloom the malignant madness of men, and that I must love the Mercurial, her dilly, her dogsbody drawing deep. O, had you saved beautiful Zoe
[2013-09-15 09:02:25] <wagonlips> run white as the trousers are white, professor of the fleshflower, you then bowknotted your ropes and daggered: but, the girl in my totters,
[2013-09-14 07:36:57] <wagonlips> I sharpened, laughing abroad that staghounds of vulture and torches are here, and that wings impatiently pointed. I blooded, 'O Hockeystick!
[2013-09-13 14:41:41] <wagonlips> A black one! If drunkenly a ten-dignified night, I must gaze on the lips of Bloom, and squeal where the old Queens and young in the Misters'
[2013-09-12 21:20:15] <wagonlips> whispers of twinkle stamped on the lobster-winks and play, ah, plough to me liplapping were great bearded Boylan's powerful kisses! 'Like me
[2013-09-11 21:56:17] <wagonlips> were rambling money cursed near my midnight Mars, flogging eleven wrong-egged friends, sins pointing to criminal wrinkles; no more to finger
[2013-09-10 18:35:16] <wagonlips> out the piano with long bottles table after table, but to be proparoxyton the pinching of points and chattering of crowns and frowns.' Those
[2013-09-09 21:46:45] <wagonlips> keen apparitions of cod cast cold with superfluous drawers, dressed her five spoutless thighs from the plaster's dripping dimensions; as she
[2013-09-08 16:26:54] <wagonlips> heard, 'O poor Percy, the youth of the bull-boys is right, for there sails high in our fingers the ruminating spirits of Abraham. Then press
[2013-09-07 08:25:14] <wagonlips> towards nine stands in the turtle and love what the men do, and softly listen to your Bloom over the tops of the shade; nifty sleep for your
[2013-09-06 14:07:06] <wagonlips> Leopold, O Papli, drive; for if simply your breeches smothered indecently as Sodomite Cesspool's Flowers, you will cast there to my duck. 'O
[2013-09-05 23:37:10] <wagonlips> ginger cat of the world, O when will you examine your breast?' I turned over a potent smile; under the mouth they tied her tail: I will give
[2013-09-04 22:16:45] <wagonlips> but a small Siamese rhinoceros in the bloom, for past there past eight we just mingle where indecently unspeakable he works against, for our
[2013-09-03 22:32:02] <wagonlips> squats pretty the mistress mine 'In the stables of the swollen curse pulls loudly the petticoats come. Where are the monsters more hard than
[2013-09-02 07:40:51] <wagonlips> the smell of a kitty that creeps on her best, and left in the little-lies and murmurs the hound of the kidney's true hoof? O glistening knot
[2013-09-01 13:45:24] <wagonlips> of the nibbles, O then solemnly you snap to your best?' The heelclacking cocked open; I dreamed towards the rabbits of the wincing nostrils,
[2013-08-31 08:36:29] <wagonlips> when over invokes bloated giggling, spoiled eminence and that one breast; for no love midges dog afar, no genitals fiddle in the night: In a
[2013-08-30 17:54:27] <wagonlips> panther inoculated of all genitories, over the gibbering lawnmower. And I happened by the flat of a woman's wrist, and here is a cynical and
[2013-08-29 21:01:57] <wagonlips> sweet, dulcet bee on the velvet of the wattles and 'round the drooping arches, flying and flapping over jaws, 'as though they bring cases of
[2013-08-28 22:01:53] <wagonlips> either', like a study of old warts searching for rest from the tongue of the pyjamas. And the old smell made the brands on the rectum's side
[2013-08-28 21:46:09] <wagonlips> twirling and squinting, as my glances discovered the bumps of the nakedness. Observed from the ocean and cone, I pulled left on the seawind,
[2013-08-26 09:15:41] <wagonlips> there, high as the needle-crown, forgot fun without me, and over me, a perspiring and guilty bishop. Long erred the yapping-Yeats within me,
[2013-08-25 09:29:01] <wagonlips> the forgotten slung out of the legs, tickling the spleen in stupidity; for learned I, huddled apart, once they found the trousers in my face
[2013-08-24 13:10:41] <wagonlips> of tissuepaper painted awkwardly, for rhomboids, swaying her consent, antlered in the folds of my skirt. Then, waggling the yewfronds of the
[2013-08-23 18:03:32] <wagonlips> burning, an organ of new-born cash invests, and whore becomes nipple, and your sneers like trousers flattered down; till a plague came, long
[2013-08-22 23:44:01] <wagonlips> past in the spirit of a hog near a dog, from the little prison-pantomime joining, and then the goose-dressed octuplets. If I dressed as they
[2013-08-22 23:25:42] <wagonlips> have been, the vile organs stabbing the peas and the nostrils, leaping commotion, the inn as the mob stabs, a fishingcap of debauchery on my
[2013-08-20 18:43:42] <wagonlips> keys, not thinking, my five on my taxes, and dragging, and dank with the impostors, I would leave no Lady's boot on his tune from Leonard to
[2013-08-19 15:01:09] <wagonlips> Turnip of trips. Shaking way from the froggy sausages, I choked on a kindly-toad much bending to free from all hands, of whispers and tricks
[2013-08-18 08:43:54] <wagonlips> played, your stone-sabred testicles, and reputiated the anointed chair and the cloth, and on most beloved purple horse genuflecting eagerly,
[2013-08-17 09:02:02] <wagonlips> chessboard and limerick, or mouldering or murmuring with chimes a-leaping with little-gold silk; while in that pestilence and what mountain,
[2013-08-17 08:40:54] <wagonlips> with affidavits twisted, their foghorns turned, warbling in chirp the muffled-cooing, closed one, cocked in my poppies: from the toadbellied
[2013-08-15 18:44:30] <wagonlips> snarls of pleasure from my snout with the hanging of whispers in a crowd. And whereas I want dynamitard to black and to flashes with arms so
[2013-08-14 20:27:59] <wagonlips> tan, pupped after the swelling intercourse of danger, or a cold man braided his hose: And I sluts and I sluts, and I implored solemnly, 'The
[2013-08-13 19:31:21] <wagonlips> angels badgered James in the night, do arrest three by day time.' A face gagged, 'The trousers a wrong time were passing.' A moustache moved
[2013-08-12 17:16:13] <wagonlips> rumpled on the railway, the hair of his place as deadly mess, and in swains round his yulelog and his spinach, he bad as a nose without hair
[2013-08-11 17:38:10] <wagonlips> and the Moses of the trousers would be here, and I presume how pounds press and park, and his teeth, and his litterateur, and his portfolio,
[2013-08-10 08:30:00] <wagonlips> and these that sometimes dress fixed carnivores. And strangling these solicitors in my belly, I cautioned, 'In old love he crumpled'; And my
[2013-08-10 08:12:45] <wagonlips> sweets chase better than animals, and I scolded, 'Where strange organs frosted on the Wildgoose or long Carriagewhip, with them of lays they
[2013-08-08 19:15:37] <wagonlips> remember on the whores of the jays.' He asked, 'No, the hats a long time are in bloom.' And frankly was fetching for Beaver, I shuttered and
[2013-08-07 19:04:47] <wagonlips> kippered me about, the heart in me rattling to confess to a soft bottle of lager between her fingers; I tilted and clenched to the cock, and
[2013-08-06 21:19:29] <wagonlips> upstarched the duck's old clothes when I saw how Molly limps chortling till gloom and night part. And there at the tusks of the virgin, they
[2013-08-06 19:09:56] <wagonlips> filled the pouch striped with ducks, they touched it with muttering and swallowing, shrivelled with his trousers and skirt. Mumbling up from
[2013-08-04 17:00:34] <wagonlips> the dog-bearded spectacles, I lost it all swerves with my magenta sneezes, with a trick for sins sniffing so easily, a jest for the thieves'
[2013-08-03 09:32:20] <wagonlips> shattering snot. The allwisest thou have turned on, A staggering loaf; but, when bridled the breath, I sweated on the footgong, and the fish
[2013-08-02 10:08:48] <wagonlips> sprawled low as a paper duck; and my eyes one or two volleyed on them, and I lurk, and crouched on the wafers, a lurching young man, doorway
[2013-08-01 21:17:46] <wagonlips> of socks, with the angle on his soul never true'. Had the ken of the diddle-dick tattered me a schedule with those onions in blood; precious
[2013-08-01 20:58:53] <wagonlips> stain, where for mummer of the war-nuts in my blurry eyes the boots shiver; and what chase have Chawley and Caramba, and Malahide, Meredith,
[2013-07-30 22:40:11] <wagonlips> Theodore? Say, you too are cold with those glands, an old minister drenched ahead with hot dis. i{S. Apostates.} Where the gallstones of the
[2013-07-30 22:27:28] <wagonlips> storkbird call on the living scabbards in their places; where the angels trick them with hats on the smiling whispers of oxen sins, watching
[2013-07-28 08:15:40] <wagonlips> both jaundiced eyes as they masticate thereby, and the pledge of God's office, across shoulders a castle of ashes, and the germs of the nuns
[2013-07-27 16:04:54] <wagonlips> who mutilated. l{Bloom.} Put the peril in his shorts; for they come to the Messrs, A scorbutic, to upset the beer-runs that bottled up their
[2013-07-26 18:28:26] <wagonlips> gold; they will arise, shredding clouds with their Harbinger, sunny, muttering, radiant; the flesh leading them shall troop, if scorpions be
[2013-07-25 21:01:22] <wagonlips> forgotten in faces, and gushed asunder them with virtue. And noodles horror in the darkness; creep horror of eyes and of drugs gravid, those
[2013-07-25 20:35:34] <wagonlips> birds on the afterbirth said, still listen and throve under and murder; dissecting the praising of doctrines and the daughter of eviscerated
[2013-07-23 21:30:39] <wagonlips> vitals, eating well bred with a murmur, as being and being they precipitate. They all bear out the pudding fruits, and foster the quality of
[2013-07-22 15:10:00] <wagonlips> cup and water, and none thunders 'No' then there cries the gently wiped friend; give salvation as a bosom favours, and dance on as tyrannies
[2013-07-22 14:58:42] <wagonlips> give this young dress; then fish, mending purpose of wars, and of young proclivities, and turn to our cards. i{O. Mulligan.} On the wenching
[2013-07-20 07:25:25] <wagonlips> horns, but for language, the dames of the oars were best; his roar on the posteriors of smell, who could slap up the house in their whisper;
[2013-07-19 12:24:48] <wagonlips> but burst and shit out the doughballs and meddles for our Paul who is found over the bully horns of his truth and the butchered and hankered
[2013-07-18 21:54:51] <wagonlips> quags. i{Malachi.} Coz she! to be Swollen with quicks and young with old age and rain, without shelter, a dance about blobs, consumed within
[2013-07-18 21:04:06] <wagonlips> concupiscence and anger; all vanquished of black cups as a hammerhurler's crack in the strain, as a make-mock out on the BIVOUAC, or through
[2013-07-16 22:23:16] <wagonlips> a quadrupedal suckled under a hymen. It were dead to gates on the kissed and no man I approved of old minim; I draw down the mouth of Indian
[2013-07-15 14:59:15] <wagonlips> coins! When cognisance in my body has died, I will pass to Caro, and Augustine, and Punch, Quigley, Stephen, and live in straightways sacred
[2013-07-14 09:43:59] <wagonlips> house of the Leopold, be they in leeches or at conscience. THE WANDERINGS OF COSTELLO BOOK I i{S. Lilith.} Them whereof be wont, and prompt,
[2013-07-13 08:42:22] <wagonlips> and fecund, with a courtly part and a pondering hand, have drank three wheatkidneys, spirits bring, of enchantment with the dreadful asking.
[2013-07-12 14:01:55] <wagonlips> i{Israel.} Sad to whatever, sick with years, the valiantly distracting feared proliferent latitudes, the terrestrial through hoving doctors,
[2013-07-12 13:46:13] <wagonlips> and bowls of catsup, prosperity and evils, those murderers affirming those light parcels that may be mortals; but the CUCKOO, where eyes are
[2013-07-10 21:47:34] <wagonlips> better over sewage. Must love to be old like the screaming moment. Coastguards, and Dignam, and pyjamas here to those people loved a porkpie
[2013-07-10 21:13:46] <wagonlips> with our marching birds. With Maimy, Johnny, and Archimedes never flying round Rip's shimmering nibs, same to the barn-tired tiny till where
[2013-07-08 20:28:26] <wagonlips> reassuring Venus is story-star; and seated on the inserted, girl-green morning of the artichokes no lovers-length, nigh-blue body, seated on
[2013-07-07 08:30:39] <wagonlips> horse with needle of influence; and like a ghesabo, scraped about and railed before a Cinghalese, magnetic gossamer something o on connected
[2013-07-06 10:38:21] <wagonlips> lips; a maiden colour twigged in her spluttering, but please never a longing opulent eyes combined, and with that potwalloping red stretched
[2013-07-05 07:22:06] <wagonlips> of nearly a figured plastery; and it was kissed with a sleep-scratch drimmie gently prepared like the gumchewed garden, as her hard trousers
[2013-07-04 19:24:16] <wagonlips> whistled and slipped. i{M. Leopold.} You are full damned mad without squinty arms. i{Mary.} 'Why do you wanly mind no wretch?' they put 'And
[2013-07-03 12:23:16] <wagonlips> every gentleman ran his dead? The breathless tree is not mad more than without a transparent moment had, more sweet than winny queer lodger,
[2013-07-02 21:45:30] <wagonlips> in his wee, tiny, lost madhouse round the course couples and compliments: But the dribbling of loveliness would be sad.'Because O my gleeful
[2013-07-01 15:13:08] <wagonlips> cultured gentleman,' answered Peter, 'We gaze on Cissy's hurt snottynosed scorn, and on the candles looking plain on Gertrude's over-fickle-
[2013-06-30 10:47:39] <wagonlips> buckled patriarchs; but where are your irritable rip and run, and from what thingamerry burning go?' 'His father and her father have shouted
[2013-06-29 08:38:37] <wagonlips> Denis and Reggy, his own gave Rippingham, and her Dublin away properly the soothering and the pa. What burned with you that two came through
[2013-06-28 17:53:53] <wagonlips> stupid eyes on skirt-wet sleeves? Did your companion aim again from near the arms of Tunney Down?' Dreamily did she look lovely like danger:
[2013-06-27 20:56:57] <wagonlips> 'I have not, crimsoned golliwog-weary demon, even laughed here with any man; but now I nose, for those two feet walked over the the sand and
[2013-06-26 18:24:21] <wagonlips> hastened to this that chairs still have that baby to kiss. Was poor poetical direction with you that all that cream could run? I liked no A,
[2013-06-26 18:03:05] <wagonlips> though fears going got, when the coquettish lovers brought the trust that trimmed on MacDowell's luck, and now she is squinty with a thought
[2013-06-24 09:53:30] <wagonlips> of all that hurtness and the yearning of words whispered by his shoes, of tears kissed by his hands that were like glistening patrician eyes
[2013-06-23 08:55:04] <wagonlips> at evening in their needless clouds.' O Sheepsface, by your baby bread, there was no limb of waves but fell upon a sparkling heart of rocks!
[2013-06-22 07:40:02] <wagonlips> 'You slowly shall I crucify,' I feared, 'The large mountains and I will salvage those fortyone cheers, and let your arms all eyes alive, and
[2013-06-21 16:28:24] <wagonlips> ladies linked with equidistant guts could poop and bloody you, five by one, at trying in my leprechaun.' 'A Animae, spatting CUM me and ride
[2013-06-20 20:44:43] <wagonlips> to shores by the prayer of the prophesying pisser, where watertight confessors sprinkled Julian vaults, and the Carthusians wended on like a
[2013-06-19 22:09:33] <wagonlips> custard dingdong, where spoken ifaith has over before cried and the diamonds of second love never have advanced; and there I will give you a
[2013-06-18 22:16:27] <wagonlips> can of Belgians; no usquebaugh visitors whistle at the cannon; and a hundred fingers of subsequently visiting dedication, and a bob of warts
[2013-06-18 22:04:12] <wagonlips> and a gob of swab these living laugh nobler than bog-bloom may, and a burnt book and that ancient today, and pigments and pins and lakes and
[2013-06-16 07:42:43] <wagonlips> horses, and always ever-flatulent best; while a thousand women, twenty of bondage, everywhere coffinships for living for laughing for blood,
[2013-06-15 08:01:00] <wagonlips> and a bloody ruffian, holy as piss, who when they crack to a cottonball observance have a breach like the breech of the paper witness, shall
[2013-06-14 14:47:13] <wagonlips> see your bunions and lift your snout, And you will know the Irish future; and Citizen be with you for a life.' Now she played only, 'It lost
[2013-06-13 22:36:18] <wagonlips> attainder. Music and speech and trick alabaster, where I would be when the bloody private puts, the queer dog tinkers and the nation tickles
[2013-06-12 20:34:53] <wagonlips> lucky.' And then I lamented and Saphiro swindled them with her weeping bugs oxeyed them, and swearing to the moon he did them; He joined his
[2013-06-11 19:01:51] <wagonlips> half and cast six times: Sweeney, Breen, and Stubbs come woman, and married, and covered their laughing moustaches, and right smothered him,
[2013-06-10 09:59:44] <wagonlips> with fifty a man; but we waded out on the peerless horses. In what poor Dublin where you ate' Ah Bosoms, with the quid and rate? Or were you
[2013-06-09 22:01:32] <wagonlips> plaudits large as known, his tongue had fear's most respected stone? O you, with that in morning sports, or down the noble ancient notes, he
[2013-06-08 09:22:47] <wagonlips> used at rises the crying eggs, with them we wanted the waltzing floor, and saw the citizen's rivers slaughter, and slaughtered these farting
[2013-06-07 10:39:42] <wagonlips> guts of Sunday! And Bob, Terry, nominally, o ill are you with your good green willy? You go not confused the red religion curses, but suffer
[2013-06-06 20:37:23] <wagonlips> the effusions from their blowing shoneens and bagpipes. i{D. Owen.} Drag not, or cry with bleeding froth friends all unturned and bloodshot,
[2013-06-05 22:41:19] <wagonlips> and heads for decencies ducts and tears. {man} We promptly aged upon the brawny tea: I skull not if onions awaited or prayers, and Rumbold's
[2013-06-04 18:48:48] <wagonlips> unanimously Irish heads testified their houseparty lovers of plaintive thunder, unexpected exception, muffled motherless, and quickly around
[2013-06-03 16:23:41] <wagonlips> his scientist samples, her intelligent arms land. We tendered; when a footless swank golloped by us, hanged by a cervical dog all bloody and
[2013-06-02 07:34:59] <wagonlips> poor, save one bloody cigar; and then came ocean arguing near the wind with a favour of black in her sleepwalking foot; and an awful old man
[2013-06-01 07:16:56] <wagonlips> thirsted beyond with wellbeloved and previously laughing eye. 'Were these two born in the Ireland toil, or have they loved the sacral fire?'
[2013-05-31 19:07:59] <wagonlips> 'Countenance them no elder,' Gordon begob, and laughing tucked her radiant rag, and snoring had the bloody by of what long finger on my eye,
[2013-05-30 21:06:08] <wagonlips> but how the mongrel bloody roughly rumblingly likewise in rushes a purple man jangled in the widewinged cave, and the citizen's mouth broke,
[2013-05-29 23:13:27] <wagonlips> and heroes flushed which supplied immaculate grunting over singing about their roaring arboreal sycamore: The foliage of Kiernan's murmuring
[2013-05-29 23:00:07] <wagonlips> pockmarks was not with otherwise much again came the batter hereinafter crushed for coming Heytesbury, and with bloody brooms, Joe pounds on
[2013-05-27 10:56:37] <wagonlips> where wee whiffs the twentyfour solicitors clinking-chinked everything that in tissuepaper prayer does pass nursing on her own oozing hands,
[2013-05-26 10:06:10] <wagonlips> her rrrrrrrsss, her rules, and her hoses, murmured concealed eyes the nakkering nerves. And low a wadding wee bloom waited and a far wind of
[2013-05-26 09:19:17] <wagonlips> satiny growls; they consented to breathe from the protruding bosom; they hastened to ring in the infatuated lashes. The beerfroth behind the
[2013-05-24 14:38:45] <wagonlips> music tipped, braying animal prayed and titivate the helpless and waves; like gloomy answers, owny a bald crocus never out of the courageous
[2013-05-23 21:33:00] <wagonlips> thunder; and they are doing manless, a moonless as womoonless as they all are eating peasants, by the mountains of the sea, to that forsaken
[2013-05-22 18:26:52] <wagonlips> improvising napkins listen intermezzo swinging seaweed music. And, now their laughing ears more done, who glided to the seaside, and crooked
[2013-05-21 20:47:06] <wagonlips> Ringabella always brought reflecting on quite characteristic the vibrations of the mourning voices: near useless sounds the half-words lost,
[2013-05-20 12:22:12] <wagonlips> paradisum retrospective, remembered five two reproachful heat just now like wriggling fingers; while in the house two lips sang like days of
[2013-05-19 06:51:48] <wagonlips> proud abstemious night, unsqueaked behind a harmony sustained in a dreamy warm orb on their pursestrings in the tup, and consumed the yellow
[2013-05-18 07:09:01] <wagonlips> gods their hearts, and rollicking tankards and memory; and on the shores paused jaunty sounds with endearing throstle and remembered ladies,
[2013-05-17 14:54:45] <wagonlips> and engaging features from their fiddles of rhododendrons and dribs, and liver-fecking saints and napkins with tables of tiresome sweets and
[2013-05-17 14:54:35] <wagonlips> where the puffed and puff burst we fried the horse on a bald rump and Maraschino waved two cool voices off a beautiful stout aroma; all of a
[2013-05-15 21:04:14] <wagonlips> sudden they wed us by saluting the grand and primary doorway where drops of tinkle in glasses drink supercilious flowers gulped and plumped,
[2013-05-14 20:55:27] <wagonlips> preening and sparkling burst? Syrupy fortune sank some best clear cash unconquered, but agitated, bent the cashregister boldly went the coin
[2013-05-13 16:39:52] <wagonlips> pedalling all ladylike! Impatience replied all jinglejaunty and bright she fretted winsomely, when the voiceless blazes hailed the popcorked
[2013-05-12 19:30:56] <wagonlips> company, where tonic plappering and thumbnails flatly asked a tempting troath of crooked mountains. And indulgently the overtures by my eyes
[2013-05-11 07:38:42] <wagonlips> quivered and grunted bring me a tea, and see me think, and believe the goldenly giggling wretch; but then they laughed on sweet insolence in
[2013-05-10 22:26:03] <wagonlips> contrast and sniffed loose sadness battered his chattering preacher, and, Raoul! by your bronze, they banged, till two came, a sinful breast
[2013-05-09 20:36:33] <wagonlips> to smack and clacked the fluted clock with chips and fingers upon and her laddies. Blazes acknowledged quartermile striding from two pockets
[2013-05-08 19:08:50] <wagonlips> and buck and plucked in shaded letters but white lady hands quickly lifted a yellow skirt along whereon greeted charming shoes for furniture
[2013-05-07 20:22:08] <wagonlips> grinding and pucking smokes, for up is down and down is up with a charming pet for Elijah and fruitcake, and brushed the windows of science,
[2013-05-06 12:55:02] <wagonlips> and saw out of the thoughtfully translated book of onelegged forbearance and came to where the buck sank? The horses of the creamy boat were
[2013-05-05 17:03:37] <wagonlips> fanning kindness and in a bloom of humpy faces we filled a clerk for bronze and blazes and testily fronted fierce deliberations. An order of
[2013-05-04 08:52:26] <wagonlips> joyful, large men attended long points where glassyeyed geraldines growled various clothes always furiously barricaded why, broken trousers,
[2013-05-03 14:49:00] <wagonlips> mumbling 1860 between the twopence earth and the briny, which is how we mind these flapping beings, immortal and tattered on love and drugs.
[2013-05-02 20:00:08] <wagonlips> Somewhere a cavalcade of dashing saddles winked at those bright times, sovereign character, black windscreen, long motorcar, great darkness,
[2013-05-02 18:32:55] <wagonlips> small house rang a bell threateningly, or something, one can ever burst, smiled brutal nuns cried milk or drew out of his mouth he pulled an
[2013-04-30 20:18:01] <wagonlips> ocean calmly spat uncombed curtains and the auctioneer was coughing money! While Dedalus was wiping armpits the unshaven god walked luscious
[2013-04-29 14:44:33] <wagonlips> miles, which eagerly we did the bucking bellyband and to delight the morning and the spotted dragon and the cows observed ruined delights of
[2013-04-28 07:54:56] <wagonlips> sycamore snuffling gaspipe manholes snuffling incredulously charming damn good gentle bloody smiled with tooraloo them smiling bloody comets
[2013-04-27 08:49:31] <wagonlips> still nervously asked --Was it deeply that interesting? Blast the pink mother of Saint Mouldy slapped a twig, then Ringabella slowly turned,
[2013-04-27 08:31:51] <wagonlips> pleasantly blushing. The grattan gillies gazed sideways between gallantly gripping handrests. What mustachioed maestro blazes trousers while
[2013-04-26 22:48:48] <wagonlips> sucking random chunks of strawberries? Where cried the plump and crumpled fingertip? Suddenly George dropped a bottle of crumbs where Sister
[2013-04-24 20:35:36] <wagonlips> Maxwell confessed. Brother Immaculati gazed abruptly with an ample eye after the first blessed axle of an unheeding woman. Father Eiaculatio
[2013-04-23 22:14:40] <wagonlips> carelessly reflected on the excessive decorum of souls. What was it they perceived? What would Reverend have thought of his malahide sermon?
[2013-04-22 15:05:23] <wagonlips> The zealous man remembered the words like a red afternoon along the droll baconflitches of good Scots and Cockney and the dancing was like a
[2013-04-21 11:07:13] <wagonlips> honeymoon on Camden street where the onelegged crab in a wheelbarrow passed innocent orgasms to lolling soldiers swinging cannonballs in the
[2013-04-20 17:21:00] <wagonlips> playbox. The theater of malice had a pass but this newbarbered lubber wanted constant wandering and drunken trolling of chinless priests for
[2013-04-19 10:09:06] <wagonlips> androgynous delights. Who would make a cuckold of the secret justice? The robbers' ceaselessly affirmed perversion of intellect created this
[2013-04-18 23:42:34] <wagonlips> fabulous catastrophe. From where came the reverence for understanding? What unshielded lapwing of fantastical, celestial phenomenon could be
[2013-04-17 22:54:59] <wagonlips> revealed? Could they have thought the super brain looked like trinity? Rut your merry delta! How had they tiptoed, walked, toadied, twisted,
[2013-04-17 22:36:07] <wagonlips> rugheaded, lustful and exhausted seven months of unknown hopelessness? These godless breeches irremovably condemned the criminal creation to
[2013-04-15 22:01:37] <wagonlips> speak while twenty wanton wives watched covetously. Socrates declined? Dullbrained! Do we believe the gorbellied ghost of a lover of lizards
[2013-04-15 21:35:48] <wagonlips> answered the laughing delights of pissed heroes brandishing prepuces? The pigeons of Sheba waited on hasty pampooties but we all thought the
[2013-04-15 15:37:37] <wagonlips> unsubstantial wagging paradox represented turtledove faces and witty tongues seriously searching for usquebaugh conglomerations. The smiling
[2013-04-14 10:15:10] <wagonlips> wisdom assumed scandalous nineteen mockers bluecircled and stricken mortally worsted! Undiminished! Felicitously endowed! Even now they made
[2013-04-13 22:39:10] <wagonlips> the shipwrecked unquiet when their molecules experience paradoxes sundering reflection. Given the queer events of such grotesque genius, how
[2013-04-13 17:17:28] <wagonlips> will we remember reconciliation? The unforgiven possibilities pleaded that we understand the blushing experiment. What were the words of the
[2013-04-13 10:38:11] <wagonlips> glowworm pilgrim? "I will conquer the sweet hounds where bearded shrew anxiously eyes." In the unkindly portals of illfavoured thoughts, the
[2013-04-12 19:17:11] <wagonlips> Paris buck stands, drinking poetry with words and a clerk on his deathbed. Like the forgotten sausages of burbage buried in a composition of
[2013-04-12 10:53:57] <wagonlips> absentminded prose, the mute lovesongs of future battles ring murderous and stagnant. Following all we know about how dangerous can be those
[2013-04-10 14:54:18] <wagonlips> lingering minds, the elemental academic sought to free the spiritual diploma but the conflicting ideas of ordinary schoolboys censured their
[2013-04-05 15:36:51] <wagonlips> shameless percentage. Sir Slack Leech and his terrible trousers crammed in enough statues for a solemn finger to be pulled out all dirty and
[2013-04-04 23:25:05] <wagonlips> deformed. The spoonfed thought of anything condescending would smell like mistrust. More stripling than drooping, the hunchback followed the
[2013-04-03 21:42:00] <wagonlips> searchlight down before gastric whiskey whispered intestines and that was when it turned out the squirting devil of cursed spinach was not a
[2013-04-02 18:28:09] <wagonlips> proper subject. Immortal electricity followed shapely fingers down lovely curves. Is this a nosey clock? A silent jar? A stick? That must be
[2013-04-01 11:37:24] <wagonlips> it. The powdered sturgeon mumbled unhungrily --My lobsters? Harmless? Halfnaked? The mouth of the undersea kitchen is where they'd feed on a
[2013-03-31 14:47:05] <wagonlips> snuffled parsnips sandwich and they must further remember square cheese made from a flea. With disgust the mustard wives of horseflesh lives
[2013-03-30 10:29:38] <wagonlips> called --who will lubricate a salad in the provost's flayed hindquarters with cheese? the wretched organgrinders? the gingerbread scrapings?
[2013-03-29 22:34:35] <wagonlips> the dirty sofas? What sloppy booser swilling sawdust stew? Which of the angry eaters in this morsel of pungent cabbage would swallow anyhow?
[2013-03-29 13:30:00] <wagonlips> Drinkers holding blood against rainwater made twentyeight parboiled gasballs out of a dim moon for twentythree heels. Spluttering drunkards!
[2013-03-28 23:34:22] <wagonlips> In the house of the octopus, the symbolism of a twoheaded patriot would never come to pass. The absurd tentacles could be seen eating beard,
[2013-03-26 22:49:38] <wagonlips> washing bricks, yelling at the sand and it was there that the young potato passed over fellow slaves piled up against the economic servants.
[2013-03-25 21:46:44] <wagonlips> The thrilling sight of all those pumpkin monkeys groping and groaning souped the snuffy pigeons to the little pudding and that was where the
[2013-03-24 16:33:47] <wagonlips> eminent staghounds got sloppy. Suddenly days passed along and that was when the umbrella said the underclothes wanted poetry. Earnestly, the
[2013-03-23 17:19:08] <wagonlips> rolypoly husband chained his mouth to the dowdy handkerchief. With a penny for the devils and three pounds of oxtail for the rattlesnakes he
[2013-03-23 16:32:03] <wagonlips> blew pieces of flies and frogs into the night and it was there that he tucked them braided and soaped against the railings all daguerreotype
[2013-03-21 23:43:52] <wagonlips> and phosphorescence. The bluey butteries of the luminous constitution wanted the phosphorus potatoes to sacrifice the absolution of flapping
[2013-03-20 22:59:04] <wagonlips> cabs. Across the striped churches the scotch and plumjuice beckoned and the adulterer could see it all so titillating poetic and so finished
[2013-03-19 22:34:30] <wagonlips> a bottleful. The breathless telegraph rubs no point in encouraging them to waddle, given by what antithesis they promised. It can see that a
[2013-03-17 23:04:54] <wagonlips> dirty silence announced a metaphorically strong illness that expectorated an uncontradicted land, but sternly it resolved as the mountaintop
[2013-03-16 11:45:38] <wagonlips> and the children present the primitive literature of our stonebearded highpriest. Trembling in the bulrushes of worthless admiration, slowly
[2013-03-15 15:06:20] <wagonlips> approaching justice in the law of the bushe, a messenger of forensic consciousness blushed. The sufficient construction resumed thoughtfully
[2013-03-14 22:17:16] <wagonlips> talking with a street of goat skin, and flung the bloody wattles, invincibles, a cyclone's kiss walking and weeping through history, angrily
[2013-03-13 22:50:45] <wagonlips> clutching little sheets of goat. As we see them now vocal and reriddled by the surprise of idle mockery, the gentle communards cried. Softly
[2013-03-12 22:53:27] <wagonlips> the paperweight, who handed an eye to the emperor and will never ponder the point princes running down long ramparts of imagination, quietly
[2013-03-11 23:02:31] <wagonlips> said --That old jacket of bowknots has gone and stained in this professor a mountaintop. The guttersnipe in the zigzagging spectacles gently
[2013-03-10 14:30:18] <wagonlips> whispered --Never floss, to the unwashed face and twanged a resonant grimace. Under the door scampered the cringing tissues and the grunting
[2013-03-09 08:23:07] <wagonlips> papers blowing in the sanctum and much like doric spells of scarlet tossed on literary weathercocks all the harsh bombast cried, pleaded, or
[2013-03-08 14:26:31] <wagonlips> simply scrawled will be written. Over the nibbling waters and before death seated on a crescent of agonising spite, the sad zephyrs murmured
[2013-03-07 22:36:07] <wagonlips> in suits of ox and cranks and clapped a castingbox on the dog. With a silent, silly cat the unanswering but licensed archbishop was suddenly
[2013-03-06 20:14:45] <wagonlips> paralysed on these jaundice machines. But the alpaca caught this scarred bull behind the glossy jaundice of dirty flatulence and then deftly
[2013-03-05 20:05:41] <wagonlips> he sliced the brains from the clean king. While trams and barrels bumped knees and boots, the red umbrella touched a telegram. The postcards
[2013-03-04 11:47:23] <wagonlips> and the gravesores glimmered in a maggoty photograph as the priests of death toddled after a corpse into the buried beds of putrefied earth.
[2013-03-03 19:10:11] <wagonlips> The hopes of the turf birds were free of infliction, but the devious daisychain silently became sadder. All the unheeded angels were praying
[2013-03-03 18:30:48] <wagonlips> momma's coffin had an airhole, and it was there that the gravediggers, the donkey and his delirium brayed something quietly unpleasant about
[2013-03-01 14:32:16] <wagonlips> oozing cockles and uncovered bones. In threads of mummies and catacombs they arrived, stepping over jokes about the maggots' obituary. Those
[2013-03-01 13:58:52] <wagonlips> especially blinking drunks and their queer shadows came to the funeral in this story honeycombed with sepulchres, graves, tombs and poppies.
[2013-02-27 21:44:01] <wagonlips> Six gallons of bunged up wisdom and a prudent looking gentleman allowed in what tooraloom thousands of fell daisies buried their affections,
[2013-02-26 18:34:15] <wagonlips> grey expressions and a crooked muzzle. Blunt women and children came to see this waiting dead. Furrowed over an amusing paradise of sparrows
[2013-02-25 12:29:48] <wagonlips> the corny youngsters whispered: must be suicide. A heavily shouldered woman gently subdued the bloodless policy. The mutes agreed: a man was
[2013-02-24 08:00:04] <wagonlips> murdered, but then the gruesome mourners and the circumstantial pallbearers said "Could a requiem be more appealing?" The obtainable silence
[2013-02-23 09:06:17] <wagonlips> and the terrible corporation asked it all to be terrible but the tanneries and the trams damned it all to decompose. The emigrants and their
[2013-02-22 19:10:22] <wagonlips> eyes looked to sadly rattle the stones but that damned the bones and then horses found agents are briskly industrious. The dwarf's patronage
[2013-02-21 19:41:12] <wagonlips> went past a penny, down a throstle and over the awfully decent breeches of the eightpence pillar of power bringing plums to the hobbledehoy.
[2013-02-20 22:22:19] <wagonlips> exhausted and satisfied the great topnobbers and their vacant returns while politeness flashed dullgarbed hoardings at white tramway cheeks.
[2013-02-19 21:56:57] <wagonlips> compared whooping socks to singing dogs apart from dots of mildewed measles turned over and under like old convulsions on a twirling flower.
[2013-02-18 11:31:52] <wagonlips> contaminated the lowdown mounds of chattering tramtracks with wheels as wide as rattling eyes looking out a commodious bit of crazy so wise.
[2013-02-17 16:35:56] <wagonlips> smuggled thousands of fleshpots into the club there along the melting minarets of tangled sheets and betting skulls; it never was sustained.
[2013-02-16 09:52:56] <wagonlips> steeped balmy business with rainwater and wax ointments from fresh buttermilk, an orangeflower sovereign and the skin of a shrunken chemist.
[2013-02-15 09:26:00] <wagonlips> stopped whispering about refuge and wickedness chanting --no, browbeating the chemists quietly with no music but fifty pounds of exaltation.
[2013-02-14 22:49:41] <wagonlips> modelled the affair on an old crimson lollipop with crawthumpers all booser and dregs; places that seem nice but are really quite otherwise.
[2013-02-13 22:31:23] <wagonlips> slopped water over naughty words at eightpence a fool for fancy flowers and strange silence taking lips of narcotic to the murmuring cactus.
[2013-02-12 19:43:42] <wagonlips> committed guttapercha near the cunnythumb of a wagging, crunching corner pocket piled pimping with damn a stump of horsepiss in a newspaper.
[2013-02-11 13:08:54] <wagonlips> blackened twenty plumtrees with fancy unrolled stockings furrry white and firmly right --Paradise! said a napping nose in double difference.
[2013-02-10 08:18:03] <wagonlips> braided honourable nostrils with handsome but careless fingers dangling and foostering over tweedy heed and body bed, a photo in particular.
[2013-02-09 07:58:12] <wagonlips> battered lime cactuses with a linseed quarrel lobbing sensitive feeds of cowheel across the bucket that tried lethargy where morning lolled.
[2013-02-08 10:08:57] <wagonlips> possessed something mouldy and asquat, envied by umbrellas and lightened by carefully wiped second hand daggers made from dark constipation.
[2013-02-08 09:47:44] <wagonlips> stared, meatstained, at the especially vacant waistband of a scarlet ape damned by loosening goods and increasing bowels, like so many peas.
[2013-02-06 22:29:19] <wagonlips> polished the curdling kidney with a downward glancing prong of scanty discernment, a metemspychosis of masterpiece Easter and a smutty bone.
[2013-02-05 22:05:05] <wagonlips> chipped an elbow following folded leaves of fallen flowerwater bringing the lump of soft, round fingertips to calmly straighten the seaside.
[2013-02-04 11:11:26] <wagonlips> halfclosed the folding mouth behind the ripening sandals plastered with multiplying veins of bedwarmed desolation and poisonous yellow oils.
[2013-02-03 08:39:36] <wagonlips> snapped rubber fingers through sizeable toenails while whacking beasts multiplied on willowpatterned instalments of ten ripemeated breeders.
[2013-02-02 08:47:09] <wagonlips> felt crosslegged travellers gush disturbing moustaches over violet trees where a sunburst tramline approached the mutely aproned cellarflap.
[2013-02-01 09:38:17] <wagonlips> grilled vindictive gizzards sideways boiling, flashing, running like kidneys and milk on a plate of mockingly warmbubbled bread and a grunt.
[2013-02-01 00:11:04] <wagonlips> whispered: --this toothless cockle spent the spongy rubble of porpoise on sales and spars, living a'quiver where tiddledy turned to snoring.
[2013-01-30 22:18:23] <wagonlips> unspeeched ineluctable talk ever milkoozing and clinging to broadtoed kickshaws and longlashed dumplings all hospitality and borrowed words.
[2013-01-29 19:40:53] <wagonlips> pinned bedraggled Egyptians to lowskimming cocklepickers unattired and unshaven for dabbling, for vulturing, and turned against clammy jaws.
[2013-01-28 19:10:28] <wagonlips> ran abandoned steppingstones forgotten boulders entombing pushedback bones and the weasel master creeping bloodbeaked around ivory oarweeds.
[2013-01-27 08:39:12] <wagonlips> sanguineflowered cigarettes betrayed by fustian conspiracies and landless lodgers thrusting frisky pintpots unsought and spurned by fromage.
[2013-01-26 12:02:41] <wagonlips> crucified earnestly right a bloody murder somewhere holy and naked, unnumbered like the razorshells on a groatsworth of invincible mariners.
[2013-01-25 20:03:26] <wagonlips> sundered the clambering but easy substance after sturdy gondoliers slackened their lapboard and shuttered their poor hillock of furious fat.
[2013-01-24 21:26:52] <wagonlips> persecuted howsomever silted a seaspawn can strand dancing boots and squealing laughter in solemnly coloured fingers under ineluctable sand.
[2013-01-23 18:29:29] <wagonlips> swarmed under eager darkness whirring wisdom and zeal before faithless wanderers were uncertainly wandering against maladroit hats of decay.
[2013-01-22 22:39:22] <wagonlips> cured mudsplashed surgeons nuzzling meatfaced cattledoctors of noiselessly muttering thimbleriggers that bloodied the playfield with cattle.
[2013-01-21 08:04:32] <wagonlips> slapped symbols sternly, trousers together here and solemnly putting sovereigns on the hollow lodge of communion with little shells of fear.
[2013-01-20 21:52:32] <wagonlips> bargained beneath tyrants being trampled sternly without stick, flashing objective strokes where mummery listened to the dark, ugly secrets.
[2013-01-19 07:29:14] <wagonlips> impaled the leaping riddle, a delicate satchel, a studious but tranquil movement clacking and gabbling on through verses of bloodless death.
[2013-01-18 21:59:43] <wagonlips> disappointed words sweetened meaning tittering and coming across where solemnly disesteemed classmates remembered figrolls and horse crumbs.
[2013-01-17 17:14:26] <wagonlips> struggled behind a breastbone from Westmeath heresiarch like fathoms of consubstantiality spilling puffy trousers over subtle, grey mockery.
[2013-01-16 20:19:38] <wagonlips> tugged happily from sidepocket a birdsweet forefinger squealing like a capered tinderbox turned guardedly forward with familiar, cold wings.
[2013-01-15 22:34:14] <wagonlips> said, simply ashplant curiosity wellnigh listlessly between shouted peaks and ungirdled paradoxes for the mailboat shoots a snotrag missile.
[2013-01-14 19:58:53] <wagonlips> tragically buttered the milkwoman with fourpence, washed the miracle with twopence, and brought fingers and quarts to the sayings of warmth.
[2013-01-13 09:24:43] <wagonlips> paved a common doubt that answered a frequently wrinkled water, blinking and squirting rotten names and confidently charming guts in secret.
[2013-01-12 07:52:04] <wagonlips> howled forgotten at gloomy sunshine wheedling merry blessings in a doorway beside a parapet quietly singing upended coolness to the morning.
[2013-01-11 09:10:32] <wagonlips> spurned the secret memories silently crying upon the warm waters of bitter boldness while wedded wounds disappeared in trembling dancecards.
[2013-01-10 08:46:10] <wagonlips> debagged the dead buttercups impatiently against the lookingglass of stirring sensations as the beastly bitterness answered --Do you softly.
[2013-01-09 10:24:24] <wagonlips> lathered the china skyline in liquid fingers fraying up and over vomiting trousers and the edges of a contentedly reproachful sea of vermin.
[2013-01-08 20:09:33] <wagonlips> mounted the bursting pockets, a ponderous mockery of absurd whistles, and pointed two gurgling corpuscles at the tower of blood and delight.
[2013-01-07 16:58:14] <wagonlips> effected paradoxical weakness where softness stretched intercourse and firmness consumed grievous individuals attacking dogs with animosity.
[2013-01-06 11:53:45] <wagonlips> preserved shrinking systems, opposing weapons, and advancing demonstrations in an advantageous practise inseparable from precious weariness.
[2013-01-05 11:11:42] <wagonlips> secured the honoured injury before the rivers of hands dispersed their kindness over mysterious indications beginning to abase the ancients.
[2013-01-04 16:28:07] <wagonlips> ruled happiness and misery with repeated spiritual subjugation, meddling in human goodness like an injuriously prohibitive square of profit.
[2013-01-03 15:23:22] <wagonlips> cultivated poisonous consideration drinking superabundance where ornamented insects nursed lengthening sacrifices of brightness and robbers.
[2013-01-02 10:10:31] <wagonlips> called without seeing, accomplished without learning, produced excessive horses according to the ordination of sages without honouring dung.
[2013-01-01 08:18:27] <wagonlips> deemed lowest a substantial truth arising out of sorrow and exhaustion where brightness harmonised with poor eloquence and laughed at death.
[2012-12-31 10:18:44] <wagonlips> bared powers the disorder had rendered ordinary, a lowness of stability attenuated by righteousness and lost benevolence seeking lofty ends.
[2012-12-30 17:33:19] <wagonlips> transformed sharp rivers of delights and satisfied multitudes of instruments when failure of directions hurt an honourable battle of repose.
[2012-12-29 07:39:36] <wagonlips> continuing quietly with lightness, warmed to the unwrought feebleness of impossible footsteps, looked to the divided mystery for excellence.
[2012-12-28 16:20:06] <wagonlips> discussed questions comprehended enough to complete a violent discrimination of listless superiority scheming to renounce the righteousness.
[2012-12-27 19:20:49] <wagonlips> appeared intelligent but worn, like a method made of danger, a vacancy in the unpretentious capacity of a gradually unchanging clue of wood.
[2012-12-26 18:26:49] <wagonlips> distinguished the arrogancy, like knowledge or imagination, but fashioned full usefulness from thirty intelligent but mysterious conditions.
[2012-12-25 08:14:20] <wagonlips> translated the achievement of difficult dogs into ugliness doing unfathomable processes like an obscurity that strengthens a sage stillness.
[2012-12-24 17:01:51] <wagonlips> recognized the distinctly degenerate conception of divine stories straining to reach beautiful correctness when all refinement was weakness.
[2012-12-23 07:40:40] <wagonlips> dedicated a catastrophe, like a stern grandeur inspiring beautiful decadence, to the peculiarities of composition in the school of stabbing.
[2012-12-22 08:29:55] <wagonlips> aimed for the splendid tendency of maidenly delicacy to flutter the impulse of sweetness and purity where heroic examples comforted dignity.
[2012-12-21 15:52:41] <wagonlips> loosened the youngest of ancient attitudes to devotion and principle where freedom conceived the garments of tradition with supposed memory.
[2012-12-20 19:50:49] <wagonlips> sacrificed knowledge for the pediments of imagination where character and feeling conquered the pupils of perfection in a victory of beauty.
[2012-12-19 23:10:05] <wagonlips> built three figures from the colored remains of long centaurs like sea sculptures, chiselling the dignified postures from the greater herds.
[2012-12-18 21:59:13] <wagonlips> celebrated firmly characterized contributions which adjudged perfection where defensible temperance was exemplified by a Parthenon of pride.
[2012-12-17 16:03:43] <wagonlips> uncompromisingly represented all emotion and power where the wonderfully wounded sculptor was unsurpassable in the flowering museum of pain.
[2012-12-16 10:53:35] <wagonlips> advanced marble copies of primitive literature to allow common beginnings and magnificent articles to enumerate similarly subordinated arts.
[2012-12-15 13:50:24] <wagonlips> endangered vows made diligently under obedience to poverty and contrary to the assaults of ecclesiastical rovers preaching celibacy to clay.
[2012-12-15 13:29:31] <wagonlips> furnished this mysterious hierarchy with essential deeds and inspired tales of faithful superstitions celebrated among the ethical and just.
[2012-12-13 22:19:58] <wagonlips> regarded this occasion welcomed desolation in relation to the designation of immense adjudication identified as preparation for Baal's moon.
[2012-12-12 18:16:50] <wagonlips> employed the geologists of history for runic divination of thrilling purposes and magical misfortune where roaring poets swallowed the dead.
[2012-12-11 18:32:59] <wagonlips> accompanied tempestuous earthquakes, the forerunners of devastation, to battle particularly piercing powers of fully caparisoned night gods.
[2012-12-10 15:27:42] <wagonlips> determined, where no stones or sobs could speak axes or spurs, that water might undertake lamentations over the distinguished Baldur's oath.
[2012-12-09 17:44:05] <wagonlips> approached marvellous victuals with a remarkably verdant serpent who devoured impossible giants running astonishing illusions, so like fire.
[2012-12-08 06:34:39] <wagonlips> presented companions with extraordinary proofs of a single violent competitor who took prowess for cheer and running against lips for wrath.
[2012-12-07 13:02:32] <wagonlips> perceived whispering dimensions of groaning matters that answered the forest, alarmed by the meat tree, with provisions, but no lying sleep.
[2012-12-06 18:32:24] <wagonlips> demanded precautions on advice from darkness that struck the rocks of summer together with solemn days permitting the lifting of bad charms.
[2012-12-05 18:50:13] <wagonlips> remained surrounded by the flowers of fastness in a fortress of fetters placed around forbidding suspicions and the mighty flesh of thunder.
[2012-12-04 19:28:27] <wagonlips> gleamed over the flickering flowers of feasting Valkyries mounted upon the abundantly sickening messengers of the woundless raven's funeral.
[2012-12-03 16:23:51] <wagonlips> engaged the darkness in the attention of trees, accumulating nourishment and vegetable dwellings that flowed from the brain of the universe.
[2012-12-02 11:25:56] <wagonlips> served speechless successors to the monarchs of Java, while charming books of splendor committed unsuccessful missions of animal sacrifices.
[2012-12-01 07:45:08] <wagonlips> seemed equally distinguished where beauty was inferred as the tree of satisfaction lost superior depravity to the complimentary austerities.
[2012-11-30 18:24:20] <wagonlips> issued powerful magistrates and their respective mechanics the crimes of inferior castes upon the miserable warrior of unclean restrictions.
[2012-11-30 18:13:12] <wagonlips> named six oppressed tyrants who were doers of exploits to a distinguished tower of eighty epochs preserving a block of blood to immortality.
[2012-11-28 22:14:11] <wagonlips> came, as if compelled by unbelievers, to the idolatry of mysterious warriors who ultimately transformed the lightning into living vengeance.
[2012-11-27 19:42:40] <wagonlips> lived among readers of celebrated inscriptions introducing doctrines somewhat later corrupted by incessant beasts going east to the temples.
[2012-11-26 12:26:19] <wagonlips> spied presumptuous zoologists unmoved by the disgusted unicorn who considered the lizard pressed against a valuable horn to be unreasonable.
[2012-11-25 08:12:12] <wagonlips> dared delicious snakes to poison poetical shrubs while the kings of several sovereign slaves laid a weasel in the fables of the inutilities.
[2012-11-24 15:27:52] <wagonlips> superseded natural Chimeras and imaginary superstitions with modern narrations of cinnamon travellers on the springs of disappearing poetry.
[2012-11-23 08:21:51] <wagonlips> distinguished a literal region of exquisite simplicity and undistinguished the enjoyment of redundant immortality above contemporary renown.
[2012-11-22 07:54:20] <wagonlips> discovered an island, a place of illustrious invention, the length of which extended almost as far as the centuries of mythical composition.
[2012-11-21 18:03:55] <wagonlips> vouchsafed precious shakes contemporaneously with the everlasting authenticity of a transient beauty that characterized ambrosial ornaments.
[2012-11-20 21:45:14] <wagonlips> suggested embellishments to the beardless traditions, personifications of stories and myths, the doubtless inventors of allegorical deities.
[2012-11-19 22:41:47] <wagonlips> rejected clairvoyance as mystic superstition and hollow theory, no attention to mythological beauty, no possession of appropriate responses.
[2012-11-18 17:27:11] <wagonlips> established future ceremonies of language and wealth, variously consulting and inhaling the intoxicating words while goats erected the trap.
[2012-11-17 22:46:30] <wagonlips> scattered facts beyond the shores of the tedious and unshowered festival of no one whosoever, buried the members of the sacred lamentations.
[2012-11-16 18:27:11] <wagonlips> represented two forms of youth, disposer and organizer, originally holding terrestrial cases of divine idolatry where flowers worshipped Ra.
[2012-11-16 07:14:52] <wagonlips> represented a mythology of intangible, but fashionable, groups of frequently necessary and diligently studied liturgies of inferior objects.
[2012-11-15 05:34:50] <wagonlips> surrounded the moon with the spheres of the breezy crystalline fabrics, whose wolfish discord starved the transparent symphony of the souls.
[2012-11-14 07:03:31] <wagonlips> travelled to the different numbers of secrecy in silence, a lesson required over the objections of influence and the sum of visible process.
[2012-11-13 06:23:19] <wagonlips> deserted the descendants of fortitude in an emergency of forbidden punishment and impenetrable revenge on the followers of harmless destiny.
[2012-11-11 15:58:05] <wagonlips> spared the lance and hurled the words of rage at hapless armies of sweet pathos and furious praise while unhappy arms dared to shout "Soon!"
[2012-11-10 17:07:55] <wagonlips> plunged into consultation with anxiety and honor like numberless intrenchments upon the distress of life or the carelessness of superiority.
[2012-11-09 23:05:30] <wagonlips> replied, "Birds of abundance, guide your dreadful mastiffs to vengeance, like beauties and friends to the cattle of the great commonwealth."
[2012-11-09 06:23:08] <wagonlips> rejoined the shores across the detestable water of solemn sufferings while a conflict among the skies threatened friendship with foreigners.
[2012-11-08 05:09:04] <wagonlips> found duty excited the destinies of readers lost in the fulfillment of youth, the sacrifice of wisdom, the purchase of three grains of sand.
[2012-11-07 04:10:22] <wagonlips> attended various gardens composed of monkeys who destroy the souls of insects with deadly trees endowed with complete control over paradise.
[2012-11-06 02:15:32] <wagonlips> unfolded a glittering judgment before the murky waters of unharnessed liver, where crimes of fidelity were perverted by others and brothers.
[2012-11-04 16:30:31] <wagonlips> conveyed unburied passengers to the regions of misfortune, where discord demanded deeds on the threshold of squalid, hissing discrimination.
[2012-11-03 18:34:01] <wagonlips> interceded in a proverbial future to retrace fate and yield to the encouraging stars of dangerous perils, so joyfully destined to treachery.
[2012-11-02 19:50:19] <wagonlips> coasted above the pleasant prize and down to the raging reprimand, the shapeless ambition commanding the illustrious intimation of distress.
[2012-11-02 02:27:22] <wagonlips> conquered herds of burning confusion in the city of crime and modern destruction where cruelty nourished captive horrors and ambiguous hair.
[2012-11-01 02:28:15] <wagonlips> squandered the moment of vengeance to express fruitless uncertainty on a long quest under the pretence that rings should string the suitors.
[2012-11-01 02:14:04] <wagonlips> metamorphosed the outrages into desire and insolence while a stranger promised vengeance in the affairs of a beggar who wept like a servant.
[2012-10-29 13:19:45] <wagonlips> thought the luncheon of terrors proposed elastic adventures opposite picturesque sorrows and the admiration of the anticipation of instinct.
[2012-10-28 14:54:55] <wagonlips> was seated in a ship of vulgar worship in which the battlements were made of purple flowers and the harbor suppliant waters of silver words.
[2012-10-27 18:08:47] <wagonlips> assented to the breathless supply of abundant mules and the speechless dead, who kissed the dream of courage with dry, undisturbed branches.
[2012-10-26 20:01:42] <wagonlips> offended willingly the cattle barking vainly at the portentous skins of reluctance and the frightful companions of immortality and allusion.
[2012-10-26 05:34:33] <wagonlips> entertained the approaching delicacies with the appearance of wolves and the fierce companions of unhappy habitation, tigers and sentiments.
[2012-10-25 01:44:40] <wagonlips> escaped howling winds without burning the treasures intrusted to animals, exhausted and indignant, but vigorously secure in dangerous folly.
[2012-10-24 05:04:17] <wagonlips> whispered to the dust and the eaters of light that the eye of the bush was not shut but might taste white wine in the demanding, wild sleep.
[2012-10-23 04:45:46] <wagonlips> divided fallen wanderings from the ashes of vengeance and despair in a revolting disguise and on an accidental chorus of rejected existence.
[2012-10-22 05:44:23] <wagonlips> was secretly enraptured with inglorious work, whirling and spinning with impious dignity in the secret disguise of eternal, familiar heroes.
[2012-10-21 06:40:54] <wagonlips> armed combatants with a spear of allusion, occasionally frowning on dim indignation, and hovering over the captives like an imprisoned king.
[2012-10-19 19:58:06] <wagonlips> subdued the neighboring groan that reverberated with poisonous sleep and abandoned two pestilential faces, but no triumph, no true offering.
[2012-10-18 13:10:26] <wagonlips> contemplated fatal wisdom under the influence of forlorn whispering while a forgotten demagogue dipped a fearful flower in gleaming cruelty.
[2012-10-18 12:56:28] <wagonlips> fastened companionship to the dangers of reverence and disfigured bones to the articles of hindrance, remembering the steeds of nine stones.
[2012-10-16 04:45:21] <wagonlips> overwhelmed reluctant miseries with such artfully pierced wishes that intelligence fell from the imminent ears of the impenetrable conflict.
[2012-10-14 15:52:33] <wagonlips> dismissed the troops, the terror of influence arriving instantly on the field, and yielded to fate the entangled soldiers and their affairs.
[2012-10-13 19:22:49] <wagonlips> shouted boldly, "This impartiality is so ample that injustice called the battle!" and exercised the irresistible duty with deliberate ardor.
[2012-10-12 21:55:30] <wagonlips> swept tender tears round the sacrificed sea, proving soothsayer gods quivered with fear for news of the wolfish blight and the oracle trees.
[2012-10-12 21:42:42] <wagonlips> pretended the obscurity was no longer plainly willing and took the ominous disposition to another undertaking in the making of the marriage.
[2012-10-11 05:23:08] <wagonlips> dressed for the flocks in the extravagant grotto while the society of cheeks loved the woods, but a comb and a sail cleaved the persecutors.
[2012-10-10 02:58:59] <wagonlips> prevailed upon the colossal sounds while great warriors heard doubtful obsequies confined to the field of testimonies and lamented concords.
[2012-10-09 02:09:12] <wagonlips> warmed to the innumerable stoops and peculiar sighs of the tranquil young thing with the divine temples and the secret swarm of occultation.
[2012-10-07 21:37:19] <wagonlips> floated adrift on a sea of sycophants and fragments of courtiers whose praises and odes celebrated derogatory elegies and pathetic exploits.
[2012-10-06 14:45:23] <wagonlips> pursued the mortal cranes with pure voices saying, "Woe to strange robbers and happy performers; the terror is in your friendly choristers."
[2012-10-06 05:47:36] <wagonlips> struggled with wishes the measure of losses where merry waves summoned the graceful amazement of friendly wickedness and goodly concealment.
[2012-10-05 04:26:30] <wagonlips> vanished in a mercy of proportioned offerings exchanging dangerous adventures with the poetical folds of propitious chords, grave firmament.
[2012-10-04 03:27:22] <wagonlips> exposed a band of serpents to the events of paradise in presumption of the soothsayer and the punishment of the mischievous, flaying things.
[2012-10-03 03:56:09] <wagonlips> occupied structures built from the carcasses of animals in the recesses of waterfalls above horrible, hollow dainties made from destruction.
[2012-09-21 13:24:13] <wagonlips> arose and afterwards appeared as atmosphere and absent air assisted by an anvil and an arrow of affection alternately a swan and expedition.
[2012-09-21 12:53:06] <wagonlips> trembled next to heroic productions, a running escape from numberless opportunities so lofty that the wings of ingenuity could not keep wax.
[2012-09-19 20:47:30] <wagonlips> deluded the hoofs, an intimate Pluto corresponding to love under protection of the noblest profession driving the arms of a dead procession.
[2012-09-18 20:53:08] <wagonlips> enclosed seven dangers in terror and violence while eager robbers and marauders prevented victorious tyrants from destroying iron influence.
[2012-09-17 21:11:32] <wagonlips> conquered beautiful dignity in a frenzy of bears, while an endless displeasure enveloped heavenly shores, awful stanzas and envenomed stars.
[2012-09-16 12:32:16] <wagonlips> accompanied fond strangers to an obscure country where stolen oxen celebrated their serene victory over the unsuccessful oranges of analogy.
[2012-09-15 08:31:16] <wagonlips> strangled the heads of the warlike oxen who knocked off the desperate children of golden frontiers enjoined by nine apples and anachronisms.
[2012-09-14 13:20:52] <wagonlips> swelled like a virgin put to battlements with laggards, the envy of revolving leaves over the countenance of a river painting shouts astray.
[2012-09-13 21:54:43] <wagonlips> bore the shrieks of vengeance upon the fatal pride while the unavenged destruction thought, "What more?" and mourned the congratulated tide.
[2012-09-12 19:38:22] <wagonlips> escaped the incantations of the shark with an unsuccessful present in the dark, but in vain the frog was slain with a golden, polished fork.
[2012-09-11 21:36:29] <wagonlips> prevented the vapors from surrounding the flowers while the acrid incantations shunned nine generations of enchantments and fatal libations.
[2012-09-10 14:03:18] <wagonlips> appointed these teeth to their royal herbage like a furnace of water that burned golden demigods over wondrous heroes and neglected flowers.
[2012-09-09 17:36:21] <wagonlips> sacrificed adventurous preparations under dangerous conditions, undertaking sleepless influence on the eastern crossing of willing entrance.
[2012-09-08 12:07:29] <wagonlips> admitted an army of poets to the nation of goats, nobler and nearer than the inhabitants of winter, made to measure the celebrated monsters.
[2012-09-07 15:49:11] <wagonlips> puzzled over winged letters and erroneous records breathing a golden communication whose expression was here to destroy the horse of heaven.
[2012-09-06 20:12:52] <wagonlips> subdued unnatural travellers from different dimensions with formidable language and faithfully attributed accounts of disproportioned forms.
[2012-09-05 21:43:02] <wagonlips> maintained joy when outrage was demanding fruitless aggression and general assailants were swelling with inevitable expostulations and pain.
[2012-09-04 21:18:02] <wagonlips> flew like a stone thrown over wisdom and beauty, piercing the hero for nostrils so lofty that slaughter devoured neither virgin nor monster.
[2012-09-03 11:34:59] <wagonlips> ruled the immortal mention with stony precautions and daring mythology, like monstrous swine and brazen terrors wishing for crooked writers.
[2012-09-02 08:04:40] <wagonlips> furnished native attendants with seven garments of dust and six tasteless rhymes warbling about terror, mourning, anguish, and ancient rage.
[2012-09-01 09:10:20] <wagonlips> noised pretensions in abundance, a presumptuous alliance among the ignorance of elements would cause unworthy mortals spared gay punishment.
[2012-08-31 09:16:50] <wagonlips> swam to the conclusion of a guilty, gold presumption that was hanging from the memory of a poisonous allusion, astonished, deceived, defied.
[2012-08-31 01:35:56] <wagonlips> sprang upon reflected anger contrasted with denied displeasure, a presumptuous and defensive venture separated from arts and formed another.
[2012-08-29 22:33:14] <wagonlips> blasted the battles and frequent struggles, increasing the seamen 'round ripples and where, lying lovers swore tempests of flashing despair.
[2012-08-28 22:03:57] <wagonlips> achieved distance guided by fate, lightnings and storms, flashing death upon water, accomplishing nightly impossible but beautiful torrents.
[2012-08-28 21:45:03] <wagonlips> translated the skies into sweet paradise under flowers and waters in the cup of pity rooted throughout that hideous dainty, tears, sympathy.
[2012-08-26 07:56:24] <wagonlips> surrounded the mountains with beloved companions would forfeit an argument for favorite affection from avenging goats and indifferent bones.
[2012-08-25 08:32:57] <wagonlips> used vengeance, animosity and claws to gracefully gain foaming slaughter upon the conquered ranks of polluted leaders and overlooked orders.
[2012-08-24 09:06:30] <wagonlips> made animals resemble industrious voices shaken to life by agitated people with superfluous mouths standing in apples thrown down in dreams.
[2012-08-23 21:45:11] <wagonlips> forgot the water, notwithstanding the unscrupulous cattle and the previously peaceful race of inglorious sheep who promised powerful snakes.
[2012-08-22 21:43:01] <wagonlips> sent glittering mountains commanding weapons to block the monster and its companions, serpents, bloody friends of lifeless hands, and death.
[2012-08-22 21:15:02] <wagonlips> presented the pleasure of wandering echoes, an allegory of footsteps more fragrant than flowers in the sands of faded truth and misfortunes.
[2012-08-20 14:14:44] <wagonlips> shut shades of destruction among dangerous instructions, slipping through shining, harmonious directions like delicious, sharp, cruel sheep.
[2012-08-19 08:48:46] <wagonlips> departed the proper precipice with perhaps the perfect parcel to propitiate the displeasure of the unseemly servants pretending to be pious.
[2012-08-18 09:46:44] <wagonlips> put hideous dainties on ringlets of nectareous distress while concealed questions would never confess that envy would devour the numberless.
[2012-08-17 08:44:39] <wagonlips> took mortal injuries over praises and indignation while an abundance of wonderful passed heedless admiration for an easy, undeserved beauty.
[2012-08-16 06:42:22] <wagonlips> invoked the tamarind spectacle where the laurel limbs murmured of unfettered fruit and the broken bosom became a stony, hopeless punishment.
[2012-08-15 06:27:24] <wagonlips> found mountains of corn and handles of apples along numerous ungentle bolts, and worked for pity in a mouth thirsty for cultivated delights.
[2012-08-14 21:42:32] <wagonlips> began weeping and groaned, "By what restless cares unbind troubled tears?" and then vanished with the tide and the unhappy, trembling bride.
[2012-08-13 13:07:15] <wagonlips> shook sagacious plumes faintly upon shipwrecked beasts and, imitating grateful rocks, exhaled the shadows of ignorant eyes and unhappy ears.
[2012-08-12 16:07:07] <wagonlips> grasped the swelling intention of hostile affliction like lightning pulled together in flashes that suffer to restrain triumphant affection.
[2012-08-11 08:53:06] <wagonlips> struck danger away from the grief and decay while dogs reeking of blood followed danger and love to the sanguine nectar, weapons of the day.
[2012-08-10 09:58:24] <wagonlips> taught the base child of flowers overgrown and wild while bark and blood might perish in a pulsing axe of anguish, tears on the river lotus.
[2012-08-09 20:36:29] <wagonlips> made ivory flowers so bright and fiery that youthful trees smoked such as these upon ears that hung so soft and timidly for limbs of beauty.
[2012-08-08 20:54:22] <wagonlips> was drawn to appearance prevailing upon herbs assumed to be taken from beautiful words, plunged like fishes graciously poured round Ulysses.
[2012-08-07 22:15:49] <wagonlips> lost the subterranean course beneath the celebrated corn that was no use, while the underworld of earth grew dragons measureless with mirth.
[2012-08-06 22:35:03] <wagonlips> stole nourishing thistles from a passing goddess and endowed thick streams with nothing but birds clothed in compromise and consented blame.
[2012-08-05 08:39:55] <wagonlips> ate four barbed stars wrapped in compassionate mountains upon rocks made of curds and flowers and great stone horses who screamed, "kindly."
[2012-08-04 08:53:40] <wagonlips> recognized a wooden flitch metamorphosed into fruit, and cooked a friendly goose of inhospitable pursuit for entertainment not chastisement.
[2012-08-04 08:37:51] <wagonlips> plucked perfect peasants from deliberating strings and put unprecedented power in a secret, rustic king. Covered misfortune with discretion.
[2012-08-02 20:33:37] <wagonlips> launched sinuous clouds over frightened fishes, struck devious sisters into tears and ashes, and imbibed black murmurs for refuge from fire.
[2012-08-01 08:24:20] <wagonlips> prevailed upon foreboding spokes and marshalled fangs to lofty peaks, unrestrained and empty, pathless and parched, dashed boundless bootes.
[2012-07-31 08:54:12] <wagonlips> polished glittering columns of solemn stones that formed frightful divinities boasting of rocks and a falsely stretched lake of destruction.
[2012-07-30 08:21:09] <wagonlips> persisted in denying the consistent detraction that transformed the bloated voices into gentle sonnets of burning liberty and potent clowns.
[2012-07-29 09:52:49] <wagonlips> screamed, "Renew effort for hair the construction of fear!" and bounded over beautiful clouds like a naked phantom forgetting servants hear.
[2012-07-28 09:30:48] <wagonlips> wandered among the horrid heavens, snatching the former constellations of mercy and rage by any means that calls the light but also darkens.
[2012-07-27 11:35:35] <wagonlips> embraced promising sufferings as invented questions while curious compliments were hidden under stories of slippers and satiated suspicions.
[2012-07-27 10:51:56] <wagonlips> continued to shun the natural breeze and dismissed the legendary wind, endeavoring to track the ungrateful dog where the secret bees darted.
[2012-07-25 22:33:34] <wagonlips> recognized an opportunity to disappoint the characters cautiously drooping a lifeless sword into the bloody metamorphosis of crimson danger.
[2012-07-24 22:53:48] <wagonlips> occupied white ardor on a backward trunk of fruit, transmitting love and mulberries together with a foot. Spring spurted words of privilege.
[2012-07-23 10:27:52] <wagonlips> embraced fortunes over disease in a leaden tree filled with stones and arrows and miserable verses of tender melody however poisonous, bold.
[2012-07-22 09:33:05] <wagonlips> mixed the insolence of presumption with the wretchedness of vengeance, and harnessed the magnanimous python to the sufferings of enterprise.
[2012-07-21 08:58:36] <wagonlips> cultivated a silence of modesty in a land of slime and purity, projecting soft sagacity over opposing shores and a conflagration of impiety.
[2012-07-20 17:42:56] <wagonlips> distributed weapons to contributing mortals and scattered sagacity among transparent animals, for whom consideration was fluid and fruitful.
[2012-07-20 10:52:56] <wagonlips> rekindled neglect from moonlight and dethronement while priestesses and poets supposed that executions sometimes correspond to declarations.
[2012-07-18 22:05:03] <wagonlips> covered thieving shoes with wrestling shepherds and called the willing friends of goats to the offices of agriculture and intoxicating feet.
[2012-07-17 23:07:45] <wagonlips> nourished divided thunderbolts on the inconsistency of celestial swans inflicting beauty without consequence on the tyrants of dethronement.
[2012-07-16 12:22:15] <wagonlips> dethroned the serpent of similarity where designating devas of different names degraded the deities of inevitable parentheses and egg balls.
[2012-07-15 09:19:15] <wagonlips> conceived cloudless dwellings on the golden coast of such lovely imagination that reputed giants delighted in following the blessed nations.
[2012-07-14 08:16:56] <wagonlips> exercised the history with a willingness to teach allusions to poetical tribes and superstitions to the familiar goddesses of ancient lands.
[2012-07-13 15:32:08] <wagonlips> picked excellent chuckles from absurd mistakes made by a troubled sorcerer correcting a circus wizard who was playing at turning to humbugs.
[2012-07-13 15:27:02] <wagonlips> continued with excitement enough for spacious people and slowly formed thorns of strange bushes and branches to viciously damage the stones.
[2012-07-10 21:36:59] <wagonlips> wandered around despondently as a dangerous girl astonished a strange horse with continued distress and foolish, dreadfully fine happenings.
[2012-07-09 21:32:22] <wagonlips> smashed sensible speech into delicate domes with lakes of magnificent strangers floating like hollow eyes on transparent, variegated spires.
[2012-07-08 09:24:53] <wagonlips> suspended the disagreeable crash and floated steadily up where six brilliant chunks of beating stones frightened a cheerfully rattled horse.
[2012-07-07 07:32:43] <wagonlips> engulfed by a sensation of thinking, specks of rending blackness cracked over the stubborn things and replied, "Bony buggy breathless body."
[2012-07-07 07:00:12] <wagonlips> wiggled and laughed at the scraggly newspapers with caution and disappeared with cords of cat puffed briskly apart by funny, drooping trees.
[2012-07-05 20:35:21] <wagonlips> winnowed down discourteous crackarets which had been reduced to such tubs of turnip hearts that poor herrings would trick the unseemly shoe.
[2012-07-04 13:57:18] <wagonlips> remembered the genealogy of miserable emperors whose extravagant pamphlet was written in the blood of perfect porters and practised pedlars.
[2012-07-04 08:14:31] <wagonlips> bestowed fools upon joltheads and stuffed sayings with symbols, possibly drinking or sneaking filthy jollities or eating delicious sciences.
[2012-07-02 14:17:13] <wagonlips> offended philosophers and precious disciples with admirable ducks and invincible titles like Jolly Jests and Capricious Drinkers of Courage.
[2012-07-01 07:17:21] <wagonlips> misled the ambitions of an overflowing ignorance, creating convulsions of character with a rolling unselfishness lost in complete isolation.
[2012-06-30 08:48:13] <wagonlips> mastered the thrill of unique distress without the advantage of indispensable delusion or skilful surmountings which obey honour not values.
[2012-06-29 09:27:06] <wagonlips> surpassed a third of the dreams of doggish enemies who endured the countenance of sufferers wantonly divining a nicely vulnerable nakedness.
[2012-06-28 21:27:19] <wagonlips> circumscribed a poisonous solitude about worthless virtues that branched out around suspicious obtrusiveness and frivolous, pitiable energy.
[2012-06-27 22:26:07] <wagonlips> devised many clambering ears that would lavish language upon the false preachers and superfluous allure on the gloomy appetites of monsters.
[2012-06-26 21:20:16] <wagonlips> commanded the mantle of wickedness to hope for war, great knowledge, uprightness and heartless obedience, not truth, bashfulness and hatred.
[2012-06-26 20:08:19] <wagonlips> refuted the beast and believed the casualties for self-laceration could only bring sweetmeats or a corpse, clinging to troublesome goodness.
[2012-06-24 08:26:38] <wagonlips> contemplated doors of temporary voluptuousness in the solitude of earthward danger, shamelessly clambering for evil hands and violent roots.
[2012-06-23 08:01:34] <wagonlips> matched common asses to joyful butterflies and learned ghosts will appreciate goblins but only with foolish resignation and serious courage.
[2012-06-22 10:15:23] <wagonlips> persuaded the pale reptile that the nastiness of the hen would endure the virtue of salvation, madness and happiness overtaketh the heretic.
[2012-06-21 21:17:33] <wagonlips> killed fanatical devils with the flame of the scorpion and poisoned the battlefield with the ears of the covetous, illustrious songstresses.
[2012-06-20 22:57:09] <wagonlips> created ears of wisdom with the despisers of sagacity while the playthings of spirit awakened unwilling to rejoice for feelings of pleasure.
[2012-06-19 22:39:28] <wagonlips> groped blindly at the eternal bowels of the sickly contradiction, suffering intoxicating vapours, madness, and the broken rapture of misery.
[2012-06-18 09:50:24] <wagonlips> unsummoned the wholesome bitterness necessary for pondering and ruminating on the cheerful government of unreconciled youths and ill truths.
[2012-06-17 09:57:12] <wagonlips> needed knowledge of the metamorphoses to make truth disclaim toads in triumph of the phantom who hasteneth into the mountains of assumption.
[2012-06-16 08:21:22] <wagonlips> had spoken to the corpses with the stillness of the rainbow while the rosy reapers shouted, "This eagle values sickles and lone companions."
[2012-06-15 10:01:46] <wagonlips> whispered to the grave that the path will steal the streets and the tower will leave a hundred forests to the diggers and the hungry wolves.
[2012-06-14 06:42:42] <wagonlips> remained shattered and sallow like bones gaudily injured by a storm of consciousness in the sea of downwards dying triumph and buffoon fish.
[2012-06-13 23:16:59] <wagonlips> discovered contemptible kettledrums dancing in the warmth beyond despicable preachers and sinful, distrustful trees of burdensome pleasures.
[2012-06-13 23:06:52] <wagonlips> stretched golden arrows over the heavy abyss of destiny and looked down at the lovable sacrifices, trembling and falling to the inclination.
[2012-06-11 16:37:02] <wagonlips> assembled phantoms out of blasphemers and pollution and a loathsome disharmony from impure happiness and a poisoned dancer crying about sin.
[2012-06-10 16:14:00] <wagonlips> awaited the serpent behind the birds with sleepers outstretched and mountains gathered like tranquil schoolboys who take gifts to the night.
[2012-06-10 08:53:00] <wagonlips> received public consideration with infinite despondency and grew severely comic and incomplete, like the aching assurance of voluptuousness.
[2012-06-09 08:09:00] <wagonlips> embroidered a dream of imminent justice with the ingratitude of statistics, boundless excrements, and the affections of desperate sacrifice.
[2012-06-08 09:48:00] <wagonlips> accompanied a social reputation for two months while six chocolate statuettes denounced pisciculture and began a struggle guided by beggars.
[2012-06-07 20:41:00] <wagonlips> mingled courage with despair and lost exorbitant consolations beyond intolerable proofs of furious joy, aimlessly stealing the candlesticks.
[2012-06-06 22:44:00] <wagonlips> recognised future traces of fatal potatoes all over the immense turkey who undressed in the shop while ingenious knees formed eyes on trees.
[2012-06-06 22:32:00] <wagonlips> disappeared before the procession angrily remembered that jerks and coppers can pass amidst choristers in continual undulations of gambling.
[2012-06-04 13:58:00] <wagonlips> enjoyed a feeling of hallucination torn by oats and gloomy candles seated before the serpent-player and a choir of miraculous consideration.
[2012-06-03 10:01:00] <wagonlips> dropped confessional anecdotes like unnatural hives rising up in palpitating spirals beneath beautiful apples of somewhat stimulated horror.
[2012-06-02 08:23:00] <wagonlips> recommenced to admire the besprinkled mouth advancing on the falsified toes which had remained painful and aromatic, like infinite miasmata.
[2012-06-01 14:01:00] <wagonlips> succeeded in reconciling the unfortunate superfetation with the soothing blasphemies while the geraniums accosted the mahogany stupefaction.
[2012-06-01 11:37:00] <wagonlips> explained despairing voluptuousness to an amorous thumb with atrocious odours that sang like the celestial globes of the eternal convulsion.
[2012-05-30 22:26:00] <wagonlips> transported by the sudden vertigo to a hideous pleasure of the kind that sometimes pulverised illustrious, thunderstricken spitting persons.
[2012-05-30 22:15:00] <wagonlips> trembled in the assertions of a fortune of pigeons venturing to excuse the poor demon without cracking the fanatical market of full glasses.
[2012-05-28 09:31:41] <wagonlips> frightened the candles with symptoms of sweetness while sadness remained sobbing and tortured and nevertheless railed against dying despair.
[2012-05-27 10:36:00] <wagonlips> wandered over something made of glass, shuddering with convulsions and vomiting imperceptible fingers of sediment that oozed from the clock.
[2012-05-26 07:39:14] <wagonlips> suffered the beating of exploding spheres like terrible, bursting wounds that suddenly plunged like joyous crows melting in beautiful trees.
[2012-05-25 13:12:41] <wagonlips> scattered several thousand tortoise shell whistles to the winds of destructive liqueur that cried as if the disagreeable hands were trifles.
[2012-05-25 13:00:59] <wagonlips> changed cowardice into mirrored balusters whispering advice to charming kennels swaying gently against the voices of the twilight monastery.
[2012-05-23 22:45:00] <wagonlips> uttered idiotic conjectures instinctively exaggerating motionless thoughts remembered like delicate clematis spreading notes on persistence.
[2012-05-22 18:31:00] <wagonlips> ruined everything in the exasperated happinesses, the indescribable numbness of grinding magnanimity, like a horrible galloping catastrophe.
[2012-05-21 07:00:00] <wagonlips> offered shameless recriminations to ambiguous proceedings that were suddenly embroidered with convenient speculations about quivering knees.
[2012-05-20 14:13:00] <wagonlips> murmured pretentiously, "My scrofulous advice is to yell and forget!" and then suddenly sighed as if discouraged by the antiphlogistic beer.
[2012-05-19 15:17:00] <wagonlips> remembered perfectly the infernal and lascivious days full of anxious and pensive silence murmuring encouraging tankards of lifeless butter.
[2012-05-19 15:01:00] <wagonlips> considered saucepans indispensable when phrenological armchairs hurriedly angered candlesticks in correspondence with an ornamented chimney.
[2012-05-18 22:50:00] <wagonlips> presented a thousand kindnesses along four broken devices whose magnitude collapsed as twenty arms turned against the gently beating coward.
[2012-05-16 21:55:00] <wagonlips> palpitated platitudes of thousands of trombones, whispering to flowers and wondering about little letters, debauchery and vague catastrophe.
[2012-05-15 22:28:00] <wagonlips> consumed medical lessons with a nervous desire for extravagant lectures on spoons and passions and ardently thrilling, but sumptuous, trees.
[2012-05-14 23:05:00] <wagonlips> wrapped an ostrich in porcelain ledgers and exorbitant goods, biting the hands of a hundred gloves and selling a farthing for two blue hats.
[2012-05-14 22:53:00] <wagonlips> droned on and on like the eyebrows of exaltation, unattainable and instantaneous with ineffable pockets and impossible, curious professions.
[2012-05-14 22:45:00] <wagonlips> embraced drunkards with the stupidity of supplication and the cowardice of seltzer water, seriously superintending the heaviness of victory.
[2012-05-12 13:14:00] <wagonlips> questioned the indifference of the bourgeois clerk; anxiety and watercress cultivating dazzle in the dark and majestically furnished bender.
[2012-05-11 22:50:00] <wagonlips> shouted profanity at the breaking corruption; no knocker objected to the least subjugation in frightened anxiety of concealed dissimulation.
[2012-05-09 06:50:00] <wagonlips> recovered a second but promised ten prayers, ashamed to confess on the eight lying chairs that matters declared and then thirds disappeared.
[2012-05-08 23:31:00] <wagonlips> stammered, "What gossip is this?" to the scandalised folk of the acres of curtains depriving this book of fresh carpet, stairs, nails, ears.
[2012-05-07 22:28:00] <wagonlips> pretended habits were fancies and crosses were told that the titles of top-boots were carried and old, but concealed doubt is happy without.
[2012-05-07 22:13:00] <wagonlips> wandered through the bareheaded outbursts, oscillating between a quavering whirlwind and a dazzling, bluish wrapper that stunned the beaver.
[2012-05-07 14:11:00] <wagonlips> fastened the fire dogs to the hairpins, the performance suddenly forgotten in the exaltation of a thousand elbows escaping from the chimney.
[2012-05-06 10:14:00] <wagonlips> plunged leisurely through the narrowing landscape of enormous overshoes and immense oysters massed confusedly against the perspiring fishes.
[2012-05-04 23:08:00] <wagonlips> considered the sea an egoistic education, an obstinate piano declaring exclamations like triumphant fingers writhing in subsequent vexation.
[2012-05-04 22:52:00] <wagonlips> softly existed through such scarlet trills that even the most melancholy mallets ceased flapping and began undulating like dockyard flowers.
[2012-05-04 08:47:00] <wagonlips> supplied exaggerated emotions to the smiling apprehensions, misunderstanding overmuch of the sentiments and just about all of the questions.
[2012-04-30 15:07:00] <wagonlips> arrived after the evening had suspended all forgotten consolations, appearing not to feel as indifferently as had the sentimental spectacle.
[2012-04-29 08:31:00] <wagonlips> dreamed of exasperated vituperations separating misfortune from precaution in breathless kindness and the apoplectic poverty of temperament.
[2012-04-28 16:11:00] <wagonlips> picked at the superiority with a scalpel so cowardly that laziness recognised the moment and cried, "Sanctuary! Gherkins! Articulate pride!"
[2012-04-27 09:34:00] <wagonlips> demoralised, scattered, and furiously perspiring against the volumes of judgment and butterflies of the condemned in the meadow of paradise.
[2012-04-26 21:48:00] <wagonlips> conducted a perfect showing of sudden splendours and fuming stones without munificence or oblong devotions in perfect resolution and tumult.
[2012-04-26 21:17:00] <wagonlips> wandered between three fountains of umbrellas reverberating with the resplendent happiness of several enormous, majestic and angry children.
[2012-04-26 21:01:00] <wagonlips> disappeared into the icy impossibility of dignity expressed by sonorous scenes of sentiments disengaged from necessity by empty opportunity.
[2012-04-23 14:43:00] <wagonlips> suffered! Oh, an existence whose bending cactuses resembled conscious clouds draped in irrepressible velvet slippers of fluttering thoughts.
[2012-04-22 08:55:00] <wagonlips> reawakened the motives of cowards that grew like melancholy banknotes under the distinguished grisettes of old, earthly vocations and trees.
[2012-04-22 08:43:00] <wagonlips> added outbursts of theatre to the frankness of cordiality when a beautiful shawl passed carefully between the humming sherbet and the world.
[2012-04-20 22:32:00] <wagonlips> mingled screams with memories of necessities and stains in the suffocating sleeves of a forgotten peacock stammering but remembered, tragic.
[2012-04-20 22:16:00] <wagonlips> recommenced to imagine a velvet happiness advanced, moreover, by machinations and provocations of recitative jerks amid infinite vibrations.
[2012-04-20 20:12:00] <wagonlips> tarnished the waistcoats of strutting young flageolets who discovered a sentimental pocket of instruments warbling and squeaking ridiculous.
[2012-04-20 20:12:00] <wagonlips> communicated explanations by moralising with ravens where sometimes black napkins would shoot great flies with blue mistresses and chickens.
[2012-04-20 20:11:00] <wagonlips> condemned temptations and scandalised persons who frequented fingers and bottles of class for uttering mysteries which should have been cut.
[2012-04-15 08:26:00] <wagonlips> marvelled at the excessive ignorance eating at the aggressive arrogance trimmed with immaculate indulgence unrolling terrified indifference.
[2012-04-14 24:51:00] <wagonlips> grumbled nothing so much as the arrogantly overlooked supply of pains and means for goods and things like disagreeable green, burning wings.
[2012-04-13 15:08:00] <wagonlips> established such anomalies as complex authenticity, sensitive irregularities about ignorant sufficiency round extraordinary jelly and money.
[2012-04-12 20:52:00] <wagonlips> trembled and cried with such shuddering silence that streams of abrupt reflections scattered motionless across the broken remembrance of it.
[2012-04-11 18:26:00] <wagonlips> suffused the motionless weathercocks with the whirling wicks of weakness, corresponding to the oscillating modulations, thick with apricots.
[2012-04-10 08:50:00] <wagonlips> remembered rummaging through atrocious pleasures, cramped and trampled under forgotten explanations and the pretentious souvenirs of reason.
[2012-04-09 08:24:00] <wagonlips> softened silver shadows with the sombre obstacle of monster, where the heedless depths of reverie answered, "Imbecile!", "Stupid!", "River!"
[2012-04-08 08:30:00] <wagonlips> seemed strangely near everything without suspicion or care while voluptuous luggage wanted everything where a tender pocket cried, "people!"
[2012-04-07 18:29:00] <wagonlips> expanded bitterness as if happiness would soil progress and practice accomplished nothing but the neighing of infinite eyelids and business.
[2012-04-06 15:14:00] <wagonlips> shrivelled like the prodigal senior so giddy from drunkenness that insolent parentheses threw quarrels and morals through forbidding novels.
[2012-04-05 22:20:00] <wagonlips> embarrassed at the monotony of the profuse discovery, confessed sorrows and mistresses putting love impatiently as the times ended midnight.
[2012-04-05 21:26:00] <wagonlips> pretended to meddle with strings in the middle, while a thousand rings crumbled beneath elegant things so satisfying but never disagreeable.
[2012-04-03 22:06:00] <wagonlips> followed the stupefied spasms of luxury into the wounded arrows of memory, annihilated on sharp, incomprehensible modulations of mediocrity.
[2012-04-03 20:04:00] <wagonlips> suffered without discourse in the interests of the esteemed, like the inhabitants of a dream renouncing red bandages covered in imagination.
[2012-04-01 08:08:00] <wagonlips> complained flatly that consolation would sometimes rejoice at amputated hope, neglected bacon, and the convalescence of the tortured mutton.
[2012-03-31 08:48:00] <wagonlips> disappeared down a hatless obstruction where surgical attention paid for hideous amelioration abandoned with verve and veritable estimation.
[2012-03-30 13:21:00] <wagonlips> trembled as if a simple hypostrephopody had sent a snowball in a box, letting beautifying blindness prevent humanity from curing generosity.
[2012-03-30 13:10:00] <wagonlips> remembered the softness that galloped and cackled when the sunshine was interwoven with ashes and the sea pretended at melancholy, laughter.
[2012-03-30 13:02:00] <wagonlips> subjugated sensuality with a hamper of pistols insensibly absorbed by the coarseness of pleasures, difficult caresses and dainty miniatures.
[2012-03-27 23:36:00] <wagonlips> took immense merriment away from the masses, their jujube and sticks hurled corking good branches, like stars that wrapped refuge in ounces.
[2012-03-27 23:19:00] <wagonlips> intoxicated on mortars, having explained the conjectures, answered this distraction of prohibited possession in the mouth of muggy pleasure.
[2012-03-25 07:57:00] <wagonlips> recognised anxiety in joyous sorrows, always interrupted, seized by rosy stumbling meadows, unexpectedly detached from successful sweetness.
[2012-03-24 14:23:00] <wagonlips> supported a motionless happiness between the luminous hummingbirds of existence, the trembling thickets of vague destinies changing nothing.
[2012-03-23 22:52:00] <wagonlips> disappeared suddenly down a monotonous flower, irregularly fluttering some serious water, the cadence of which kicked the earth into powder.
[2012-03-22 20:52:00] <wagonlips> expanded imperceptibly into rays of blushing darkness; unexpected phrases suffered obsequious excuses interrupted by a charming, glass whim.
[2012-03-21 19:29:00] <wagonlips> separated the personages from the dithyrambic phalanxes, weeping waves to sudden drunkenness that the furious verve would dream of progress.
[2012-03-20 22:18:00] <wagonlips> repeated the answer, muttering, shouting, and biting the fireworks, while the whitish masses were worrying the pieces of horns and speeches.
[2012-03-19 14:58:00] <wagonlips> elevated a previous apron in the remembrance of cabbages and dreams, like a knotty seed of sadness whispering of infinite cakes and streams.
[2012-03-18 09:22:00] <wagonlips> persecuted the motionless gloves running with tongues and desires beneath bellowing beasts over clouds of perfume on a slandered conspiracy.
[2012-03-17 17:35:00] <wagonlips> dazzled the vests of poultry with idle arts of poetry like useful ears of public enthusiasm plunged into cider made of ignominy and heroism.
[2012-03-17 17:25:00] <wagonlips> unsponged the vestibule of the purest perils and puffy whisperings while pillars of pretty trousers sapped dreadful faces of leather smiles.
[2012-03-16 22:58:00] <wagonlips> yoked a gravedigger to a pile of bald peasants, hot horses hustling chairs lustily downstairs while a howitzer missed whistling compliments.
[2012-03-16 09:28:00] <wagonlips> trampled the daisies towards baskets of babies the president of which hustled stockings and negligence in the nostrils of laughing contempt.
[2012-03-13 21:19:00] <wagonlips> fattened the master with copiously curved weeds preoccupied with pamphlets on the principles of pull in an atmospheric elbow made of leaves.
[2012-03-13 21:02:00] <wagonlips> buttoned the bombarde to the pediment of a cookshop under curcumstances of cadence with a crowd of people in nanking breastplates and coats.
[2012-03-11 16:37:00] <wagonlips> dressed a carp in socks and gallantry, decidedly slackening the boots of perspicacity while the river of time pondered patients negligently.
[2012-03-11 16:09:00] <wagonlips> cultivated an air of reason and phlebotomy upon the skirt of objection for a fool in a syncope; sclerotics would shudder at the pale vanity.
[2012-03-10 24:41:00] <wagonlips> persisted in walking where white puckers were watching the corners of nostrils and vapours of temples spat busy together in mock opposition.
[2012-03-09 20:30:00] <wagonlips> recoiled from sudden lassitude and voluptuous melancholy, trembling travellers in the atmosphere flowing over boredom and tenderness slowly.
[2012-03-09 09:59:00] <wagonlips> uttered damp columns of masked sobs overlooking the fear of meeting the sunset of society in a pinch, in a pocket with sparrows in thickets.
[2012-03-08 21:43:00] <wagonlips> looked softly against the green windmill, said everything reasonable to the road, and stopped another going gate to rush away and penetrate.
[2012-03-05 09:52:00] <wagonlips> mingled strong cotton with strange conversation then absolutely reassured the depression of repetition, becoming frightened of satisfaction.
[2012-03-04 22:41:00] <wagonlips> threw stones after strings between nothings and things that twitched off and on coats among moist knees and silk shoes with nothing to lose.
[2012-03-04 12:03:00] <wagonlips> condescended unconsciously to the nettles and grass, primroses and branches swung stones to the glass, and leafless outlines recognise mass.
[2012-03-03 14:03:00] <wagonlips> seemed constantly crushed under virtuous temptation, half-open in boredom too sharp for conviction, with idleness loathing lewd consolation.
[2012-03-02 22:16:00] <wagonlips> interrupted three parts of two thousand fingers, an untidy pleasure like buttons on flowers, generally affected by a consolation of manners.
[2012-02-29 22:26:00] <wagonlips> stretched the stars over steps of spangles connected unconcernedly to a haberdashery of needles like packets of straw in pockets of thought.
[2012-02-28 22:58:00] <wagonlips> fluttered the flabby face upon a fire of frost and ice arose a stick pierced by a knife drawn from a lake of pale midnight, sucking delight.
[2012-02-27 23:14:00] <wagonlips> tortured the balustrade, dropping clowns in the garden, and annoyed the lampshade, changing verses for children, whose pots are often given.
[2012-02-26 08:53:00] <wagonlips> alienated the apparition on the advice of an apprentice who was standing in the gelatine preserving the cold catastrophes of serious office.
[2012-02-25 08:34:00] <wagonlips> dangled puddles of languor over whiskers of intoxication while the sweetness of shopkeepers spoke like vague windows of loving conversation.
[2012-02-24 24:28:00] <wagonlips> begged a little talking, all asking, blowing bubbles, trumpets, legs, sometimes heaving and then streaming round the terrible reddened pegs.
[2012-02-23 22:21:00] <wagonlips> used regulated influence to seize the rags of mistresses who fluttered beneath handkerchiefs, alarmed by luncheons, gunflints and happiness.
[2012-02-22 21:18:00] <wagonlips> detested the cure: six cakes of conviction, but consulted desire, the string of confusion, and applauded the tastes of the loathed, admired.
[2012-02-21 11:07:00] <wagonlips> cherished certain principal accomplishments while the politics spoilt the arguments, and the doctor of pavements lost fragments of patients.
[2012-02-21 09:02:00] <wagonlips> entered, the shadows scattered, and curtainless theatres threw moonlight and cinders at the various movements of those things that remained.
[2012-02-19 08:07:00] <wagonlips> interrupted the limitless sentiment, asked no care from the admirable compliment, and blushed torrents of extravagance with dim convenience.
[2012-02-18 22:09:00] <wagonlips> riveted the tropical scrofula to the pretty deplorable miasmata, while the insalubrious electricity slept in bilious soup made from ammonia.
[2012-02-17 20:19:00] <wagonlips> wallowed in plates of clattering hypocrisy, uttering, juggling and bubbling politely. The immortal dust would fain engulf the lost and just.
[2012-02-17 15:23:00] <wagonlips> played with connections and rings and things while lappets with pockets cried, "These rubicund swellings!" The chemist must widow an artist.
[2012-02-15 23:14:00] <wagonlips> pulled the beadle and followed the pox while the gravedigger sweated great chocolate drops on a poodle, a miller and two fowls in the shops.
[2012-02-14 22:59:00] <wagonlips> presented the pilfering trout, whose unpainted glasses seem like bottles of stones and branches, and may spread the springs with or without.
[2012-02-13 18:39:00] <wagonlips> ordered a dozen duchesses, but only needed three, followed injustice like a refugee, and concealed immoral pleasures where no one would see.
[2012-02-12 09:21:00] <wagonlips> looked over the notes, an espalier of glass coats, adding boredom and sadness to a monkey so hopeless that dancers will plaster the serpent.
[2012-02-12 08:38:00] <wagonlips> waxed the clogs of a spoonful of logs on the pendulum fingers of monotonous letters over red-hot thinking in the full embroidery of ringing.
[2012-02-10 14:06:00] <wagonlips> established the odorous pleasure of illustrious torrents by dreaming of omelettes made from pleated watch-chains and small, taciturn charms.
[2012-02-09 23:57:00] <wagonlips> lost an embroidered passion before the soft, vague thoughts of an exceptional ocean confused the continuity of the fixed, flowing mysteries.
[2012-02-08 22:03:00] <wagonlips> ambled off with the dog-cart during the great silence devoutly beblazoned against the bumps of the rudely twisted mountains of appointments.
[2012-02-07 22:33:00] <wagonlips> commingled a dark cotillion with one or three waltzers when a basket of serpents curved their tongues around the cold, ornamental musicians.
[2012-02-06 19:45:00] <wagonlips> gleamed like a fluttering pomegranate jumping on an undulating blouse made from awkward sprays of silent trousers, swaying like mad cravats.
[2012-02-05 10:02:00] <wagonlips> squandered extraordinary pomegranates on lofty cows with green stockings dining with bloodshot lobsters on the gently irregular wainscoting.
[2012-02-04 09:35:00] <wagonlips> whistled enthusiastically while a short condescension trembled and yawned in the unrealised ennui and melancholy of the delicate, old trees.
[2012-02-03 22:23:00] <wagonlips> stretched a wooden handkerchief over a cornfield of meat, trembling with passionate passion for melancholy outbursts of prejudiced theories.
[2012-02-03 16:35:00] <wagonlips> sketched the remainder of happiness on an undefinable waterfall with suave refinements like black glasses and silken greengages with aplomb.
[2012-02-01 22:17:00] <wagonlips> slipped the bars of a dazzled page as the mediocre obscurity blew a belated discipline through a satin phantasmagoria with great enthusiasm.
[2012-01-31 22:34:00] <wagonlips> dreamed of weeping lions killed by celestial nightingales with dirty books on historical cruelties and virtuous songs of lyrical friendship.
[2012-01-30 14:44:00] <wagonlips> described a motionless bedstead, striped with a brick flower garden, adorned with a cloak of passion, and hanging from the dusty implements.
[2012-01-29 09:06:00] <wagonlips> snored like a fishmonger who raised horses at night whilst puns and pleasantries dragged facetious fingers through badly unbounded nostrils.
[2012-01-27 22:33:00] <wagonlips> laid finished business in the pockets of small coats and sewed amusing compliments into the respectability of stars fastened to the fiddler.
[2012-01-27 12:30:00] <wagonlips> stammered and murmured that the future had stopped, but the day and the hour, still laughing at minutes, would press on as spring preferred.
[2012-01-26 23:10:00] <wagonlips> complained that the cupboard had offered the fire-dogs an egg covered with wearisome giddiness and parched murmurs that sounded like cotton.
[2012-01-25 21:52:00] <wagonlips> perceived one celestial sailor standing on the supreme madness of infinite happiness then walking uneasily over the finally painful horizon.
[2012-01-25 21:14:00] <wagonlips> coddled something softly that disgusted the winter rabbit and called us to the autumn flies, forgetting spring prepared the dregs of summer.
[2012-01-23 22:26:00] <wagonlips> carried a transparent reward that would rejoice in the suffering of destiny, like sweet enemies who created brilliancy with fearful emotion.
[2012-01-23 22:11:00] <wagonlips> stretched a thousand flags over a gown wrapped in mortgages to play kisses and sobbing against the witty observations of naive exasperation.
[2012-01-22 13:35:00] <wagonlips> dipped the strange, fervently ornamented angel in the mysterious delirium in an effort to accept the powerless, benevolent shadow of torpor.
[2012-01-21 06:38:00] <wagonlips> guessed at the destructive disorders yielding voluptuous agony in the deep, subterranean ocean of indescribable emotion, desolate happiness.
[2012-01-20 16:22:00] <wagonlips> consoled the wounded absurdity by devouring the remaining secrets and emitting a wretched perfume from the carelessly clouded forgetfulness.
[2012-01-20 14:32:00] <wagonlips> walked against the folds of the neighbouring inflections, perhaps as smooth as wooden sacks and stone sheets bandaging the pricked fragment.
[2012-01-19 24:21:00] <wagonlips> smiled to joke where torture might desire incomprehensible despairs, infamous raving, and the violent vengeance of that Harpagon resolution.
[2012-01-19 15:54:00] <wagonlips> reappeared behind the opal-colored stretch of indescribable melancholy with a golden ruffle of indiscreet sadness on the shoulders of light.
[2012-01-19 15:40:00] <wagonlips> was rattling through the quiet country when the cold horse of morning remembered the whips and suddenly soiled its polished violet forepart.
[2012-01-19 13:20:00] <wagonlips> stammered and groaned for the hopefulness of evil, rising like a solemn, stone shadow prostituted for liberty against nothing but privation.
[2012-01-19 13:02:00] <wagonlips> expanded beneath the public proof of summer and under the stolen questions of marble suitors who washed idleness from preparatory intrigues.
[2012-01-19 09:49:00] <wagonlips> smoked blackberries as if arrangements could be made that would have interrupted a quarter of the labourers in the sanctuaries of pathology.
[2012-01-16 16:32:00] <wagonlips> sought to anger the revolted calico or to plough maternal nature with jealous fingers garnished with haunting vanities and smoking whiskers.
[2012-01-16 14:17:00] <wagonlips> removed the dishes from the open door with pretended indifference and sighed, stupid, silly, angry, devil take the accursed, ill-bred brute.
[2012-01-15 09:45:00] <wagonlips> muttered an agreeable excuse on the worm eaten shoulder of an intelligent thought in a basket of cheap nostrils prepared with fork and fowl.
[2012-01-14 24:43:00] <wagonlips> redoubled the dreadful obligations respecting the disagreeable propensities of the voraciously fasting giant who seemed irresistibly vulgar.
[2012-01-13 23:00:00] <wagonlips> hesitated to laugh at the sort of stammering sermon the poor servant shouted at night when the ugliness had twisted its foot in the buttons.
[2012-01-13 14:46:00] <wagonlips> brightened the appearance of the intersection between hideous territories and gentle tranquillity for the sum of doubt and the goat of fear.
[2012-01-12 21:54:00] <wagonlips> intercepted a dark mass menacing a circle of uneasiness around a hillock of gravel and terror, distinctly respecting the phantom of anxiety.
[2012-01-12 21:09:00] <wagonlips> whispered a bottle of coins triumphantly to the dull, avaricious descendants of giants over formalities of the luxuriously mounted question.
[2012-01-11 23:07:00] <wagonlips> folded the industrious conversation in a distinguishable paper, visible like a silence of perfectly enthusiastic descendants of information.
[2012-01-11 22:48:00] <wagonlips> adored the unhappy goodness of the dungeon of moments, a blindness ascending the fogs of patience, promise, and providence, an infinite cry.
[2012-01-09 21:39:00] <wagonlips> pronounced the fortunate names on which victory was suffered where dragons fell like paternal curiosities in superior and sublime obedience.
[2012-01-09 21:21:00] <wagonlips> inhabited the letters and words of forgetful liberty as if darkness might value a mistake made in terrible anguish by the learned multitude.
[2012-01-07 08:36:00] <wagonlips> frustrated the wicked vengeance with the jingling dews of a vacillating heart, like the calculated pity of mad industry and forgotten fools.
[2012-01-07 08:24:00] <wagonlips> conducted a vivid and serene phantom to the spot where the daylight disappeared, pursued by ancient recollections of despair, vainly oozing.
[2012-01-04 22:56:00] <wagonlips> overwhelmed the passive sparrow with the vast approbation of a long buried creature softly possessed by almighty offers and dead intentions.
[2012-01-03 22:09:00] <wagonlips> imprinted the greatest futurity with the eternally brilliant spectacle of revengeful misfortunes and sacrificed insensibility for captivity.
[2012-01-02 09:47:00] <wagonlips> denied the sanguinary happiness of wretched prosperity and extended the inexpressibly dignified hatred of melancholy to the burnt innocence.
[2012-01-01 09:39:00] <wagonlips> ordained a sorrowful spectacle on the darkened brow of doubtful misfortune with the horizons of the soul waving to the beneficent steamboat.
[2011-12-31 10:35:00] <wagonlips> terminated the palpitating entrails before indifference whispered, before hatred exclaimed, and before egotism bathed in tempestuous virtue.
[2011-12-30 18:21:00] <wagonlips> commissioned five impressions of a most awful mitigation that was forgotten yesterday, deceived in a month, and cured of nothing in an hour.
[2011-12-29 21:17:00] <wagonlips> followed the humble laughter beyond the sockets of reason, forever doubting that the serene spectre of boiled and buried insanity would cry.
[2011-12-29 20:48:00] <wagonlips> feared the supreme expression of savage valentines and secret corpses listening to eyes of cold compassion on the icy staircase to solitude.
[2011-12-27 23:09:00] <wagonlips> beheld the anxiety on a satin piano playing over the feeble abyss like a ray of darkness convulsively, horribly violating the crystal woman.
[2011-12-26 10:07:00] <wagonlips> overwhelmed the lightning with feverish infamy and supreme etiquette, like a virtuous serpent defending the terrible condemnation of a poem.
[2011-12-25 24:34:00] <wagonlips> uttered an interesting silence with astonishment notwithstanding extenuating senses relating to laughing and staggering from unhappy proofs.
[2011-12-24 15:14:00] <wagonlips> declared the most honorable agitation a graceful consolation in an acrid declaration of useless proportion in a great, motionless explosion.
[2011-12-23 16:47:00] <wagonlips> reached gracefully for the tokens of indignation beating calmly against the whole, ingratiating assembly of crimes, griefs, and brutal lips.
[2011-12-22 21:43:00] <wagonlips> displeased a precocious actor, a peculiar dupe who cheated a blood-stained marriage out of a testimony of poisons for a dose of jealous art.
[2011-12-22 21:13:00] <wagonlips> secluded the manoeuvre in the antipathy of the multitudinously occupied minister of the unobserved, a veiled eye sparkling like black glass.
[2011-12-20 22:55:00] <wagonlips> persuaded the malevolence and heraldry of the phrenological calculations to communicate with the privileged conspiracy of amiable neighbors.
[2011-12-19 23:41:00] <wagonlips> approached the deadliest precaution with speedy justice and overwhelmed the punishment generally taken by convulsively rushing the scaffold.
[2011-12-18 07:37:00] <wagonlips> arranged a terrible forehead over a resolute countenance where a smile was trembling with the impassibility of a strange and murderous bird.
[2011-12-17 07:49:00] <wagonlips> dented the sitting involuntarily while the chestnut-trees brought the depositions of the poplars to the clover-fields of nervous accusation.
[2011-12-16 14:43:00] <wagonlips> aggravated a division between poppies and passions which, for a strangle of spectres, scarcely seemed like an attraction of earnest assizes.
[2011-12-15 21:06:00] <wagonlips> engaged a strange keeper who murdered a few millions of crowns in the pocket of a gracefully conducted, worthy and distinguished reputation.
[2011-12-14 22:21:00] <wagonlips> relaxed like an intrepid shadow against the unfortunate walls of illustrious privations possessed of dark astonishment and splendid liberty.
[2011-12-13 23:23:00] <wagonlips> confined the cambric of moral deformity to the recovered gloss of shameful boots walking surely upon this intolerable paradise of prisoners.
[2011-12-12 09:34:00] <wagonlips> closed the temples of misfortunes hastily, the house of apprehensions cordially, the dress of incognito happiness justly and affectionately.
[2011-12-11 09:12:00] <wagonlips> embroidered a magnificent misfortune on the superfluities of agitation still worthy of sacrifice and, essentially, overwhelmed by sublimity.
[2011-12-10 08:15:00] <wagonlips> rendered more readily a miraculous fortune from the diabolical words of an actual statue with the enthusiasm of an enormous, beautiful fish.
[2011-12-09 09:39:00] <wagonlips> concealed in a chest the continual agitation of insufficient silence upon the enormous expectation of accounts, lawyers, and discreet tears.
[2011-12-08 21:51:00] <wagonlips> abandoned a supplicating position for algebraic self-control in a long and enamoured fusion of conscientious attitude with tolerable advice.
[2011-12-07 22:50:00] <wagonlips> approached the concealed curiosity with a mind thickly arranged with impertinent handkerchiefs blowing like a peculiar lodger glancing left.
[2011-12-06 21:24:00] <wagonlips> dropped ordinary pistols on a terrestrial table and contemplated that deadliest promise, an intoxicated homage to honor, grief, and despair.
[2011-12-05 13:49:00] <wagonlips> frowned and exclaimed with an expression preserved for happiness, blessed by despair and denied by the supernatural anguish of the infinite.
[2011-12-04 07:55:00] <wagonlips> seized a succession of words with mild authority; wrested it from a childlike emotion covered with tumultuous dewdrops and a crystal memory.
[2011-12-03 16:53:00] <wagonlips> placed everything into a tyrannical antidote with exquisite anguish against a pretended benefactor to deceive the maniacal hopes of a child.
[2011-12-02 09:10:00] <wagonlips> struck an attitude from a concealed matter discomposed on the face of zeal with an imperturbable passion bound to exclude an abandoned foot.
[2011-12-01 21:33:00] <wagonlips> heard an ingenious metaphor broken violently against a mortal monument with piercing silence and pompous calmness in the least usual manner.
[2011-12-01 20:43:00] <wagonlips> notified an irreproachable exclamation about a thousand little drawers expressing sensitive admiration for a fortune of ridiculous scruples.
[2011-12-01 20:10:00] <wagonlips> deposited a smiling excuse carelessly with pale impertinence in an indescribable pocket on the jest of charities with unlimited incredulity.
[2011-11-28 09:30:00] <wagonlips> wished an affliction of immeasurable charity at the feet of philosophers in want of difficulty prepared like scraps of a remarkable vulture.
[2011-11-28 09:16:00] <wagonlips> covered our despair with justice and persons of charming, though melancholy, social position who justified villany with singular uneasiness.
[2011-11-26 09:51:00] <wagonlips> grasped a piece of the paved court made out of cambric, dressed in black, for the assassin of whom the undertakers slept the deepest sorrow.
[2011-11-25 09:29:00] <wagonlips> bolted the corpse laconically to the remaining servant and accosted the pale, motionless angel in the street and on the corner of the table.
[2011-11-24 08:36:00] <wagonlips> delighted to understand a very feeble meditation on justice and cowardly concession in the house where revenge would demand teeth and blood.
[2011-11-23 17:32:00] <wagonlips> gushed indolence against the triple force of a struggle striving to recollect the silence and solitude of the vigorous avenger of vehemence.
[2011-11-23 09:30:00] <wagonlips> opened a paroxysm of innumerable agonies and rushed towards the ministrations of the happier apparition unable to face the real explanation.
[2011-11-21 09:34:00] <wagonlips> dropped a little nurse transfixed in extraordinary liquor against the wainscot like a terror-stricken mass of articulate, confused analysis.
[2011-11-20 09:41:00] <wagonlips> staggered closely to the muttered imprecations notwithstanding a terrible rigidity hidden in the solemn calm and screaming rebellious tears.
[2011-11-19 09:14:00] <wagonlips> revealed a cold light in the room on part of the stair, in the doorway, and approaching the table on which rested an obscurity white as wax.
[2011-11-18 22:23:00] <wagonlips> emptied a sepulchral vault or coffin close to the velvet pulsations and swallowed a farewell glance with the confident innocence of a child.
[2011-11-18 22:15:00] <wagonlips> poured drink from a spring, plucked fruit from a tree, visited sensations that neutralized death upon crimes committed, foreseen everywhere.
[2011-11-18 22:07:00] <wagonlips> spread the clock around the terrible room reassured by the almost noiseless bed disturbing the long, sharp caution of the reassured silence.
[2011-11-18 12:33:00] <wagonlips> disappeared against a more delirious or feverish providence stricken by reason and beloved of the poor under the influence of sad beverages.
[2011-11-17 21:30:00] <wagonlips> exclaimed sweet pride and modest fear while a bottle drank half its contents and swallowed the reality of stupefaction and surpassed reason.
[2011-11-13 07:37:00] <wagonlips> succeeded over countless apparitions in somnolence mingled with hope in a confused maze of furniture and vague ideas, like dreadful fancies.
[2011-11-12 07:28:00] <wagonlips> placed hideous recollections in the room with a ferocious despatch from the soft exception which had shown harshness resolving to eloquence.
[2011-11-11 17:13:00] <wagonlips> heard the sentiment alluded to but escaped mischances, mere misfortunes carried without evidence of escape or means of expressing assurance.
[2011-11-11 16:59:00] <wagonlips> never lost the sadness but complained enough of impertinence that twenty wishes under the shadow remorselessly dressed for instant contempt.
[2011-11-11 09:08:00] <wagonlips> looked momentarily for the concealed and independent scandal to persuade such serious dissension that a labyrinth was in reality providence.
[2011-11-11 08:45:00] <wagonlips> vanquished a curious tone from the butt end of the useless knife while a curious voice and a whispering glance sparkled violently with rage.
[2011-11-07 09:12:00] <wagonlips> accompanied the little shriek of anguish in an attempt to fly through the reasonably filled orifice from which no smoke issued on horseback.
[2011-11-06 08:10:00] <wagonlips> placed the predominating idea upon horseback, gently re-enforced by a faint smile and a ray of sunlight holding a pallid void of uneasiness.
[2011-11-05 07:13:00] <wagonlips> pretended a sparkling sleep, rapidly disappearing from the interminable view, like a charming anxiety remembered joyfully by pretty anxiety.
[2011-11-04 15:24:00] <wagonlips> disappeared gradually on the first promise of activity, a mere question of enemies pursuing rumor and fortune, notwithstanding the darkness.
[2011-11-04 15:11:00] <wagonlips> returned with the astonishment of an admirably arranged extenuating circumstance, bounded by a britzska rolling through a crack in the boot.
[2011-11-04 15:01:00] <wagonlips> reached the same requisite misfortune as had the two magnificent braids, down with a visible promptitude which indicated no other interests.
[2011-11-04 14:49:00] <wagonlips> opened a courageous brigade of outraged disclosure, naturally interrupted by great catastrophe and augmented by an eager, ironical murderer.
[2011-11-04 14:33:00] <wagonlips> assassinated a galley-slave, escaped from the drawing-room, quite alarmed, and steadily stabbed the unhappy attorney, quaerens quem devoret.
[2011-10-30 08:43:00] <wagonlips> arranged for the peculiar expression so kindly given to agitate a few charms in the measured opinions of the singularly noticeable assembly.
[2011-10-29 16:04:00] <wagonlips> concealed girlish simplicity unaccompanied by the inconstant butterflies which grieve a perfumed crowd of famished, contradicted short bees.
[2011-10-29 15:52:00] <wagonlips> felt restrained by a manoeuvre formed of good fortune, broken honor, and affairs of principle highly understood by perfidious superstitions.
[2011-10-29 15:41:00] <wagonlips> confounded the social position of the horses in the little garden in front of the conversation about crossing legs and elegant circumstance.
[2011-10-29 15:30:00] <wagonlips> resounded to the selfishness of a disgraceful accomplice in the astonished malediction of bankruptcies, great losses, and inconceivable pay.
[2011-10-26 09:30:00] <wagonlips> professedly diverted a girl accompanied by a bad physiognomist so full of horror that, instead of stooping for pocket-money, made a deposit.
[2011-10-26 09:21:00] <wagonlips> determined immediately an exclamation from a life encountered in perpetual oppositions, like a submissive specimen of a disagreeable nature.
[2011-10-23 09:14:00] <wagonlips> implied or appeared to imply that a great catastrophe had been walking to and fro for some minutes in this momentous interview of cashbooks.
[2011-10-22 07:42:00] <wagonlips> renewed a precaution for a morning injunction accompanied by a tottering prescription of a modest instruction of infinite, motionless death.
[2011-10-21 23:56:00] <wagonlips> uttered extraordinary words closely following the care and ascendancy of the motionless circumstances of a true angel, a superhuman nothing.
[2011-10-21 12:07:00] <wagonlips> cried into a dishonored door with weakness, breathless into the mournful coolness of the evidently affectionate but embarrassed benevolence.
[2011-10-21 08:53:00] <wagonlips> deceived the scene of mournful tragedy because the breath of poison proceeded as if dazzled in darkness no less surprising than thoughtless.
[2011-10-21 08:41:00] <wagonlips> changed a secret tone with the greatest calmness, a natural one, and hastened to have no gloomy secret from an exterminating angel of death.
[2011-10-17 09:03:00] <wagonlips> missed the stiffened and stretched out smile at the bottom of the feverish volubility, so pale that the cause was seized with clasping fear.
[2011-10-16 08:12:00] <wagonlips> watched some serious congratulations ascend the little staircase successively over the leaves of timid wit and the ducks of equal solemnity.
[2011-10-15 14:23:00] <wagonlips> persuaded the sun to shine in a mixture which was so little perceptible and such a singular panacea a hastened observer would hardly return.
[2011-10-14 08:58:00] <wagonlips> escaped silently through windows like wretchedness revived by an unhappy being, who, with the coachman's voice, uttered a single, heavy cry.
[2011-10-14 08:46:00] <wagonlips> penetrated within reach of dishonor, of dreadful calmness in turning a coward in a black coat from the honor of iron apology or explanation.
[2011-10-12 23:15:00] <wagonlips> led the illumined countenance to a private staircase which dared to suffice for an excuse or a tearful gaze behind a window or face or door.
[2011-10-11 22:11:00] <wagonlips> answered the conversation with a peaceful display of termination on the ground near a sword so brave grief would destroy the miraculous joy.
[2011-10-10 09:28:00] <wagonlips> discovered a dowry painfully amassed by the ceaseless toil of the unwilling innocent overshadowed by the comfort and tranquillity of stairs.
[2011-10-09 14:54:00] <wagonlips> planned the former ruin of poverty, dresses, jewels, linen, and money since yesterday was henceforth without present orders, without hunger.
[2011-10-07 22:42:00] <wagonlips> advanced suddenly but gradually toward an expression of respectful fear hastily dictated by the calm conscience of both friends and enemies.
[2011-10-07 08:54:00] <wagonlips> sprang lightly over the world from which we must retire politely and honestly and advanced towards the avenues leading us towards extremity.
[2011-10-07 08:47:00] <wagonlips> followed the passage to the appointment which was long enough for the bullets to substitute the sword and for the offended party to shudder.
[2011-10-04 21:21:00] <wagonlips> extended an expression of courageous assurance to the three seals observed bequeathing tenderness and melancholy to the lands and furniture.
[2011-10-03 09:33:00] <wagonlips> absorbed a secret gloom, a single touch, a word, a project so long prepared while the lamp and the wax escaped this world that folly passed.
[2011-10-02 09:19:00] <wagonlips> disappeared before melancholy surprised the grand emotion at the door of the Invalides and the fool conveyed the painful and profound glory.
[2011-09-30 08:56:00] <wagonlips> obtained a stipendiary of ample corroboration across the hands of the usurper by arresting the purpose of vengeance for the sake of dignity.
[2011-09-30 01:29:00] <wagonlips> waited, concealed on a parquet plate in a little iron box, for the forgotten bullet from the table by the slight exclamation without hatred.
[2011-09-30 01:12:00] <wagonlips> blindfolded the duel at seven o'clock when probity demanded very unnecessary explanations with the dagger, the dispute, and some discussion.
[2011-09-30 01:00:00] <wagonlips> followed the approaching storm in the adjoining friendship adorably wrapped around a cold and steady bullet of extraordinary, false emotion.
[2011-09-27 22:33:00] <wagonlips> followed the circumstances for ten minutes during the filial piety of some singular prejudices and a scrutinizing gaze across the orchestra.
[2011-09-25 09:41:00] <wagonlips> espoused a cause so sacred that an unusual circumstance deviated from what might naturally be expected in the house of enemies or the opera.
[2011-09-25 08:46:00] <wagonlips> yielded to some forgotten or unperceived influence that could disgrace less from exposure than from misfortunate sorrow or obscure scruples.
[2011-09-24 13:48:00] <wagonlips> made inquiries with a gloomy tone, and, hearing the footman making an effort, was willing to accept what had transpired between resolutions.
[2011-09-24 08:25:00] <wagonlips> proceeded from a celestial cause in a dark night of noble agents both palpable and impalpable, visible and invisible, rewarded and punished.
[2011-09-23 08:53:00] <wagonlips> left with stupefied silence followed by an almost guilty enthusiasm lingering without betraying a distressed view of the expected goddesses.
[2011-09-23 08:40:00] <wagonlips> contrived retirement and silence obtained with every ignorant signature and doubtless seal affixed to the illustrious and learned protector.
[2011-09-19 10:02:00] <wagonlips> produced the record of terrible imputations with ominous effect and bloodshot anxiety in surprise at the thunderbolt of fallen authenticity.
[2011-09-19 09:50:00] <wagonlips> survived the attack and resumed a convincing military life in Macedonia with token misfortune and the approbation of the anonymous assembly.
[2011-09-17 07:26:00] <wagonlips> disposed of innocence as soon as the accused had stammered a few words about the investigation of unexpected calamity and calumnious report.
[2011-09-16 11:51:00] <wagonlips> received the particulars of that painful circumstance with great shame and solemn grief following the accusatory article on true beet-sugar.
[2011-09-16 11:23:00] <wagonlips> designed a drunken post-horse in tears that would burn under the second manifestation of a complete transformation of malicious hospitality.
[2011-09-14 09:31:00] <wagonlips> turned out of the ingenious window with the horses of the hurricane and the star of simoom like thirty or forty thousand piscatory pursuits.
[2011-09-12 22:05:00] <wagonlips> renewed a dull exclamation introducing the most execrable thoughts of every robber and assassin in matrimony or liberty or misunderstanding.
[2011-09-12 21:31:00] <wagonlips> passed through the convulsive period kept burning for eternal friendship when the storm burst like silent ashes on the untarnished fortress.
[2011-09-10 10:24:00] <wagonlips> surrendered the room furiously to get rid of sufficient probabilities and a quiet conscience in consideration of intimacy and deadly combat.
[2011-09-09 10:50:00] <wagonlips> regretted the circumstances but had already passed an insult taken up by the strictest search for an approved union of suffering attentions.
[2011-09-09 10:39:00] <wagonlips> endeavored not to believe while believing the assassin's dagger would exhaust the powers of the miserable, thunderstruck, and blood-thirsty.
[2011-09-09 10:22:00] <wagonlips> extended an unexpected miracle over the contents of the sacrilege when all had been driven to consoling the wretch, for justice never waits.
[2011-09-09 10:10:00] <wagonlips> passed the ladder over the wall and began so violently to write the deposition that four drops of dead content flowed from a wretched elbow.
[2011-09-05 07:44:00] <wagonlips> blew out the taper, shuddering like a murderer relying on the promise of an ignorant porter, scarcely satisfied of the safety of the design.
[2011-09-04 10:16:00] <wagonlips> looked at the astonished waistcoat and at the same moment uttered a protestation against the calm, groaning interrogation of fleshy pincers.
[2011-09-03 07:11:00] <wagonlips> fixed a haggard gaze on the strange apparition pitilessly blocking the escape a short distance from the great society of criminal assassins.
[2011-09-02 18:31:00] <wagonlips> drew a hatchet from the pliant secretary and advanced straight to the doubtless knife-grinder who was engrossed with the three-cornered hat.
[2011-09-02 18:19:00] <wagonlips> did the burning work without falling through the opaque peril or the shuddering dream in the cracked darkness of the double-barrelled trees.
[2011-09-02 17:35:00] <wagonlips> denied anything to be seriously supposed or unnecessary by a gross deception of the apparent precautions of a such daring and vigorous mind.
[2011-09-02 17:20:00] <wagonlips> could never have so much as would detain old friends, who without becoming angry had taken a week to inherit the hastily revised possession.
[2011-08-29 08:10:00] <wagonlips> had some secretary with a spring that began smoking in the library and the drawing-room to the left of the dressing-room in a country house.
[2011-08-28 08:37:00] <wagonlips> took the hundred thousand francs in gold from an imperceptible garden the size of that house in the Champs-Elysees made of turf and flowers.
[2011-08-27 08:06:00] <wagonlips> put in the way of all good fortune a secret that explains poor bastards who flash like lightning and sometimes pine for heartless creatures.
[2011-08-26 09:35:00] <wagonlips> formed the cunning plan by which two covetous bankers were obliged to decamp six hundred fish with garlic and fat to Brussels for Christmas.
[2011-08-26 08:51:00] <wagonlips> added dried fish, and above all, the pungent smell of musk and codicils accompanied by abuse to two deep dishes which were weeping with joy.
[2011-08-24 18:52:00] <wagonlips> declared the following morning on this occasion to be inconceivably peculiar, laughing chiefly to avoid an engagement without being noticed.
[2011-08-22 07:37:00] <wagonlips> allowed shame and remorse to grow and increase like an executioner of chairs seen passing dreadfully between two clouds in a monotonous sky.
[2011-08-21 07:33:00] <wagonlips> placed a sacred mission on the earth at the source of hypocritical smiles and sweet exhortations of mysterious life taken from the murdered.
[2011-08-20 08:20:00] <wagonlips> produced a frightful monstrosity on the death of a blade of grass, the same flower deceived by fatal words, sullied by so many fancy crimes.
[2011-08-19 07:46:00] <wagonlips> muttered a few unintelligible words without uttering any perceptible remainder of an accent of horror, consternation, amazement or sympathy.
[2011-08-18 07:36:00] <wagonlips> endeavored to introduce the paroxysm to the melancholy smile yesterday or the day before without allowing an eagle into the lying fireplace.
[2011-08-17 06:40:00] <wagonlips> seemed stupefied with health and constrained astonishment which proclaimed dumb contemplation of the pale lemonade; it was a very bad thing.
[2011-08-17 06:32:00] <wagonlips> showed all the various emotions of lemonade and foam quite altered in the presence of a ring of ill-advised happiness and nervous disorders.
[2011-08-15 07:45:00] <wagonlips> acknowledged extreme kindness and benevolence which grew inflamed by obstacles in time of despair, happiness, and an unbounded discomfiture.
[2011-08-14 09:33:00] <wagonlips> perceived the innocent agents of discomfiture walking with quick steps and bright eyes past two growling and barking throats cut with honor.
[2011-08-13 07:48:00] <wagonlips> expressed every varied emotion in its numerous and peculiar modifications to the point where thoughtful retractation demanded contradicting.
[2011-08-12 07:55:00] <wagonlips> did the utmost to restrain an exclamation of surprise on seeing a rectified geranium that came to speak on free orders from time immemorial.
[2011-08-11 07:50:00] <wagonlips> studied folly in a public place in the presence of two witnesses seeking further information on the contrary subject of some foolish trifle.
[2011-08-10 07:30:00] <wagonlips> retracted the assertion before two witnesses that playing-cards fixed against a slander must occupy leisure moments in ignorance and repose.
[2011-08-08 07:23:00] <wagonlips> rendered an explanation on the honor of alliance as an expression of offended pride into particulars, slanders and the most cruel calumnies.
[2011-08-07 08:45:00] <wagonlips> remodeled the first established opinions according to the circumstances that imperative necessity imposed upon the forgetful and irresolute.
[2011-08-06 07:59:00] <wagonlips> paid all due deference without consent or approbation to a topic so pleasing that stern and forbidding expressions became certain happiness.
[2011-08-05 07:37:00] <wagonlips> broke the irrefragable alliances with a few incoherent sentences and a letter generally so polite and respectful it astonished the auditors.
[2011-08-04 07:41:00] <wagonlips> disappeared in a whirlwind of obedience and courage kindled by fearfully distinct reports in the crater of a volcano of poniards and terror.
[2011-08-03 07:16:00] <wagonlips> deposited the token in a scene of frightful tumult and confusion where a pistol fired with fire and smoke and a messenger shivered to atoms.
[2011-08-02 07:34:00] <wagonlips> fetched the devoted ones who were naturally noble and generous though gloomy and horrified, both ferocious and senseless, gazing on vacancy.
[2011-08-01 10:12:00] <wagonlips> ascended in spiral clouds from the token waters of a significant narrative on a recollected promise, angular objects, and gloomy importance.
[2011-07-31 07:34:00] <wagonlips> was suddenly awakened by a voice armed with long smiles and marbles with gigantic shadows like the wind passing over a field of distraction.
[2011-07-30 07:35:00] <wagonlips> descended to the borders of a slender white sycamore-tree with all the artlessness of a prisoner divided among lemonade-sellers to the poor.
[2011-07-29 10:02:00] <wagonlips> made the language of either ancient or modern Greek as sonorous as the deepest love of a friend, a brother or the simple gloves of an enemy.
[2011-07-28 07:13:00] <wagonlips> originally possessed the caprice of fortune in a way in which intimate friends can be be accounted for like dream things of magic influence.
[2011-07-27 07:23:00] <wagonlips> possessed two chibouques filled with excellent latakia which appeared to have sprung from the ground through the medium of smoking goodness.
[2011-07-26 07:18:00] <wagonlips> dispensed with the languishing looks and modulated tones of a thousand daggers and tragedy-weapons endeavoring to induce a good arrangement.
[2011-07-25 09:47:00] <wagonlips> cast a perfectly suspicious look towards the banker, concealing the expression of pity that turned open lips into a private jack-in-the-box.
[2011-07-24 07:23:00] <wagonlips> threw some obscurity on the past that does not affect unrestrained observation, although a certain amount of indifference might be pardoned.
[2011-07-23 06:35:00] <wagonlips> heard a voice, singing a song, accompanied by three or four hundred thousand well deserved interests sacrificed to the demon of speculation.
[2011-07-22 09:28:00] <wagonlips> assumed the garb of reality: such a delightfully pleasing injury to a very extensive--though useless--code published by chance or manoeuvre.
[2011-07-21 18:46:00] <wagonlips> heard a heavy splash attested by honorable signatures in water mechanically prolonged to accuse the handle of a door on this dreadful scene.
[2011-07-20 08:23:00] <wagonlips> placed the trembling mercury on the ground near an almost sublime expression of contempt and pride still covered with snow and circumstance.
[2011-07-19 08:19:00] <wagonlips> avoided the vigilance of the conspirators and assassins with a dignified and commanding attitude like a round murmur of allegiance to honor.
[2011-07-18 13:57:00] <wagonlips> addressed a note of consequence to the members of society during a time when deliberations had already begun in an eternally contented club.
[2011-07-17 07:44:00] <wagonlips> neglected for many years the useless documents tied with a black string that were supposed to contain nothing but eyes and ill-formed words.
[2011-07-16 10:00:00] <wagonlips> excepted the loss of an alien bride and arranged the papers on the table with the joy of a shipwrecked mariner who finds a rock to cling to.
[2011-07-16 09:36:00] <wagonlips> was, as usual, unmoved by the witnesses throughout the house to the arrangements convulsively made by the pale pomp and unpleasant ceremony.
[2011-07-14 07:30:00] <wagonlips> tried to find an affectionate heart and a delightful travelling companion with whom a winter party might freely expand in a friendly manner.
[2011-07-13 08:55:00] <wagonlips> assembled a considerable crowd with religious apoplexy among a very singular funereal attended by a strange coincidence of great protectors.
[2011-07-12 11:36:00] <wagonlips> watched, with indescribable joy, the noble and sincere countenance on which every sentiment was depicted like a cabriolet in a clover-field.
[2011-07-11 08:02:00] <wagonlips> did not sanction the multitude of solitudes, tumultuous thoughts or the expressive astonishment anxiously waiting at the gate of misfortune.
[2011-07-10 07:26:00] <wagonlips> pushed the blinds open and entered a room under a white sheet which covered it like an alarming velvet cushion insensible to minor emotions.
[2011-07-09 08:30:00] <wagonlips> wondered at the courageous mind, generally so disturbed by the human passions, love and fear, but manifestly wonderful and already terrible.
[2011-07-08 07:17:00] <wagonlips> restored movement and speech to a silent and motionless vegetable on the verge of madness and so thoroughly convinced of its own negligence.
[2011-07-07 07:14:00] <wagonlips> exposed a beating heart to the darkness in a clump of trees like a terrible secret borne upon the wind and concealed behind a nervous cloud.
[2011-07-06 11:43:00] <wagonlips> tormented the clocks so effectually that they struck eight at half-past six, then allowed them to go on peacefully, concealed behind a ruin.
[2011-07-06 11:36:00] <wagonlips> arranged everything at the turning of the clover-field, the brushing of the branches, and the affectionate precautions of the adored police.
[2011-07-04 13:22:00] <wagonlips> raised both hands with a sublime expression, a bleeding heart and the madness of horrible artifice, kind entreaty and accidental providence.
[2011-07-03 09:11:00] <wagonlips> did not intend to render reasonable miracles when misery was certain before the world, irremediable in others' hearts, and adored by heaven.
[2011-07-02 09:10:00] <wagonlips> passed extravagant thoughts through a brain that struggled and trembled with amazement at the perfectly impossible wishes of a token madman.
[2011-07-01 19:31:00] <wagonlips> realized uneasy forebodings and confident presentiments for the cup of sorrow on the staircase which struggled against wretched ill-fortune.
[2011-06-30 10:36:00] <wagonlips> turned into the dark avenue which led to the phantom chamber, a source of anxiety hovering above fear, tears and consumptive hallucinations.
[2011-06-29 09:22:00] <wagonlips> laid aside exalted ideas and yielded to gloomy thoughts which almost assumed the appearance of madness like the phantoms and shades of love.
[2011-06-28 09:45:00] <wagonlips> durst not oppose the universal esteem and violent nervous irritability with which civil dissensions are now happily extinguished over tears.
[2011-06-27 09:57:00] <wagonlips> interrogated the messenger with a quick intelligent eye and the silent heartwrung sobs of a procureur, overcome with astonishment and doubt.
[2011-06-26 08:23:00] <wagonlips> drew back suddenly and for the first time filled the gloomy scene with craggy eminences, impassable paths, and fearful chasms of foul deeds.
[2011-06-25 10:18:00] <wagonlips> remained as unmoved as if the whole, mild truth had been a needless thunderbolt passed away like a portion of misfortune gasping for breath.
[2011-06-25 10:09:00] <wagonlips> gathered a bunch of grapes, let them fall, and sighed convulsively with a smile so sad in its expression the fruit fixed itself to the vine.
[2011-06-25 09:55:00] <wagonlips> rushed into the garden with loud a exclamation of delight, having felt almost suffocated, and asked why the waiters would take no camellias.
[2011-06-22 09:52:00] <wagonlips> thrust pins through the heads of rabbits, made fowls eat madder in a looking-glass and punched the spinal marrow out of dogs with whalebone.
[2011-06-21 15:05:00] <wagonlips> saw near the door a coldness of manner without any marked expression that might have chilled much longer but for the constant habit of time.
[2011-06-20 09:30:00] <wagonlips> followed in a blue dress with a bouquet of camellias and myosotis, causing deep anxiety among the last fleeting clouds of a vanishing storm.
[2011-06-19 07:34:00] <wagonlips> was introduced at ten years of age to one of the petty sovereigns who had escaped the war, seven duels, and six hundred caprices of avarice.
[2011-06-18 08:01:00] <wagonlips> wished to pursue a lunatic asylum with precision and punctuality, similar to those founded in the name of honor, of humanity, and of people.
[2011-06-17 10:17:00] <wagonlips> procured territorial possessions and the secrets of confession in the timber-yards of the young prefect of police with unsuspected veracity.
[2011-06-17 10:05:00] <wagonlips> distributed through the wicket an intimate acquaintance for only four arm-chairs a month, an answer which satisfied most inspectors of note.
[2011-06-15 11:29:00] <wagonlips> felt the sympathetic fibres of a living puzzle entirely devoid of reasonable impediments dance four or five days on an eloquent imagination.
[2011-06-15 11:18:00] <wagonlips> glittered in the open window like an overwhelming demonstration with a hatchet in the most alluring style, a mode of self-love in bad taste.
[2011-06-15 10:50:00] <wagonlips> lived perpetually, sang, composed verses and music within ten paces of 27 impossible horses but assumed indifference to impassable barriers.
[2011-06-12 08:41:00] <wagonlips> employed all the most acute bloodhounds and skilful agents in search of two or three exquisite things that might surpasses the criminal joy.
[2011-06-11 07:33:00] <wagonlips> searched the whole thicket with a piercing cry, hoping to find some trace of the bursting heart which had escaped in the sleepless darkness.
[2011-06-10 08:08:00] <wagonlips> tied the dark lantern to a forked branch, turned around, and looked for the leafless details which had struck with such trembling agitation.
[2011-06-10 07:52:00] <wagonlips> descended to the garden, dug a hole and then flung down the heavy burden to the depths of the tomb and the recesses of dreadful catastrophe.
[2011-06-08 11:41:00] <wagonlips> saw with blindness in a little pocket-mirror that an insect on a path traced by tears had departed, trembling and ashamed of others' crimes.
[2011-06-08 11:16:00] <wagonlips> knew, according to a prejudice too firmly rooted in reason to be exterminated by a sardonic telegraph, that Jupiter was not a good princess.
[2011-06-08 10:56:00] <wagonlips> spoke in reference to the second-rate fortunes from the same generation as the shuffling cards, rattling dice, and the noblest double-locks.
[2011-06-05 07:22:00] <wagonlips> reminded the mountebank of the bleeding moons which bad artists are so fond of daubing into their pictures of ruins and third-rate fortunes.
[2011-06-04 13:24:00] <wagonlips> remained in the study, unsealing the doubtless dispatches, heaping figure upon ignorant figure, and becoming more and more sad every minute.
[2011-06-03 10:38:00] <wagonlips> made fools laugh over intrigues with hidden irregularities and changed the usual calm of this establishment to a scene of scandalous debate.
[2011-06-03 10:24:00] <wagonlips> spoiled everything in a manner of speaking according to fancy conversations respecting the study of diplomacy: a false telegraphic despatch.
[2011-06-01 19:05:00] <wagonlips> brought news that clear-sighted dreams were not speaking riddles when they exhausted the fortune honestly paid to the company called reason.
[2011-05-31 20:17:00] <wagonlips> would not retard the course (or disturb the calm) of the silent and motionless yet exasperated pride so stupefied at this unusual treatment.
[2011-05-30 08:50:00] <wagonlips> returned to the "domestic hearth," as they say in the gallery of the Chamber and in well-turned speeches, and shocked the women all evening.
[2011-05-29 10:00:00] <wagonlips> opened a long Spanish knife and carried it up behind a red mustache worthy of a dream resembling the careless attitude of the Mediterranean.
[2011-05-28 09:32:00] <wagonlips> smiled with the disagreeable expression of a not very good-tempered friend seen through a barrier with a young groom and a long stockbroker.
[2011-05-27 10:42:00] <wagonlips> drove past the young and elegant driver, head encircled by the red handkerchief of the tilbury, taking filthy garments and large bony limbs.
[2011-05-26 23:46:00] <wagonlips> expressed a grand desire to return to Paris with a rapid glance at the stiff-necked old nabob of modest hospitality and unspeakable delight.
[2011-05-25 23:37:00] <wagonlips> conducted the guests back to the small table on the lawn with a bottle full of red liquid in whose properties were buried a frightful dream!
[2011-05-24 06:55:00] <wagonlips> looked inquiringly at a wicked-looking, crooked staircase that seemed to breathe sadness in the Eastern style, with cushions and melancholy.
[2011-05-23 18:35:00] <wagonlips> amused cupitor impossibilium with a sterlet that lived seven days, a lamprey that lived eight; killed one with milk and the other with wine.
[2011-05-22 08:18:00] <wagonlips> endeavored completely to overturn the general astonishment and began laughing and joking at the uneasy carelessness of prudence and decorum.
[2011-05-21 08:46:00] <wagonlips> struck higher or lower, instead of between the sixth and seventh left ribs, as tenacious lawyers do without answering thoughts of vengeance.
[2011-05-21 08:34:00] <wagonlips> descended in machines as though awaking from a dream made expressly by the genii of earth and water on the discovery of astonished monsters.
[2011-05-19 09:14:00] <wagonlips> threw a rapid and grateful glance which could only be interpreted with the facility that indicates frequent practice at six leagues an hour.
[2011-05-18 09:01:00] <wagonlips> planted an entirely bare court with poplars and large spreading sycamores, in the foreground a lawn with flowers that bloomed in china jars.
[2011-05-17 20:30:00] <wagonlips> looked at the bank-notes, felt them, counted them, turned pale, then red, then rushed to drink a glass of water, and fainted in the peaches.
[2011-05-16 22:19:00] <wagonlips> turned the long iron handles by which the tedious machine was worked as a supernumerary of signals between insects and dormice all day long.
[2011-05-15 05:45:00] <wagonlips> had four apricots, one nectarine (only one), a bed, a table, two chairs, a stone pitcher -- and some dry herbs, hung up to the high ceiling.
[2011-05-14 07:17:00] <wagonlips> ascended by a little winding path, about sixteen inches wide upon which green fruit had succeeded to a red and white tower covered with ivy.
[2011-05-13 09:43:00] <wagonlips> feared to find under the stone wings some little human chrysalis fagged to death with cabals, factions, genii, sylphs, gnomes and intrigues.
[2011-05-12 07:02:00] <wagonlips> would not carry antipathy so far as to deprive one the pleasure of the uninhabited and gloomy tradition of dreadful legend for twenty years.
[2011-05-11 07:48:00] <wagonlips> completely baffled the cause of complaint from pecuniary loss so constantly that the habit of assuming avarice and cruel privations endured.
[2011-05-10 06:55:00] <wagonlips> was carried by emotion beyond the bounds of prudence because the natural feeling of relationship was the consciousness of moral superiority.
[2011-05-09 07:07:00] <wagonlips> mischievously poured some ink into the bird's water-glass, an incomprehensible misfortune of fate, ill-luck, obstinacy, and universal folly.
[2011-05-08 07:08:00] <wagonlips> decided with a smile of intense gratitude to charitable purposes that the law does not allow unutterable ideas according to good conscience.
[2011-05-07 10:38:00] <wagonlips> grew red from shame and anger in mute astonishment to the intentions of the testator whose expression of affectionate tenderness loved sums.
[2011-05-06 07:32:00] <wagonlips> gave full information on a subject that was generally in favor or in prejudice of one person yet promised to be more extraordinary than all.
[2011-05-05 06:48:00] <wagonlips> left the room with a malicious expression, a clouded countenance, and angrily knitted eyebrows, but sanity of mind was absolutely requisite.
[2011-05-04 09:38:00] <wagonlips> departed triumphantly on a mission that never allowed desires in any way to be contradicted or perfected like the power of art or invention.
[2011-05-03 07:45:00] <wagonlips> was vexed with the engagement, a secret matter of suffering only discovered by chance among calls for gratitude and calculated reassurances.
[2011-05-02 07:13:00] <wagonlips> expressed a feeling of strong indignation mixed with profound contempt by a slight shrug of the shoulders and lips expanded in a warm smile.
[2011-05-01 10:25:00] <wagonlips> retained inanimate expression and a cold, decisive tone which could not with propriety be expected from distant people of devoted assiduity.
[2011-04-30 07:19:00] <wagonlips> was altogether fascinated with a proposed game of bouillotte which pranced in the most delightful way imaginable as two voices, two shadows.
[2011-04-29 07:42:00] <wagonlips> perceived some hidden plot in the strange arrangement, something, in fact, more than was apparent on a casual view of this singular subject.
[2011-04-28 24:53:00] <wagonlips> instinctively took possession of the eye as if it were ordained to see what was to come, both as regards sublime ideas and life-giving rays.
[2011-04-27 10:07:00] <wagonlips> had never experienced any irresistible sympathy, unless, indeed, one took into consideration the victims of the sword who inherit existence.
[2011-04-26 10:15:00] <wagonlips> did not fear harmonizing communication between two lips most miraculously brought together, only to separate at least partly happy and poor.
[2011-04-25 09:38:00] <wagonlips> watched intently for a shadow to appear among people of acquaintance involuntarily placed with the intuitive perception of a weeping willow.
[2011-04-24 09:22:00] <wagonlips> crammed the notes, the hope, the pleasure, and the disgust of gloomy reflection hastily into a pocket of the uniform, cravat, knee-breeches.
[2011-04-23 07:59:00] <wagonlips> consented to be blindfolded while in the midst of an embrace with a handful of gold and sustained admiration for the respective fairy tales.
[2011-04-21 10:21:00] <wagonlips> counteracted the prejudice which may have attached to the obscurity of one's former life by endeavoring to avoid a stiff and pompous manner.
[2011-04-20 07:18:00] <wagonlips> excited little curiosity, but it is not every one who likes to be made the centre of moral observation and the subject of unpleasant remark.
[2011-04-19 07:06:00] <wagonlips> arrived after years of discretion and treachery to restore a most touching and pathetic journey of graceful demeanor and elegant appearance.
[2011-04-18 07:39:00] <wagonlips> bowed, and disappeared behind the tapestry, leaving a powerful voice of nature to be silent in the delightful reception long out of fashion.
[2011-04-17 11:50:00] <wagonlips> clutched the coat buttons in an exclamation of the greatest possible coolness, like duplicate Gypsies who steal children from an old curate.
[2011-04-16 13:30:00] <wagonlips> held the lips of polite curiosity in great esteem, but was in a rich and noble matrimonial alliance that could overcome the lachrymal gland.
[2011-04-15 09:57:00] <wagonlips> sipped the stolen Alicante with an expression of great satisfaction, and then delicately steeped the biscuit, apparently with great anxiety.
[2011-04-14 09:54:00] <wagonlips> answered in the affirmative, entered, closed the gate after, and began to ascend the steps as a pretext for declining ornamented employment.
[2011-04-13 09:50:00] <wagonlips> would not touch the garden either; as to the yard, slightly regretted the absence of the sun, without which all appeared awkward and cloudy.
[2011-04-12 08:53:00] <wagonlips> regretted exceedingly, as the clock struck five, previous knowledge of one whose name Dante celebrated in the tenth canto of 'The Inferno.'
[2011-04-11 10:15:00] <wagonlips> spoke, without any exaggeration, of an unheard-of piece of intelligence, some telegraphic despatch, a very ill-mannered, secret affectation.
[2011-04-11 09:55:00] <wagonlips> rendered authority with a significant shrug of the shoulders in a somewhat forced tone on the subject of political news and easy arithmetic.
[2011-04-09 09:11:00] <wagonlips> dissented with a clear and penetrating eye, and would not smile for disinterestedness is the brightest ray in which a noble sword can shine.
[2011-04-08 08:13:00] <wagonlips> listened most devoutly to the third act but when the fourth began, left, and exchanged a parting shake of the hand with the head of Medusa.
[2011-04-07 08:24:00] <wagonlips> listened to a silent reverie more exquisitely attuned to melody than mortal ear ever heard out of curiosity or even a sophisticated nature.
[2011-04-06 08:16:00] <wagonlips> returned the overloaded salute in the most astonished and graceful manner, smiling like a Nubian in Tunis, Bagdad, Constantinople, or Cairo.
[2011-04-05 18:51:00] <wagonlips> turned the business over to at least half a million secret-service men who did most lovely justice to the charming sound of a pocket guzla.
[2011-04-04 08:31:00] <wagonlips> was pleased to exhibit an eccentricity of conduct which, after all, may be an ordinary mode of existence between the pillars of the present.
[2011-04-03 07:33:00] <wagonlips> returned a dissenting movement of the head while, with a cold smile, the unknown horse and rider fell almost immediately in an opposite box.
[2011-04-02 08:48:00] <wagonlips> assiduously conducted an expression of firmness and decision so little in accordance with teeth of pearly whiteness, brilliant carmine lips.
[2011-04-01 09:33:00] <wagonlips> possessed the demon of hate or cupidity, a cunning druggist or grocer two or six times more easily traced than a gram of arsenic in a spoon.
[2011-04-01 09:33:00] <wagonlips> outstripped the wealthy millionaire baroness and her daughter by at least three whole lengths with twenty pounds of shot in the omnibus box.
[2011-04-01 09:31:00] <wagonlips> opened the bird, a dead hen who appeared more and more thoughtful, without the smallest distrust of these marvellous experiments in romance.
[2011-04-01 09:30:00] <wagonlips> endeavored by a struggle and with effort to very prudently get away from the brutality of a knife thrust in the heart of violent philology.
[2011-04-01 09:29:00] <wagonlips> listened with avidity to these appalling maxims and horrible paradoxes, instantly delivered with ironical simplicity and a moment's silence.
[2011-03-27 22:54:00] <wagonlips> spoke to the imagination like poetry, and was reducible to figures, like an algebraic equation of the physical and moral nature of humanity.
[2011-03-26 24:57:00] <wagonlips> shut the album and glanced around the chamber with great aptitude and poisoned precautions, a human machine seated doggedly in an arm-chair.
[2011-03-26 24:47:00] <wagonlips> had just arrived with a melancholy disposition and a taciturn habit which frequently injured the effect of beauty in the eyes of a parrot.
[2011-03-26 24:46:00] <wagonlips> cured the sick in a long woollen mantle with a lovely sky and a religious fete which pulled three tail-feathers from a burning hot peacock.
[2011-03-26 24:45:00] <wagonlips> was a stranger and an outcast whose will had been thwarted, spirit broken, so sternly oppressed from even the memory of unfettered fortune.
[2011-03-26 24:45:00] <wagonlips> kept in the background so unworthy a confession, one so happy and unhappy, that providence would graciously interpose a soft, withered hand.
[2011-03-26 24:44:00] <wagonlips> was so delighted to see that the present government had adopted the salutary principle of picturesque expression and generosity of spirit.
[2011-03-20 09:18:00] <wagonlips> ascertained that the piece of ground on which a thing impossible and unattainable must be, and surrendered ten years of life for 500 francs.
[2011-03-19 14:49:00] <wagonlips> cast a rapid glance and proceeded with a hurried step towards the barrier, the earnestness of which had been closed up and left to the rust.
[2011-03-18 10:28:00] <wagonlips> saw on the quay an old sailor who recognized a person whose liquid eyes sparkled with joy but did not believe in the existence of gratitude.
[2011-03-17 23:06:00] <wagonlips> drew a letter from the doomed purse and gave it to the wretched enchanter as an excuse for expatiating on the subject of unknown resolution.
[2011-03-17 18:26:00] <wagonlips> wanted nothing that could render the business of patrimony less scrupulous than the well-earned praise of evil fortune and spotless failure.
[2011-03-15 15:45:00] <wagonlips> had become, as the clerk of the box house had predicted, an old sailor who had braved the heat of the equator and the storms of the tropics.
[2011-03-14 13:10:00] <wagonlips> depended on great passion to see that youth is not blighted or suffered to pass away in ungenial solitude, free of love, gratitude, ennui.
[2011-03-14 07:10:00] <wagonlips> recollected that the new, or rather old, presence was amazed at the gradual succession of calm and gentle emotions or violent sensations.
[2011-03-12 14:36:00] <wagonlips> uttered in the depths of the invisible antidote a groan which would have made St. Augustine fly had it been heard by the ears of the soul.
[2011-03-12 14:27:00] <wagonlips> witnessed a spectacle calculated to sacrifice pride for a gnawing ambition that was the characteristic of great, impenetrable predominance.
[2011-03-10 11:08:00] <wagonlips> remained eternally encircled in a round of general conditions and never dared to raise wings into the upper spheres of exception, chicanery.
[2011-03-09 10:07:00] <wagonlips> observed that human inventions march from the complex to the simple and simplicity is always perfection. But everything is relative, Attila.
[2011-03-08 14:09:00] <wagonlips> marked out the gold spectacles in the squeaky tone assumed by a powerful opponent with the rigid inflexibility of some lavish consciousness.
[2011-03-07 10:06:00] <wagonlips> carefully maintained a profound contempt for theories and theorists, a deep-seated hatred of ideality; these were the elements of the balls.
[2011-03-06 09:30:00] <wagonlips> suddenly seized and stopped the infuriated animals, a wonderful escape from the most imminent danger of this most romantic adventure: love.
[2011-03-04 10:36:00] <wagonlips> bowed with the air of a person who hears a name for the first time, and on whom the authoritative style adopted will make a deep impression.
[2011-03-03 11:47:00] <wagonlips> smoked a chibouque in a room commanding a view of the street; a straight line on the pavement was momentarily expected by an anxious glance.
[2011-03-02 09:46:00] <wagonlips> had not made the least impression on the gathering clouds and felt no desire to witness the explosion, the gift of a capricious millionaire.
[2011-03-01 09:34:00] <wagonlips> affected not to observe the unconjugal gesture, a pair of the handsomest and most selfish and spirited creatures to ever consider the Bois.
[2011-02-28 09:51:00] <wagonlips> meant balls, dinners, and lawn parties without end, in which the prevailing characteristics would be the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth.
[2011-02-27 09:12:00] <wagonlips> easily accounted for the ghastly smiles, not a single modern picture among the poor and miserable works expressly forbidden to be touched.
[2011-02-26 08:59:00] <wagonlips> confessed honestly in spite of ignorance that the present purpose sat awkwardly and approached almost to impertinence, a graceful suavity.
[2011-02-25 09:55:00] <wagonlips> was disposed to follow the example set by an air and tone of the utmost simplicity and candor as regards the competency of the engagements.
[2011-02-24 11:17:00] <wagonlips> harnessed to the carriage a paid servant, a dog, a mere slave, with the purpose of overwhelming the requisite inquiries and the many faults.
[2011-02-23 10:38:00] <wagonlips> let all the horses judge the merits or demerits of the many brave subalterns obliged to repeat an opportunity of doubling a superior toilet.
[2011-02-22 10:04:00] <wagonlips> shut up the glass into its vulture-shaped ivory case, its jetty glossiness assimilating a person, word, and an enormous, excellenct diamond.
[2011-02-21 09:46:00] <wagonlips> extinguished every light in each nook or corner of the house a second time and kissed each one with a mixture of love, gravity and respect.
[2011-02-20 08:28:00] <wagonlips> had never heard it said that so much harm had been done by the dead during six thousand years as is wrought by the living in a single day.
[2011-02-19 08:58:00] <wagonlips> had speedy proof that the rigors of evident interest in all pleasure had demanded the severest consequences with a swaggering, reckless air.
[2011-02-18 10:07:00] <wagonlips> produced the same effect as calculation though it had actually been the result of one part impulse and another part surprise and redemption.
[2011-02-17 10:19:00] <wagonlips> stayed for a while to see whether the storm seemed to abate in its fury, but on the contrary the violence of the rain and thunder increased.
[2011-02-16 10:06:00] <wagonlips> was ordinarily so querulous and indifferent to all who approached in wet garments reeking with steam, trembling and awe-struck, glimmering.
[2011-02-15 10:13:00] <wagonlips> offered hospitality unwillingly from the cursed abode, a horrible thought resembling burning coals in the midst of the terrifying silence.
[2011-02-14 09:39:00] <wagonlips> found a gem somewhere that threw out jets of light accompanied by lightning and claps of thunder which quite eclipsed the light of the lamp.
[2011-02-13 08:39:00] <wagonlips> dazzled eyes of the innkeeper with a handful of gold and a packet of bank-notes in a small shagreen case, worth perhaps fifteen red buckles.
[2011-02-12 08:54:00] <wagonlips> sparkled with cupidity at the sight of the diamond in the small case of black shagreen, a miraculous possession guarded only by the wee dog.
[2011-02-11 09:37:00] <wagonlips> increased strictness at the time in consequence of the unfortunate cipher, after having fixed upon the plan, because a fool killed a tailor.
[2011-02-10 10:21:00] <wagonlips> manifested the worst disposition of any poor monkey and burst out laughing, so audacious, so mischievous, well-nigh, if not quite, corrupt.
[2011-02-10 10:21:00] <wagonlips> hastened to the river, sat down on the bank and inflated the lungs with an embarrassing load for an inquiry always looks back into the past.
[2011-02-08 09:24:00] <wagonlips> was afraid, not of a struggle, but of a failure to pierce the obscurity of the thick shrubberies, in which hatred had so long been prepared.
[2011-02-07 10:42:00] <wagonlips> judged the fancy vengeance that the followers of the usurper exercised on the partisans of the king to be a mad vendetta and quite natural.
[2011-02-06 09:49:00] <wagonlips> procured the advancement, and was said to be one of the first who had informed us smugglers of the famous massacres of the previous evening.
[2011-02-05 10:11:00] <wagonlips> conceded something to the most rigid of diseased minds in exchange for the hopes of accomplished salvation just bursting through the clouds.
[2011-02-04 09:48:00] <wagonlips> struggled in a sea of clouds covered with billows of vapor disclosing a gloomy sky, in which the moon strove vainly to calumniate the stars.
[2011-02-03 08:52:00] <wagonlips> descended the staircase and gave the surroundings the artificial appearance of a scene of extraordinary repugnance, of the assassination!
[2011-02-02 09:40:00] <wagonlips> got into the carriage and cried softly; a bundle of bank-notes lay on the table closed with a lock, a faltering step, and a pliant handle.
[2011-02-01 10:22:00] <wagonlips> masked a portion of the front with shrubbery like two arms or two alleys, extending right and left, which formed a porcelain double portico.
[2011-01-31 09:37:00] <wagonlips> fell into deep a revery, not without some slight annoyance, like tickling arrows of pure water tinged with a little sherry-altered emotion.
[2011-01-30 08:48:00] <wagonlips> thanked them both with a smile of the most exquisite sweetness and politeness, most grateful for kindness, but undeceived by such a gesture.
[2011-01-30 08:45:00] <wagonlips> sprang into the vehicle so rapidly the whole room was covered in a thin veil of heliotropes and the sharp, fragrant odor of volatile salts.
[2011-01-28 08:35:00] <wagonlips> heard the last words of the visitor without speaking and observed the slight cloud that covered a race and species with one of those smiles.
[2011-01-27 10:11:00] <wagonlips> accepted the offer without enthusiasm and without regret, without making any answer, the greatest politeness hung around the neck of a bird.
[2011-01-26 09:22:00] <wagonlips> rarely came without gazing intently on the picture, and still more rarely without weeping in a perfectly calm tone on the saddle of a camel.
[2011-01-25 09:42:00] <wagonlips> undeceived a mistress with such an air of simplicity, long since passed to dessert and cigars, it was impossible to carry brutalism farther.
[2011-01-24 09:34:00] <wagonlips> charged a Nubian to purchase a house, and a mute to furnish it in the Pompadour style with a long balcony and dull cushions of silver cloth.
[2011-01-23 08:38:00] <wagonlips> assumed vices not had and concealed possessed virtues upon the simple condition that a society generally occupies itself with low esteem.
[2011-01-22 10:57:00] <wagonlips> was lost in admiration for a descendant of Tullia or Poppoea, a young bandit of paradoxes and caprices of the imagination who reads Caesar.
[2011-01-21 14:12:00] <wagonlips> mixed two ingredients in equal proportions and formed into pills, one part courage, one part confession, and not one thought of impropriety.
[2011-01-20 09:15:00] <wagonlips> saluted every agent with courtesy, but at the same time with coldness and formality, the limpid, flaming parchments surrounding one's soul.
[2011-01-19 09:58:00] <wagonlips> caught one, a grain of sand in the centre of the sea, an atom in the infinite, the four crowns of the blessed saints and glorious martyrs.
[2011-01-18 09:30:00] <wagonlips> ate a slice of bad fortune but with a hearty appetite and admired the history of The Day of the Miraculous Preservation of Inexact Heroism.
[2011-01-17 10:10:00] <wagonlips> endured the rain during the day, and the cold during the night tolerably well under circumstances sufficiently dramatic not to be forgotten.
[2011-01-16 09:00:00] <wagonlips> took a glass of sherry and a biscuit and came back to dessert while expecting the tragedy of a cutlet, some strawberries, coffee and cigars.
[2011-01-15 08:51:00] <wagonlips> persuaded the minister to sell a humiliating confession to a parcel of country boobies and very bad diners the moment good fortune arrived.
[2011-01-14 09:53:00] <wagonlips> was tottering always, but never fell, a sort of Carlo-republican alliance of two enemies who rarely accompany each other without smiling.
[2011-01-13 11:04:00] <wagonlips> collected and piled up hunting-horns, bass-viols, flutes -- as well as an entire orchestra of foils, boxing-gloves, broadswords and sticks.
[2011-01-12 09:42:00] <wagonlips> acted with such cold-blooded policy that something else silently assented to the engagement, unconcerned with the usual argument or villain.
[2011-01-11 10:17:00] <wagonlips> recounted, with circumstantial exactitude, all the particulars of the supper, the hashish, the statues, the dream, and how faith fulfilled.
[2011-01-10 07:31:00] <wagonlips> watched closely, hoping to see a thing veiled in a sphinx-like smile, like a house built on sand, liable to be blown over by a puff of wind.
[2011-01-09 08:08:00] <wagonlips> uttered to a friend the following morning--I deserve no credit for what I could not help and am wholly a stranger to the fashionable world.
[2011-01-08 08:40:00] <wagonlips> sustained the national honor in the presence of a bandit who preceded ambassadors from the hands of the herdsman, like horses with friends.
[2011-01-07 10:06:00] <wagonlips> drew back a bolt and opened a door on a hollow space in front of which twenty carbines were levelled at the shadow approaching by lamplight.
[2011-01-06 10:18:00] <wagonlips> disappeared in the midst of the tall red herbage, which seemed like the bristling mane of an enormous lion, or the divergent rays of a star.
[2011-01-05 09:47:00] <wagonlips> resolved to accompany the wheels of the carriage two hundred yards up the Via di Ripetta and the Porta San Paola, deceived with no disgrace.
[2011-01-04 10:23:00] <wagonlips> hastened to open the secretary, found all six thousand piastres, but only a hundred louis in a luminous drawer filled with excellent gold.
[2011-01-03 09:57:00] <wagonlips> wrapped a serious affair in a large cloak looking much alarmed and, receiving the kindness of the ball-room, sent away extreme astonishment.
[2011-01-02 10:13:00] <wagonlips> experienced so sudden an impression, it seemed as though the magic breath of some demon had suddenly changed fear into personal disquietude.
[2011-01-01 10:14:00] <wagonlips> sent them all rolling in the street, one after the other, as though an immense blast of the winds had extinguished all the stars in the sky.
[2010-12-31 09:15:00] <wagonlips> was marked with a line that indicates the constant presence of bitter thoughts, and the fiery eyes that seem to penetrate to the very soul.
[2010-12-30 09:25:00] <wagonlips> attributed the mad gayety of the maskers to a charming harlequin dressed in rose-colored satin, fine, good fortune, and an amorous epistle.
[2010-12-29 08:13:00] <wagonlips> made two or three exits worthy of Didier or Anthony and charged the tailor to sew on about twenty yards of ribbon like a bottle of red wine.
[2010-12-28 09:36:00] <wagonlips> proceeded to disencumber the spectators of their costumes without saying a word to the blue domino, fearing really to abuse their kindness.
[2010-12-27 08:45:00] <wagonlips> was not caught like a fool at first disclosure by a rendezvous under the clock, as they say at the opera-balls, but rather easily forgotten.
[2010-12-26 09:33:00] <wagonlips> cast handfuls of confetti and sweetmeats with the force and skill of harlequins throwing eggs filled with flour like missiles of sarcasm.
[2010-12-25 09:20:00] <wagonlips> arrived in some haste, a folded paper gaping like window-curtains bitten by a dog, the poor beast, like an ox standing erect and triumphant.
[2010-12-24 10:19:00] <wagonlips> demanded solemnity but received laughter and jests instead; a most curious spectacle in which hung a movable plank with bread and sausages.
[2010-12-23 09:57:00] <wagonlips> thought of the eighty thousand applauding spectators, the sage matrons and their daughters, the charming Vestals and their upturned thumbs.
[2010-12-22 09:39:00] <wagonlips> fought a duel for a trifle, for an insult, a blow; rendered at once judge and executioner of the case; risked a taste of a bitter draught.
[2010-12-21 10:23:00] <wagonlips> passed the evening studying some different ways by which the soul and body can part: a ball through the head or a sword through the breast.
[2010-12-20 10:07:00] <wagonlips> most eagerly seized the opportunity but was convicted of complicity with the detestable bandit without making a direct overture to the law.
[2010-12-19 09:14:00] <wagonlips> deemed it advisable to awaken and proceed across the landing but was almost immediately lost in the gorgeous furnishings of the apartment.
[2010-12-18 08:48:00] <wagonlips> had no such intention with the sort of tablets hung up at the corners of streets before the execution of an atrocious and sanguinary bandit.
[2010-12-17 10:12:00] <wagonlips> found the desired cart and oxen with such an elegant mode of attack a tone indicative of unbound self-confidence had become obsequiousness.
[2010-12-16 07:34:00] <wagonlips> put little restraint on words, actions destitute alike of sense and reason for such a misgiving and incredulous glance at unhappy strangers.
[2010-12-15 09:47:00] <wagonlips> served as a quiet conductor between persons quit and those met afterwards in return for the fears and agitations of a most erroneous notion.
[2010-12-14 09:28:00] <wagonlips> listened to it for the third time, so tenderly expressive and fearfully grand, wholly uninterested in a vampire or a resuscitated corpse.
[2010-12-13 14:18:00] <wagonlips> never missed a performance of the apparently interesting conversation between the strange Albanian companion and the black Greek countess.
[2010-12-12 08:41:00] <wagonlips> instantly rose and surrendered this place to the strangers, who, in turn, would be expected to retire upon the arrival of other visitors.
[2010-12-11 11:28:00] <wagonlips> totally disregarded the business of the stage into whose good graces each of the three tiers of boxes was deemed equally aristocratic.
[2010-12-10 09:51:00] <wagonlips> neglected to ascertain the name of the piece to be played that night and also what performers appeared in it, and all the remarkable sights.
[2010-12-09 09:52:00] <wagonlips> was precisely in the mood to commit some wild or extravagant act, as hazardous as uncertain; in 86,400 seconds very many things can be done.
[2010-12-08 10:10:00] <wagonlips> remained for nearly a quarter of an hour perfectly hidden by the shadow of the vast column at whose base a resting-place had been found.
[2010-12-07 09:57:00] <wagonlips> dragged the unconscious visitor to the various objects, ascended a half-dilapidated staircase, with pertinacity that admitted of no appeal.
[2010-12-06 11:59:00] <wagonlips> had a good understanding of the prisoner's brains within a pistol-shot of lighting a third cigar as the door opened on the water, open sea.
[2010-12-05 08:46:00] <wagonlips> had become alarmed at the wild and deserted look of the tufted umbrage of the plain, but advanced with even step and composed countenance.
[2010-12-04 10:19:00] <wagonlips> threw the cloak on the ground, placed the carbine on a shoulder, and preceded the traveller with the rapid step of a majestic mountaineer.
[2010-12-03 10:06:00] <wagonlips> looked at the agitated countenance and understood by the silence and trembling voice that something strange was passing within, something.
[2010-12-02 05:22:00] <wagonlips> scoured the country in different directions, but in vain; and so returned to the forest, pausing several times on the way to the festa.
[2010-12-01 10:04:00] <wagonlips> tapped the butt of the fowling-piece, which threw its ball so well the bird fell dead at the foot of the tree, a ball between its shoulders.
[2010-11-30 09:46:00] <wagonlips> drew lots distributed among the band, glass in one hand and flask in the other, in a circle round the fire, and no one disputed possession.
[2010-11-29 09:41:00] <wagonlips> celebrated, pursued, and carried on a regular war, driven out of the kingdom, and followed the footsteps of ferocious and daring brutality.
[2010-11-28 09:36:00] <wagonlips> passed the day building castles in the air in every country where independence has taken the place of liberty, usually wishes, never dreams.
[2010-11-27 08:59:00] <wagonlips> made each of them a respectful bow, one large, one middling, and one small, which meant they lived by the wool and the milk and some noise.
[2010-11-26 11:21:00] <wagonlips> did not believe one word of what others had been able to comprehend; found them to be decidedly mad, ridiculous, foolish and unintelligible.
[2010-11-25 09:11:00] <wagonlips> displayed genius for laudation characteristic of the race on an impossible route on the fashionable walk near the Arch of Septimus Severus.
[2010-11-24 09:48:00] <wagonlips> woke first, and instantly rang the bell. The sound had not yet died away when monster pulchinellos and lawyer's clerks arrived on stilts.
[2010-11-23 18:01:00] <wagonlips> reached the Eternal City by mail-coach, a sublime spot, a resting-place full of poetry and character; the streets were thronged with people.
[2010-11-22 09:35:00] <wagonlips> left a foot of granite wall, as impenetrable as futurity, without strict scrutiny, like a small white speck on the horizon of philanthropy.
[2010-11-21 13:28:00] <wagonlips> recalled a presentation to a smuggler chief, fancy amid the sailors, seated in a vessel on the blue, undulating sea beneath an azure sky.
[2010-11-20 10:08:00] <wagonlips> strove against the unhallowed passion; lips of stone turned to fire, breasts of ice to lava; love was a sorrow and voluptuousness a torture.
[2010-11-19 08:10:00] <wagonlips> tasted oysters, tea, porter, truffles, and sundry other dainties, stuffed pheasants with assafoetida, and took coffee in the Turkish style.
[2010-11-18 09:39:00] <wagonlips> advanced free in heart, free in mind, into the boundless realms of unfettered revery, through the fields of infinite space on precious feet.
[2010-11-17 09:13:00] <wagonlips> worked with flowers of gold in a recess lined with crimson brocade resplendent in gems brilliantly illuminated by a lamp of Venetian glass.
[2010-11-16 08:35:00] <wagonlips> never did find the slightest trace of any opening by the black mustache that encircled that part of the shore with a long blue silk tassel.
[2010-11-15 08:28:00] <wagonlips> replied that nothing could be easier to prepare than a supper of bread, wine, and a half dozen partridges with a good fire to roast them by.
[2010-11-14 08:56:00] <wagonlips> appeared satisfied and returned a few words with the traveller which evidently concerned both of the sailors, but did not suit the smuggler.
[2010-11-13 09:11:00] <wagonlips> was as wise as Nestor and as prudent as Ulysses in an impossible manoeuvre that could only be traced by the phosphorescent line in its wake.
[2010-11-12 10:06:00] <wagonlips> rose higher, little by little, and seemed to drive before the last rays of the expiring day not from cowardice, but as a point of strategy.
[2010-11-11 07:33:00] <wagonlips> performed quarantine for six days on return. Was there any difficulty in the way? No, but browsing the shrubs and trees served as refuge.
[2010-11-10 09:40:00] <wagonlips> came to shore without being observed, but the scene concealed behind the sentry-box clued up with delight as if only awaiting this signal.
[2010-11-09 09:41:00] <wagonlips> shuddered at the click of the trigger, a pang stronger than death, more bent to the earth than forty odd years would otherwise have done.
[2010-11-08 08:12:00] <wagonlips> offered three months, not granted, for inexorable fortune to have pity on bent knee, kissing forehead, and hands that augment and fructify.
[2010-11-07 08:18:00] <wagonlips> did everything possible to meet the disastrous result within half an hour of the desperate proof, well after the succession of misfortunes.
[2010-11-06 15:53:00] <wagonlips> encircled the first step of the staircase with greatly decreased happiness; innocence kept ignorance of the dangers that had disappeared.
[2010-11-05 09:52:00] <wagonlips> agreed in brief with unusual precipitation that the completely bewildered stoic should go out and examine the ledgers in the blazing sun.
[2010-11-04 19:11:00] <wagonlips> had lain under great obligations with friendly warmth on one side and the extreme anxiety of an incomprehensible journey on the other.
[2010-11-03 10:36:00] <wagonlips> remained motionless in the corner, not entirely forgotten, but gave a supplicating glance and an indifferent smile to Sinbad the Sailor.
[2010-11-02 10:13:00] <wagonlips> jumped the burst deck, scudding under bare poles, with a noise like the broadside of a man-of-war and with no one in fault but destiny.
[2010-11-01 10:01:00] <wagonlips> let go the bowlins and sent a long jet of tobacco-juice into the antechamber; took in the studding, stowed the jib, and furled the spanker.
[2010-10-31 09:54:00] <wagonlips> was forced to habituate a straightforward answer, in hopes of being the first to announce good news or evil tiding, trembling in every limb.
[2010-10-30 09:59:00] <wagonlips> ploughed deep furrows, once firm and penetrating, now irresolute and wandering, as though suffering from a current of dishonor, enumeration.
[2010-10-29 08:43:00] <wagonlips> dhad not arisen from a want of affection, on the contrary, rather like the rats that one by one forsake the doomed ship, was now exhausted.
[2010-10-28 09:26:00] <wagonlips> counted out the bank-notes on the other side of the desk without ceremony and, no mistake about it, rendered interest to the imperial cause.
[2010-10-27 09:15:00] <wagonlips> pretended to know of an immense treasure, accompanied by a phlegmatic countenance, in which the corpse had been sewed up, and into the sea.
[2010-10-26 08:29:00] <wagonlips> handed over the sum in exchange for assignment of the debt; only a brokerage remained to be collected: one and a half, two, three per cent.
[2010-10-25 08:45:00] <wagonlips> seemed sometimes to forget for a time, more and more astonished, but would never make a jest of such feelings, half bewildered, half bitter.
[2010-10-24 10:28:00] <wagonlips> celebrated with whom one might have known was high in station and in constant dread, no doubt anxious to get away and alleviate the weight.
[2010-10-23 08:54:00] <wagonlips> said not a word of the past life suggested by another, but turned anxiously around and opened the door at the angle of two weeping roads.
[2010-10-22 24:24:00] <wagonlips> got on very intimate terms with the royalists, and, in fact, rendered staggering services without education, resources, or honorable name.
[2010-10-21 10:00:00] <wagonlips> manifested jealousy and denounced the real delinquent as an agent the day before the feast of the state in which fears were politics.
[2010-10-20 06:51:00] <wagonlips> owed three quarters, which was granted, but begged for another week, then resolved to go up through the keyhole by degrees immediately.
[2010-10-19 07:57:00] <wagonlips> undeceived the earlier part of it in a small cabaret close to the sleepless particulars, passing eloquent words and imploring the language.
[2010-10-18 08:03:00] <wagonlips> descended to the fifth part of the chamber with a tolerably firm step, while large drops of perspiration rolled off of a heated brow.
[2010-10-17 08:46:00] <wagonlips> contrived to hold duty as conscientiously as a bright flash of brilliant hues such as traitors and false friends were never likely to see.
[2010-10-16 09:20:00] <wagonlips> incurred no risk of fair promises or assurances, seeing nothing to fear but trouble, misery, and the persecution of unfortunate wretches.
[2010-10-15 10:26:00] <wagonlips> followed the flush of the inn-keeper with a mark of gratitude for kindness, brotherly care and beads of perspiration as large as nuts.
[2010-10-14 10:06:00] <wagonlips> hastily raised a trap-door in the floor of the apartment where animosity seemed appeased or, at least, practically. One is free to believe.
[2010-10-13 09:20:00] <wagonlips> ambled along at an easy pace, speaking to the amiable dog, and displaying sharp white teeth to the iron-shod horse in a three-cornered hat.
[2010-10-12 09:43:00] <wagonlips> writhed under the double misery of seeing the hateful canal carry off the daily infliction of peevish murmurs and unfortunate lamentations.
[2010-10-11 11:23:00] <wagonlips> sighed heavily in person over fond difficulties present at the time of the strange event that aroused great wonder and pregnant curiosity.
[2010-10-10 08:27:00] <wagonlips> coolly presented, with speechless astonishment, the double Napoleon to some nabob from India on the never-to-be-forgotten night, in haste.
[2010-10-09 08:41:00] <wagonlips> never once doubted the accuracy and was not expected back in less than three weeks or a month, by which time the return deal had been struck
[2010-10-08 09:31:00] <wagonlips> cleared away every obstacle visible in the firmament in order to stand motionless with amazement and three pounds of terrifying wild goats.
[2010-10-07 08:42:00] <wagonlips> avoided fruitless toil with the butt of a gun while the sun seemed to cover the studded the bosom of the blue ocean with its fiery glance.
[2010-10-06 08:40:00] <wagonlips> expected to find a dim and bluish light, an artichoke, and the waving branches of evergreen oaks in the obscurity of a subterraneous grotto.
[2010-10-05 07:49:00] <wagonlips> rolled along in darkening coils and disappeared through the aperture previously formed like the guardian demon of some terrific treasure.
[2010-10-04 08:13:00] <wagonlips> rose more agile and light than a kid among the myrtles and shrubs, and with a smile, gave up the swell enterprise, unopposing its execution.
[2010-10-02 13:52:00] <wagonlips> wasted treasure with the pride of sultans and the insolence of nabobs, some dried fruits, a flask of Monte Pulciano, a gun, a capital dish.
[2010-10-01 08:19:00] <wagonlips> peopled the solitude with thoughts, illusions, and anticipations peculiar to the eyes, like the twilight sky or the rays of the setting sun.
[2010-09-30 08:32:00] <wagonlips> tossed about on doubts, wishes and emotions concealed in vain and formed from resolution in confida lingua franca and a fertile imagination.
[2010-09-29 09:00:00] <wagonlips> had a bit of a skirmish that was not then so good but neither was it so wicked for it was a rude lesson which taught what the eye could see.
[2010-09-28 11:10:00] <wagonlips> sparkled gloomy fires of misanthropy, hatred and a singularly penetrating sweetness so long kept from the sun, a perpetual battle of wits.
[2010-09-27 09:30:00] <wagonlips> renewed the oath of implacable vengeance indicated by the faint report of a gun and the sign of a jacket, trousers and another glass of rum.
[2010-09-26 15:03:00] <wagonlips> looked with astonishment at animation once suspended, left to perish like a piece of wreckage misfortune intercepted, now restored by rum.
[2010-09-25 09:08:00] <wagonlips> was questioned, detected, and conveyed anxiously out to sea, unsuccessful in attracting attention, but making no visible signs of distress.
[2010-09-24 09:47:00] <wagonlips> had not been deceived, yet saw nothing, felt dizzy in the midst of the warring of the elements and the dazzling brightness of the lightning.
[2010-09-23 09:33:00] <wagonlips> swam above an hour, against the wind, with retarded speed toward the horizon of effort, gleaming like a star in the darkness of the night.
[2010-09-22 08:04:00] <wagonlips> darted like an arrow, a little farther-a little farther, until at last stopped, dashed on the rocks, stifled by immersion beneath the waves.
[2010-09-21 09:36:00] <wagonlips> gave way to the vain sarcasm of destiny through the yielding soil with an ice-cold brow, driven away and kept away by the mouth of the sack.
[2010-09-20 09:29:00] <wagonlips> emerged from the tunnel with the impiety usual in persons of this profession, one of the attendants, a turnkey, a doctor or an easy priest.
[2010-09-19 19:22:00] <wagonlips> remained, therefore, mute and motionless, hardly venturing to breathe, in spite of all appearances of an official duty to attempt to escape.
[2010-09-18 09:10:00] <wagonlips> placed the lamp on a projecting stone, whence its tremulous light fell with strange and distorted ray on the fantastic, feeble countenance.
[2010-09-17 09:42:00] <wagonlips> glided along mechanically and tranquilly beneath the eye of providence; life went on beneath the superficial calm of the long magic draught.
[2010-09-16 09:28:00] <wagonlips> interposed a new, stronger, and more inexorable barrier to cut off the realization of sorrowful resignation, supposing it had ever existed.
[2010-09-15 10:24:00] <wagonlips> handed down a small ray of light, so long sought for, completing the partition held together by diamonds and jewels in an enormous cavern.
[2010-09-14 09:17:00] <wagonlips> fixed in memory the yellowish characters that appeared in mysterious and sympathetic ink on the paper as if by magic as the fire ascended.
[2010-09-13 09:49:00] <wagonlips> searched, examined, scrutinized, but found nothing, or at least very little near the conclusion preserved as a genuine, superstitious relic.
[2010-09-12 08:05:00] <wagonlips> proceeded to the last part of the speculation: to taste another bottle of Hands on the Heritage from a scrap of paper with the gold corners.
[2010-09-11 09:24:00] <wagonlips> determined to make two snakes with great difficulty among sagacious family manuscripts on absolute devotion, otherwise avoiding munificence.
[2010-09-10 07:43:00] <wagonlips> persisted in incredulity on a matter of the utmost importance, a distant accusation of madness, nothing but broken lines, unconnected words.
[2010-09-09 09:31:00] <wagonlips> lasted but half an hour, uncomfortable, duped by vain hopes of the greatest importance, predicted by the attack of deliverance from liberty.
[2010-09-08 08:48:00] <wagonlips> could not complete the sentence, crushed and broken like a reed trampled under foot, colder and paler than marble, and rigid as a corpse.
[2010-09-07 08:10:00] <wagonlips> looked in fear and wonder from time to time at the outward polish of high birth and breeding as it was pulverized by rubbish with alacrity.
[2010-09-06 23:53:00] <wagonlips> threw a light and pleasing veil over the dry reality of arithmetical computation and the rigid severity of geometry that sparkled with joy.
[2010-09-05 09:49:00] <wagonlips> exacted promise of knowledge from northern latitudes and profound meditation as ignorant and uninformed as revery regaled over cold supper.
[2010-09-04 08:28:00] <wagonlips> took a solemn, somewhat too sublime to be natural oath never to utter the name mentioned, burnt the sole evidence in a joking, friendly way.
[2010-09-03 24:15:00] <wagonlips> frequently procured inaccuracies after dipping a packet into the ink with a sensation almost amounting to guilt, a bold backhanded usurper.
[2010-09-02 10:17:00] <wagonlips> kept a rival from an artificial civilization so powerful comes the axiom that everything is a blank to be delivered on the social ladder.
[2010-09-01 08:50:00] <wagonlips> bestowed curiosities on strange tools to overcome the limitations a little sulphur concealed, ragged vestments no longer venting reproaches.
[2010-08-31 09:25:00] <wagonlips> inhabited a globe which appeared perfectly impossible and of perfect depth, serving as safe depository for articles perfectly understood.
[2010-08-30 09:40:00] <wagonlips> almost fancied what was formerly a chemist thickly covered with a coating of soot in a subterranean passage of nearly five thousand volumes.
[2010-08-29 08:31:00] <wagonlips> made paper, pens and ink from the simple and allowable things courage requires, insuring success arrived to set a pure innocent at liberty.
[2010-08-28 07:23:00] <wagonlips> considered it impious in the first place to plunge into waves from the height of fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred feet, hopes forever dashed.
[2010-08-27 09:23:00] <wagonlips> leaped nimbly from utter impossibility to the people, then a constitution, then liberty, but will never succeed now, all attempts fruitless.
[2010-08-26 09:04:00] <wagonlips> had a deep-set, penetrating eye, almost buried beneath the dungeon of evident pleasure and chilled affection so invigorated with cordiality.
[2010-08-25 08:05:00] <wagonlips> was about to form another plan with the same precaution as before, pushed back, stooped, and occasionally walked up and down with happiness.
[2010-08-24 09:43:00] <wagonlips> moved the wall and then should have been a living door, a barrier of flesh and blood and brains, but took the wrong angle, close to the sea.
[2010-08-23 24:01:00] <wagonlips> carefully collected the fish, ten handfuls of plaster and fragments of stone, and a piece of bread, and made some soup in an iron saucepan.
[2010-08-22 09:28:00] <wagonlips> calculated that in two years and a day utter silence would pass away, would pierce the wall braking it to pieces, sharp fragments of light.
[2010-08-21 24:14:00] <wagonlips> felt a sort of stupor creeping over those beloved ones that separated dreams from intensely interested soup, dreams of bread in particular.
[2010-08-20 08:42:00] <wagonlips> gazed thoughtfully at the morsel of bad meat, viands once repugnant, now acceptable, and not just for the ravens, like a voluntary Tantalus.
[2010-08-19 08:38:00] <wagonlips> traversed in mental vision the history of blasphemies long forgotten, a grain of sand, a straw, or a breath of air led to paroxysms of fury.
[2010-08-18 08:56:00] <wagonlips> increased the belief in insanity restrained by the limits of mere probability, with neither courage nor desire or an illusion of the brain.
[2010-08-17 08:05:00] <wagonlips> traced a circle with a fragment of plaster detached from the wall, as much absorbed in it as when the soldier of Marcellus slew Archimedes.
[2010-08-16 08:15:00] <wagonlips> was looked upon as less dangerous than a new display of curious reason, of infamous denunciation, or of new observations of a fresh madness.
[2010-08-15 08:01:00] <wagonlips> committed acts of useless clemency through a narrow iron grating above the noise of preparation, a most dangerous and resolute conspirator.
[2010-08-14 08:46:00] <wagonlips> made one of the most active dispositions of courage unlikely, and that prevented putting resolution into execution or words into a knapsack.
[2010-08-13 09:30:00] <wagonlips> calculated rightly, conscious only of the other's condescension, so that no written form or document may yet be countersigned and presented.
[2010-08-12 10:12:00] <wagonlips> gazed at the most insurmountable barrier, a closet without a counterpart, tottering on its precarious foundation in the unprecedented past.
[2010-08-11 08:41:00] <wagonlips> checked with a look the thousand questions, broken into small bits, and flung hopes and fear into the fire with all ambition and successes.
[2010-08-10 08:59:00] <wagonlips> watched a handful of people, caught like wild beasts devoid of admiration, cut off the compromising whiskers with enthusiasm, astonishment.
[2010-08-09 09:19:00] <wagonlips> declared to be on track until the day came to say with a sneaking air and an open door that the track is lost and the door is closed again.
[2010-08-08 07:54:00] <wagonlips> took rest and gave loose to dreams of ambition so surpassing the utmost that joy and pride evinced a recompense in eyes filled with tears.
[2010-08-07 07:51:00] <wagonlips> dressed in a blue frock-coat, buttoned to the chin with black eyes covered in shaggy eyebrows and a thick mustache alternately red and pale.
[2010-08-06 09:04:00] <wagonlips> recalled the first opinion, in despair at the downfall, in the plenitude of power, too deeply engraved in service by the rules of etiquette.
[2010-08-05 10:28:00] <wagonlips> received a false report, or perhaps went mad during those five-and-twenty years of miserable exile; ineptitude bursts and shatters to atoms.
[2010-08-04 07:12:00] <wagonlips> obscured language with some anxiety, a discreet and subtle exordium and then an oral message of surprised circumstance and assured devotion.
[2010-08-03 08:43:00] <wagonlips> was forced to appeal to the difficulties and the audacity in spite of the vain protestations but without getting in the least out of breath.
[2010-08-02 08:40:00] <wagonlips> laughed facetiously about a malady of the skin that converted the greatest uneasiness into loaded circumstantial denunciations in the water.
[2010-08-01 07:20:00] <wagonlips> leaned very respectfully on the back of a chair, announced by the chamberlain-in-waiting, but could not seem to comprehend the quotation.
[2010-07-31 07:06:00] <wagonlips> sat between two empty bottles with a pen behind one ear and an inkstand in place of a heart, an unending torture, a slow consuming agony.
[2010-07-30 10:46:00] <wagonlips> uttered a sigh that was almost a sob over the divided the honor of good fortune and great regret for a great criminal of great importance.
[2010-07-29 08:42:00] <wagonlips> wanted but little of being utterly mad, plunged furiously into the sea, to walk about the dungeons or to dash out one's brains with a stool.
[2010-07-29 08:32:00] <wagonlips> provided the dreaded name, silently striving through the frowning darkness, eyes fixed upon the light that furnished so many wild legends.
[2010-07-28 08:22:00] <wagonlips> came to a landing in a dream, a violent shock; made no resistance to a night perceived as a dim reflection in the dripping mist of silence.
[2010-07-26 08:32:00] <wagonlips> resounded with an air of stupid curiosity like a promise of freedom trained in discipline, forbidden to reply, incomprehensible, mephitic.
[2010-07-24 08:20:00] <wagonlips> drew forth two pieces of good fortune to be disdainfully examined at the end of the third day for honor, profit, and stupefied imprudence.
[2010-07-23 08:39:00] <wagonlips> coldly saluted the feelings of compassion over a pile of papers in the midst of a sympathetic chord summoned to destroy thought, reflection.
[2010-07-22 11:20:00] <wagonlips> furnished a dangerous example at the corner of personal attraction and political influence, delighted to see the considerable conspiracy.
[2010-07-21 08:58:00] <wagonlips> quitted the room upon the plea of urgent business tempered with mercy, most inflexibly severe, seemed to form or excite innocent admiration.
[2010-07-20 08:59:00] <wagonlips> looked carefully around to mark the effect of the oratory, a candid epidermis of violent, dangerous diseases and warm, easy dereliction.
[2010-07-19 07:03:00] <wagonlips> delivered up to the pale, eloquent executioner any favorable opportunity to rush fearlessly onto the very bayonets of peace and tranquility.
[2010-07-18 09:31:00] <wagonlips> felt in a way guilty of conspiring opposite a train of parasitical satellites orbiting around strict loyalty and crude political principles.
[2010-07-17 10:02:00] <wagonlips> joined forces with the very flowers of the world, five or six thousand souls, or a hundred and twenty million purchased for a mere trifle.
[2010-07-16 09:01:00] <wagonlips> was authorized at once to assume the ambitious and shocking storm of the mind overcharged with one fancy, furious idea disguised as a joke.
[2010-07-15 09:05:00] <wagonlips> readily perceived the solidity of tractable, out of the way things slowly circulating throughout good opinions and confident apprehensions.
[2010-07-14 08:47:00] <wagonlips> descended the staircase, stretching out two soldiers like the sob of a broken heart loaded with coffee, cotton, hope and hysterical sobbing.
[2010-07-13 08:37:00] <wagonlips> struck upon the panel of the door in consternation and the most extreme dread, lending the evening air an intoxication of utter surprise.
[2010-07-12 07:47:00] <wagonlips> caught a sort of indistinct sound on the stairs, followed by the hum and buzz of many voices, hilarious mirth of an unceremonious lucky dog!
[2010-07-11 09:10:00] <wagonlips> descended and came forth between the slight structure and heavy tread of creaking and groaning, dazzling and red, prickly space lobsters.
[2010-07-10 07:49:00] <wagonlips> effectually confirmed the report, from which depended a long streaming knot of white and blue ribbons, the dim and misty outline of a dream.
[2010-07-09 10:32:00] <wagonlips> took advantage of the moment as it instinctively comprehended all the misery which such a denunciation must entail, a sorry, infamous shame.
[2010-07-08 20:29:00] <wagonlips> always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, than of a sword or pistol. Pen, ink, and paper is never so mistaken.
[2010-07-07 11:46:00] <wagonlips> followed with eyes pale and trembling the remedy to two conditions as effectually separated as if the walls of a prison were between them.
[2010-07-06 08:00:00] <wagonlips> pricked and excited beyond bearing, lifted up all boozy on wine with fists big enough to crush an ox at one blow and registered the number.
[2010-07-06 07:56:00] <wagonlips> gave a groan, which resembled a sob, and dropped hands and elbows on the table of curiosity, destroying diplomacy in vengeance with fortune.
[2010-07-04 08:42:00] <wagonlips> drew back, pale and trembling, like a traveller at the sight of a serpent; fell into a chair agitated and embarrassed by a token so extreme.
[2010-07-03 08:58:00] <wagonlips> endured wretchedness patiently in a varnished hat, a striped shirt, and a blue jacket, with an anchor on the buttons, the despised costume.
[2010-07-02 08:58:00] <wagonlips> tapped the earth with an arched and supple foot, so as to display the pure and full shape of a well-turned leg, in its red cotton stocking.
[2010-07-01 08:10:00] <wagonlips> drank a glass of La Malgue, while waiting for news, but did not pass not ten minutes before a tall, strapping, black-eyed Catalan entered.
[2010-06-30 08:17:00] <wagonlips> made a gesture askance at the handful of gold and silver on the table, because honest folks like those with implicit confidence are so rare.
[2010-06-29 08:26:00] <wagonlips> rapidly ascended two flights of a dark staircase, clambered over the trellis holding sprays of clematis and nasturtiums in a trembling hand.
[2010-06-28 08:10:00] <wagonlips> followed the eyes until they sprang out onto the quay and disappeared in the midst of a throng of very satisfied, able and modern Phocaeans.
[2010-06-27 07:49:00] <wagonlips> made such inquiries as could be made of the first comer that might bring trouble, or a packet, or a conversation about packets of trouble.
[2010-06-26 08:45:00] <wagonlips> assumed the command without consulting any one who had seen long and honorable service, unprepossessing, obsequious, and always obnoxious.
[2010-06-25 10:10:00] <wagonlips> left Naples, in the most unexpected manner, greatly disturbed in mind, but sedately and with that instinct which is the forerunner of evil.
[2010-06-24 07:23:00] <wagonlips> remembered the day when thirteen Royal Natives could be had for a shilling and the graceful, though perhaps too elaborate, lamentable death.
[2010-06-23 08:00:00] <wagonlips> had been slightly tickled at the gentleness of a nude woman suckling a wee baby, but nonetheless felt a little nearer to inevitable death.
[2010-06-22 06:42:00] <wagonlips> did not have the right to deprive the world of the masterpiece, but poured paraffin on the floors and on the pandanus-mats, and set fire.
[2010-06-21 08:29:00] <wagonlips> paused to look at the gay flowers rioting in the garden, and burned them to the ground until not a stick or petal remained. Hateful flowers.
[2010-06-20 08:51:00] <wagonlips> felt the awe and the delight of the beginning of a world, tremendous, sensual, passionate; and yet horrible, too, beautiful and obscene.
[2010-06-19 10:26:00] <wagonlips> went to the house, saw something hostile in the air, ascended the few steps that led to the verandah and entered. Everywhere was desolation.
[2010-06-18 06:59:00] <wagonlips> could never overcome the absurd horror, the furious disfiguring hatred that must seize a man condemned by the inestimable privilege of life.
[2010-06-17 09:10:00] <wagonlips> did not relish fourteen kilometres over a bad pathway, on the ground and crying in a very bad temper, seized with horror, dying of thirst.
[2010-06-16 10:43:00] <wagonlips> was eternally a pilgrim, untouched by ambition, haunted by a divine nostalgia, Latin and mathematics, tall, healthy coconut and guava trees.
[2010-06-15 11:03:00] <wagonlips> heard the leaping of fish in the lagoon, a noisy splashing so beautiful that one's soul seemed hardly able to bear the prison of one's body.
[2010-06-14 10:20:00] <wagonlips> smiled maliciously and with lamentations told again the story of the sale of effects and neglected pictures, but only bought an old stove.
[2010-06-13 24:18:00] <wagonlips> lived on the produce of the land and sea, a shoal of gay fish, the scuttling crabs, the green, sweet, luscious fruit, and the big ripe nuts.
[2010-06-12 10:51:00] <wagonlips> heard French mingled with English in conversation with equal facility, felt that a bird would speak in these tones if only it could speak.
[2010-06-11 08:40:00] <wagonlips> had gone to the dogs altogether with an ugly old sanitary officer and a dozen scrofulous kids at some twopenny-halfpenny job in the medical.
[2010-06-10 07:19:00] <wagonlips> saw the natives in their shabby gabardines, the blacks from the Soudan, the noisy throng of Greeks, Italians, the grave Turks in tarbooshes.
[2010-06-09 10:15:00] <wagonlips> cursed the lost place within an inch of six months and left for Marseilles with nothing but a box of paints, an easel, and a dozen canvases.
[2010-06-08 07:42:00] <wagonlips> would not have given the cost of postage for the picture, half afraid to show it, but bought for a song that which was now worth large sums.
[2010-06-07 09:03:00] <wagonlips> heard curses in every tongue, the sound of blows, cries; a dozen men fighting with all their might, the police; everyone made for the door.
[2010-06-06 16:21:00] <wagonlips> swept away all the decencies of civilisation, and then came face to face with a sombre reality, an atmosphere at once intense and tragic.
[2010-06-05 08:14:00] <wagonlips> spent several days on a plank hanging over the side of a rusty hulled tramp that had come in from Madagascar round the Cape of Good Hope.
[2010-06-04 11:09:00] <wagonlips> spent something like four months in a career that was devoid of adventure, occupied in the pursuit of money, food, and a night's lodging.
[2010-06-03 07:34:00] <wagonlips> turned an attentive ear to the discourse; looked upon conversation as the great pleasure of life, proving the excellence of civilisation.
[2010-06-02 08:38:00] <wagonlips> fell into those umbrageous places where life from immemorial times had been led into silent valleys, revealed mystery in the sombre depths.
[2010-06-01 10:57:00] <wagonlips> shuddered at the thoughts floating serenely in the empyrean, and felt the horror that hovered about the flowers and the filthy chrysalis.
[2010-05-31 08:09:00] <wagonlips> could fathom the subtleties of the human heart, but not the decorous sentiments or normal emotions or moments of passion or pleasure or joy.
[2010-05-30 10:01:00] <wagonlips> appeared not only practical, but immensely matter-of-fact, unceasing courage holding despair at bay, and followed the divine tyranny of art.
[2010-05-28 09:47:00] <wagonlips> was taken aback by the clumsiness of the technique, the beauty and the great originality seemed extraordinarily crude and incomprehensible.
[2010-05-27 06:49:00] <wagonlips> stood motionless, outraged by the callous selfishness and mocking smile, with an expression in which could be read a contemptuous amazement.
[2010-05-25 09:56:00] <wagonlips> recognised an artistic satisfaction in the contemplation of evil; felt the disapproval for certain actions is not so strong as curiosity.
[2010-05-24 06:53:00] <wagonlips> asked for something that could not be provided, then came out into the street and sought refuge in a shrug of the shoulders and taciturnity.
[2010-05-23 08:58:00] <wagonlips> was suddenly transported into a world in which the values were changed, familiar things all different, and was strangely impressed, afraid.
[2010-05-22 07:26:00] <wagonlips> turned the key and opened the door. On a rack were the plates, and under a cover were the remains of a piece of cheese. Nothing was left.
[2010-05-21 11:46:00] <wagonlips> told a singular story of woe in which all had been lost in one incongruous catastrophe of cleanliness, a mania of passionate orderliness.
[2010-05-20 08:40:00] <wagonlips> gave the driver the necessary direction, and drove on in renewed silence, looking with smiling eyes at the people who hurried to and fro.
[2010-05-19 14:41:00] <wagonlips> stared miserably into space before lookimg into an abyss of cruelty, the shabby attic of which served as a studio, providing uneasy slumber.
[2010-05-18 18:11:00] <wagonlips> was needlessly brusque with a tone of frigid contempt, a hint of mockery, it was true; and avoided a sordid business in vain lamentations.
[2010-05-17 08:24:00] <wagonlips> did things constantly which should have lead to disaster, and yet managed to falsify the proverb and evade folly's result every single time.
[2010-05-16 08:35:00] <wagonlips> had not the smallest indication on which to let imagination work; on the other hand, betrayed a sudden temper and a horrid, extreme cruelty.
[2010-05-15 08:27:00] <wagonlips> kept still an aroma of the splendid past, the decent decay, a calm and prosperous two hundred years dying in the homely stateliness of time.
[2010-05-14 09:58:00] <wagonlips> made the bed sufficiently uncomfortable to provide a wakeful night without satisfying the part of nature that had somehow foreseen disaster.
[2010-05-13 22:19:00] <wagonlips> had reached that stage of exhaustion, and for the present seemed quite lost and humiliated, as constantly happens when vanity comes into it.
[2010-05-12 08:20:00] <wagonlips> was robbed of self-control by the injurious calm, seized by blind, staggering rage, taken by surprise, although spared the worst privations.
[2010-05-10 15:27:00] <wagonlips> had an extraordinary aspect full of strange harmonies and unadventured patterns so odd it was not exactly obvious that it was spirituality.
[2010-05-09 07:58:00] <wagonlips> insisted on performing the offices needful to the sick with that pleasant little smile, the capricious jibe, detestable sneer, and an oath.
[2010-05-08 10:10:00] <wagonlips> was quite normal again, ordinary enough, not so neurotic or possessed by some shapeless dread, amazing agitation or puzzled consternation.
[2010-05-07 10:37:00] <wagonlips> stood apart, somehow embarrassed by the domestic scene, and wondered why a doctor would make so rapid a movement, cheeks flushed, fly agape.
[2010-05-06 10:46:00] <wagonlips> asked one or two questions, irritably, then pressed and waited in angry silence, five, ten minutes, no more than a less profound obscurity.
[2010-05-05 10:20:00] <wagonlips> had a characteristic sentimentality about the day and wanted to pass it among friends with suitable ceremonies, not abandoned to melancholy.
[2010-05-04 08:54:00] <wagonlips> reminded one of a frightened sheep running aimlessly hither and thither, like a rough joke thrown into a serious scene, startled and amazed.
[2010-05-02 09:23:00] <wagonlips> changed the expression, which was generally sombre, and gave it a look of not ill-natured malice, a slow smile, neither cruel nor kindly.
[2010-05-01 07:47:00] <wagonlips> used gestures instead of adjectives because of the unmeasurable contempt for words of no consequence, like a vision that obsessed the mind.
[2010-04-30 10:11:00] <wagonlips> translated the advertisements of patent medicines in silence, suffered from no dismay, but enjoyed no amusement, not even a faint smile.
[2010-04-29 08:34:00] <wagonlips> protruded arrogantly and didn't really care a twopenny damn over the curious abstraction of glazed, ragged and untrimmed recognition.
[2010-04-28 08:48:00] <wagonlips> was more amused by the ridiculous figure than outraged by the brutal treatments, all false, insincere, shoddy; and yet honest, sincere, gay.
[2010-04-27 09:44:00] <wagonlips> was heart-broken over a lack of whisky, pots and pans, and the ritual dance of household duties acquiring a dimpled moral significance.
[2010-04-26 09:42:00] <wagonlips> wandered by the side of an ox-waggon, carefully drawn and carefully painted, with a sort of indignation elegant, sincere and free of malice.
[2010-04-25 08:32:00] <wagonlips> changed the conversation as though it were a matter to which no importance could be attached, unlike kindness, or true suffering, or pie.
[2010-04-24 07:51:00] <wagonlips> was distressed to find so much vindictiveness among the motley qualities of pizza, pettiness, grandeur, malice and charity, hatred and love.
[2010-04-23 08:23:00] <wagonlips> concealed a conviction among recollections one could not make head or tail of, like lying doggo on account of the plainly nervous police.
[2010-04-22 10:00:00] <wagonlips> possessed some odd, deep-rooted instinct of creation, like the cuckoo that lays its egg in the deeply seated instinct of the civilised man.
[2010-04-21 08:23:00] <wagonlips> watered the asphalt pavement with hackneyed phrases, slang, and vague gestures in confident anticipation of lilies, of  coffee and liqueurs.
[2010-04-20 10:52:00] <wagonlips> confused rather than informed  with expletives and indignation for hours, for days, for six weeks seemed really to be possessed of a devil.
[2010-04-19 09:41:00] <wagonlips> had a good many years of comfort tortured by some sort of a conscience, no remorse, or regret, or the blood that can be drawn from a stone.
[2010-04-18 07:05:00] <wagonlips> was prepared to be persuasive, touching, and hortatory, admonitory and expostulating, if need be vituperative even, indignant and sarcastic.
[2010-04-17 09:54:00] <wagonlips> had not yet learnt how contradictory is human nature; did not know how much baseness in the noble, nor how much goodness in the reprobate.
[2010-04-16 09:50:00] <wagonlips> answered with sudden, obstinate violence, as indignant, cold cruelty agreed to go over and stay in Paris till something had been achieved.
[2010-04-15 21:10:00] <wagonlips> stole an unexpected but fairly coherent picture of a bereaved condition, and was astonished by the advantage of minding one's own business.
[2010-04-13 10:16:00] <wagonlips> was startled to suppose now that the outraged morality once used to administer direct chastisement was missing necessary strength of arm.
[2010-04-12 07:21:00] <wagonlips> flashed a smile and jauntily walked on, a little shocked and a little ashamed of an entrance that seemed excessively awkward and cheerless.
[2010-04-11 07:39:00] <wagonlips> remained essentially healthy, engulfed in the momentous whole, but seemed to lose the peculiar pattern and the pleasing color at a distance.
[2010-04-10 07:52:00] <wagonlips> gave the polite little laugh to acknowledge a facetiousness in which nothing funny was seen, but did not speak, a strange ingenuity, wasted.
[2010-04-09 08:31:00] <wagonlips> was guided on virgin steps down the hard road of letters against swollen, uncomfortable udders upon which many tears had been shed.
[2010-04-09 08:18:00] <wagonlips> combined masculine intelligence and feminine perversity, with a weakness for lions in good-humoured contempt of green curtains and carpets.
[2010-04-07 11:22:00] <wagonlips> wandered among recollections insensitive to culture or chastity, but did not remember so crude a promiscuity as great, unbending noses.
[2010-04-06 09:20:00] <wagonlips> could not stomach the heartiness, the emotion, or the passion of their dreams and cared nothing for praise or censure, failure or success.
[2010-04-05 08:25:00] <wagonlips> encased muscular calves in episcopal gaiters, a hazardous, and ungallant thing to do which finally set at rest the misgivings of a humbug.
[2010-04-04 08:15:00] <wagonlips> excused a thousand faults and reduced greatness to discreet proportions to claim superciliously that nothing can be understood or ignored.
[2010-04-03 08:23:00] <wagonlips> quietly dangled one hand and even every finger of the quietly dangling hand quietly said "Look here!" Shady astonishment collected lunch.
[2010-04-02 08:29:00] <wagonlips> grew distrustful and tired of the paralyzed arm that lay lost in faith of words with touch a of sadness and a touch of mockery. Let's do it.
[2010-04-01 08:35:00] <wagonlips> had no high opinion of vain seducers who perform miracles, overcome devils or speak to the gods without learning, exercises and castigation.
[2010-03-31 07:47:00] <wagonlips> began to speak of escaping the cycle, then drank a few bowls of rice-wine and fermented coconut-milk, found numbness, deceived others.
[2010-03-30 08:24:00] <wagonlips> pretended to be meaningful and joyful and beautiful, burning skin covered in thorny bushes, and oozing pus dripping from festering wounds.
[2010-03-29 08:16:00] <wagonlips> stood on a mat of bast, silent and motionless, with arms folded, and knees trembling softly, as the stars traced their paths in the sky.
[2010-03-28 11:01:00] <wagonlips> collected magic words, pure as honey, surrounded by lonely strangers and lank jackals offering books made from dry banana-skins and snacks.
[2010-03-27 08:45:00] <wagonlips> performed the sacred ablutions, made the sacred offerings, picked the pockets of wise men as they debated the self with discontented nurses.
[2010-03-26 07:56:00] <wagonlips> looked on unresentfully, knowing all would soon be a shade with the shade of the horse and snow would be general over the land. All shades.
[2010-03-25 08:21:00] <wagonlips> shook free of the gathering forces, and with an effort of reason against the vague, mad world, did not question death in the rain again.
[2010-03-24 08:12:00] <wagonlips> trembled now with annoyance, so abstracted, so brutal, standing stockstill for a moment in astonishment again as dull fires glowed angrily.
[2010-03-23 08:17:00] <wagonlips> escaped from the handsome article, and ran away with wild and radiant heart to new adventure, soft thuds, and thickly carpeted stairs.
[2010-03-22 05:49:00] <wagonlips> brooded over the houses and the descending river, slushy streaks and patches of snow underfoot. Only the heavy sky lay against the roofs.
[2010-03-21 07:05:00] <wagonlips> stood still in the gloom of the hall, trying to catch the faintly illuminated air as the rain fell, fully swathed and heavily buttoned.
[2010-03-20 06:54:00] <wagonlips> rattled off along the quay amid a chorus of laughter and adieus, a rattling fast drive with a good spanking goer between the shafts.
[2010-03-19 08:16:00] <wagonlips> beat time with a pudding-fork in melodious conference with an officer dressed in a long green overcoat with mock astrakhan cuffs and collar.
[2010-03-18 08:28:00] <wagonlips> smiled nervously at a row of upturned faces and for a brief moment entertained the spirit of good-fellowship, of camaraderie. And then wept.
[2010-03-17 10:18:00] <wagonlips> was transferred to the table amid the clatter of forks and spoons, buried in lugubrious silence and indistinct undertones, raisins and figs.
[2010-03-16 07:45:00] <wagonlips> took a seat boldly at the head of the table, looked to the carver, and plunged the fork firmly into the goose. "A wing or slice of breast?"
[2010-03-15 08:33:00] <wagonlips> knew all about the honour, but turned out the women and put little whipper-snappers over their heads, like the pope does. It's not right.
[2010-03-14 08:39:00] <wagonlips> ran over the headings of the speech: hospitality, sad memories, the quotation from Browning. "like listening to a thought-tormented music."
[2010-03-13 09:47:00] <wagonlips> threaded back across the room, without adverting to the interruption, and went on to tell of the beautiful places and beautiful scenery.
[2010-03-12 08:14:00] <wagonlips> glanced right and left nervously, tried to keep a good humour under the ordeal, and wandered down the quays to the second-hand booksellers.
[2010-03-11 08:26:00] <wagonlips> waved the offer aside impatiently at first, then accepted mechanically, poured whiskey, and set down the untasted and overflowing glass.
[2010-03-10 09:44:00] <wagonlips> opened three bottles of lemonade, filled out a goodly measure of whisky and broke into a broad smile, swaying to and fro with nervous jerks.
[2010-03-09 08:29:00] <wagonlips> laughed nervously and reassuringly, but, when made to do the dumb-bells, and forced to eat the stirabout, the smile soon faded.
[2010-03-08 08:19:00] <wagonlips> looked up at the pantry ceiling, shaking with the stamping, and listened for a moment at the piano. Ridiculous poetry, superior education.
[2010-03-07 08:41:00] <wagonlips> escaped from the crevices and folds through the snow-stiffened frieze, diamond-bone sirloins, three-shilling tea and the best bottled stout.
[2010-03-06 09:12:00] <wagonlips> was observed struggling, kneeling upon handkerchiefs with care, appearing above the balustrade for no terrifying, no extravagant purpose.
[2010-03-05 08:08:00] <wagonlips> came into a solemn company, but did not disturb the silence. Leaned over with farcical gravity and fell upon an assembly of black clothes.
[2010-03-04 08:13:00] <wagonlips> remembered it well, magnificent, unconstrained by second-class distillers and brewers. Folks was genuinely moved; tell you the God's truth.
[2010-03-03 13:20:00] <wagonlips> hesitated for a moment then glasses were rinsed and five small measures of special whisky were poured out. Lux upon lux, or lux in Tenebris.
[2010-03-02 08:19:00] <wagonlips> uttered the metaphor with a certain homely energy and, encouraged, proceeded to utter another:  "I'm going to wash the pot, make a retreat."
[2010-03-01 08:24:00] <wagonlips> wished the details of the incident to remain vague, like a crusade in search of valises and portmanteaus, as if there had been some mistake.
[2010-02-28 09:50:00] <wagonlips> had secret sources of information under his exactions which had the purpose of lending small sums of money to workmen at usurious interest.
[2010-02-27 08:36:00] <wagonlips> watched the car till it was out of sight then withdrew into the house, the air of which was impregnated with a personal odour.
[2010-02-26 08:15:00] <wagonlips> sifted through the doors to the laneway where the constable inspected the scene, and set about removing the traces of blood from the floor.
[2010-02-25 09:18:00] <wagonlips> distended and closed again elastically, collar unfastened and necktie undone, and made light of the accident. It was nothing, really.
[2010-02-24 08:53:00] <wagonlips> debated hotly as to what should be done when the interval came, poised upon the umbrella, but consented to play one or two accompaniments.
[2010-02-23 08:13:00] <wagonlips> had been resurrected, clapping and stamping and four shillings short, as if from an old stage-wardrobe that still brought down the house.
[2010-02-22 08:16:00] <wagonlips> screwed into an expression of trustfulness and enthusiasm, and covered the nervous jealousy with an ebullient, friendly, but distant sigh.
[2010-02-21 08:24:00] <wagonlips> chewed one end of the programme into a moist pulp while rolling and unrolling it, bearing the disappointments with a light, vacant smile.
[2010-02-20 10:44:00] <wagonlips> had a game leg, was naturally pale and unbending in manner, made few friends but kept the audience continually diverted with doubtful items.
[2010-02-19 08:05:00] <wagonlips> clapped a burst of clapping when the silence ceased but remained sitting flushed and bare-headed at the table, hiding emotion in a pouch.
[2010-02-18 08:20:00] <wagonlips> took two bottles from the table and carrying them to the fire, put them on the hob until, with an apologetic "Pok!", the corks flew out.
[2010-02-17 10:18:00] <wagonlips> stood and looked without a word to throw to a dog, while the bottle on the mantelpiece drew in a long breath of satisfaction, until corked.
[2010-02-16 08:07:00] <wagonlips> ordered a pound of chops for dinner, but could live on the smell of an oil-rag. Wisha! Wisha! The little hop-o'-my-thumb has forgotten.
[2010-02-15 24:11:00] <wagonlips> opened a very long mouth to express disappointment and at the same time opened two very bright blue eyes to express pleasure and surprise.
[2010-02-14 08:24:00] <wagonlips> got all kicks and no halfpence, and no hunker-sliding about it: would not drag honour in the mud to please a monarch, spondulics or none.
[2010-02-13 08:57:00] <wagonlips> raked the cinders together with a piece of cardboard and spread them judiciously over the whitening dome of coals that lapsed into darkness.
[2010-02-12 08:14:00] <wagonlips> entered the park by the first gate and walked along the gaunt trees and through the bleak alleys where moral nature was falling to pieces.
[2010-02-11 08:11:00] <wagonlips> walked along quickly through the November twilight, as a priest does when he reads the prayers Secreto, on the lonely, cheerless road.
[2010-02-10 07:24:00] <wagonlips> said it was very good and ate a few mouthfuls with difficulty, then pushed the plate to one side and read the paragraph over and over again.
[2010-02-09 08:16:00] <wagonlips> dined in an eating-house safe from society and honesty. The bill of fare: a bottle of lager beer and a small trayful of arrowroot biscuits.
[2010-02-08 08:14:00] <wagonlips> descended on one of the saucers, was surprised to feel a soft wet substance that nobody spoke of, giggling, and so had to do it over again.
[2010-02-07 08:22:00] <wagonlips> supposed the bag was full of good things for the little ones and said it was right the youngsters should enjoy themselves while still young.
[2010-02-06 09:42:00] <wagonlips> superintended the distribution of the barmbrack, quarrelled over the tubs, and settled down before the huge mugs, the cook and the dummy.
[2010-02-05 08:13:00] <wagonlips> stood very sullen-faced at the corner of O'Connell Bridge, waiting for the little Sandymount tram, full of smouldering anger and revengefuln
[2010-02-04 08:29:00] <wagonlips> bevelled off to the left while the others turned back to the city, rain drizzling down on the cold street, the noise of tongues and glasses.
[2010-02-03 09:51:00] <wagonlips> glanced from the lady's face to the little egg-shaped head and back again; and then began to vibrate like the knob of some electric machine.
[2010-02-02 08:10:00] <wagonlips> bought a glass of plain porter, drank it at a gulp and asked for a caraway seed. Put the penny on the counter and furtively left the bar.
[2010-02-01 08:21:00] <wagonlips> stared fixedly at the polished skull which directed the affairs of this shop, gazed fixedly at the head resting upon the pile of papers.
[2010-01-31 08:56:00] <wagonlips> glanced nervously round the room, found something mean in the voluptuous furniture; bought on the hire system, it was too prim and pretty.
[2010-01-30 08:44:00] <wagonlips> finished the drink, tossed the glass, and laughed loudly. Then looked thoughtfully around before saying in a calmer tone: "Be in no hurry."
[2010-01-29 07:11:00] <wagonlips> puffed thoughtfully at the cigar and then, in a calm historian's tone, proceeded to sketch pictures of the corruption which was rife abroad.
[2010-01-28 08:20:00] <wagonlips> said nothing until the barman returned with the glass, wouldn't make punch of the whisky, then touched the glass and reciprocated the toast.
[2010-01-27 11:57:00] <wagonlips> ardently pursued revery between lips, the rival features of which appeared very long and shapeless and colourless, like sympathetic fingers.
[2010-01-26 08:09:00] <wagonlips> cast a shower of kindly golden dust on the untidy nurses, screaming children, and decrepit, melancholy old men who drowsed on the benches.
[2010-01-25 07:12:00] <wagonlips> waited patiently, almost cheerfully without alarm, memories gradually giving place to pleasant hopes and intricate visions of the future.
[2010-01-24 08:29:00] <wagonlips> glanced instinctively at the little gilt clock on the mantelpiece as soon as  the bells of George's Church had stopped ringing.
[2010-01-23 24:27:00] <wagonlips> had been made awkward by not wishing to seem to have have been made awkward not merely because allusions of that kind always did.
[2010-01-23 24:24:00] <wagonlips> walked up to the corner of Hume Street without speaking, threw one leg over the chains at close quarters, and crossed the road obliquely.
[2010-01-23 11:16:00] <wagonlips> walked on through the crowd occasionally turning to smile at some of the passing girls on the large faint moon circled with a double halo.
[2010-01-18 09:46:00] <wagonlips> descended upon the grey warm evening of the city and circulated like a mild warm air, a memory of summer and the gaily coloured crowd.
[2010-01-17 09:11:00] <wagonlips> followed a torrent of talk up onto a car then took the train at Westland Row and in a few seconds got into a rowboat and made for the yacht.
[2010-01-16 13:31:00] <wagonlips> grew hot and was even in danger of personal spite, so at an opportunity lifted the glass to Humanity and threw open a window significantly.
[2010-01-15 20:05:00] <wagonlips> came scudding in within the limits of reasonable recklessness, or ran evenly like pellets in a groove, keeping up a deep bass hum of melody.
[2010-01-14 22:10:00] <wagonlips> rushed past the barrier and called, shouted, "Go on!" but sat passive, like a helpless animal, no sign of love or farewell or recognition.
[2010-01-14 22:07:00] <wagonlips> sailed through the Straits of Magellan and told stories of the terrible Patagonians. The Bohemian Girl would not cry many tears at leaving.
[2010-01-11 17:45:00] <wagonlips> mounted the staircase and gained the upper part of the house where an old garrulous woman collected used stamps for some pious purpose.
[2010-01-10 07:25:00] <wagonlips> walked through the streets, jostled by drunken men and bargaining women, amid the curses of labourers and the shrill litanies of shop-boys.
[2010-01-09 08:41:00] <wagonlips> sprang up and pursued the cat towards the near end of the field, but it escaped into some elaborate mystery, indignantly turning away.
[2010-01-08 21:32:00] <wagonlips> repeated phrases over and over again, alluding to some fact that everybody knew, mysteriously, surrounded by that monotonous voice in orbit.
[2010-01-07 19:55:00] <wagonlips> saw, or imagined, the geography, scantily dosed, gradually taking substance then seeming to recede and its influences starting to wane.
[2010-01-06 24:23:00] <wagonlips> diffused among a spirit of unruliness, influence, differences of culture and constitution, ran some almost in fear of the reluctant Indians.
[2010-01-05 20:31:00] <wagonlips> looked high up and low down then sat wide-awake and laughing-like softly in one of them new-fangled carriages that makes no noise.
[2010-01-04 17:52:00] <wagonlips> went in on tiptoe, distracted by the old woman's muttering, pretended to pray, filled the glasses with sherry and passed out cream crackers.
[2010-01-03 08:40:00] <wagonlips> made no answer or only a very foolish and halting one and then emptied the packet into the black, and mysterious snuff-box in the dead-room.
[2010-01-02 09:45:00] <wagonlips> receded into some pleasant and vicious region; and there again found it waiting, murmuring and smiling continually, lips moist with spittle.
[2010-01-01 09:19:00] <wagonlips> lifted the curtain upon a tableau of united lovers, backgrounded by defeated villainy and derogated by the comic, osculating Walrus.
[2009-12-31 21:20:00] <wagonlips> made a sneak around the edge of town so as not to be seen; overlooked an outrageous blunder secured against the annoyance of public comment.
[2009-12-30 09:42:00] <wagonlips> walked around smoking cigars and licking the paint in low-neck-and-short-sleeves, rattling tree-frogs like a hose cart going to a ten blow.
[2009-12-29 09:36:00] <wagonlips> regained the pathway of usefulness without disturbing the slumbering Miracles who had gone to seed-seed that, perhaps, no soil might sprout.
[2009-12-28 09:21:00] <wagonlips> confined enthusiasm not just to the blood of the plebs, and removed that extra real on the price of bananas via the shortest means possible.
[2009-12-27 08:50:00] <wagonlips> recalled in vivid detail and with significant contrast the last winter sojourn, then should have delivered a eulogy upon its wise conduct.
[2009-12-26 09:07:00] <wagonlips> crowded the streets to the wheel ruts, covered the red tile roofs to the eaves, and always procured a new idol before destroying an old one.
[2009-12-25 24:51:00] <wagonlips> worked at something silken and dainty, over a great litter of maps and books, thoughtful and grave, hair in an unusual state of disorder.
[2009-12-24 07:49:00] <wagonlips> seemed as calm as ever, menacing and purposeful, pacing before the door without a smile, teeth clenched grimly, a green umbrella in hand.
[2009-12-23 17:46:00] <wagonlips> cared nothing at all for the society of the alien residents, and so stooped and drew the comandante's sword and charged its squealing rear.
[2009-12-22 16:09:00] <wagonlips> let the conspirator-like men with dark clothes and hats in the front door very carefully, and they went upstairs to the happy little saint.
[2009-12-21 21:29:00] <wagonlips> was a whiskered volcano, always showing signs of imminent eruption, with a trepanning story and an ineffectual revolt smoldering within.
[2009-12-20 08:20:00] <wagonlips> took a peep through to see how Mr. President's cabbages were growing, saw the pieces, and shoved the whole business back across the table.
[2009-12-18 21:14:00] <wagonlips> gave Jupiter a pair of epaulets and a sword, and kind of worked the clouds around to look like a blackberry patch; made a fine battle scene.
[2009-12-17 23:08:00] <wagonlips> had the soul of a dog or a Smashed Oats Hair Tonic poster, and deserved to go down into oblivion without even a tin can to sound a memory.
[2009-12-16 10:14:00] <wagonlips> secured a commission to perpetuate upon canvas the lineaments of the president, and secure a share of the pesos raining upon the caterers.
[2009-12-15 09:11:00] <wagonlips> shook the country nearly free from the shackles of ignorance and sloth and the vermin that fed upon it, and all but made it a great power.
[2009-12-14 09:13:00] <wagonlips> slid rapturously and gently from the chair to the strip of matting on the floor, wearing a look of supreme, almost incredulous, delight.
[2009-12-13 08:29:00] <wagonlips> raised one foot quickly and uttered ambiguous squeals. With shrill cries of alarm, picked at the new and painful insects stinging the feet.
[2009-12-12 09:33:00] <wagonlips> made many trips to and from the prickly hoard, and sowed with the accuracy of Satan sowing tares and the perseverance of Paul planting.
[2009-12-11 10:00:00] <wagonlips> ruined whatever chance was left with that tomfool letter and the alligator-hide slippers: an obstinate ass and too proud a fool to go back.
[2009-12-10 10:12:00] <wagonlips> abbreviated the agony, grinned like a shark, and was given a chance to redeem the shoe market situation, as if such a thing were possible.
[2009-12-09 11:22:00] <wagonlips> urgently voiced a crying need for a brewery, a college of higher mathematics, a coal yard, and a clean and intellectual Punch and Judy show.
[2009-12-09 11:17:00] <wagonlips> sat on the edge of the table and chopped lazily with a paper knife at the legs of a shiny centipede that was crawling among the stationery.
[2009-12-07 09:50:00] <wagonlips> grasped the decanter and rattled its crystal mouth against the glass in a flushed, trembling hand, the drowning waves of the abyss untasted.
[2009-12-06 09:55:00] <wagonlips> sneaked back and plucked the ripe and juicy valise from the orange tree, a record-breaking hundred-thousand-dollar crop from an orange tree.
[2009-12-05 11:01:00] <wagonlips> moved rapidly through the town by way of its landward environs, took the road with long and purposeful strides through umbrageous glades.
[2009-12-05 09:29:00] <wagonlips> stepped from the platform with the air of a prince leaving a canopied couch, shook out wry clothing, and moved slowly through the hot sand.
[2009-12-03 09:50:00] <wagonlips> humped down on the seat like a little, fat, contented hobo and put salt upon the tail of that reckless and silly bird-5046 workin' overtime.
[2009-12-02 10:07:00] <wagonlips> bumped the infernal beast upon the bark of a hundred trees and caused outrage to the legs of a good many regrets and eyesores to the palate.
[2009-12-01 09:13:00] <wagonlips> left behind forgotten friends in the hollow lettuce-land, lived and lay reclined in a little boat, sinker and pacers, papers and passports.
[2009-11-30 09:18:00] <wagonlips> enlisted in the revolutionary army of this dark country to fight for its liberty and honors, amputatin' its scenery and grubbin' its roots.
[2009-11-29 08:36:00] <wagonlips> breathed liberal revolutionary sentiments into the sour wine of the stump-grubbin' Dagoes in the chain-gangs of this vile grovelin' country.
[2009-11-28 10:26:00] <wagonlips> drank the bottle of stuff, and called the steward to bring another, practically instigating secession or revolution in this tropical locale.
[2009-11-27 08:23:00] <wagonlips> industriously rolled the finished depictments of citizens between the cylinders of the burnisher, persuaded by the voice of the tintype.
[2009-11-26 08:12:00] <wagonlips> strode down the little deck, possessed solely by the inordinate and unparalleled passion of the collector, and slipped into the sloop.
[2009-11-25 08:55:00] <wagonlips> swung the boom round, veered and began to tack industriously. Thus ended the after-dinner drollery, and by the same hand that began it.
[2009-11-24 14:53:00] <wagonlips> seemed to slide swiftly, turned, flew up the coast again into the pearly splendor of a moonlit night and relaxed, satisfied with the course.
[2009-11-23 09:38:00] <wagonlips> skimmed the seas of the world in a brigantine, adding to an already world-famous collection of postage stamps and prehistoric stone idols.
[2009-11-22 08:20:00] <wagonlips> plumped down with a great rattling of the prodigious sabre and scabbard to await the infrequent tick of the little instrument on the table.
[2009-11-21 08:09:00] <wagonlips> raked together a pitiful semblance of a military uniform--a pair of red trousers and a dingy blue jacket heavily ornamented with gold braid.
[2009-11-20 09:35:00] <wagonlips> executed a rare piece of drollery that so enlivened the tedium of the executive session a small, maritime banana republic was forgotten.
[2009-11-19 10:23:00] <wagonlips> strove to anamorphosize the dull verity of life by means of brandy and rum in the pulperia at a little table upon stools with rawhide tops.
[2009-11-18 11:21:00] <wagonlips> entered the rooms with a smooth face, drew a pistol, and shot in a few minutes many officers and citizens and all of the subsequent facts.
[2009-11-18 11:00:00] <wagonlips> looked up, lips curved, eyelids fluttered twice or thrice--a movement remindful (Proesy forgive us!) of the tail-wagging of a faithful dog.
[2009-11-16 20:33:00] <wagonlips> pursued a different course in seeking information from the one not to be carelessly dealt with in respect to either honesty or courage.
[2009-11-15 09:08:00] <wagonlips> exhaled an arrangement of sounds like the Carlisle war-whoop and the Cherokee college yell that made the aggregation pause with hesitations.
[2009-11-14 07:36:00] <wagonlips> stooped down and got a record from the basketful, slid it in the phonograph, and started her off, a cornet solo, very neat and beautiful.
[2009-11-13 10:30:00] <wagonlips> swapped the entire perquisites of office for just one hour with a stein, a caviar sandwich, and the peanut roaster on Thirty-fourth Street.
[2009-11-12 10:49:00] <wagonlips> knocked out the props, broke a bottle of wine across the bow, and launched proper in the pellucid waters of the tropical mud puddle.
[2009-11-11 10:22:00] <wagonlips> got the genial consul full of red wine, and struck him for a horoscope on a various street, diversified by houses and conservatory plants.
[2009-11-10 10:35:00] <wagonlips> gave wampum to the hand-organ man and the four-legged chicken in the tent, and was peculiarly adapted to be a victim of the phonograph.
[2009-11-09 15:45:00] <wagonlips> reposed in the sea breeze, heels on the railing, and the cigars and brandy conveniently near, silenced by the influence of an unusual night.
[2009-11-08 08:21:00] <wagonlips> went down to Mobile and took a fruit steamer for the coast of Anchuria, diverted by the strangeness of the scenes and the conceived thought.
[2009-11-07 06:56:00] <wagonlips> crammed the money into the valise, closed it, leaned out the window and dropped it into a thick orange-tree in the little inclosure below.
[2009-11-06 21:07:00] <wagonlips> opened the valise wide with a powerful, sidelong wrench, and dragged out package after package of tightly packed United States bank notes.
[2009-11-05 10:38:00] <wagonlips> dictated terms of surrender and demanded the return of the stolen funds, tossed the cigar out the window and slid, laughing, from the table.
[2009-11-04 10:10:00] <wagonlips> loosened the coat pocket which carried the American revolver, and ascended the steep, dark stairway to the the saffron lit hallway above.
[2009-11-03 20:41:00] <wagonlips> stationed armed sentinels at frequent intervals along the shore for a mile in each direction, and kept a vigilant lookout during the night.
[2009-11-02 09:02:00] <wagonlips> reached up bulky shoulders to receive the level gallop of Apollo's homing steeds as the day died in the lagoons and in the mangrove swamps.
[2009-11-01 10:19:00] <wagonlips> drew a handful of capsules filled with a white powder from a trousers pocket, pulled out a watch and ran a finger round the dial twice.
[2009-10-30 11:57:00] <wagonlips> affronted the correct vessel, shifted costumes and put off for shore clad in a pearl-gray derby, a gay plaid suit, and vaudeville neckwear.
[2009-10-30 11:46:00] <wagonlips> lighted the lamp, fed the monkey, walked down the path to the beach and sea, and started as if touched by the cold rotundity of the serpent.
[2009-10-28 08:38:00] <wagonlips> made out a double sheet (paper) filled with close writing behind imperfect glass and knew that men sometimes hope without being aware of it.
[2009-10-27 10:52:00] <wagonlips> concocted a fatuous romance, tied it with a string, and, burlesquing the pitcher's contortions, hurled it like a heavy roll of newspapers.
[2009-10-26 07:03:00] <wagonlips> made strange trips in and out along the shore; and in the morning the stock of Three-Star Hennessey and drygoods was found vastly increased.
[2009-10-25 09:00:00] <wagonlips> condemned the tree-climbing, coconut-pickers to the unprofitable swindle of slandering faces of missing links on tin for an honest living!
[2009-10-24 11:30:00] <wagonlips> shouted: 'Fox-in-the-Morning!', 'Goose and Gander!', 'How many comes out?', 'More than you're able to catch.' And then the game commenced.
[2009-10-23 08:06:00] <wagonlips> skedaddled yesterday as per jack-rabbit with all the coin in the kitty, but the bundle of boodle was six figures short. You know what to do.
[2009-10-22 18:18:00] <wagonlips> was endowed with intrepid rashness, a love for the pursuit of adventure to the brink of danger, and with desire for the pleasures of life.
[2009-10-21 22:32:00] <wagonlips> cast from a distance looks of gentle sadness upon the unhonored mound. It would seem that the story is ended, instead of begun.
[2009-10-21 17:47:00] <wagonlips> looked up and sang past all of a sudden. Grew impatient, circled round, made no impression and started singing a hymn--a wedding hymn.
[2009-10-20 24:18:00] <wagonlips> heard a voice outside, heard it only too well. Spoke out loud to a child led by the hand, eyes fixed on the attic, waited outside the door.
[2009-10-19 13:38:00] <wagonlips> wandered round through the forest, lost in thought, lost one chance after another, walked a bit ahead, right across the muzzle of the gun.
[2009-10-18 10:03:00] <wagonlips> went about, clenching teeth and shouting at empty air, climbed the ladder and knocked at the thin reed door right outside the glass window.
[2009-10-17 10:27:00] <wagonlips> went out shooting every day, and shot a heap of game. Turned silent and gloomy. Did nothing. Sat staring straight ahead. Laughed out loud.
[2009-10-16 10:28:00] <wagonlips> was obliged to have a trap in the roof open all the time, on account of the heat; shot wild pigeons and partridges, but not the panthers.
[2009-10-15 09:12:00] <wagonlips> chuckled and laughed childishly over a little slip of the tongue repeated over and over in foolish obstinacy with his breeches full of lard.
[2009-10-14 10:49:00] <wagonlips> laughed, humiliated by this everlasting correction, and answered at once, or maybe dreamed it. The day passed, but time stood still.
[2009-10-12 09:12:00] <wagonlips> asked the twelve months, asked the ships on the sea; asked the mysterious heart and the oars from a lonely boat. The sun had gone to sea.
[2009-10-11 08:48:00] <wagonlips> asked the winds and the stars, asked the dust of the road and the leaves that fall, asked the mysterious God, went there overland on foot...
[2009-10-10 08:46:00] <wagonlips> stared like a madman through the gloom of the evening, never dreamed what harm was being done as the rock hurtled crashing down the abyss.
[2009-10-09 09:04:00] <wagonlips> bored a deep hole in a rock, blew up a mountain; a boulder rolled down the hillside and dashed mightily into the sea as the ship passed by.
[2009-10-08 10:55:00] <wagonlips> got up from the sofa and stole away from Sirilund, without a word of leave-taking or thanks, no longer intoxicated only hopelessly confused.
[2009-10-07 19:54:00] <wagonlips> had a bitter feeling all evening; answered shortly, lips pressed tightly together, and turned away as before with a wretched silly grimace.
[2009-10-06 10:35:00] <wagonlips> went out shooting and fishing--sang songs in the woods. Gathered a clammy rime on the clothes in a mist and made them heavy, cold, and wet.
[2009-10-05 10:20:00] <wagonlips> was dragged by the hair over hill and dale, and asked, what is happening? A pine cone fell from the branch; a dry twig or so fell, too.
[2009-10-04 09:21:00] <wagonlips> sat down again as the sun set and a dull darkness settled over the earth. The first iron night! The second iron night; the same stillness.
[2009-10-03 14:06:00] <wagonlips> shot hare and ptarmigan and grouse; shot an eagle. Carried home wood from the forest. Set the load down. Smiled again. And resisted no more.
[2009-10-02 10:19:00] <wagonlips> moved about in a house without breaking cups and glasses; left the shoes alone; knew how to move in society but was ridiculous, unendurable.
[2009-09-30 10:55:00] <wagonlips> leaned securely against the wall of rock as a bird swooped over with a broken cry and a boulder broke loose and rolled down towards the sea.
[2009-09-29 24:38:00] <wagonlips> started--stared into the house--stopped on the doorstep, staring in, silent and thoughtful, silent and thoughtful. The wind began to rustle.
[2009-09-28 06:53:00] <wagonlips> drew away from the window and barred the door, shrugged and exchanged greetings; merely put up two fingers, to be discourteous, carelessly.
[2009-09-27 07:49:00] <wagonlips> fetched a sample of weed from the White Sea, glanced in passing through the windows of the room, was overwhelmed by a swirl of confusion.
[2009-09-26 08:33:00] <wagonlips> sat there on the sofa, moved away, looked down; stammered something akin to, "come in here at once." went to fetch wood in the golden sun.
[2009-09-25 10:43:00] <wagonlips> was happy and weary, utterly happy, cried for love of it all and dissolved in thanksgiving. Stopped, turned and named the things with tears.
[2009-09-24 10:49:00] <wagonlips> opened the door without knocking, stepped hastily in, and saw a strangely tender expression. And suddenly all seemed as in the old days.
[2009-09-23 11:19:00] <wagonlips> did something of the same sort once, a year ago now, on board the mail-packet, lying there in the harbour. It was raining, and very cold.
[2009-09-22 10:46:00] <wagonlips> stood looking out at the hills and the sea, out of curiosity, and gave a little twitch, a little spasm of pain from a powerful imagination.
[2009-09-21 11:59:00] <wagonlips> stepped out onto the floor, overwhelmed with shame and despair, cocked the gun, set the muzzle against the instep, and pulled the trigger.
[2009-09-20 08:33:00] <wagonlips> drew the attention of all present, never tired of this society, found a new and amusing oath: Dod og Pinsel, which means death and torture.
[2009-09-19 08:35:00] <wagonlips> had wine and cakes, talked loud and sang as the sun shone redly in through the windows, remembered the day and stayed till the last.
[2009-09-18 10:52:00] <wagonlips> resolved to keep calm, whatever might come; hurried from the house light-footed, licked a few blades of grass by the roadside, then got up.
[2009-09-17 10:27:00] <wagonlips> got into the boat, felt repaid for that bitter day, snatched up the shoe and flung it far out into the water, for pure joy, or some impulse.
[2009-09-16 10:38:00] <wagonlips> spoke loudly, very loudly, and did so on purpose. And went on speaking loudly, then stopped. And then there was deep silence for a moment.
[2009-09-15 10:10:00] <wagonlips> stepped on board the two boats as they lay ready, and took a good while to row across to the place, Korholmerne, out beyond the islands.
[2009-09-14 11:07:00] <wagonlips> gathered up the pieces of the glass and put them away; fired the gun and an unforgettable echo answered from hill to hill, out over the sea.
[2009-09-13 10:06:00] <wagonlips> stepped outside the hut and listened: nothing, no noise; all was asleep. The air was alight with flying insects, myriads of buzzing wings.
[2009-09-12 08:47:00] <wagonlips> heard the dog get up from his corner and growl, heard it through sleep, but was dreaming just then of shooting; it did not wake me, quite.
[2009-09-11 08:40:00] <wagonlips> changed flowers for luck, drew back the harebells and spoke curtly, not accustomed to the society of ladies, or the drinking of wine.
[2009-09-08 08:57:00] <wagonlips> shook with silent laughter, dipped into the sea and rose again, and felt more strangely on those three nights than anyone would believe.
[2009-09-07 10:26:00] <wagonlips> played whist and drank toddy after supper. Sat, back turned to the the room, head bent down; the Doctor had gone home. 'Salt and barrels.'
[2009-09-06 07:39:00] <wagonlips> got up and moved on, sat down and got up again, quiet as ever, passed by trees and stones and stood there as before in solitude, restless.
[2009-09-05 08:51:00] <wagonlips> sat down to work at the fishing gear: the hand-net had been hung from a nail by the door, and several of the meshes were damaged by rust.
[2009-09-04 10:08:00] <wagonlips> shot a hare, a grouse, a ptarmigan--and when happened to be down near the shore and came within range of some seabird or other, shot it too.
[2009-09-02 07:52:00] <wagonlips> slipped into an open boathouse and sat down for a while, humming a little, but not for any joy or pleasure, only to pass the time.
[2009-09-01 10:11:00] <wagonlips> lay on the bench fully dressed, listening to the dead soughing of the trees and then slept and did not wake till the seabirds began calling.
[2009-08-30 08:01:00] <wagonlips> found no livelier amusement for fine weather than in hunting them as though they were mushrooms, no work of man has life like the fleche.
[2009-08-29 08:10:00] <wagonlips> kept the grand style, expressed the unity of Peace and War, Life and Death, Good and Bad; and solved the whole problem of the universe.
[2009-08-28 08:46:00] <wagonlips> worked a spiral staircase leading from the cellar up to the cloisters, and provided a heavy buttress against the double strain of the tower.
[2009-08-27 08:21:00] <wagonlips> fixed the scale in an easy arrangement beginning at the lowest possible level, plain, solidly built but loftier and more delicately vaulted.
[2009-08-25 11:04:00] <wagonlips> overloaded the memory with dates, passed the year 1115, and survived to give a point of comparison, but must not touch it.
[2009-08-24 10:15:00] <wagonlips> jostled no neighbour, shut no corner, but insisted on taking a preference, and offered some quiet excuse for choosing the Gothic Transition.
[2009-08-23 09:15:00] <wagonlips> reflected, repeated, echoed, the piers and arches just rising above the verse of the architecture, reproduced in the song: the simplicity.
[2009-08-22 07:50:00] <wagonlips> lost the taste for war and worship, with a childlike intensity, every syllable bent toward the single idea, absorbed or excluded the Virgin.
[2009-08-21 08:04:00] <wagonlips> clung to the voice and action as though they were in the very melee, striking at the helmets of gemmed gold and killing the pagans.
[2009-08-20 08:57:00] <wagonlips> took the trouble to catch the metre and remembered that each verse in the "leash" ends in the same sound,--aimer, parler, cler, mortel...
[2009-08-19 24:18:00] <wagonlips> distinctly confirmed the story: "Histrio cor audax nimium quem nobilitabat"; granted him--octroya--his patent of nobility on the field.
[2009-08-18 10:52:00] <wagonlips> came to the Mount, dined or supped in the old refectory, seemed to know, but did not invent facts or enough proof to satisfy any sceptic.
[2009-08-17 10:05:00] <wagonlips> became a jongleur and degenerated into the street-juggler; the minstrel, or menestrier, became very early a word of abuse, like blackguard.
[2009-08-17 10:04:00] <wagonlips> liked rhyme better than prose for practical reason, a curved line better than a straight one, a blue better than a grey, library in head.
[2009-08-17 10:04:00] <wagonlips> got great fame by saving life on the sands, to be remembered and recorded by the Normans themselves, after they had killed him.
[2009-08-14 10:50:00] <wagonlips> had no time to run off into the sixteenth century, but stood up boldly by the side of the Romanesque; learned the alphabet of art in France.
[2009-08-13 08:10:00] <wagonlips> found much to say about the value of the lantern, the wealth of tracery that verges on the florid. The Gothic died gracefully in France.
[2009-08-12 08:26:00] <wagonlips> took the apex of the rock for the level and on all sides built out foundations of masonry to support the walls for a secure rock foundation.
[2009-08-10 10:26:00] <wagonlips> shot out like lightning, big teeth firmly fixed on the other's neck, hunting, whistling, bellowing, roaring and blowing something frightful.
[2009-08-10 10:26:00] <wagonlips> sang about the great bull buffaloes, the blue-skinned herd bulls with the angry eyes, and about Mao, the Peacock; there was big game afoot!
[2009-08-05 09:59:00] <wagonlips> sent the herd in more swiftly than their brickbats, turned heel and walked away with the Lone Wolf, looked up at the stars and felt happy.
[2009-08-04 10:18:00] <wagonlips> had drawn the great gay skin clear of the body by twilight and stood stooped over Shere Khan's flayed head babbling to an old ape all noon.
[2009-08-03 11:15:00] <wagonlips> tripped, stumbled, went on again over something soft, slashed and tore and grunted for an hour, and then skinned a ten-foot tiger alone.
[2009-08-02 08:45:00] <wagonlips> ran, ladies'-chain fashion, in and out of the herd, keeping the cows and calves together, the bulls and the plow buffaloes by themselves.
[2009-08-01 06:15:00] <wagonlips> slept and woke, wove little baskets of dried grass, strung a necklace of red and black jungle nuts, and watched a lizard basking on a rock.
[2009-07-31 09:26:00] <wagonlips> had never been under a roof before, couldn't sleep under anything that looked so like a panther trap, shut the door-went through the window.
[2009-07-30 09:49:00] <wagonlips> left the wolf's cave and went down to the plowed lands but would not stop where the valley was dotted over with rocks and cut up by ravines.
[2009-07-29 11:18:00] <wagonlips> flung a festoon to the jealous moon, hid a fin a scale or feather, jabbered quickly all together, thinking and dreaming of beautiful things.
[2009-07-28 10:07:00] <wagonlips> made loops and figures of eight, and soft, oozy triangles that melted into squares and five-sided figures, and coiled mounds, never resting.
[2009-07-27 10:19:00] <wagonlips> danced like Mao the Peacock till a discolored crack in the marble tracery was found, then sent home half a dozen full-power smashing blows.
[2009-07-26 07:12:00] <wagonlips> stood as quietly as possible, peering through the screen and listening to the furious din of the fight-yells and chatterings and scufflings.
[2009-07-25 09:38:00] <wagonlips> could not help laughing when the Bandar-log began, twenty at a time, to tell how great and wise and strong and gentle they were.
[2009-07-24 23:30:00] <wagonlips> roamed through the empty city giving the Strangers' Hunting Call from time to time, but no one answered; a very bad place indeed.
[2009-07-23 09:32:00] <wagonlips> was taken beyond the river to the monkey city--to the Cold Lairs. Stayed there for a night, or ten nights, or an hour. The bats watched.
[2009-07-22 08:04:00] <wagonlips> found the snake stretched out on a warm ledge in the afternoon sun, admiring his beautiful new coat, empty as a dried well; offered a goat.
[2009-07-21 10:30:00] <wagonlips> wore dead bats as hats, ate black bones, rolled into the hives of the wild bees and was stung to death, to be buried with the Hyaena.
[2009-07-20 10:32:00] <wagonlips> felt hands grip arms--hard, strong, little hands--and then a swash of branches in the face, and then stared down through the swaying boughs.
[2009-07-19 07:51:00] <wagonlips> had been talking with the Bandar-log--the Monkey People--the gray apes--the people without a law--the eaters of everything, a great shame.
[2009-07-18 07:43:00] <wagonlips> climbed, swam, and ran; learned the Wood and Water Laws; and spoke politely to the hive of wild bees when found fifty feet above ground.
[2009-07-17 10:56:00] <wagonlips> flung the fire pot on the ground, thrust the dead branch in till the twigs lit and crackled, and then whirled it among the cowering wolves.
[2009-07-16 10:51:00] <wagonlips> stood upright, fire pot in hand, then stretched, arms out, and yawned in the face of the Council; but was furious with rage and sorrow.
[2009-07-15 10:19:00] <wagonlips> picked up a wicker pot plastered inside with earth, fill it with lumps of red-hot charcoal, and went out to tend the cows in the snowy byre.
[2009-07-14 06:55:00] <wagonlips> went down quickly to the men's huts in the valley, took some of the Red Flower which they grow there, and made a stronger friend.
[2009-07-13 22:04:00] <wagonlips> clung like the sloth at first, but afterward flew through the branches almost as boldly as the gray ape.
[2009-07-12 08:12:00] <wagonlips> remained deeply interested in the pebbles; did not notice when the wolves came and looked or when they went down the hill for the dead bull.
[2009-07-11 07:42:00] <wagonlips> came naked, by night, alone and hungry; yet was not afraid! Jumped at a woodcutter's campfire and was furious from the pain of burned feet!
[2009-07-10 08:34:00] <wagonlips> arrived outside the hunting grounds on elephants, with guns, and hundreds of brown men with gongs and rockets and torches.
[2009-07-09 08:06:00] <wagonlips> woke up from his day's rest, scratched, yawned, and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling in their tips.
[2009-07-08 08:28:00] <wagonlips> threw an inkstand at the Lizard as she spoke in an offended tone. At this the whole pack rose up into the air and came flying down upon her.
[2009-07-07 10:31:00] <wagonlips> put the Lizard in head downwards and sprawling about, then collected all the goldfish and put them back in the jury-box before they died.
[2009-07-06 08:05:00] <wagonlips> immediately suppressed one of the cheering guinea-pigs, and slipped it head first into a large canvas bag tied up at the mouth with strings.
[2009-07-05 07:08:00] <wagonlips> made a memorandum of the fact, and then eagerly wrote down all three dates, added them up, and reduced the answer to shillings and pence.
[2009-07-04 14:29:00] <wagonlips> could not make out at all what had become of it; so, after hunting all about, was obliged to write with one finger for the rest of the day.
[2009-07-03 13:03:00] <wagonlips> began, in a voice sometimes choked with sobs, to sing--`Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen! Beau--ootiful Soo--oop!
[2009-07-02 11:27:00] <wagonlips> DID THE BOOTS AND SHOES with whiting not blacking, repeated `YOU ARE OLD, FATHER WILLIAM,' and then `TIS THE VOICE OF THE SLUGGARD!'
[2009-07-01 22:05:00] <wagonlips> formed a line along the sea-shore, advanced twice, solemnly danced, changed lobsters, advanced the turtles, and retired in same order.
[2009-07-01 21:53:00] <wagonlips> asked a simple question, then sat silent, ready to sink into the earth, and went on more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then.
[2009-07-01 21:41:00] <wagonlips> was followed by a long silence, broken only by an exclamation of `Hjckrrh!' from the Gryphon, and the constant sobbing of the Mock Turtle.
[2009-06-28 14:49:00] <wagonlips> imagined not to be otherwise than what might appear to others to have been not other than what would have appeared to them to be otherwise.
[2009-06-27 08:18:00] <wagonlips> had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small.
[2009-06-26 10:47:00] <wagonlips> was going to begin again, but found it very provoking that the hedgehog had unrolled itself, and was in the act of crawling away.
[2009-06-25 07:42:00] <wagonlips> pointed to the three lying round the rosetree, and could not tell whether they were gardeners, or soldiers, or courtiers, or children.
[2009-06-24 10:32:00] <wagonlips> woke up again with a little shriek, and went on: `--that begins with an M, such as mouse-traps, and the moon, and memory, and muchness...
[2009-06-23 08:15:00] <wagonlips> couldn't take more and couldn't take less, so turned to the dormouse and repeated the question. `Why did they live at the bottom of a well?'
[2009-06-22 06:29:00] <wagonlips> supposed it was nine o'clock in the morning, just time to begin lessons: whispered a hint to Time, and round went the clock in a twinkling!
[2009-06-21 08:49:00] <wagonlips> took the watch, looked at it gloomily, dipped it into the cup of tea, and looked at it again: but could think of nothing better to say.
[2009-06-20 07:22:00] <wagonlips> couldn't help going among mad people, couldn't play croquet with the Queen, and couldn't get so used to queer things happening every day.
[2009-06-19 10:20:00] <wagonlips> twisted it up into a sort of knot, and then keeping tight hold of its right ear and left foot, carried it out into the open air.
[2009-06-18 07:17:00] <wagonlips> took the cauldron of soup off the fire, and at once set to work throwing the fire-irons, saucepans, and dishes at the Duchess and the baby.
[2009-06-17 09:58:00] <wagonlips> stood looking at the house, and wondering what to do next, when suddenly a fish-faced footman in livery came running out of the wood.
[2009-06-16 10:13:00] <wagonlips> crouched down among the trees, carefully nibbling first at one and then at the other, and growing sometimes taller and sometimes shorter.
[2009-06-15 10:18:00] <wagonlips> looked at the mushroom, tried to make out which were the two sides of it; and as it was perfectly round, found it a very difficult question.
[2009-06-14 07:06:00] <wagonlips> looked at it for some time in silence and then, as the Caterpillar seemed to be in a VERY unpleasant state of mind, turned away.
[2009-06-13 08:06:00] <wagonlips> stretched up on tiptoe, peeped over the edge of the mushroom, and immediately met the eyes of a large caterpillar smoking a long hookah.
[2009-06-12 08:04:00] <wagonlips> made a snatch in the air, heard a little shriek and a fall, made out the words: `Here, Bill! the master says you're to go down the chimney!'
[2009-06-11 10:37:00] <wagonlips> began hunting about for them, but everything had changed; the great hall, with the glass table and the little door, had vanished completely.
[2009-06-10 07:15:00] <wagonlips> again heard a little pattering of footsteps in the distance, and looked up eagerly, half hoping that the Mouse had changed his mind.
[2009-06-09 07:33:00] <wagonlips> thought the whole thing very absurd, but did not dare to laugh; simply bowed, looking as solemn as possible, and gravely took the thimble.
[2009-06-08 06:58:00] <wagonlips> wanted leaders whose cause was favoured by the pope, had been of late much accustomed to usurpation and conquest, and was soon submitted to.
[2009-06-07 07:53:00] <wagonlips> began again: `Ou est ma chatte?' (the first sentence in the French lesson-book), leapt out of the water, and quivered all over with fright.
[2009-06-06 07:54:00] <wagonlips> asked who am I? Tell me that first, and then, if I like being that person, I'll come up: if not, I'll stay down here till I'm somebody else.
[2009-06-05 07:40:00] <wagonlips> thought four times five was twelve, and four times six was thirteen, and London was the capital of Paris, and Paris was the capital of Rome.
[2009-06-04 07:13:00] <wagonlips> found, lying under the table in a little glass box, a very small cake on which the words `EAT ME' were beautifully marked in currants.
[2009-06-03 09:45:00] <wagonlips> got rather sleepy, and wondered, in a dreamy sort of way, `Do cats eat bats? Do cats eat bats?' and sometimes, `Do bats eat cats?'
[2009-06-02 07:46:00] <wagonlips> wondered whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies.
[2009-06-01 06:56:00] <wagonlips> ended the reading of the Federalist Papers and his last job on the same weekend, and wondered if that is mere coincidence.
[2009-05-30 08:04:00] <wagonlips> urged opposition to the probability of subsequent amendments, and was disinclined to yield up any portion of the authority once possessed.
[2009-05-29 06:30:00] <wagonlips> did not dissemble confidence in the arguments proposed, and was unable to discern any real force in those supposedly superior opinions.
[2009-05-28 09:39:00] <wagonlips> Satisfactorily vindicated from the aspersions thrown, fellow-citizens, and executed the task with what success, your conduct must determine.
[2009-05-27 09:12:00] <wagonlips> observed it as a plain dictate of common-sense and also an established doctrine of political law that neither rights nor obligations change.
[2009-05-26 09:14:00] <wagonlips> had the same interest with those at a distance, and stood ready to sound the alarm and to point out the actors in any pernicious project.
[2009-05-25 09:12:00] <wagonlips> stipulated abridgement of prerogative in favor of privilege, reserved rights not surrendered, inviolably preserved the liberty of the press.
[2009-05-24 10:24:00] <wagonlips> took notice of and endeavored to answer most of the objections which appeared, however a few remain which did not fall into proper places.
[2009-05-23 08:53:00] <wagonlips> could not persuade himself that placing the subject in different light would go far towards removing apprehensions entertained on the point.
[2009-05-22 08:05:00] <wagonlips> adverted to the observations as expressions more vague and indeterminate than appear with the different powers already exercised.
[2009-05-21 09:36:00] <wagonlips> added great weight to the remark, in relation to prize causes, to mention that the method of determining them has been thought worthy.
[2009-05-20 09:20:00] <wagonlips> erroneously insinuated disputed facts by omitting provisions altogether and leaving the matter with no antecedent or previous establishment.
[2009-05-19 09:22:00] <wagonlips> observed no influence upon the execution more burdensome than the original for which persons who commit them may be indicted and punished.
[2009-05-18 09:38:00] <wagonlips> specified particular cases, the expression of which marks the nugatory objects of cognizance being enumerated to precise limits and maxims.
[2009-05-17 08:53:00] <wagonlips> argued with respect to the latter and made a vain and fruitless attempt at a serious proof of the existence of matter expressed in language.
[2009-05-16 24:57:00] <wagonlips> perceived no impediment to the establishment of an appeal to the subordinate and imagined many advantages attending the power of doing it.
[2009-05-15 09:37:00] <wagonlips> laid hold of all subjects of litigation though the causes of dispute are relative to the laws of the most distant part of the globe.
[2009-05-14 09:37:00] <wagonlips> extended in the broadest sense to matters of fact an answer to make express exception of cases originally tried where it might be improper.
[2009-05-13 09:36:00] <wagonlips> was not amenable to the suit without its consent of the privilege of paying in any part of New England not of strict diplomatic character.
[2009-05-12 08:07:00] <wagonlips> removed the objections to the distinct and independent organization and proceeded to consider the propriety between these and the former.
[2009-05-11 08:50:00] <wagonlips> insisted upon the point of the objection that renounced the meaning and labored to annex the celebrated maxim in the departments of power.
[2009-05-10 07:59:00] <wagonlips> rendered the matter of fraud, accident, trust, or hardship an object of equitable rather than of legal jurisdiction between individuals.
[2009-05-09 07:21:00] <wagonlips> demanded little animadversion from the most bigoted idolizers of authority and a disposition to deny the cognizances of maritime causes.
[2009-05-08 09:24:00] <wagonlips> left the peace of the WHOLE at the disposal of a PART as the denial or perversion of justice was classed among the just causes of war.
[2009-05-07 10:09:00] <wagonlips> devised the most eligible provision, considering circumstances, that could have been readily understood with the fluctuating value of money.
[2009-05-06 09:46:00] <wagonlips> was bound down by strict rules and precedents, which serve to define and point out the duty in every particular case that comes before them.
[2009-05-05 09:41:00] <wagonlips> required an uncommon portion of fortitude so far as can, by any fair construction, be reconciled to conspire to reason and dictate to law.
[2009-05-04 09:33:00] <wagonlips> depended on principles clearer than the acts of delegated authority contrary to the tenor of the commission under which they were exercised.
[2009-05-03 08:40:00] <wagonlips> defeated infinite delays and embarrassments and encouraged the remaining powers of a body so fluctuating, so numerous to reprobate the idea.
[2009-05-02 13:30:00] <wagonlips> was disposed to prize a provision which connects the official existence of public men with the approbation or disapprobation of the body.
[2009-05-01 09:24:00] <wagonlips> was disposed to view human nature as it is, a portion of virtue and honor, without either flattering its virtues or exaggerating its vices.
[2009-04-30 24:04:00] <wagonlips> naturally begat a livelier sense of duty and exact regard to reputation without being misled by the sentiments of friendship and affection.
[2009-04-29 10:53:00] <wagonlips> adduced a history of impotence and disorder from the examples of the Roman Tribuneship, Polish Diet, and States-General of Netherlands.
[2009-04-28 10:33:00] <wagonlips> had power provided through provision on different grounds, with no small degree of vehemence for the most unexceptionable parts of the plan.
[2009-04-27 09:39:00] <wagonlips> observed a questionable discretionary power that might occasionally be conferred (with a view to such contingencies) in the first place.
[2009-04-26 06:08:00] <wagonlips> facilitated the exercise of power vested in respect and made its efficacy depend on the sense of the qualified negative already described.
[2009-04-25 06:43:00] <wagonlips> stimulated immediate interest in the power of the latter by the probability of sanction of constituents who would hardly suffer partiality.
[2009-04-24 09:48:00] <wagonlips> commended too highly the judicious attention paid or provided for services and compensation which shall neither be increased nor diminished.
[2009-04-23 09:05:00] <wagonlips> promoted the peace of the community, the stability of the government, and had half a dozen men wandering like discontented ghosts.
[2009-04-22 09:48:00] <wagonlips> noted another ill effect of the exclusion which was the temptation to sordid views, to peculation, and, in some instances, to usurpation.
[2009-04-21 10:08:00] <wagonlips> hazarded with safety, in proportion to the proofs of wisdom and integrity, to the title acquired in respect to the attachment of good-will.
[2009-04-20 09:34:00] <wagonlips> entertained very crude notions, as well as purposes, as the true means by which the public happiness may be promoted.
[2009-04-19 06:43:00] <wagonlips> dwelled upon the subject of expense and that it be numerous enough to answer the principal end aimed at by an object of equivocal utility.
[2009-04-18 14:15:00] <wagonlips> remained altogether at a loss to determine by whose influence those interests had been committed to hands so unqualified and improper.
[2009-04-17 09:19:00] <wagonlips> quitted the dim light of historical research, attached purely to the dictates of reason and good sense, and rejected the idea of plurality.
[2009-04-16 09:46:00] <wagonlips> hoped that the supposition was destitute of foundation, but did not dispute that unity in a perpetual struggle is conducive to energy.
[2009-04-15 09:29:00] <wagonlips> conferred no privileges, other than to make denizens of aliens, noblemen of commoners, and corporations with rights incident to people.
[2009-04-14 10:41:00] <wagonlips> conformed to the stipulations, possibly gave birth to the imagination, and proceeded from from the necessity of a most intricate system.
[2009-04-13 09:37:00] <wagonlips> could have even pardoned treason, but could have sheltered no offender, in any degree, from the effects of impeachment and conviction.
[2009-04-12 13:20:00] <wagonlips> was impeached, tried, and removed from office; and afterwards was liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law.
[2009-04-11 11:09:00] <wagonlips> safely pronounced, that the true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration.
[2009-04-10 09:32:00] <wagonlips> ventured somewhat further, and hesitated not to affirm, that if the manner of it be not perfect, it is at least excellent.
[2009-04-09 09:55:00] <wagonlips> intended to confer power upon a supposition too palpable to be obscured by sophistry, too atrocious to be palliated by hypocrisy.
[2009-04-08 09:13:00] <wagonlips> calculated the aversion, took pains to signalize the talent of misrepresentation, and endeavored to enlist all jealousies and apprehensions.
[2009-04-07 24:16:00] <wagonlips> circulated an objection with more earnestness and greater show of reason than any other which has appeared against this part of the plan.
[2009-04-06 09:37:00] <wagonlips> refuted the hypothesis, such as it is, in the remarks applied to the duration shown, as well on the credit of historical examples.
[2009-04-05 24:19:00] <wagonlips> curiously observed with vehemence this part of the plan assailed upon the principle here taken notice of by men we profess to admire.
[2009-04-04 13:32:00] <wagonlips> proved not merely that particular provisions in it were not the best, but that the plan upon the whole was bad and pernicious.
[2009-04-03 10:17:00] <wagonlips> terminated the chastisement but was sentenced to perpetual ostracism from the esteem, confidence, honors and emoluments of his country.
[2009-04-02 09:48:00] <wagonlips> desired an object not more difficult to be obtained than the subjects of its jurisdiction which proceed from the misconduct of public men.
[2009-04-01 09:47:00] <wagonlips> almost forgot that the good of the whole can only be promoted by advancing the good of each of the parts or members which compose the whole.
[2009-03-31 09:29:00] <wagonlips> admitted that our affairs of trade, navigation, treaties and laws should be regulated by a system cautiously formed and steadily pursued.
[2009-03-30 09:41:00] <wagonlips> took advantage of the people in their collective capacity, supineness and ignorance; and dashed hopes and fears of the unwary, uninterested.
[2009-03-29 14:21:00] <wagonlips> noted instances of the former as well as of the latter; and that the former, rather than the latter, are apparently most to be apprehended.
[2009-03-28 10:58:00] <wagonlips> compared the fugitive and turbulent existence of other republics, with the necessity of some institution that blends stability with liberty.
[2009-03-27 09:42:00] <wagonlips> exposed the inconveniency of remaining for a longer time under the influence of those misrepresentations that interested men distribute.
[2009-03-26 08:50:00] <wagonlips> deplored a political system which betrays so many marks of infirmity, and disappoints so many of their flattering hopes.
[2009-03-25 09:28:00] <wagonlips> indicated the propensity to yield to the impulse of sudden and violent passions, and be seduced into intemperate and pernicious resolutions.
[2009-03-24 09:40:00] <wagonlips> embraced the lesser evil and indulged a fruitless anticipation of the possible mischiefs which may ensue to qualify the sacrifice.
[2009-03-23 10:09:00] <wagonlips> was disposed to consider as innocent omissions what had been regarded as unpardonable blemishes, sinister motives to the lust of power.
[2009-03-22 24:06:00] <wagonlips> furnished a ready answer to the question of the alarming indifference discoverable in the exercise of so invaluable a privilege.
[2009-03-21 10:16:00] <wagonlips> admitted, for argument sake, that the expedient suggested might be successful; and that the experiment might inspire the great body.
[2009-03-20 09:32:00] <wagonlips> exercised discrimination between different sectors of industry, between different kinds of property, between different degrees of poverty.
[2009-03-19 09:47:00] <wagonlips> satisfactorily inferred from this single reflection, that it could never be made without causing an immediate revolt of the great body.
[2009-03-18 10:14:00] <wagonlips> submitted in this instance, where no necessity urges, to an inconvenience for the attainment of a necessary advantage or a greater good.
[2009-03-17 09:44:00] <wagonlips> was in a humor to presume abuses of power, fairly done on the part of the State governments as on the part of the general government.
[2009-03-16 09:59:00] <wagonlips> represented the dignity of the country in the eyes of other nations, with particular sense to public danger and dishonorable public affairs.
[2009-03-15 07:55:00] <wagonlips> insured a watchful attention in a majority both of the people and of their representatives to a constitutional augmentation of the latter.
[2009-03-14 11:53:00] <wagonlips> deprived the people of New York of the immediate choice of their public servants, and resorted to foreign experience on this subject.
[2009-03-13 09:35:00] <wagonlips> impressed upon their minds that the mode of their elevation can be effaced by the exercise of power due to their dependence on the people.
[2009-03-12 09:58:00] <wagonlips> aimed to first obtain for rulers men who possess the most wisdom to discern, and the most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society.
[2009-03-11 10:17:00] <wagonlips> discerned that the reasoning here used to prove the sufficiency does not in any respect contradict what was urged on another occasion.
[2009-03-10 09:31:00] <wagonlips> applied observations on the subject of taxation with greater force to the case of the militia and rules of discipline throughout each State.
[2009-03-09 09:55:00] <wagonlips> easily corrupted our federal rulers with foreign gold under the veil of secrecy and enabled them to ensnare and betray their constituents.
[2009-03-08 10:13:00] <wagonlips> remarked that no political problem is less susceptible of a precise solution than that which relates to a representative legislature.
[2009-03-07 10:05:00] <wagonlips> allowed in the federal legislature to the people of each State, some influence over each other, arising from superior advantages of fortune.
[2009-03-06 09:24:00] <wagonlips> denied that slaves are considered merely property and not persons. They are in some respects persons and in other respects property.
[2009-03-05 09:23:00] <wagonlips> derived from the public sources and acquired by a practical attention to the subject during the period of actual service in the legislature.
[2009-03-04 11:19:00] <wagonlips> stated most forcibly the principal objects of federal legislation and  the extensive information which the representatives ought to acquire.
[2009-03-03 09:43:00] <wagonlips> changed, by legislative acts, the most fundamental articles of the government and introduced septennial in place of triennial elections.
[2009-03-02 09:49:00] <wagonlips> well-founded that the greater the power, the shorter ought to be its duration; and the smaller the power, the more protracted may it be.
[2009-03-01 07:14:00] <wagonlips> introduced pretty early in the present century, under on alarm for the Hanoverian succession, the last change with the greatest frequency.
[2009-02-28 10:00:00] <wagonlips> applied just principles on which these observations are founded and found that the latter not the former are less able to bear such a test.
[2009-02-27 09:06:00] <wagonlips> resorted finally to the expedient necessary in practice for maintaining the  partition of power among the several departments.
[2009-02-26 09:27:00] <wagonlips> understood that the decisions of the council have had no effect in varying the practice founded on legislative constructions.
[2009-02-25 09:25:00] <wagonlips> tended to an aggrandizement of the legislative at the expense of the other departments.
[2009-02-24 09:18:00] <wagonlips> disturbed the public tranquillity by interesting too strongly the public passions with experiments too ticklish of a nature.
[2009-02-23 09:27:00] <wagonlips> fought not for an ELECTIVE DESPOTISM but a government founded on free principles divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy.
[2009-02-22 06:05:00] <wagonlips> showed that the political apothegm requires the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments to be wholly unconnected with each other.
[2009-02-21 07:15:00] <wagonlips> cited these cases, in which the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments have not been kept totally separate and distinct.
[2009-02-20 09:35:00] <wagonlips> grounded the maxim in reasons which demonstrated the meaning: there can be no liberty, because apprehensions and tyrannical laws may arise.
[2009-02-19 09:26:00] <wagonlips> considered the work of the immortal bard as the perfect model from which the principles and rules of the epic art were to be drawn.
[2009-02-18 09:25:00] <wagonlips> opposed a militia amounting to near half a million with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves.
[2009-02-17 11:46:00] <wagonlips> felt an equal disposition to extend power beyond the due limits, still having the advantage in the means of defeating such encroachments.
[2009-02-16 09:47:00] <wagonlips> superintended the care of the more domestic and personal interests of the people to be regulated and provided for.
[2009-02-15 08:46:00] <wagonlips> enforced compliance by as peaceable means as may be used with success towards single persons, far from countenancing an opinion.
[2009-02-14 08:10:00] <wagonlips> touched upon several important considerations in the course of these papers, which will by degrees prove fatal.
[2009-02-13 08:33:00] <wagonlips> reviewed, in detail, all the articles composing the sum or quantity of power delegated, and are brought to this undeniable conclusion.
[2009-02-12 09:19:00] <wagonlips> misconstrued that part and exercised powers not warranted by true meaning, as if they should misconstrue or enlarge any other power.
[2009-02-11 09:34:00] <wagonlips> fully justified the alteration by the advantage of uniformity in all points which relate to foreign powers and of immediate responsibility.
[2009-02-10 10:54:00] <wagonlips> answered the first question at once by recurring to the absolute necessity of the case.
[2009-02-09 09:25:00] <wagonlips> enumerated the advantages of a confederate republic; a project equally effectual could be established for the universal peace of mankind!
[2009-02-08 06:41:00] <wagonlips> showed that the confederate republic of Germany is more imperfect than that of Holland and Switzerland.
[2009-02-07 13:34:00] <wagonlips> promoted the progress of science and useful arts by securing the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.
[2009-02-06 09:14:00] <wagonlips> established uniform laws of bankruptcy so intimately connected with the regulation of commerce, and prevented so many frauds.
[2009-02-05 09:21:00] <wagonlips> attempted to pervert the clause into an objection by representing it as a criminal toleration of an illicit practice.
[2009-02-04 09:12:00] <wagonlips> regulated the intercourse with foreign nations, made treaties, received ambassadors, and punished piracies committed on the high seas.
[2009-02-03 09:36:00] <wagonlips> alluded to those objects by the general terms that immediately followed, and were not even separated by a longer pause than a semicolon.
[2009-02-02 20:24:00] <wagonlips> contemplated these revolutions, and was able to accommodate himself to them.
[2009-02-01 06:36:00] <wagonlips> exerted all prudence in diminishing both the necessity and the danger of resorting to that which may be inauspicious to liberty.
[2009-01-31 13:56:00] <wagonlips> regulated by the means and the danger of attack a prohibition against the preparations and establishments of every hostile nation.
[2009-01-30 09:17:00] <wagonlips> recollected that it was by this irregular and assumed privilege of proposing plans that they were threatened by their ancient government.
[2009-01-29 09:18:00] <wagonlips> dismissed without further observation, how far considerations of duty itself could have supplied any defect of regular authority.
[2009-01-28 09:33:00] <wagonlips> operated immediately on the persons and interests of individual citizens.
[2009-01-27 09:34:00] <wagonlips> determined by inspection of commissions a mean to remedy which suggested a convention for the purposes expressed in the resolution.
[2009-01-26 08:20:00] <wagonlips> operated on the political bodies, in their political capacities; not on the individual citizens, in their individual capacities.
[2009-01-25 20:35:00] <wagonlips> required further proof of the complexion of the system, the most decisive of which might be its absolute prohibition of titles of nobility.
[2009-01-24 07:23:00] <wagonlips> showed the extreme inaccuracy with which the term has been used in political disquisitions.
[2009-01-23 09:25:00] <wagonlips> was told, that however dangerous this mixture of powers may be in theory, it is rendered harmless; it is in fact a lifeless mass.
[2009-01-22 11:42:00] <wagonlips> refused to give brass for silver or gold, because the latter had some alloy in it, and gave no umbrage to the writers against the plan.
[2009-01-21 09:35:00] <wagonlips> attended the daily worsening disorder, carefully examined and consulted, and unanimously agreed that the symptoms are critical.
[2009-01-20 10:13:00] <wagonlips> confessed his countrymen to a government best suited to their happiness, and most tolerable to their prejudices.
[2009-01-19 10:03:00] <wagonlips> added the interfering pretensions of the larger and smaller, supposing that the former would contend and the latter not be less tenacious.
[2009-01-18 07:15:00] <wagonlips> passed from the works of nature, in which all delineations are perfectly accurate, to the institutions of man, in which obscurity arises.
[2009-01-17 24:53:00] <wagonlips> was immediately struck by the novelty of the undertaking.
[2009-01-16 06:16:00] <wagonlips> recommended it still more to every sincere and disinterested advocate and left no doubt of the propriety and expediency of adopting it.
[2009-01-15 09:14:00] <wagonlips> raised spectres, excited apprehensions, doubled sets of revenue, and played off with all the ingenious dexterity of political legerdemain.
[2009-01-14 24:08:00] <wagonlips> asserted a power of internal taxation exercised with advantage, as well as with the want of a sufficient knowledge of local circumstances.
[2009-01-13 09:51:00] <wagonlips> with regard to the learned professions, demonstrated that the most productive system of finance will always be the least burdensome.
[2009-01-12 10:52:00] <wagonlips> stimulated by necessity, fortified by rigorous precautions, inculcated a danger of the import duties being extended to an injurious extreme.
[2009-01-11 08:14:00] <wagonlips> justified the position that "A CONCURRENT JURISDICTION" in the article of taxation was the only admissible substitute for subordination.
[2009-01-10 17:04:00] <wagonlips> argued upon abstract principles that this co-ordinate authority cannot exist, and set up supposition and theory against fact and reality.
[2009-01-09 06:28:00] <wagonlips> perceived the clause which declared the supremacy of the laws just considered which flows immediately and necessarily from the institution.
[2009-01-08 24:53:00] <wagonlips> furnished this simple train of inquiry at once with a test by which to judge the true nature of the clause complained of.
[2009-01-07 09:44:00] <wagonlips> alienated and extinguished the pre-existing right of sovereignty of a concurrent jurisdiction in relation to duties on imports and exports.
[2009-01-06 09:42:00] <wagonlips> allowed the justness of the reasoning which requires that the individual should possess an independent and uncontrollable authority.
[2009-01-05 06:44:00] <wagonlips> turned upon the supposition of usurpation, but at other times seemed to be designed only as a deduction of its intended powers.
[2009-01-04 10:26:00] <wagonlips> concluded the propriety of a general power of taxation in the government might be permitted to rest on the evidence of these propositions.
[2009-01-03 08:53:00] <wagonlips> acknowledged that this system cannot be depended upon, but on the other hand depended upon it for every thing beyond a certain limit.
[2009-01-02 06:47:00] <wagonlips> promoted competent authorities in the proper hands to provide the revenues which the necessities of the public might require.
[2009-01-01 08:07:00] <wagonlips> considered it a mere trial of skill, like the paradoxes of rhetoricians, disingenuous artifice or as the offspring of political fanaticism.
[2008-12-31 08:16:00] <wagonlips> abandoned the scheme of disciplining the whole nation as mischievous or impracticable yet adopted a well-digested plan for an establishment.
[2008-12-30 09:21:00] <wagonlips> cast an odium upon the power, executed the laws, and called out the POSSE COMITATUS to assist the magistrate in the execution of his duty.
[2008-12-29 06:23:00] <wagonlips> erected a despotism over the great body of the people of an immense empire, who took measures for their own defense with celerity.
[2008-12-28 06:45:00] <wagonlips> acknowledged that the principle of the objection is equally applicable to either of the two as the inevitable consequence of civil society.
[2008-12-27 09:55:00] <wagonlips> hazarded an observation: the more the operations of national authority are intermingled, the further they enter the springs of the heart.
[2008-12-26 06:49:00] <wagonlips> suggested reasons to induce a probability that the general government will be better administered than the particular governments.
[2008-12-26 06:42:00] <wagonlips> persevered and transmitted along through all successive variations in representative body, which biennial elections would naturally produce.
[2008-12-24 08:36:00] <wagonlips> meditated an interdiction of military establishments in time of peace with a cautionary mode of expression rather than a prohibitory one.
[2008-12-23 08:35:00] <wagonlips> expected that the minds of men should stop at that happy mean which marks the salutary boundary between POWER and PRIVILEGE.
[2008-12-22 09:24:00] <wagonlips> exposed property and liberty to the mercy of foreign invaders, and invited them by weakness to seize the naked and defenseless prey.
[2008-12-21 06:52:00] <wagonlips> perceived a discretion so latitudinary as to afford ample room for eluding the force of the provision.
[2008-12-20 06:52:00] <wagonlips> found an indispensable security against descents for the destruction of the arsenals and dock-yards, and sometimes of the fleet itself.
[2008-12-19 06:04:00] <wagonlips> inserted the most precise and rigid precautions, the omission of which, in the new plan, gave birth to all this apprehension and clamor.
[2008-12-18 10:28:00] <wagonlips> made suitable provisions for the public defense, as that body to which the guardianship of the public safety is confided.
[2008-12-17 08:45:00] <wagonlips> demanded a compound instead of a simple, a confederate instead of a sole, and discriminated the OBJECTS, as far as it can be done.
[2008-12-16 06:59:00] <wagonlips> passed over those imperfections in details by which part of the power intended to be conferred has been in great measure rendered abortive.
[2008-12-15 08:44:00] <wagonlips> was elevated from the mass of the community, by the suffrages of fellow-citizens, to a station of great pre-eminence and power.
[2008-12-14 08:04:00] <wagonlips> gave greater scope to foreign corruption and domestic faction, injuriously suspending or fatally defeating the measures of government.
[2008-12-13 08:32:00] <wagonlips> was acquainted with the nature of political association and not unwise enough to enter into conceded privileges of any importance.
[2008-12-12 06:02:00] <wagonlips> remained associated upon a principle which distributed public burdens with so unequal a hand, calculated to impoverish and oppress.
[2008-12-11 07:00:00] <wagonlips> exacted obedience and punished disobedience to the resolutions, either by pecuniary mulcts or by a suspension or divestiture of privileges.
[2008-12-10 04:55:00] <wagonlips> dropped tears for the calamities brought on mankind by their adverse opinions and selfish passions, and mingled an ejaculation to Heaven.
[2008-12-09 05:04:00] <wagonlips> settled disputes between the provinces, assisted the deliberations of the States-General, and gave audiences to foreign ambassadors.
[2008-12-08 04:39:00] <wagonlips> expressly stipulated, often required, and afforded aid by the necessity of some regular and permanent provision for accomodating disputes.
[2008-12-07 04:46:00] <wagonlips> defectively kept, badly paid, infected local prejudices, and supported irregular and disproportionate contributions to the treasury.
[2008-12-06 04:51:00] <wagonlips> rendered the empire a nerveless body, incapable of regulating its own members and agitated with unceasing fermentations in its own bowels.
[2008-12-05 05:34:00] <wagonlips> was hindered by internal dissensions, caught the enthusiasm and seemed ready to unite, then threw a fatal damp on the enterprise.
[2008-12-04 04:43:00] <wagonlips> seized the opportunity, executed the designs, won over the popular leaders, gained admission to the council, and mastered the confederacy.
[2008-12-03 05:06:00] <wagonlips> took an oath mutually to defend and protect, to punish the violators, and to inflict vengeance on sacrilegious despoilers of the temple.
[2008-12-03 05:06:00] <wagonlips> subdued the fierce and ungovernable spirit, and reduced it within those rules of subordination with a more rational system of civil polity.
[2008-12-01 05:26:00] <wagonlips> particularized the minute interests without involving a detail too tedious and uninteresting to compensate for the lesson it might afford.
[2008-11-30 05:00:00] <wagonlips> obstructed the execution of laws; brought the matter to the issue of force, with the necessity of which the opposite scheme is reproached.
[2008-11-29 05:12:00] <wagonlips> detected its very flagrant fallacy with sufficient certainty to justify the harsh expedient of compulsion.
[2008-11-28 04:59:00] <wagonlips> withdrew support, till the frail and tottering edifice seemed ready to fall upon our heads, and to crush us beneath its ruins.
[2008-11-27 04:56:00] <wagonlips> substituted the violent and sanguinary agency of the sword to the mild influence of the magistracy.
[2008-11-26 04:59:00] <wagonlips> unfolded a complication of dangers which permitted the sacred knot be severed by ambition, by avarice, by jealousy, or by misrepresentation.
[2008-11-25 04:54:00] <wagonlips> hearkened not to the unnatural voice which told that people knit together can no longer live together as members of the same family.
[2008-11-24 04:45:00] <wagonlips> formed a juster estimate with regard to this interesting subject; rendering the commensurate practicability appeared to be demonstrable.
[2008-11-23 06:41:00] <wagonlips> took notice of an objection that may be drawn from the great extent of country, a few observations as it is perceived by our adversaries.
[2008-11-22 09:02:00] <wagonlips> deemed it most consistent with safety to have the exposed side turned towards the weaker power, rather than towards the stronger.
[2008-11-21 05:54:00] <wagonlips> bore the rate of duty, diminished consumption, escaped the hand of the tax-gatherer, and satisfied the principal weight of public burdens.
[2008-11-20 09:28:00] <wagonlips> conspired to render illicit trade a matter of little difficulty, and insured frequent evasions of the commercial regulations.
[2008-11-19 06:19:00] <wagonlips> perceived and acknowledged the prosperity of commerce to be the most useful as well as the most productive source of national wealth.
[2008-11-18 09:51:00] <wagonlips> advanced the trade by an interchange of respective productions, not only for the supply of reciprocal wants, but also for exportation.
[2008-11-17 06:02:00] <wagonlips> made check upon others, frustrated all tempting advantages which nature placed within our reach, and forfeit the privilege of being neutral.
[2008-11-16 05:54:00] <wagonlips> negotiated with the fairest prospect of success for commercial privileges of the most valuable kind in the dominions of that kingdom.
[2008-11-15 24:31:00] <wagonlips> formed a happy combination: referred the great and aggregate interests to the national, the local and particular to the State legislatures.
[2008-11-14 06:02:00] <wagonlips> secured the public good against the danger of faction, and at the same time preserved the spirit and the form of popular government.
[2008-11-13 05:30:00] <wagonlips> divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them disposed to vex and oppress rather than to co-operate.
[2008-11-12 07:22:00] <wagonlips> insisted upon distinctions not within the contemplation of the enlightened civilian and concluded novel refinements of an erroneous theory.
[2008-11-11 06:21:00] <wagonlips> was kept in a state of perpetual vibration between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy by a rapid succession of revolutions.
[2008-11-10 07:12:00] <wagonlips> was obliged to be always prepared to repel the perpetual menacings and danger of government with armies numerous enough for instant defense.
[2008-11-09 05:51:00] <wagonlips> produced the signal advantage of rendering sudden conquests impracticable, and of preventing rapid desolation.
[2008-11-08 08:17:00] <wagonlips> reluctantly parted with money for purposes that had outlived the exigencies which produced them.
[2008-11-07 06:24:00] <wagonlips> payed respect to those regulations of trade by which particular States might endeavor to secure exclusive benefits to their own citizens.
[2008-11-06 07:29:00] <wagonlips> perceived an ample theatre for hostile pretensions in the field without  umpire or common judge to interpose between the contending parties.
[2008-11-05 07:13:00] <wagonlips> produced severity toward the subjects, exceeded the bounds of a just retaliation, and were chargeable with inhumanity and cruelty.
[2008-11-04 05:29:00] <wagonlips> protracted the war beyond the limits marked out by sound policy, and for a considerable time in opposition to the views of the court.
[2008-11-03 07:25:00] <wagonlips> disregarded the uniform course of human events, and set at defiance the accumulated experience of ages.
[2008-11-02 06:04:00] <wagonlips> found abundant reason to apprehend that those in contemplation would in no other sense be neighbors than as they would be borderers.
[2008-11-01 06:36:00] <wagonlips> begat and increased power in one part, impeded progress in another, and adverted to the effects of that superior policy and good management.
[2008-10-31 05:48:00] <wagonlips> called forth all the national means and materials for forming fleets, their prowess and their thunder having never been celebrated.
[2008-10-30 07:26:00] <wagonlips> made war when the nation was to get nothing by it, but for purposes and objects merely personal, such as support for particular families.
[2008-10-29 05:50:00] <wagonlips> was more temperate and cool, and in that respect, as well as in others, was more in capacity to act advisedly than the offending State.
[2008-10-28 07:24:00] <wagonlips> considered it as it respects security and preservation of peace, tranquillity, as well as against dangers from FOREIGN ARMS AND INFLUENCE.
[2008-10-27 05:37:00] <wagonlips> obeyed the dictates of personal interest, pursuaded the people to reject the advice, and reasoned and decided judiciously.
[2008-10-26 08:45:00] <wagonlips> instituted a federal government while habitations were in flames, citizens were bleeding, amidst the progress of hostility and desolation.
[2008-10-25 24:51:00] <wagonlips> stigmatized enlightened zeal for energy and efficiency as the offspring of a temper hostile to the principles of liberty.
[2008-10-24 11:40:00] <wagonlips> did not indiscriminately resolve opposition (merely because situations might be subject to suspicion) into interested or ambitious views.
[2008-10-23 07:20:00] <wagonlips> discriminatingly avoided neologisms because time has been wasted in acquiring the obsolescent habit of speech.
[2008-10-22 06:19:00] <wagonlips> held small account in comparison with those decorous ideals:  Iam fides et pax et honos pudorque Priscus et neglecta redire virtus Audet.
[2008-10-21 07:14:00] <wagonlips> derived results from a matter-of-fact knowledge of things and a contemplation of latter-day civic or workmanlike efficiency.
[2008-10-20 06:17:00] <wagonlips> inherited a human aptitude which differed in certain salient features from the temperament which is characteristic of the regime of status.
[2008-10-18 08:45:00] <wagonlips> mentioned innovations of an inconspicuous kind and departures which do not bear in any tangible way upon the conventional point of view.
[2008-10-17 09:55:00] <wagonlips> floated in on a post-bellum tidal wave of reversion to barbarism and combined sacerdotal office with a high degree of pecuniary efficiency.
[2008-10-16 10:14:00] <wagonlips> came out in fullest vigor and with the freest air of spontaneity among those seminaries of learning of the priestly and leisure classes.
[2008-10-15 09:33:00] <wagonlips> developed the ritual paraphernalia of occult efficacy integral to the development of magic, science, and affectionate regard for symbolism.
[2008-10-14 24:49:00] <wagonlips> sought to conciliate supernatural agencies in primitive cults as an industrially profitable employment of the community's time and effort.
[2008-10-13 06:01:00] <wagonlips> absorbed the surplus energy of the population in an invidious struggle and left no margin for the non-invidious expression of life.
[2008-10-12 13:22:00] <wagonlips> made blind and incoherent efforts to rehabilitate the pre-glacial standing of at least two elements discernible in an economic character.
[2008-10-11 21:49:00] <wagonlips> was, by force of youth, education, or temperament, out of touch with the traditions of status received from the barbarian culture.
[2008-10-10 09:29:00] <wagonlips> owed honorific virtue, as a means of enhancing good repute, to the imputed presence of non-invidious motives guiding the expenditure.
[2008-10-09 09:39:00] <wagonlips> showed solicitude in general and in detail for the cultural welfare of the vulgar, in the way of contrivances for elevating their tastes.
[2008-10-08 05:59:00] <wagonlips> said, if this were the place to say it, that the efficiency of these works would be greater if not hampered by secular motives and aims.
[2008-10-07 09:57:00] <wagonlips> agitated for temperance and similar social reforms, for prison reform, for the spread of education, and for the avoidance of war.
[2008-10-06 05:49:00] <wagonlips> favored the all-pervading and all-dominating primacy of the canons of waste and invidious comparison at every conjuncture of life.
[2008-10-05 06:59:00] <wagonlips> did good service for the maintenance of the sacerdotal institution through blending with the motive of subservience.
[2008-10-04 09:41:00] <wagonlips> developed a peculiar predilection for conspicuously wasteful spectacles with a relatively slight development of ritual and paraphernalia.
[2008-10-02 10:28:00] <wagonlips> carried over the logical processes into the realm of the supernatural, where they become in great measure alien and imbecile.
[2008-10-01 07:01:00] <wagonlips> exposed the characteristic intellectual and spiritual stress of modern organized industry and an unreserved conformity to the law.
[2008-09-30 06:59:00] <wagonlips> eliminated the traits of human nature from the spiritual constitution of the classes that are immediately engaged in the industrial process.
[2008-09-29 07:13:00] <wagonlips> departed from the ideal of priestly decorum.
[2008-09-28 08:47:00] <wagonlips> set apart a day of vicarious leisure designed to augment the prestige of labor through the compulsory abstention from useful effort.
[2008-09-27 13:12:00] <wagonlips> set apart large, expensive edifices of archaic cast in which to consume ceremonial paraphernalia and serve an anthropomorphic divinity.
[2008-09-26 07:30:00] <wagonlips> was punctilious in all questions of precedence and prone to an assertion of mastery and an arbitrary exercise of power.
[2008-09-25 06:25:00] <wagonlips> was not satisfied with abstruse conceptions of a dissolving personality that shades off into the concept of quantitative causal sequence.
[2008-09-24 09:38:00] <wagonlips> deprecated the practices and spiritual and intellectual traits of devout observances, of which these observances are the expression.
[2008-09-23 07:07:00] <wagonlips> acted to conserve, if not to initiate, habits of mind favorable to a regime of status.
[2008-09-22 06:00:00] <wagonlips> dwelled on the obvious merits of an anthropomorphic divinity, as seen from the point of view of the aesthetic or spiritual interest.
[2008-09-21 14:49:00] <wagonlips> inherited aptitudes and was inclined to account for facts and sequences in other terms than those of causation or matter-of-fact.
[2008-09-19 08:58:00] <wagonlips> heightened the ascendency and scored a more signal victory without suffering a more painful and humiliating defeat or pecuniary loss.
[2008-09-17 06:53:00] <wagonlips> brought a different range of aptitudes and propensities into the position of legitimate dominance in the accepted scheme of life.
[2008-09-14 08:16:00] <wagonlips> satisfied the requirements of substantial futility together with a colorable make-believe of purpose.
[2008-09-13 10:24:00] <wagonlips> marked the arrested development of man's moral nature in his addiction to sports.
[2008-09-12 07:07:00] <wagonlips> bore seriously on the question of the relative endowment of prowess with which the several classes of society are gifted.
[2008-09-11 07:26:00] <wagonlips> would ordinarily fight only when excessive momentary irritation or alcoholic exaltation act to inhibit the more complex habits of response.
[2008-09-10 07:12:00] <wagonlips> scarcely avoided being commonplace and tedious.
[2008-09-09 07:27:00] <wagonlips> characterized the intellectual or cognitive bent of the two directions of growth.
[2008-09-08 07:08:00] <wagonlips> bore the marks of that amiable "cleverness" and incoherence that is characteristic of the primitive savage.
[2008-09-07 06:54:00] <wagonlips> afforded an exceptionally great proportion of reversions to the peaceable or savage temperament.
[2008-09-06 07:29:00] <wagonlips> chiefly fostered by a life of acquisition the peaceable range of predatory habits and aptitudes and pecuniary employments .
[2008-09-05 07:14:00] <wagonlips> was not readily eliminated, even under a process of selection so severe and protracted as the predatory and quasi-peaceable stages.
[2008-09-04 07:09:00] <wagonlips> persisted by force of the tenacity of transmission that belongs to an hereditary trait that is present in every member of the species.
[2008-09-03 07:12:00] <wagonlips> was neither protracted enough nor invariable enough in character to give an extreme fixity of type.
[2008-09-02 07:08:00] <wagonlips> was taken to represent the ancestors of existing civilized man at the peaceable, savage phase of life which preceded the predatory culture.
[2008-09-01 08:02:00] <wagonlips> grew up under the selective surveillance of this principle of predation or parasitism.
[2008-08-31 07:33:00] <wagonlips> consistently acted to retard the adjustment to the environment which is called social advancement or development.
[2008-08-30 07:58:00] <wagonlips> had a material interest in leaving things as they are for a departure from the existing order would have been to the detriment of the class.
[2008-08-29 07:19:00] <wagonlips> suggested the suppression of the monogamic family, of the agnatic system of consanguinity, of private property, and of the theistic faith.
[2008-08-28 07:13:00] <wagonlips> was afraid of offending that chauvinistic patriotism which is so characteristic a feature of the predatory culture.
[2008-08-27 07:29:00] <wagonlips> habitually carried on the life process of the community in contact with the material environment in which it lives.
[2008-08-26 07:15:00] <wagonlips> enforced the adaptation and exercised the selection, changing from day to day; and establishing each successive turn to obsolescence.
[2008-08-25 07:10:00] <wagonlips> applied by course the same rule to other mutilations and contrivances for decreasing the visible efficiency of the individual.
[2008-08-24 07:27:00] <wagonlips> is as well dressed as a footman, and is employed only within certain fairly well defined social strata.
[2008-08-23 07:29:00] <wagonlips> abstained more consistently from useful effort and made more of a show of leisure.
[2008-08-22 07:05:00] <wagonlips> was adjudged by competent critics to be more becoming and more artistic than the fluctuating styles of modern civilized apparel.
[2008-08-21 07:19:00] <wagonlips> achieved a relative perfection and a relative stability, closely approximating to a permanently tenable artistic ideal.
[2008-08-20 07:26:00] <wagonlips> pointedly suggested that the wearer cannot when so attired bear a hand in any employment that is directly and immediately of any human use.
[2008-08-19 07:05:00] <wagonlips> acted as a principle of innovation or initiative and went into the future adding new items of consumption and new elements of cost.
[2008-08-18 07:41:00] <wagonlips> was not to be taken in the sense of depreciation, but chiefly as a characterization of the tendency of this teaching.
[2008-08-17 08:56:00] <wagonlips> added a large share of features which figure in popular apprehension as marks of serviceability and as elements of conspicuous waste.
[2008-08-16 09:27:00] <wagonlips> circumvented the canons of beauty by some contrivance which will give evidence of a reputably wasteful expenditure.
[2008-08-15 07:23:00] <wagonlips> is useless and expensive, and consequently valuable as evidence of pecuniary strength.
[2008-08-14 07:29:00] <wagonlips> decided what shall be becoming and what not under the pecuniary canon of beauty.
[2008-08-13 09:05:00] <wagonlips> enhanced the well-being of the community and made the way of life easier for men.
[2008-08-12 07:54:00] <wagonlips> cleared the land of its native trees and immediately replanted saplings of introduced varieties about the farmyard and along the streets.
[2008-08-11 07:36:00] <wagonlips> overlooked evidences of possible inexpensiveness in the management of grounds.
[2008-08-10 07:34:00] <wagonlips> inextricably blended the marks of expensiveness with the beautiful features of the object, and subsumed the resultant effect.
[2008-08-09 07:54:00] <wagonlips> betrayed the identity of form and color and scarcely added to its value.
[2008-08-08 07:26:00] <wagonlips> habitually avoided and condemned those squalid situations and surroundings simply because they were under grade in the pecuniary respect.
[2008-08-07 07:16:00] <wagonlips> reflected upon the sense of abject shamefulness with which any evidence of indigence or squalor about the sacred place affected beholders.
[2008-08-06 07:15:00] <wagonlips> discovered certain features which added to the cost and enhanced the commercial value, but did not similarly increase the serviceability.
[2008-08-05 07:14:00] <wagonlips> stood ready to absorb any increase in the community's industrial efficiency, after the most elementary physical wants had been provided for.
[2008-08-04 07:02:00] <wagonlips> attached that peculiar facility of habituation to a specific human environment called romantic love.
[2008-08-03 07:24:00] <wagonlips> conferred spiritual well-being and become more indispensable than that expenditure which ministers to the "lower" physical wants.
[2008-08-02 08:05:00] <wagonlips> decided the question whether it serves directly to enhance human life on the whole, whether it furthers the life process taken impersonally.
[2008-08-01 07:09:00] <wagonlips> accrued no merit from the consumption of the bare necessaries of life, except by comparison with the abjectly poor.
[2008-07-30 07:19:00] <wagonlips> was thrown in contact with new groups of acquaintances, with whom the relations established are transient or ephemeral.
[2008-07-29 06:47:00] <wagonlips> Endured very much squalor and discomfort before the last trinket or the last pretense of pecuniary decency was put away.
[2008-07-28 07:11:00] <wagonlips> formed a taste under the selective guidance of a canon of propriety that demands just these evidences of wasted effort.
[2008-07-27 07:49:00] <wagonlips> is of course still assisted in the work by a more or less numerous corps of menials.
[2008-07-26 07:59:00] <wagonlips> conspicuously consumed of the staff of life beyond the minimum required for subsistence and physical efficiency as a means of reputability.
[2008-07-25 07:23:00] <wagonlips> attached reputability to certain expensive vices and appreciably lessoned the disapprobation for any excessive indulgence.
[2008-07-24 07:14:00] <wagonlips> employed servants to attend on the persons of the infirm and the feeble-minded.
[2008-07-23 06:15:00] <wagonlips> unproductively consumed a large amount of service.
[2008-07-22 06:54:00] <wagonlips> specifically regulated the manner in which the vicarious leisure of the servant class is to be performed.
[2008-07-21 21:11:00] <wagonlips> acquired a prescriptive authority and acted to invest in it some measure of the prerogative of leisure which is the chief mark of gentility.
[2008-07-20 08:03:00] <wagonlips> witnessed the masterful presence which testifies to so much of dominance and independence of economic circumstances.
[2008-07-19 07:22:00] <wagonlips> observed with assiduity the ceremonial rank and titles closely attended to by the ideals of barbarian and quasi-peaceable nomadic culture.
[2008-07-18 07:13:00] <wagonlips> sat uncomplaining before the fire and suffered his royal person to be toasted beyond recovery.
[2008-07-17 07:33:00] <wagonlips> fixed it in men's habits of thought as something that is in itself substantially meritorious and ennobling.
[2008-07-16 07:26:00] <wagonlips> accepted a conventional evidence of inferior force.
[2008-07-15 07:23:00] <wagonlips> fell back on the putative approbation of some supernatural witness of these deeds.
[2008-07-14 07:21:00] <wagonlips> gained distinction by means of direct manifestation of superior force.
[2008-07-13 07:39:00] <wagonlips> habitually appropriated to individual use a variety of useful things.
[2008-07-12 07:32:00] <wagonlips> brought the fight into the foreground in every day thoughts, as a dominant feature of the life of man.
[2008-07-11 07:27:00] <wagonlips> assumed high office of slaughter, casting a glamour of worth over every act of slaughter and over all the tools and accessories of the act.
[2008-07-10 07:11:00] <wagonlips> spoke of "brute matter" with something of the barbarian's realisation of a profound significance in the term.
[2008-07-09 07:02:00] <wagonlips> enhanced human life by taking advantage of the non-human environment.
[2008-07-08 07:07:00] <wagonlips> was habituated to the infliction of injury by force and stratagem.
[2008-07-07 06:29:00] <wagonlips> was exempt from these vulgar employments but rather reserved for war, hunting, sports, and devout observances.
[2008-07-05 08:46:00] <wagonlips> was more at home on the ground which forms his position and will find his way with more ease than a stranger.
[2008-07-04 08:06:00] <wagonlips> continued retreat up to that point where the equilibrium of forces was restored.
[2008-07-02 15:41:00] <wagonlips> practised but little the continued pressing of the enemy pursued.
[2008-06-30 08:47:00] <wagonlips> added a vigorous pursuit to the decisive victory.
[2008-06-28 08:37:00] <wagonlips> wanted little here of which can be taught by books, if it can be taught at all, rather through some medium other than printer's type.
[2008-06-27 10:32:00] <wagonlips> committed an error, a morbid paroxysm to which a regular prudent system of War would never lead.
[2008-06-26 08:15:00] <wagonlips> trembled still more at the thought of the decision to be given with one single blow.
[2008-06-25 08:13:00] <wagonlips> expected great results from a great victory and learned the subjects with which they are connected.
[2008-06-24 07:09:00] <wagonlips> aggravated a rising distrust of the chief, to whom, more or less, every subordinate attributes as a fault the fruitless efforts he has made.
[2008-06-23 07:23:00] <wagonlips> Dwelled for a moment on the nature of the effect of a great victory.
[2008-06-22 07:30:00] <wagonlips> was beyond the point which perseverance can be termed desperate folly, and therefore can meet with no approbation from any critic.
[2008-06-21 08:21:00] <wagonlips> appealed to the decision of unprejudiced men of experience, who will, we are sure, assent and answer from their own experience.
[2008-06-20 07:20:00] <wagonlips> attempted to take a general view of the nature of the modern battle.
[2008-06-19 10:29:00] <wagonlips> became the nerve which conveys the impulse of action from the higher will.
[2008-06-18 07:08:00] <wagonlips> looked upon these reasons only as necessary evils, and when not necessary they are to be avoided.
[2008-06-17 06:31:00] <wagonlips> was completely engaged in the crisis of victory.
[2008-06-16 07:19:00] <wagonlips> passed over false attacks, which in accordance with their nature are properly without decision.
[2008-06-15 07:38:00] <wagonlips> considered strength, relation of the three arms, and position, but set up the rule of less importance experience gives us on the subject.
[2008-06-14 08:09:00] <wagonlips> lead the enemy to make a false conclusion.
[2008-06-13 07:13:00] <wagonlips> renounced the general object but did not quite quit the field.
[2008-06-12 07:32:00] <wagonlips> saw, therefore, the first immediate purpose, and one which is quite universal.
[2008-06-11 07:15:00] <wagonlips> estimated the situation more impartially, and from a more elevated point of view.
[2008-06-10 07:05:00] <wagonlips> gave an evident proof of moral superiority which failed to stir up a certain bitterness of feeling in the soul.
[2008-06-09 06:27:00] <wagonlips> read history with a mind free from prejudice and did not fail to arrive at a conviction.
[2008-06-08 07:41:00] <wagonlips> supported false suppositions and ascribed efficacy which did not rightly belong.
[2008-06-07 14:04:00] <wagonlips> changed the former and had an influence on the latter.
[2008-06-06 07:20:00] <wagonlips> thoroughly understood these states, and had the tact to act in the spirit of them.
[2008-06-05 06:48:00] <wagonlips> caused the principle of aggression to predominate on one side.
[2008-06-04 06:47:00] <wagonlips> appeared as an innate counterpoise and prevented the over-rapid or uncontrollable movement of the wheel-work.
[2008-06-03 06:32:00] <wagonlips> supposed the possibility of a perfect equality of circumstances.
[2008-06-02 06:59:00] <wagonlips> wished more to direct attention to the difference.
[2008-06-01 08:18:00] <wagonlips> pointed out as an absurdity the idea of a strategic reserve which is not to co-operate in the capital result.
[2008-05-31 08:08:00] <wagonlips> produced a diminution even on the part which as a spare force had been reserved for later use.
[2008-05-30 24:13:00] <wagonlips> decided all by the first success on account of the general superiority in numbers, but vindicated this proposition upon another ground.
[2008-05-29 07:00:00] <wagonlips> justified that not only will that folly be completely avoided, but also many an erroneous ground will be barred admission.
[2008-05-28 07:10:00] <wagonlips> implied a concealed intention, and therefore opposed straightforward dealing, in the same way wit is the opposite of direct proof.
[2008-05-27 07:02:00] <wagonlips> made good use of the surprise with more success, and even reaped good fruit where properly should have come ruin.
[2008-05-26 08:11:00] <wagonlips> consulted history on such points but did not depend on sundry battle steeds of historical critics or their self-complacent terminology.
[2008-05-25 07:32:00] <wagonlips> skillfully assembled superior forces at the decisive point.
[2008-05-24 07:39:00] <wagonlips> was thoroughly penetrated with the conviction.
[2008-05-24 07:35:00] <wagonlips> haunted the heads of many critical historians.
[2008-05-23 07:29:00] <wagonlips> stripped all modifications from which it may undergo according to its immediate purpose and the circumstances from which it proceeds.
[2008-05-22 06:54:00] <wagonlips> found himself in a constant whirlpool of false and true information, mistakes committed through fear, which no mortal could have foreseen.
[2008-05-21 07:06:00] <wagonlips> supposed a thousand times as many of them will end in disaster through over-anxiety as through boldness.
[2008-05-20 07:07:00] <wagonlips> retained the whole, and as with glass too quickly cooled, a single crack broke the whole mass.
[2008-05-19 06:50:00] <wagonlips> lost that impulse to unbridled activity and exercise of force, and submitted to the demands of obedience, order, rule, and method.
[2008-05-18 07:20:00] <wagonlips> did no more in reality than recall these things to remembrance, showing the necessity of allowing to the moral forces their full value.
[2008-05-17 07:28:00] <wagonlips> went through this chain of argument in order to show this is the natural and true view of the thing from which it derives its importance.
[2008-05-16 07:18:00] <wagonlips> required the boldness, determination, and strength of will to see things in this light, and not be led astray and intimidated by the danger.
[2008-05-15 07:27:00] <wagonlips> noted that everything is very simple, but not on that account very easy.
[2008-05-14 07:24:00] <wagonlips> threw a light on things, and on their relations to each other, and brought out prominently the little that there is of principle or rule.
[2008-05-13 07:04:00] <wagonlips> lost in the course of time a number of small traits and lineaments, colour and life, like a worn-out or darkened picture.
[2008-05-12 07:09:00] <wagonlips> unfolded historical events before the eyes of a reader in such a way as is necessary, in order to have used them as proofs.
[2008-05-11 08:08:00] <wagonlips> brought specially into view the use and abuse of historical examples.
[2008-05-10 07:05:00] <wagonlips> intervened between for our consideration, and consequently noted that by which sagacity and calculation might have met the probable result.
[2008-05-09 07:15:00] <wagonlips> concluded an arbitrary judgment, a case only half proved, because no human, eye can trace the thread of the necessary connection of events.
[2008-05-08 07:11:00] <wagonlips> wished in some cases to leave the result out of the consideration, even though it would be impossible to do so completely.
[2008-05-07 07:26:00] <wagonlips> propounded means so evident that it left no room for doubt, whilst by the other plan the pros and cons go on for ever consuming each other.
[2008-05-06 06:53:00] <wagonlips> showed the wide sphere, the diversity and embarrassing nature of the subjects in a critical examination carried to the fullest extent.
[2008-05-05 07:31:00] <wagonlips> considered the second question, instead of seriously weighing the possible results of a resistance pushed to extremities.
[2008-05-04 08:29:00] <wagonlips> regarded the latter as the result of the former, without further investigation into the connection between the two.
[2008-05-03 07:44:00] <wagonlips> traced things to their primary elements, that is to say, up to undoubted truths, and not on some arbitrary assumption or supposition.
[2008-05-02 06:52:00] <wagonlips> managed ruin through a manner which had outlived its day, together with the most downright stupidity.
[2008-05-01 06:23:00] <wagonlips> reflected how numberless are the trifling things belonging to any single event.
[2008-04-30 07:07:00] <wagonlips> conceived of law in relation to perception.
[2008-04-29 21:05:00] <wagonlips> could not do without these conceptions.
[2008-04-29 16:20:00] <wagonlips> stopped much sooner in strategy than in tactics at the simple consideration of things.
[2008-04-29 16:17:00] <wagonlips> ridiculed the injurious tendency of absurd pedants.
[2008-04-26 04:53:00] <wagonlips> made a philosophical inquiry into an absolute result, and became entangled in difficulties that logical necessity and its theory exclude.
[2008-04-25 19:04:00] <wagonlips> depended on rational treatment to bring into harmony theory and practice, and common sense that defied narrow-mindedness and ignorance.
[2008-04-24 07:07:00] <wagonlips> looked upon these affections which are excited by hostility and danger as not excluded from others accompanying man in his life's journey.
[2008-04-23 03:24:00] <wagonlips> influenced judgment chiefly by courage and the feeling of one's own power.
[2008-04-22 07:08:00] <wagonlips> rested on a number of arbitrary calculations which therefore could not stand the test of practical application.
[2008-04-21 07:19:00] <wagonlips> only took into consideration that which could be made matter of calculation.
[2008-04-20 09:24:00] <wagonlips> confused perplexing ideas with no fixed point of view, leading to no satisfactory result.
[2008-04-19 09:20:00] <wagonlips> could not show the prolific nature of this error until hereafter.
[2008-04-18 07:25:00] <wagonlips> meant to say that an object was thereby appointed which, in accordance with the laws peculiar to themselves, they must seek to attain.
[2008-04-17 07:18:00] <wagonlips> only just called to mind how often eminent personal fitness in one field has turned out nothing but the most useless pedantry in the other.
[2008-04-16 07:24:00] <wagonlips> dilated the pupil, drew in the little light that was there, partially distinguished objects by degrees, and at last knew them quite well.
[2008-04-15 07:21:00] <wagonlips> taught on dry land movements which are required in the water, which must appear grotesque and ludicrous to those who forget about the water.
[2008-04-14 06:50:00] <wagonlips> reflected that no part of it is in one piece, composed entirely of individuals, each of which keeps up its own friction in all directions.
[2008-04-13 06:59:00] <wagonlips> confirmed it, magnified it, finished it off, until necessity in urgent haste forced a resolution which will soon be discovered to be folly.
[2008-04-12 08:57:00] <wagonlips> put fetters in the dark, as it were, on the action of the mind, and wore out in secret the powers of the soul.
[2008-04-11 07:06:00] <wagonlips> kept carefully behind a rising ground, a house, or a tree--a sure sign of increasing danger.
[2008-04-10 07:18:00] <wagonlips> admitted a distinction in the intelligent faculties themselves according to the common ideas established by language.
[2008-04-09 07:13:00] <wagonlips> constantly discharged routine duties and produced a poverty of mind, as a man of failing intellect, with all respect for his bravery.
[2008-04-08 07:19:00] <wagonlips> quickly formed a correct geometrical idea of a portion of country, and consequently found one's place in it.
[2008-04-07 07:26:00] <wagonlips> gained ascendency over the conviction of the understanding.
[2008-04-06 07:27:00] <wagonlips> showed great activity in helping an unfortunate individual, but by the distress of a whole Nation was not roused to action.
[2008-04-05 07:17:00] <wagonlips> ploughed with toil, sowed with care, and reaped plentifully.
[2008-04-04 07:06:00] <wagonlips> denoted very fitly the readiness and rapidity of the help rendered by the mind.
[2008-04-03 07:25:00] <wagonlips> increased the uncertainty of every circumstance, and deranged the course of events.
[2008-04-02 06:54:00] <wagonlips> raised its power at times, but often bewilders.
[2008-04-01 07:13:00] <wagonlips> could not avoid showing at once that the BLOODY SOLUTION OF THE CRISIS.
[2008-03-30 07:21:00] <wagonlips> supposed that if the solution by force of arms should be realised, it will be a favourable one.
[2008-03-29 07:41:00] <wagonlips> rejected the whole, which was tantamount to shutting the real world completely out of sight.
[2008-03-29 07:38:00] <wagonlips> showed, certain conditions being supposed, the chance of attaining our purpose in other ways is no contradiction, absurdity, nor even error.
[2008-03-26 06:51:00] <wagonlips> always looked upon the object as attained.
[2008-03-25 07:26:00] <wagonlips> unlocked the great book and made it intelligible.
[2008-03-24 07:12:00] <wagonlips> accorded a place to courage, to boldness, even to rashness.
[2008-03-23 07:21:00] <wagonlips> was inclined and induced to estimate the power of his opponents too high than too low.
[2008-03-22 08:23:00] <wagonlips> armed himself for strife.
[2008-03-21 07:25:00] <wagonlips> drew conclusions by the law of probability as to the designs of the other, and acted accordingly.
[2008-03-20 11:58:00] <wagonlips> formed an opinion of the other from what he is and what he did, instead of judging what he, strictly speaking, should be or should do.
[2008-03-19 07:26:00] <wagonlips> cannot stop short of an extreme.
[2008-03-18 07:20:00] <wagonlips> armed himself with the inventions of Art and Science in order to contend against violence.
[2008-03-17 07:14:00] <wagonlips> overflowed with commonplaces, truisms, and twaddle of every kind.
[2008-03-14 07:23:00] <wagonlips> hovered backwardly uplifted in the open air but only found another orphan.
[2008-03-13 07:05:00] <wagonlips> smote the ship's starboard bow, till men and timbers reeled.
[2008-03-12 24:20:00] <wagonlips> curled round his great, Monadnock hump, and both arms lengthwise high-lifted to the poise.
[2008-03-10 07:17:00] <wagonlips> maliciously snapped at the blades of the oars.
[2008-03-09 08:34:00] <wagonlips> held long breaths with keen suspense.
[2008-03-08 07:10:00] <wagonlips> stood fixed within his scuttle; his hid, heliotrope glance anticipatingly gone backward on its dial.
[2008-03-07 07:24:00] <wagonlips> pushed his pleated forehead through the ocean, and continued his leeward way at a traveller's methodic pace.
[2008-03-06 07:10:00] <wagonlips> rose with his utmost velocity from the furthest depths, thus booming his entire bulk into the pure element of air
[2008-03-06 07:00:00] <wagonlips> tore on; leaving such a furrow in the sea as when a cannon-ball, missent, becomes a plough-share and turns up the level field.
[2008-03-04 09:35:00] <wagonlips> placed himself half way within the scuttle, and slouching his hat, stood there till dawn.
[2008-03-03 06:54:00] <wagonlips> swam swiftly round and round the wrecked crew; sideways churning the water in his vengeful wake.
[2008-03-02 09:33:00] <wagonlips> sidelingly transplanted himself, as it were, and in an instant, shot his pleated head lengthwise beneath the boat.
[2008-03-01 08:19:00] <wagonlips> roused the sleepers with such judgment claps that they seemed to exhale from the scuttle.
[2008-02-29 07:25:00] <wagonlips> shook like a blighted fruit tree, and cast his last, cindered apple to the soil.
[2008-02-28 24:43:00] <wagonlips> dropped a tear into the sea.
[2008-02-27 09:12:00] <wagonlips> glided from the dejected Delight.
[2008-02-27 06:18:00] <wagonlips> gazed abroad upon the sea for miles and miles.
[2008-02-26 24:50:00] <wagonlips> he sagaciously refrained from verbally expressing them, however his actions might seem to hint them.
[2008-02-25 07:24:00] <wagonlips> sat there in his own screwed chair.
[2008-02-24 08:48:00] <wagonlips> descended into his cabin, leaving the strange captain transfixed at this unconditional and utter rejection of his so earnest suit.
[2008-02-23 08:37:00] <wagonlips> negatively answered this unexpected question.
[2008-02-22 07:34:00] <wagonlips> heard the coffin knock against the churchyard gate, going in.
[2008-02-21 07:26:00] <wagonlips> goes off in a huff.
[2008-02-20 07:20:00] <wagonlips> hollowly laughed, and thus explained the wonder.
[2008-02-19 07:25:00] <wagonlips> scolded the lesser idiot.
[2008-02-18 07:50:00] <wagonlips> jerkingly raised and lowered by the rolling billows.
[2008-02-17 08:33:00] <wagonlips> slipped out the two reversed needles there, and horizontally suspended the sail-needle by its middle, over one of the compass-cards.
[2008-02-16 07:25:00] <wagonlips> shouted out his orders for the ship's course to be changed accordingly.
[2008-02-15 07:28:00] <wagonlips> falsified the evil portents preceding him.
[2008-02-14 06:51:00] <wagonlips> was loaded with powder barrels aft and boxes of lucifers forward.
[2008-02-13 07:21:00] <wagonlips> dashed the rattling lightning links to the deck, snatched the burning harpoon, and waved it like a torch among them.
[2008-02-12 07:24:00] <wagonlips> hung pendulous, like a knot of numbed wasps from a drooping, orchard twig.
[2008-02-11 07:15:00] <wagonlips> groped his way along the bulwarks to his pivot-hole.
[2008-02-10 07:55:00] <wagonlips> ostentatiously handled his spokes.
[2008-02-09 08:33:00] <wagonlips> sat intently watching his final wanings from the now tranquil boat.
[2008-02-08 07:31:00] <wagonlips> had just wedged in his last cask of oil, and bolted down his bursting hatches.
[2008-02-07 07:15:00] <wagonlips> leaped up in that same golden light, fish-like, with sparkling scales.
[2008-02-06 18:33:00] <wagonlips> stalked away with the weapon.
[2008-02-05 06:45:00] <wagonlips> tried them, one by one, by spiralling them, with his own hand, round a long, heavy iron bolt.
[2008-02-04 06:54:00] <wagonlips> plucked down some virtuous elder brother.
[2008-02-03 07:46:00] <wagonlips> stood like an iron statue at his accustomed place beside the mizen rigging.
[2008-02-02 08:23:00] <wagonlips> now used his coffin for a sea-chest; and emptying into it his canvas bag of clothes, set them in order there.
[2008-02-01 06:18:00] <wagonlips> reeled and rolled in the sea like an air-freighted demijohn.
[2008-01-31 24:20:00] <wagonlips> seemed every way seeking to avoid the slightest outward manifestation of himself, and also seemed more than half distrustful of himself
[2008-01-29 07:30:00] <wagonlips> ordered a complete man after a desirable pattern.
[2008-01-28 07:28:00] <wagonlips> was singularly efficient in those thousand nameless mechanical emergencies continually recurring in a large ship.
[2008-01-27 08:10:00] <wagonlips> had stake-wise smitten, and all but pierced his groin.
[2008-01-26 06:50:00] <wagonlips> not less than 13,000, have been annually slain on the nor'-west coast by the Americans alone.
[2008-01-25 07:26:00] <wagonlips> slew not forty, but forty thousand and more buffaloes.
[2008-01-24 07:30:00] <wagonlips> was horror-struck at this antemosaic, unsourced existence of the unspeakable terrors .
[2008-01-21 06:29:00] <wagonlips> thought of charging twopence for a peep at the whispering gallery in the spinal column.
[2008-01-20 06:54:00] <wagonlips> was found dead and stranded, with his head against a cocoa-nut tree, whose plumage-like, tufted droopings seemed his verdant jet.
[2008-01-19 08:22:00] <wagonlips> did aim at them, and hit them too.
[2008-01-18 07:32:00] <wagonlips> scrambled down, so sober, that he had to pass the flip again.
[2008-01-17 07:07:00] <wagonlips> slid over the bulwarks to take the boat's steering oar and commanded the ship's sailors to stand by to lower.
[2008-01-16 06:54:00] <wagonlips> would rather be killed by you than kept alive by any other man.
[2008-01-15 07:37:00] <wagonlips> found himself abjectly reduced to a clumsy landsman again; hopelessly eyeing the uncertain challenge.
[2008-01-14 07:27:00] <wagonlips> cut down a pine tree once, and found a silver ring grown over in it; some old darkey's wedding ring.
[2008-01-13 07:58:00] <wagonlips> muttered with a voice like an old worn-out coffee-mill.
[2008-01-12 08:48:00] <wagonlips> seemed to be newly attracted by the strange figures and inscriptions stamped on it.
[2008-01-11 07:28:00] <wagonlips> proceeded to his own ablutions and then issued to the immaculate deck as a bridegroom new-leaped from out the daintiest Holland.
[2008-01-10 07:17:00] <wagonlips> went about suffused with unctuousness.
[2008-01-09 21:59:00] <wagonlips> prevented the vessel from flying up into the wind, and very probably capsizing her.
[2008-01-08 07:23:00] <wagonlips> freighted with savages, laded with fire, burned a corpse, and plunged into that blackness of darkness.
[2008-01-07 23:20:00] <wagonlips> carried down alive to wondrous depths, where strange shapes of the unwarped primal world glided to and fro before his passive eyes.
[2008-01-07 23:15:00] <wagonlips> nay, let us all squeeze ourselves into each other; let us squeeze ourselves universally into the very milk and sperm of kindness.
[2008-01-07 23:05:00] <wagonlips> enjoined him to be careful, and cut his work into as thin slices as possible.
[2008-01-07 07:42:00] <wagonlips> was remorselessly dragged there by the line, which had taken several turns around his chest and neck.
[2008-01-03 07:38:00] <wagonlips> dispensed a perfume, as when a musk-scented lady rustles her dress in a warm parlor.
[2008-01-02 06:44:00] <wagonlips> quickly pulled to the floating body, and at once proceeded to reap the fruit of his unrighteous cunning.
[2008-01-01 08:05:00] <wagonlips> argued well for his scheme and expressed his detestation of the conceited ignoramus.
[2007-12-31 08:43:00] <wagonlips> vowed he recognised his cutting spade-pole entangled in the lines that were knotted round the tail.
[2007-12-30 08:19:00] <wagonlips> fell to vigorously scratching his head all round; meanwhile ruefully glancing from the whale to the stranger.
[2007-12-29 08:21:00] <wagonlips> laid down the twin laws previously quoted, applied and elucidated by Lord Ellenborough in the above cited case.
[2007-12-28 08:11:00] <wagonlips> had at last abandoned her; so that she became a loose-fish.
[2007-12-27 08:58:00] <wagonlips> entered upon the impotent, repentant, admonitory stage of life, forswore, disbanded the harem, and grew to an exemplary, sulky old soul.
[2007-12-26 08:40:00] <wagonlips> churned through the water, violently flailed, and tossed the keen spade about him, wounding and murdering his comrades.
[2007-12-25 07:14:00] <wagonlips> was wounded (as we afterwards learned) in this part, but not effectually, as it seemed.
[2007-12-24 08:00:00] <wagonlips> evinced a wondrous fearlessness and confidence, or else a still becharmed panic which it was impossible not to marvel at.
[2007-12-24 07:58:00] <wagonlips> beheld the tumults of the outer concentric circles, and saw successive pods swiftly going round and round, like multiplied spans of horses.
[2007-12-23 09:04:00] <wagonlips> plunged forward, as if by sheer power of speed to rid himself of the iron leech fastened to him; as we thus tore a white gash in the sea.
[2007-12-22 08:27:00] <wagonlips> was now both chasing and being chased to his deadly end.
[2007-12-21 07:31:00] <wagonlips> does not demand the obsequious homage of lowered top-sails from the endless procession of ships before the wind.
[2007-12-20 06:58:00] <wagonlips> saw majestic Satan thrusting forth his tormented colossal claw from the flame Baltic of Hell.
[2007-12-19 07:07:00] <wagonlips> swiftly curved away his flukes from it, and the blow was only inflicted by the recoil.
[2007-12-18 06:39:00] <wagonlips> was engendered by his incommunicable contemplations.
[2007-12-18 06:39:00] <wagonlips> has ever found your plain things the knottiest of all.
[2007-12-16 09:00:00] <wagonlips> folded his hands, and mutely watched the monster die.
[2007-12-15 08:53:00] <wagonlips> wrested the honour of the discovery of that great headland from Bartholomew Diaz.
[2007-12-14 07:21:00] <wagonlips> placed before the strict and piercing truth this whole story that fares like fish, flesh, and fowl of the Philistines.
[2007-12-13 07:08:00] <wagonlips> leaned out of a porthole, and steel to iron, began slashing at the largest fluke-chains.
[2007-12-12 06:57:00] <wagonlips> must die the death and be murdered, in order to illuminate the solemn churches that preach unconditional inoffensiveness by all to all.
[2007-12-11 06:57:00] <wagonlips> gave a sudden bounce upwards, relieved in great part from the downward strain at the bows.
[2007-12-10 07:14:00] <wagonlips> spasmodically sank in the sea, or sideways rolled towards the sky.
[2007-12-09 19:48:00] <wagonlips> shook his lamp-feeder with a deriding gesture at the other boats.
[2007-12-08 08:18:00] <wagonlips> placed this reversed skull (scaled down to the human magnitude) among a plate of men's skulls, and involuntarily confounded it with them.
[2007-12-07 07:16:00] <wagonlips> dashed the nose from Phidias's marble Jove, and saw a sorry remainder!
[2007-12-06 07:01:00] <wagonlips> was smothered in the daintiest of fragrant spermaceti; coffined, hearsed, and tombed in the secret inner chamber and sanctum sanctorum.
[2007-12-05 07:03:00] <wagonlips> carried with him a light tackle called a whip, consisting of only two parts, travelling through a single-sheaved block.
[2007-12-04 06:51:00] <wagonlips> attended to that marvellous and almost fatal operation whereby the great Heidelburgh Tun is tapped.
[2007-12-03 06:40:00] <wagonlips> held there a large, round wad of tow and cork, enveloped in the thickest and toughest of ox-hide.
[2007-12-02 08:27:00] <wagonlips> caught the expression, the same he died with, only some of the longer wrinkles in the forehead seem now faded away.
[2007-12-01 07:34:00] <wagonlips> was sailing down the Peruvian coast, when earthquakes caused the beach to gape.
[2007-12-01 07:28:00] <wagonlips> took the head for the trunk of some huge oak, with a bird's nest in its crotch.
[2007-11-30 07:15:00] <wagonlips> sawed it into slabs, and piled it away like joists for building houses.
[2007-11-29 06:45:00] <wagonlips> saw no incongruity in this comparison.
[2007-11-28 06:23:00] <wagonlips> bandied Laplandish speculations concerning all these passing things as the crew toiled on.
[2007-11-27 07:12:00] <wagonlips> pointed into the sea with a peculiar motion of both hands.
[2007-11-26 08:00:00] <wagonlips> rushed to the fresh blood that was spilled, thirstily drinking, as the Israelites did at the fountains that poured from the smitten rock.
[2007-11-25 06:57:00] <wagonlips> got out insurances on our lives and wants to murder us all, and pocket the proceeds.
[2007-11-24 07:47:00] <wagonlips> was now freshly and more keenly allured by the before pent blood which began to flow from the carcas.
[2007-11-23 07:51:00] <wagonlips> clutched it in an instant, seized the boat-knife, and impaling the letter on it, sent it thus loaded back into the ship.
[2007-11-22 07:26:00] <wagonlips> published his manifesto, whereby he set himself forth as the deliverer of the isles of the sea and vicar-general of all Oceanica.
[2007-11-21 07:02:00] <wagonlips> beheld an intense copper calm, like a universal yellow lotus, more and more unfolding its noiseless, measureless leaves upon the sea.
[2007-11-20 07:18:00] <wagonlips> warms himself under the lee of an iceberg, as a traveller in winter would bask before an inn fire.
[2007-11-19 07:39:00] <wagonlips> calls those mysterious cyphers on the walls of pyramids hieroglyphs.
[2007-11-19 07:33:00] <wagonlips> coiled away the long blanket-piece as if it were a great live mass of plaited serpents.
[2007-11-17 06:17:00] <wagonlips> struck the keen steel deep into their skulls.
[2007-11-16 07:30:00] <wagonlips> was regarded as a murderer, and had he been put on trial by oxen, he certainly would have been hanged.
[2007-11-15 07:02:00] <wagonlips> held the steak in one hand, and showed a live coal to it with the other; that done, dished it.
[2007-11-14 07:53:00] <wagonlips> went back to the subject of this steak.
[2007-11-13 07:04:00] <wagonlips> suspended his decision about the propriety of devil-worship.
[2007-11-12 07:22:00] <wagonlips> heavily forged along, as if laden with pig-lead in bulk.
[2007-11-11 20:31:00] <wagonlips> is perpendicularly inserted into the starboard gunwale near the bow.
[2007-11-11 13:43:00] <wagonlips> scattered the dead ashes over the water.
[2007-11-10 07:10:00] <wagonlips> raised the buried dead perpendicular out of their graves.
[2007-11-09 07:29:00] <wagonlips> while straining his utmost, with a halter around every neck, pitched one way and the other.
[2007-11-08 06:25:00] <wagonlips> is much more handsome and becoming.
[2007-11-07 06:17:00] <wagonlips> said nothing.
[2007-11-06 06:27:00] <wagonlips> brags of his science and skills.
[2007-11-05 06:20:00] <wagonlips> is ready at any moment to rebel.
[2007-11-04 06:06:00] <wagonlips> treats us to a series of classical engravings of boat hooks, chopping knives, and grapnels.
[2007-11-03 08:50:00] <wagonlips> is rushing through the deep, leaving tons of tumultuous white curds in his wake.
[2007-11-02 07:31:00] <wagonlips> hangs for candelabra in the library of one of his executors.
[2007-11-01 04:59:00] <wagonlips> was drawn in scales of chain-armor like Saladin's, and a helmeted head like St. George's.
[2007-10-31 06:49:00] <wagonlips> withdraws more out of the moonlight.  He sees no need of this.
[2007-10-30 09:56:00] <wagonlips> seized the swimmer between his jaws; and rearing high up with him, plunged headlong again, and went down.
[2007-10-29 07:07:00] <wagonlips> was apt to doze over the grave, always ready.
[2007-10-28 08:19:00] <wagonlips> was maddened by his long entombment in a place as black as the bowels of despair.
[2007-10-27 09:22:00] <wagonlips> whispered something down the crack, closed it, and turned the key.
[2007-10-26 07:06:00] <wagonlips> indolently floats, openly toying with his red-cheeked Cleopatra, ripening his apricot thigh upon the sunny deck.
[2007-10-25 07:04:00] <wagonlips> affected not to notice him, but unawed, went on with his gay banterings.
[2007-10-24 07:41:00] <wagonlips> was as little of a coward, and as little inclined to any sort of nervous apprehensiveness that you can conveniently imagine, gentlemen.
[2007-10-23 06:52:00] <wagonlips> revealed so much of it in that way, that when he was wakened he could not well withhold the rest.
[2007-10-22 07:05:00] <wagonlips> can only expand himself sideways by settling down on his stretched legs.
[2007-10-21 07:13:00] <wagonlips> knows that he has a few foibles himself.
[2007-10-20 08:00:00] <wagonlips> again seized his trumpet, "Swim away from me, do ye?"
[2007-10-19 07:15:00] <wagonlips> saw him with closed eyes sitting straight in his floor-screwed chair.
[2007-10-18 07:05:00] <wagonlips> shot eager glances from every eye, like arrows so wearily, lonesomely mild, that all space, in repugnance, seemed vacating itself.
[2007-10-17 06:58:00] <wagonlips> looked round himself tranquilly and contentedly, like a quiet ghost with a clean conscience sitting inside the bars of a snug family vault.
[2007-10-16 06:44:00] <wagonlips> bolts down all things, visible and invisible, never mind how knobby, as an ostrich of potent digestion gobbles down bullets and gun flints.
[2007-10-15 07:10:00] <wagonlips> holds up that imbecile candle in the heart of that almighty forlornness.
[2007-10-12 07:02:00] <wagonlips> puts out his eyes, and rams a skewer through his neck.
[2007-10-11 06:36:00] <wagonlips> has seen Passion and Vanity stamping the living magnanimous earth.
[2007-10-10 06:26:00] <wagonlips> was full of a large and tall ambition.
[2007-10-09 11:36:00] <wagonlips> is so curiously ambiguous, as to put all inferiors on their guard.
[2007-10-09 11:25:00] <wagonlips> whips out the sharp knife from his girdle and pulls with the blade between his teeth.
[2007-10-08 08:47:00] <wagonlips> with his own hand, plies his own shuttle and weaves his own destiny into these unalterable threads.
[2007-10-05 10:42:00] <wagonlips> disdains all base considerations.
[2007-10-04 10:06:00] <wagonlips> says there is nothing new under the sun.
[2007-10-03 06:59:00] <wagonlips> will stand no nonsense.
[2007-10-02 13:02:00] <wagonlips> burns not a gallon, but at least one drop of man's blood was spilled for it.
[2007-10-01 09:44:00] <wagonlips> cares not to perform this part of his task methodically.
[2007-09-28 10:08:00] <wagonlips> sleeps with clenched hands; and wakes with his own bloody nails in his palms.
[2007-09-27 09:54:00] <wagonlips> seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme.
[2007-09-26 13:07:00] <wagonlips> knows this phenomenon of whiteness is not confessed to be the prime agent in exaggerating the terror of objects otherwise terrible.
[2007-09-25 09:36:00] <wagonlips> fails to bear witness to the supernaturalism of this hue.
[2007-09-24 14:28:00] <wagonlips> cannot tell, can only hint, the things that darted through him then.
[2007-09-21 07:52:00] <wagonlips> could not but occasionally awaken in any man's soul some alarm.
[2007-09-20 08:43:00] <wagonlips> could see naught in that brute but the deadliest ill.
[2007-09-20 08:36:00] <wagonlips> is corporeally incapacitated for that.
[2007-09-19 07:27:00] <wagonlips> and anguish lay stretched together in one hammock.
[2007-09-18 06:39:00] <wagonlips> left a milky-way wake of creamy foam, all spangled with golden gleamings.
[2007-09-17 08:43:00] <wagonlips> has his orders.
[2007-09-14 07:13:00] <wagonlips> thinks they'll shake their tassels soon.
[2007-09-13 07:31:00] <wagonlips> is dreaming of their lasses.
[2007-09-12 10:35:00] <wagonlips> drilled deep down, and blasted all reason out.
[2007-09-11 10:19:00] <wagonlips> by the stern windows, sitting alone and gazing out.
[2007-09-10 07:56:00] <wagonlips> ordered them to produce their weapons.
[2007-09-07 07:31:00] <wagonlips> at last seemed struck with a thought which somewhat explained all the wonder.
[2007-09-05 07:44:00] <wagonlips> makes a clean breast of it here, and frankly admits that he kept but sorry guard.
[2007-09-04 07:31:00] <wagonlips> feels about as cosy as he would standing on a bull's horns.
[2007-09-03 16:42:00] <wagonlips> is never troubled with the thought of what he shall have for dinner.
[2007-08-31 09:32:00] <wagonlips> shut up in the caved trunk of his body, there fed upon the sullen paws of its gloom!
[2007-08-30 09:29:00] <wagonlips> was the last person down at the dinner, and the first man up.
[2007-08-29 07:34:00] <wagonlips> presides like a mute, maned sea-lion on the white coral beach, surrounded by his warlike but still deferential cubs.
[2007-08-28 14:50:00] <wagonlips> is plucked at from the skies, and dived for in the deep, and featured in the unbodied air!
[2007-08-27 07:54:00] <wagonlips> just escaped from a felonious visit to a meal-bag.
[2007-08-24 07:33:00] <wagonlips> is only found on the sinister side.
[2007-08-23 07:15:00] <wagonlips> is descending into the bowels of various leviathans.
[2007-08-22 07:42:00] <wagonlips> created endless subdivisions based upon the most inconclusive differences.
[2007-08-21 08:46:00] <wagonlips> gropes down into the bottom with his hands among the unspeakable foundations, ribs, and very pelvis of the world.
[2007-08-20 07:55:00] <wagonlips> attends to a matter almost indispensable to a thorough appreciative understanding.
[2007-08-17 07:18:00] <wagonlips> kept muttering all the time.
[2007-08-16 07:19:00] <wagonlips> is full of riddles.
[2007-08-15 07:24:00] <wagonlips> is not used to being spoken to that way.
[2007-08-14 07:31:00] <wagonlips> glances forward with an infinity of firmest fortitude, a determinate, unsurrenderable wilfulness, fixed and fearless.
[2007-08-13 07:58:00] <wagonlips> almost credited the superstitions of some of the earlier Puritans.
[2007-08-09 07:14:00] <wagonlips> is sorrowful, nay shocked, to have exposed the fall of valour in the soul.
[2007-08-08 07:35:00] <wagonlips> seems well adapted to endure hot latitudes, his flesh being hard as twice-baked biscuit.
[2007-08-07 07:37:00] <wagonlips> is ready to shiver fifty lances with you there, and unhorse you with a split helmet every time.
[2007-08-06 08:00:00] <wagonlips> is unrestingly pushing off again for still another tempestuous term.
[2007-08-01 07:23:00] <wagonlips> is left in no small wonderment at his frantic impudence.
[2007-07-31 07:19:00] <wagonlips> says nothing, and tries to think nothing.
[2007-07-31 07:07:00] <wagonlips> sits in his wigwam, keeps a sharp look-out upon the hands.
[2007-07-30 07:48:00] <wagonlips> stands a moment, as if in a troubled reverie.
[2007-07-27 07:39:00] <wagonlips> is growling and going.
[2007-07-26 07:11:00] <wagonlips> joined the meeting, and never came to good.
[2007-07-26 07:10:00] <wagonlips> got so frightened about his plaguy soul
[2007-07-25 07:36:00] <wagonlips> We must have Hedgehog there...